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  1. It's not enough that the Jets suck tonight but I have to listen to the Detroit announcers drool over some renovations they made at the stadium.
  2. I think the team was super smart with the assistant coaches they hired and that just might save Todd Bowles but only time will tell. I think a lot of these analysts are talking out of their asses right now and just going with whatever everyone else is saying. There is no way in hell we are the worst team in the NFL. There will always be the Browns. Always.
  3. (Off Topic) Any Led Zeppelin Fans?

  4. Short and medium accuracy look pretty damn good. Needs to work on deep accuracy if he's going to connect with Anderson-- RA got deep a lot last year and it took Petty like three games before he could hit him. Is Hack staring down his receivers too much? I didn't notice him look the safety off once. We all know that doesn't fly during the regular season.
  5. Game Observations (TEN)

    Well said. It looks like a completely different team so far compared to last year; there is actually some effort. The defense looks pretty scary. The tempo was great with McCown but slowed with Hack. I believe that'll get better as Hack progresses with learning the offense and getting reps. Petty was not the same QB we've been hearing about all week. TENN's starters looked like crap and LOL at Decker.
  6. Hack did indeed look better than last year. No run game (3rd string running back) did hurt and so did a few drops but the announcers said he most likely had a deep, medium, and short passing option on most plays so maybe he was a little conservative but hey, it's his first game. I would give him a B- because without that first scoring drive, we would have lost the game.
  7. (Off Topic) Any Led Zeppelin Fans?

    Wow he really does sound like Plant, holy sh!t. With that said, the guitar player sounds like Page but in a boring way (in my opinion), just lacks attitude to me.
  8. That's the worst part! They are amazing for bs commentary and whatever else but once actual play starts it skips or freezes. I can once in a while find an amazing stream (youtube streams are really good) but it isn't consistent enough to bank on. My internet isn't very fast but I think it's good enough to keep a decent stream, if the stream was good.
  9. Okay thanks! I might explore this because it is the most annoying thing to watch choppy streams.
  10. How much does the international game pass run strategy run you? Do you use a free VPN? I tried signing up for something last year but the game was used in a pop up that didnt work with my VPN.
  11. Camp Updates Wed 8/9

    That would actually get me excited about Bowles haha. That second statement seems depressingly true.
  12. Camp Updates Wed 8/9

    What, Petty doing well?
  13. Camp Updates Wed 8/9

    Saying "Does anybody want this job?" really pisses me off when you just get done saying Petty went 8/12 with 2 TDs. Yeah, guess he doesn't want the job... With that said, if Petty does well and gets screwed over by the CS, I will join in on the Bowles hate.
  14. As everyone says how bad we are at WR, I keep thinking about ASJ and how he can be a safety valve for our QB but I forgot about the 2 game suspension. Either way, I am really excited about ASJ and Leggett.