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  1. Florida Metallica The Ramones Matt Ryan
  2. I think (and hope) they are driving up the price. If so, they might have leaked this news themselves.
  3. JPP

    Maybe he'll give us a few finger discount?
  4. To be honest, if we signed a guy named Rigers I probably would complain. But this... nothing to complain about.
  5. Thanks to everyone that have been posting articles on Hurtt. After reading everything, I feel good bout this hire. I think he can really help this team.
  6. Agreed. Let's just hope they don't go back to Fitz.
  7. I like Jim Schwartz. If it comes time to find a new coach at some point, I hope he's available. We shouldn't hire a rookie AGAIN next time. They all get us to the same spot. I know these are tougher teams this year compared to last, but a good coach wins the games no one thinks we will. I think Bowles has shown us he can do that 1-2 games in a year and a half. Plus, as people on here have been saying, neither the offense nor the defense makes adjustments. We suck even more in the 2nd half. I remember watching games with Rex and knowing the second half would be completely different. We pretty much always shut down whatever was working in the first half, but now.....
  8. I'm starting to see why PatsFanTx is still here. He might as well be here because he doesn't even matter. I've never seen anyone hate the Jets more than Jets fans. Revis has been one of the best players to put on a Jets uniform this decade and he's being talked about like he's Kyle Wilson. Has he been special this year? No. Has anyone on the Jets been special this year? No. I don't understand what the end game to so much negativity is.
  9. Who cares about stats? 5 sacks and we are winning. The defense has been coming up big. And Hess, I think this year is different than last year. Leo is playing the inside more and McClendon is different than Snacks. Bigger year for our D-Line.
  10. NO WAY they can block Sheldon, Mo, Leo, and McClendon. Plus Pryor , Mauldin, or someone else. No way.
  11. Man, when Sheldon comes back... holy sh*t. It's gonna be sack city.
  12. Jets are bend but don't break. I think this game will be 20-17 Jets. I think it's going to be a tough game for our O-Line but same goes for Cincy's O-Line. I think we always play well against the Bengals. They're just one of those teams that we beat. Let's hope that keeps up today.
  13. I don't know what's worse: Hack, or listening to Mayock and the other Philly guy drool over Metz and the rest of these jobbers.