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  1. For the past few months, I have been having some issues with this site. Most of the time, for some reason, it doesn't load properly. Also, I can barely reply to anything because when I click reply, it only lets me attach a file-- the text box is usually not there. I moved to Mexico about a year ago and it was fine for a while. I don't think that's the reason but who knows. I have no problem with any other websites. As far as I know, everything is up to date on my browser (Chrome). I endure all of this because I love this site but the worst part is not being able to reply most of the time. I am not sure if it's me or if other people have had/are having this issue too. I have attached a picture of what it looks like most of the time when it fails to load properly.
  2. I understand what you are saying, and yes, the defense has been a disappointment as of late, but the offense has had plenty of chances to win us the game (for example yesterday: the defense causing a couple of 3 & outs), yet the offense just doesn't get it done. That's not the only game. The Bills scored 1 TD on our defense if I remember correctly. The Bills D has been a bigger disappointment than ours yet we lost because our offense couldn't convert. I think the biggest problem is our offense not getting it done in crucial moments. Dropped TDs, dropped 3rd down conversions, and maybe the biggest problem on offense: our running game. I think momentum is the most important part of the game and we are great at killing it.
  3. Okay, it is letting me type now. I disagree with you because even though we did build around our defense, we still made good moves on offense, and in this league we have to score more than 17 points no matter who we play. We can blame the defense but I am blaming an offense that just isn't making it happen. Special teams are awful but I have seen teams overcome that with good offense. We have had plenty of chances because of our defense but how many of them did the offense capitalize on? Offense has to score points and they are not doing that anymore.
  4. These threads and the "I Told You So" threads are unbearable this year and even though I try to ignore them, I can't take it anymore. You'll say "well don't visit the board". Thats like saying "well how about you stop watching the Jets?". EVERY THREAD IS THE SAME. The Texans are playing good football and they beat us. Good for them. They were creative on offense and our offense took until 4 minutes left in the game to wake up. We've been a fourth quarter team since I started watching in the 90s. The biggest problem on our team is the offense. Playmakers were making plays when we were winning and haven't done much since. I don't know if it is injuries or what. Special teams aren't good, the defense is good but not great (they'd be better if our offense didn't go three all the damn time), but if our offense played better everything else would be fine. The defense has played well enough (minus Oakland) for us to win every game-- it's up to our offense to win us these games and, even though they're the best offense we've had in a long time, they aren't winning 3rd and 4th downs when we need it most. I don't blame one particular person. It's on the entire offense.
  5. When I was watching Bowles press conference the other day and he said that, I thought about what little attention he gives the Patriots and Belichick. Then I thought that must piss Belichick off because deep down he probably loves the attention he got from Rex.
  6. What is KODI?
  7. Their defense played well, especially against the run. It wasn't the same defense that played Buffalo. Browns D isn't too shabby either. The Colts were overrated. And to say they could have easily won the game... yeah, sure. Maybe if they stopped Brandon Marshall from dragging three guys into the end zone but they didn't. If we keep winning it will be funny to see how everyone changes their tone. If we beat the Eagles, we will not get any credit-- just that the Eagles aren't that good. Seems a bit different when the Patriots win. Usually something like "business as usual".
  8. Damn, Pittsburg stomped the 9ers.
  9. Any given Sunday, but I'm hopeful. Quite a few teams that looked good/bad last week playing differently today. We find out tomorrow night.
  10. Interesting that the Pats have fumbles in every game so far this season now that they have to keep the PSI up.
  11. Does the Sunday Ticket work if you live outside of the US? Today's streams were awful for me and I can't do that every week. I would gladly pay the money if I could watch the game without interruptions.
  12. I'm a bit worried about Fitz. His arm has looked weak at times in preseason. I am not an expert on him before he came here, but I I wasn't scared of him when we played him. If our defense plays well, I think we'll be okay; Fitz won't have to force things.
  13. I agree with you guys. Seems like a good guy, and genuinely humble. I wish him the best.
  14. I do not get the obsession with this guy-- still. Even the NFL network reported it as "Breaking News", as if the Pope just died.