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  1. Still won't feel even a little sorrow if the Patriots team plane crashes.
  2. The answer is yes. I hang on hoping it will eventually return , or out of some reminiscent sentiment, but its mostly unwatchable these days.
  3. Ravens won their first Super Bowl without one, strictly on the strength of their defense. Move that team to today's league and they're a .500 team maybe. Its a different sport altogether now.
  4. It's not just in Brooklyn
  5. Nothing wrong with this.
  6. It's kinda fun to joke about how bad the Jets are, because what else we got? But if you seriously believe that there is even a single college football team that can hang with the worst of NFL teams, you are too stupid to be even classified as homo sapien.
  7. Woody is setting this team up for a big payday from a series of Geico commercials. "If you're the NY Jets, it's what you do" Gonna be some funny stuff.
  8. How does Decker help develop Hack from his perpetual hospital bed?
  9. Oh yeah. Totally agree. Morton has definitely done great things so far. At least half of this season's wins he should get credit for.
  10. This team barely has 3 NFL caliber players
  11. You can't trade a player no one wants
  12. Oh good. Now all we need is a time machine so we can play games back when the running game mattered.
  13. Hey, you know what? All that has to happen is Bryce Petty has to be the NFL MVP, and the Jets will be pretty good.
  14. Wow. Never thought that our hopes for a brighter future would lie with a new John Wilkes Booth.
  15. Didn't the tweet say the guy was pretty big? No way it was Lee then.