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  1. You just have to be a scrawny, backup college QB, get drafted low, load up on steroids after combine, maintain with HGH, get an Ernie Adams, and act like an entitled whiny bitch your whole life. This is proven to work 100% of the time. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using mobile app
  2. Move on. That Friend ship has sailed.
  3. This. Revis has always been about Revis, never about the Jets. I can't believe people want to suck up to this low life for eternity just because for a few years he could cover wide receivers. I'm only interested in my teams "honoring" the history of players who represented the team admirably, not just by their athletic ability. True greatness in sports of course means excelling as a player and winning (which we never did), but it also means being someone that I'm proud to have my young children look to as an example of how to conduct yourself. Revis isn't that. Curtis Martin was that. Dennis Byrd certainly was that. D'Brickashaw was that. Frankly, defending Revis makes you no better than one of these delusional Pats/Brady fanboys or these new-found ARod advocates.
  4. First time in over a year he didn't avoid contact. Time to cut this POS.
  5. Don't be silly. Fisher wasn't even in LA for one year.
  6. Getting off the cesspool that is Queens/Long Island is probably the only good move this franchise has made since Super Bowl III.
  7. Actually, you seem to be the one that missed the point. I clearly stated you can survive with an average o-line. I didn't say with a bad one, like Luck has and has had. Huge difference. The point of this thread is the 3 MOST important positions on the field, and no single offensive lineman is one of those if you have the QB. Again, what all pro o-linemen have the elite QBs had? When was the last time an offensive lineman was in contention for MVP or Super Bowl MVP? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using mobile app
  8. Once you acquire a legit, star QB, you no longer need an All-Pro caliber anything on the offensive line. What elite o-linemen has Brady had? Rodgers? There are several advantages an elite QB lends you that allows you to dominate with only an average o-line. Quick decision/release requires less time in pass protection, and it also means you can throw 50 times a game, and use it to set up the run, rather than the old style of vice versa. And to maybe an even bigger extent, that release and the "Jordan Rules" of the current NFL mean your blockers have a lot more leeway to get away with illegal blocks/holds etc. Watch any Pats game. Frankly, the 2nd most important position in an organization behind QB is the head coach. After that, give me a pass rusher and an elite WR. What single players outside of QB affect the outcome of the most games? Guys like Watt and Miller and Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. End of story.
  9. Yeah. That's the reason for the overwhelming statistical anomaly that is white receivers in New England.
  10. No. Hats is a cap expert. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using mobile app
  11. He must look pretty good in practice then