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  1. Tough to watch.
  2. Exactly. I realized in the midst of the win today we'll probably again finish right around 7-9, which is the worst thing a franchise can do (especially one that doesn't have the future at QB yet), and I didn't care. I just can't muster any energy to feel good OR bad. Not sure I will again until we can acquire at least a serviceable QB.
  3. Maybe it only seems that way because Futz forced it to him so much
  4. This is a good approach. We should tank for the next decade even. Could you imagine a roster with 10 #1 overall picks? Now we're talkin.
  5. Look, I hope Petty is a player. But there's 2 things seriously wrong with your premise. 1) If we're drafting that early, it would be foolish to draft a RB in the current state of this league. Its not a premium position any longer 2) The state of our offensive line would not allow for success of a RB. We're not the Cowboys. Not close. This will not be an elite offense until we clean up the QB and offensive line. We better do it quick though. Marshall and Decker arent spring chickens.
  6. Oh look. More comprehension problems. Would love it if you found a single post of mine in the history of this site where I "wanted Fitz".
  7. Another Mensa member. You know, when I was growing up, I remember in school they put a lot of emphasis on reading comprehension. I guess those days are over. Geno Smith has definitively shown what he is. He was off the field for 2 years because he sucked worse than even Ryan Fitzpatrick. He didn't suddenly wake up the coaching staff with some revelation in his career that they observed in practice. He's starting because Fitz forced the coaching staff to make a change via historically putrid performance. Geno is only on the roster because he's the only other guy that's taken an NFL snap to date and he's mercifully in the last year of his contract. He's starting this week because the franchise has failed, not because he's done a single thing, ever.
  8. You just compared booing to the death sentence of slaves, then called other folks "nuckle" heads. Congratulations.
  9. No son, I'm saying you cheer when they succeed and express displeasure in whatever way you see fit when they are failing. Not sure how people that actually attend the games in train wreck seasons like this one are not "standing by their team". Its always fun when people try to assert their "fan superiority". So stupid.
  10. I see I'm dealing with some real geniuses here. Wanting your team to succeed is the definition of fandom. It's really strange when people care so much about an insignificant action that others may take that doesn't affect them in any way whatsoever.
  11. What an extraordinary load of nonsense. As if expressing displeasure with constant failure is unexpected. If you don't want to boo, don't boo. But asking others to comply with your opinions is beyond idiotic.
  12. How about this: if I'm paying money for tickets and decide to attend the games, I'll do whatever I feel like. If you don't like it, or catch some bizarre personal feelings about it, maybe you should take your own advice and stay home yourself.
  13. Exactly. Geno is nothing but a symbol of a franchise that has repeatedly failed to acquire or develop a player at the only position that really matters in this league.
  14. Any booing will be directed at ownership/management/coaching for their complete inability to acquire even an average QB for several years in a row. Dumb is actually expecting Geno Smith to be a different player than he was the last time he failed. You can be interested all you want. I'm telling you you're wasting your time. I mean the guy won't even be on the roster in 2017. So tell me again, what's the point? You can't actually believe that this team can still do something of value this season.
  15. You're not very bright, are you?