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  1. Tom Brady's wife Gisele had a boob job.

    Ideal Ass Law
  2. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    Or, if he were a man, he'd say "Yes, it would be great. He's a good dude, excellent teammate, and would make a great backup to me" You'd say that even if you were like everyone else and didn't believe it.
  3. Only thing that doesnt add up is that he just rescrutured his contract so that he takes less of the money this year, therefore loses less if the suspension holds up in 2016. His team knows this has almost no chance of success. Its a fully inflated hail mary.
  4. "I don't care about PSLs so much that 80% of my words typed on this site are about that topic"
  5. The Jets still haven't learned. This happens every time they restrict the buffet to guests.
  6. Watkins Breaks Foot

    I have newer material on the seats of my Datsun. What a sad man.
  7. $11 beers and $12 hot dogs are investment gold.
  8. Jets are going to have a great year

    Holy hell. These miserable wads of nothing actually believe anything they want to. No matter how separated from reality it is.
  9. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    So whats the verdict on Rey? How bangable is she exactly?
  10. You're mistaken. Rosters are budgeted at this point. No ones overpaying an injury prone slot receiver who isnt the player he was 3 4 years ago.
  11. Typical fairy tale telling up north. Amendola had no choice. He takes a pay cut or he gets released, at which point not a single team pays him that. But yeah, he took a huge cut to play backup slot receiver for the Cheats because he loves them so. Grow up
  12. NE doesn't need Brady to play all 16

    Can we stay on topic? This is now about meat, not meat packers.
  13. NE doesn't need Brady to play all 16

    To each his own. I suspected that you weren't a heavy salt user. Filet definitely works for those who prefer a smoother, softer texture. You're right about the health aspect, but I don't care much for that. I do eat it not very often, but to me, I see it as a balance - and when I want to enjoy one, I go with the one heavy on flavor. I salt heavily; I'm what is known as a supertaster.
  14. NE doesn't need Brady to play all 16

    Fat is flavor. Sounds to me that you underestimate how much you value texture. Do you prefer your food heavily salted or less salted?