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  1. Game off, done

    Except you are completely wrong. The NFL knows about every single one of its fanbases. Here's what it knows about Pats fans and Jets fans. 1) Pats fans will make you lots of money if their team is good. If their team is not good, you lose that major market completely for a while. 2) Jets fans will come back indefinitely. All you have to do is ensure that they compete every three years or so. There's no advantage to them being anything more than mediocre. You can even convince some of them that a PSL is a "good investment"
  2. Game off, done

    All of these things matter way less to me than the fact that this sport sucks.
  3. Game off, done

    The level of absurdity will continue to rise as long as people keep looking the other way or allowing themselves to be fooled. Boston fans on social media are actually claiming it was a make-up call for all the anti-Pats transgressions earlier in the game. Who is the league going to play its product to? The delusional fan base whose rabid interest you can hold only when their team is good? Or the one that still buys out every ticket of every game and gets big ratings despite decades of incompetence? The story isn't going to change for this franchise until we as fans make it more profitable for the Jets to be good than not. Time to stop watching the games.
  4. Game off, done

    I expected the Jets to lose. I think a few others expected that the game would be balanced. Unlike them though, I did not expect it to be a fairly called game. In fact, I have come to expect it. It's part of the script. I'm sorry, but if you can't see that the games are artificially influenced week in and week out by people that aren't on the field, then you just aren't paying attention. It's a business. They're going to produce a product that maximizes revenue. Unfortunately for football fans, this is it.
  5. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    OK. But by now, would you really expect that the worst recall in the history of the NFL would go against someone else?
  6. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    The thing I find most difficult to believe is that people are surprised by this kind of thing. As if the league hasn't been like this for over a decade.
  7. Boston Sports Radio

    You're right. It's obvious we wouldn't.
  8. Belichick praises Jets

    Belichick can blow me
  9. Boston Sports Radio

    If North Korea nuked Boston tomorrow, would we even bother to retaliate?
  10. Brady doesn’t practice

    I don't think Joe Montana is playing either
  11. the giants,not the jets suck

    Yep. We'll go 6-10, extend McCown, follow with a 4-12 and bare at the QB position again for another decade. Giants turn reins over from Manning to Darnold, thus ensuring them another decade and a half of franchise QB. Such is life.
  12. The hell with the tank. Go Jets!

    Don't be embarassed for me, cuz I'm not. Had a great weekend. Enjoyed the game. I just know how this ends. Been watching too long to not.
  13. The hell with the tank. Go Jets!

    Just tired, man. Don't overthink it. That's an awful lot of words to say something so meaningless and you seem really upset about other people's thoughts.
  14. The hell with the tank. Go Jets!

    I'd rather a quarterback. This is just more Fitzmagic that will ultimately loop us right back into the forever mediocre cycle.
  15. Erin should sue his parents for wrongful nameination.