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  1. If Garapollo were worth a damn, Belichick would have traded Brady 3 weeks ago and leaked to the media that Tom was looking for "Luck money".
  2. Not to get too far off the sarcasm path, but this product is excellent. I was struggling with back issues at night, had to move to side sleep. This was the only thing that helped make that possible.
  3. So according to CBS, there's no OL worth taking until 26-30? Is that right?
  4. Not an answer. Name specific games in which the Jets won because Bowles outcoached the other guy.
  5. Name three times in two seasons where you can clearly say Bowles outcoached the other guy. I'll wait.
  6. Maybe we can get flexed to NCAA?
  7. Watch Westworld. Exact same concept as the NFL. Scripts. Doesn't matter if the fans know it or not. You'll keep coming back. No difference between football fans and people that constantly fill casinos. You know the house always wins, but you still go.
  8. He's right. Fitz is coming back.
  9. They'll settle for NBA
  10. I like that his name is so conducive to making toilet jokes
  11. The WWE seems to be doing fine.
  12. There's no risk at all. Lemmings will always dismiss the obvious.
  13. Perfect villain story. No one cares if the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl.