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  1. All three QBs will see playing time this year. With this o-line, I guarantee it.
  2. Problem is he gets hurt every time he stands up.
  3. What is there to be happy about?
  4. I know its enough because I had no reaction to this. It's hard to even care. It's a crappy league and we're a crappy franchise in it. Unless you have a stud QB, there isn't a game, an injury, a coach, a draft pick, anything that matters at all.
  5. 2 safeties is four points. Come on, guys.
  6. Well, then line up the contract extensions! 5 wins! So exciting. By the way, how can guys "fight for their families/careers" and also "quit on the coach"?
  7. The smart move is hoping for 6 or 7 wins this season so that's what they can average over the next decade.
  8. Also, because I already ordered one:
  9. What makes you think the 53 players on this roster are fighting for their careers and families more in 2017 than in 2016? Please. Most of these guys take it all for granted.
  10. Would you rather Suck For Sam or just suck, with no apparent goal in place? Cuz, mark my words, they're going to suck either way. Might as well have a slogan to play with
  11. Keira Knightly was already in the prequels
  12. I'm telling you right now, if they win more than 2 games, its a disaster. Franchise QB must happen. If not, buckle up for another decade of nothing.
  13. Missed opportunity for North Korea to win us over.
  14. Draft him. Maybe he'll punch Brady if that's his thing.
  15. Just the worst. I can't even imagine. Hope he's able to find some way to cope.