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  1. Manning's family celebrates win NOT Eli

    At the dinner table, when comparing their careers, Eli always had the 2 Super Bowls to 1. Peyton now has him on literally everything.
  2. Making a Murderer

    Even this statement?
  3. When the Patriot Dynasty Ends...

    Well, that's aburd. How egotistical is a fan base that thinks fans of other teams are more emotionally invested in the Pats than Pats fans are?
  4. When the Patriot Dynasty Ends...

    When it comes to the Patriots then, which group of fans do you think is the MOST biased?
  5. When the Patriot Dynasty Ends...

    It's funny how all fans are biased except Pats fans, amirite?

    Round of beers on me... This spud is a stud! Famed photographer Kevin Abosch is known for his stunning portraits of Johnny Depp, Steven Spielberg, Malala Yousafzai and now — a potato. Abosch's recent portrait of an organic potato against a black backdrop sold to a European businessman for a whopping $1 million. The Irish photographer said the price tag might seem "absurd,” but that it's not the first time someone has purchased the art right off his wall. COURTESY OF KEVIN ABOSCHPhotographer Kevin Abosch sold his photograph of a potato for $1 Million."We had two glasses of wine and he [the businessman] said, 'I really like that,'" Abosch told the Sunday Times. "Two more glasses of wine and he said: 'I really want that.' " The $1 million (or $750,000 pounds) was the most Abosch has ever been paid for a piece of work that wasn't commissioned. Abosch's portraits are popular among the wealthy and many are considered collectors' items. His commissioned works often start at nearly $300,000. A series of 250 portraits of people from Ireland, known as "Faces of Ireland," launched in 2011 as one of Abosch's most prominent projects.
  7. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    Tells you nothing about Petty. They will be drafting a QB virtually every year.
  8. The Pats have a patent on cheating like Coke has for their recipe? Moron.
  9. Got this one, folks? It's a new one. "Patriots players don't get called for holding, because they aren't even given a chance to hold" Boston surely is a magical world of fairy tales.
  10. Also, you would if you were an whiny, insecure little prick whose entire persona is manufactured to satisfy an image.
  11. Do People Realize ...

    This isn't about the Flaming Lips?
  12. Brady Can Secure GOAT With SB Win

    No. He was already ahead.
  13. Well, now they're just like every other team in the league - figuring out who to take in the first round of the upcoming draft. Oh, wait...
  14. Wait til you see the board when you croak
  15. Broncos vs. Pats predictions

    I predict that I won't be watching TV until about 6:30. I can't as a football fan think of a single reason to watch this Snooze Bowl. Between Trump, Hillary and Brady, you simply can't turn on the tube without being forced to look at human garbage today. Find something interesting to do.