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  1. JetPotato added a post in a topic hires another banner plane (MERGED)   

    Wow - where have I read this all before?  Dude, you're like the interweb version of Fireman Ed.  
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  2. JetPotato added a post in a topic Phone-Gate. Who was Brady protecting? hmmmmmmmmm   

    Doesn't anyone here know one of these hacker kids?  Surely if China can get Obama's phone calls and texts, we can get Brady's.
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  3. JetPotato added a post in a topic Jets fans pay for 12 ‘#TomShady’ billboards as Patriots QB Tom Brady suspended four games   

    Why does this upset you all so much? Especially about the money.  It's not like these people are going to have to put their kids through college.
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  4. JetPotato added a post in a topic Yankees Injuries   

    Pineda has been throwing well (hitting upper 90's again) and is slated for 2 or 3 minor league starts.  We could see him in the rotation as soon as early June.  Phil Hughes can go back to being an effective reliever hopefully.  Upgrade.
    Jeter has been doing light activity and is expected back some time after the AS break.  Certainly an upgrade over Nix or Brignac (one of whom will be out, I'm guessing Nix).
    ARod is still a ways out, best case for him would be August.  (Best case for the fans and the team would be never).
    Youkilis and Teixieria are both playing rehab games now.  Couple weeks away.  Going to be a shame to have to lose Overbay.  He's been solid, with very timely hitting and stellar defense.  Youk is definitely going to be an upgrade over Adams.  Maybe they can actually trade one or two of these guys and get something in return.
    Pettitte should come back as soon as his DL stint is up, same for Nova.  Although at this point, Nova should have to prove again that he deserves a spot in the rotation more than Phelps.
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  5. JetPotato added a post in a topic Panthers WR Steve Smith Rips Mark Sanchez: ‘He Sucks!’   

    More breaking developments from the mouth of Steve Smith: "Water is wet"
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  6. JetPotato added a post in a topic Check out this Brady Bruschi video!   

    There's a horse named "Orb" and people can't figure out Tom Brady's connection to it?
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  7. JetPotato added a post in a topic Baseball is here...   

    Says the guy talking about ERA.  LOL.
    By the way, it's pretty difficult to give up an argument I'm not even making, no matter how desperate you are to engage it.
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  8. JetPotato added a post in a topic Baseball is here...   

    If it was discussed here ad nauseum, that doesn't make it any less of a stupid comparison.
    But like I said, congrats to RSN for having a #2 starter with an ERA better than a #5, even though the gap isn't as big as thought  by some.
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  9. JetPotato added a post in a topic Baseball is here...   

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  10. JetPotato added a post in a topic Baseball is here...   

    No, no it isn't.  Solid argument though, lots of references.
    They weren't traded for each other.  They weren't drafted in the same year.  They're not from the same state.  They're not the same age.  They aren't similar style pitchers.  They have different roles on their team.  They aren't similar in any way, shape or form.  
    It's an illogical comparison used in a weak attempt at boasting.  Following the (lack of) thinking here, I can compare any 2 players in major league baseball, based solely on a misconception that they're somehow comparable.  It's a desperate attempt to pick one Red Sox player, saddle him up to his supposed Yankee twin, and say "my guy is better".  It's absurd, and sad.
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  11. JetPotato added a post in a topic Baseball is here...   

    Actually, it's clearly you that doesn't understand context.
    Even by the flaw of your your own analogy, you prove this.  No one, not one single Jets fan on earth (not even Ken O'Brien's mother) would argue the case that today Ken O'Brien is a comparable QB to Dan Marino.  The fact that they were drafted in the same year is worthy of discussion, and something we point to as yet another Jets draft mistake, but it has absolutely no bearing on the discussion that one is a retired Hall of Famer and one is just retired.  
    This started when you asked stupidly "are Yankees fans still arguing that Hughes is better than Laptop" or whatever.  The answer is no, we are not drawing comparisons here in 2013 between our #5 starter and your #2.  You are doing that, and it's making you look more ridiculous with each passing post.  
    So no, I won't be politely doing anything except laughing at you.
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  12. JetPotato added a post in a topic Baseball is here...   

    Newsflash: no one cares what guys were once "considered" many years ago.  What matters is what they ARE.  Hence the Garciaparra-Jeter comment, which you also completely botched.  
    Fact remains that you created a fictional argument to try to boast about something completely unimpressive.  The positive for you here is when you argue with yourself, you always win.  But do yourself a favor: the next time you want to draw comparisons, do it with comparable players.  Cleanup hitter vs. cleanup hitter.  2nd baseman vs. 2nd baseman.  Closer vs. closer.  Not #2 vs. #5 starter.  It sounds ridiculous, and it doesn't make anyone envy the laptop thief.
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  13. JetPotato added a post in a topic Baseball is here...   

    I don't really have a position to defend, other than the fact that this is a stupid comparison.  In  fact, I even congratulated you on your little self-created argument with yourself.  
    If you want to boast about a #2 starter having a better ERA than a #5 starter, have at it.  But it's really no different than a "Hey guys, I just drank pee!  But at least it wasn't poo!"
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  14. JetPotato added a post in a topic Baseball is here...   

    You brought it up.  No one else did.  If you want to prove that happened however many years ago, that's on you.
    While you're at it, why don't you see if you can find all the "Garciaparra is better than Jeter" posts.  Since that's exactly the same thing, only real, and meaningful.
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  15. JetPotato added a post in a topic Baseball is here...   

    That's your point?  That if Phil Hughes were better, he would be better?  Or that all guys that come up at the same time are supposed to be equal? How astute. 
    They are what they are.  Hughes is counted on only to be a 5/6 starter at this point.  Nothing else.  This comparison is beyond stupid.
    Or you can stick with your bizarre logic.  John Lackey and CC Sabathia came up to the majors around the same time, too.  You know what?  If John Lackey was as good as CC Sabathia, he wouldn't suck!
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