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  1. Well, if he comes here, our o-line will see to it that hes always throwing on the run, so...
  2. It's hard to win 0, but we might be able to pull it off. Fingers crossed.
  3. Again, a fictional number. The item has no real value. Even less value than the guy who wore it, which is nothing. Not worth the effort of the FBI, that's for damn sure. This was all about Trump getting his buddy his shirt back. How much effort did the FBI put in when Kraft's ring was stolen?
  4. Nonsense. It's not a high value item, as it has never and will never be sold. It's a $50 item like any other football jersey that maybe has sentimental value to this slime. If you think for a minute that if you had your binky from childhood stolen from you and taken to Mexico, that the FBI wouldn't laugh the entire time you're on the phone with them, then I have a bridge to sell you.
  5. No compelling reason for the FBI to use taxpayer money go fetch this maggot's shirt. They should tell Brady to GFY.
  6. Where's that hot chick with the nostrils?
  7. Don't even get me started on steak restaurants.
  8. Someone doesn't spend much time outside of their echo chamber.
  9. Please. We've never been a threat. This clearly is bigger in his weak mind than what is happening on the field. He might be a great coach, but he is a tiny, tiny man.
  10. Oh great. Another opportunity to completely disregard the interests and choices that individuals make in their careers so someone can yell "discrimination"! I'd guess if it is allowed to happen organically, it will occur in basketball or soccer first, as those seem to have the most serious interest from women currently. But don't be surprised if the NFL goes first, as soon as they realize forcing this could be an opportunity to scoop up dollars from people with an agenda that has nothing to do with the game of football.
  11. It's pretty obvious that despite all his success, Bill Belichick is a completely miserable, sorry excuse for a human being. He has an epic sense of entitlement, an attitude that has permeated throughout the organization, especially to his QB and a large part of the fan base. The New York Jets are and should be an insignificant afterthought, but when you are a petty egomaniac, you are unable to let go of perceived (yet unreal) slights. His lack of character (as well as Brady and Kraft) are the reason the Pats can go on to win even 10 rings, and will never be respected, not some fairy tale about jealousy. No one hated Lombardi or Noll. To put it simply, the man is garbage.
  12. When? He hasn't even come close to sniffing a playoff game.
  13. I'm sick of "not horrible" being the goal. By the way, 18 wins in 60 career starts. That is pretty horrible.
  14. Being old doesn't qualify someone as a good mentor. Experience means little without some success as a part of it.