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  1. Your next good post will be considered an isolated incident.
  2. This is a "will we ever win?" team
  3. See my posts from last week. While others were creaming their pants over AFCOPOTW, I was warning all about what was really going on with this fraud. I've maintained FItz is garbage for quite a while. Even in his so-called "good" games like last week, anyone who understands this game can see he is severely flawed. I'm done with watching him. Enough is enough. Time to move this franchise forward. If anyone isn't convinced yet, just wait til you see what the Seattle defense does to him.
  4. Neither one of them should ever see the field for this franchise again.
  5. I'm in. We know everything we need to know about the others. Geno is worthless and all Fitz is going to get you is just enough wins to ensure that you never have a chance to replace him with a young stud. All this going on with Wentz tearing it up kills that much more.
  6. Its all we can hope for. You'd think with this stretch of horrible QBs, you'd at least fall into one by accident that can at least be considered average.
  7. Yep. All for naught, because in a version of the NFL that has made the QB more important than ever, we can't even find a top 20 one.
  8. Yet, despite being on the field constantly, they only gave up 10 points. Give me a decent QB and I'll take a sloppy d that does that every week.
  9. He can throw just fine right now.
  10. Its Bryce Petty time. Figure out if hes anything or if we just keep drafting away. Or stick with Fitz, go win 6 or 7 games, and set the franchise back 3 more years (again) at least.
  11. Its time to start having conversations about who we can realistically draft at QB in Round 1
  12. I clearly stated a suggestion for what should be done. It was to STFU so the rest of us can wallow in reality. And starting Petty would be a nice start to see where we really are in the rebuilding process. Fitz is garbage.
  13. Mostly its about a lame team made worse by a lame fan base. I have passion for a team that I want to at least provide me some semblance of entertainment, and people who are supposed to understand that are here telling me its cool, the other team is better. So thats the approach, what, 10 times a year? 2Its always something. Week 1, I'm supposed to take a moral victory by dominating the Begals and losing. A Bills game that never should have been close and now a no-show game in Week 3. Sorry, not in the mood for hearing the wuss brigade who are ok with mediocrity. Take your rainbows and unicorns. I'd prefer to see this team win for a godamn change. And I reserve the right to tell u to GFY if you're one of them.
  14. Hey dummy, find me a post advocating for Bowles to be fired. Then come back and maybe I'll listen as you try to line up more excuses for a completely unacceptable all around "performance" by everyone.