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  1. I beg to differ. Woody, much like the Queen and her clan, is very familiar with coming to fame and wealth simply by being born.
  2. I hate to buck a good trend, but Mac knows what he's doing.
  3. This board doesn't have the confidence that other boards have
  4. I'm definitely concerned about Mark Zuckerburg and the difference between Twitter and Facebook. It's all very meaningful.
  5. It's a passing league and there's not much going to be available to us at 6 that are worth the pick. So, I'd pass.
  6. Yeah. That definitely is the point. I'm outraged.
  7. Purely a game manager. Couldn't make all the throws. He excelled at the easy stuff, which is what they gave him. Wasn't going to lose the game for you, but wasn't going to come back and win very often either.
  8. Ironic, sure. Worth a mention? No. Know how we do away with social media? Stop paying it any mind.
  9. Why is this a story? Because a coach made a lockerroom speech? Because twitter is stupid? Because the Pats are a-holes? What part do we not already know?