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  1. Poor guy is going to be shocked now that he can be flagged for holding.
  2. This thread is absurd even from the idea that Boston would have an African American QB to begin with.
  3. It's time.
  4. According to Brady, it was actually a fake cop that robbed him at scissor-pount.
  5. Peyton interviewed with the league on this already.
  6. There's nothing unless you really are hoping for it.
  7. These guys are idiots. There seems to be nothing to the story, so just go answer the questions so the league can close the inquiry. That seems to be all they're asking. Good move by the league going public with the warning after the Brady thing.
  8. There's a lot to feel good about. We literally have everything in place to be an excellent team, except for the one thing that matters most. QB.
  9. No option for "reading this thread"?
  10. Thank you. Sincerely.
  11. Guys. It's obviously Glenn. Watch the trailer again.
  12. These mental midgets were actually hoping he was guilty. As I've stated before, there are football fans, and there are Pats fans. Btw, Al Jazeera is gone now too. Seemed like a last ditch effort.