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  1. Thanks for being unrecognizable as a moderator. Thats a good thing.
  2. Yes, exactly this. Because, I was 100% serious. Completely dead serious.
  3. QB, every year, every round, until we find a real one.
  4. What? Other teams? What?
  5. He can be our new Jeremy Kerley!
  6. I wouldn't give a bag of stale licorice for Tony Romo. And I hate licorice. Don't neg me, you fatties.
  7. He wishes us luck? Oh man. Until that very line, for the last several years I was "f Rex" guy... now.. I feel sad.
  8. I mean, we can get him if we want, but what good would he be holding Glennon's clipboard? UknowwhatImsayin!?!
  9. So he is worth the 6th overall pick, since he can replace Lee and play some iron-man football and cover a tight end, since Lee couldn't cover a hot dog with mustard.
  10. He's a beast. I don't know how I feel about taking a RB with our 1st pick though.
  11. Twitter, serious business for serious people.
  12. Pump your brakes.
  13. No thanks to a Notre Dame product.