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  1. No thanks to a Notre Dame product.
  2. When 6'2" is called into question as not being tall enough, God bless
  3. F the Giants. I thought they were a .500 team until about a week ago.
  4. I wish trolling was funnier.
  5. We should have went with HaHa, cause Pryor's play makes me haha.
  6. Hey, I know... lets not run Beast Mode when he pancakes everyone, and throw an INT and give the Pats the W instead! F the Seahawks.
  7. We kept Lazy Mo instead. Snacks was our healthy reincarnation of Kris Jenkins.
  8. Drop by .6 over a monster 5 wins???? OMG!
  9. Last I read was that he was getting over-drafted and wouldn't be there at 6. And he's a Cleveland kid, and the Browns want and need a QB. Hometown kid...
  10. Both Jeff Demps and Clyde Gates are smiling right now.. wherever they are.
  11. I thought we are going DeShaun Watson and he was leading us to the promised land. So Darnold would just be holding a clipboard. And no more USC QBs... ever.
  12. I just wanna see Hackenberg sling it.
  13. Are you talking about the female in the video or Hackenberg?
  14. Is this a joke? Her throwing mechanics are terrible. She really does throw righty... like shes a lefty. Half the fatties on this forum could do better.
  15. AJ McCarron?? Yeah, I am in... if we were a college team. While we are at it, why don't we go get Greg McElroy back.