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  1. What exactly does that photo say?
  2. Who cares. We have the oppositions fans coming into our stadium and drowning out our fans. Our opinion doesn't matter.
  3. Damn... so sad... Rest in peace Joe. Such a sad story. He apologized and the guy shot him down like that?
  4. Revis clearly has lost a few steps, but he also admits coming into camp with a banged up wrist and having been out of shape. Watch, with our luck the second he is cut he will show up hungry and in shape for another team and be back to 09 Revis.
  5. I'd give up 6 to see Brady get leveled.
  6. Powell is 28 with no second gear.
  7. No chance. He's said hes playing til the wheels fall off and would move to safety. He will be playing when he is 40, for the vet minimum if someone will have him.
  8. Biggest dead weight on this team.
  9. Jenkins sucked, but still surprised he is gone already. Just plug in another one of "elite" fatties. Let Sheldon play the nose. Better fit than LB.
  10. I said the same thing! Bilal > Fitz.
  11. So he might actually start. Just.. wow.
  12. Its because Bowles doesn't know what he is doing. Too scared to make the change. He is trying to save his job and is hoping Fitz is the better choice to squeak out one or two more wins (realistically maybe one) so that he can pad his record, damn well knowing we have no shot at the playoffs.
  13. A prime Cro and Revis was a such a beautiful thing. Didn't know just how beautiful until today.