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  1. Fitz needs to come back. He is a proven winner, who got us to the post season last year. We need a guy like that. Pay him whatever he wants, hes clearly earned it.
  2. Nothing. TX is grandfathered in here, and can run his mouth any which way he wants. Sad really.
  3. If we kept Matt Simms for as long as we did, we aren't dumping Petty yet.
  4. Nate Diaz amuses me too. Sorry bout Conor.
  5. What app are you using for alerts? I was using the NFL one and its not cutting it anymore.
  6. I will pray although we already know the victorious outcome. Kick its ass.
  7. If he was a Jet you'd say we overpaid.
  8. We need someone to run the wildcat now with Kerley gone... just sayin'...
  9. I hope your life gets better.
  10. Same words of Michael Kay.
  11. Because the two things are the same.
  12. His franchise tag next year is HUGE.
  13. Thats why I said "...again".
  14. Word is Geno looks awesome in camp... again. Hopefully it spells us not re-signing Fitz.