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  1. He'll be 30 by the start of the 2018 season.
  2. You are an acquired taste. But I get it now. Sorry for not getting it early on in my posting career.
  3. lol Bilal isn't running past Harris. Harris is a tackling machine.
  4. LOL. You really think he beats out Harris for his spot? Troll!
  5. Stop. Salas. Graham. Owusu. Hill Hakim. Harvin. Speed, toughness, guile, and smarts. That worked out well too.
  6. Wait. Someone please tell me our offer was north of that. If so, Harris is a bum. If not, we sucks so bad. So so bad.
  7. That is one heck of a... sad list.
  8. Soldier of Jets Fortune?
  9. Dawkins... Reed? Stop. Lets see him take 1 nfl snap first before you anoint him the next chosen one.
  10. I'm surprised McDougle got mentioned at all. And Hack sounding... not like a lost cause. What happens on this forum if he turns out showing flashes? Like Sanchez level.. but bigger arm? Do we pray he turns into the real deal or still hope to pick up a top pick QB?
  11. Demario must think he really sucks too, to take that big a pay cut.
  12. He isn't going to improve as a football player. He pretty much sucks. And beating up a little guy, just makes him more meh.
  13. lolwut? I was serious. Harris had a ton of tackles. He was a tackling machine. Paysinger... isn't on his level. Calm down little fella.