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  1. 66 points in 2 weeks

    Mangini GM, Gruden HC. Mangini answers to Johnson... Gruden answers to Mangini. Super Bowl.
  2. Also, the thread title is misleading. I thought it was about culinary changes benefiting the player morale.
  3. Whens the last time we took a guy with "promise" and he turned out good? That one season of my fav, Maybin?
  4. Quoted to find easily later. Keywords: TomShane faceplantpwnlater, TomShanewrongagain, OneTimeIhopeTomShaneright, TomShaneIsSecretlyaPatsfan
  5. Make Peyton the GM

    The fake Alstott. Good times.
  6. Crazy stat from Cimini

    F the Giants. NY and San Fran.
  7. Make Peyton the GM

    I wouldn't make Ray that, but I would make him the head of Player Off Field Affairs... he'd save us from the Darren Lee, Mauldin, and Sheldon situations. Dudes "killer" at getting away with stuff.
  8. Jimmy Garoppollo

    He's the new Glennon.
  9. Marshall's drop

    He should try boxing instead with them stones hands of his.
  10. I don't want to say it but

    Good. I hope we smash them and it isn't even close. May it be the first week of many where we win.. dominate.
  11. There is no excuse for missed tackles. Its Football 101, and someone isn't teaching it and someone isn't executing it. These guys may be faster, bigger, stronger than the average player, but it means nothing if you lack the simple fundamental of making a tackle. No excuse for it, period. Bowles needs to be held accountable.
  12. I miss your optimism from week 1 😯