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  1. I am laughing. See? (this was a failed attempt at mocking our HC for being so great and also for being so emotional)
  2. Good stuff. I'd donate if I was going today. And I seriously am shocked you're not 15.
  3. Just use Sheldon... I mean, Bowles already has him just running full speed into the line from his role as a linebacker. He can do the same thing as a fullback.
  4. Only while going in.. on the way out... they should be banned from existence. Buy candy.. eat way before Halloween.. don't answer the door when kids ring the bell. Win.
  5. The internet makes people so mad for some reason. I'll just keep eating Reese's Peanut Butter cups and shrugging.
  6. 1-5, the TD to INT ratio... if he doesn't pull the plug on Fitz, Woody should pull the plug on him.
  7. People are threatening players families over the season? There must be a food shortage at the buffet. Settle down guys!
  8. Its the NFL. Unless its the Browns that Petty beats up, then I call him a real starter if he "goes off".
  9. He saying he put Geno in cause we were down in blowout fashion.. thats why he went in today and not the other weeks. Unreal.
  10. Brandon Marshall? For what? He comes cheap enough, and is productive enough. And is a better #1 than anything else we have going.
  11. Bowles isn't saying he will move to Geno... sounds like he wants to keep playing Fitz. Not as committed as last week.. but damn. WTF.
  12. I wrote that before he went all Geno on me.
  13. I like this type of trolling, not the type that JoeWilly 12 does.