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  1. I'm OK with trading Mo, but making up for 12 sacks with an already anemic pass rush is a daunting task for this team.
  2. Cam said, so IT MUST BE TRUE!!!!!

    Hill and Devin Smith, both fast with no hands. Lateral move by us.
  3. Bobby April to Titans

    Mariota returning punts?
  4. I like Snacks, but can he carry Ropati?? 
  5. OK. Do you know someone that can make that happen? I will wear a JetNation t-shirt and everything.
  6. I have. I can still catch the ball that hits my hands.
  7. Eric Rogers

    Probably a better topic. 
  8. Unless its in cookies, I don't think so. Pay him, Mo, Sheldon, and Williams? 
  9. Dakota Dozier Status

    He has been snapping the ball in practice.
  10. A case of diarrhea can do that too.
  11. Congratulations on your new contract, Snacks. Enjoy playing for the Patriots or the Browns. 
  12. Didn't know high ankle sprains made you have a case of the dropsies. 
  13. He was so awesome. That era was some great college football. Rest in peace.
  14. Except a wide receiver who isn't blind.
  15. Jets Sign WR To Futures Contract

    Cool. A small, fast receiver. Guess we can cut Devin Smith now. Don't neg me.