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  1. Doubt it. This is the same idiot who got kicked out of practice for not knowing where to line up.
  2. Who the hell is Green and what drugs are he abusing?
  3. Waiting for Fitz's soft passes to reach him must feel like an eternity.
  4. Marshall, one year older. Fitz's arm one year older making it even softer and noodle like. It happens.
  5. Fitz has to be held accountable despite his paycheck and how popular he is in the locker room.
  6. We were in that game even late into the fourth. Fitz had so many opportunities and just kept on throwing it to the red team. There needs to be accountability.
  7. Did you see Forte take the hand off inside, then bounce it outside for that 17 yard (or so) pickup from around our 5? Forte is awesome. Just wanted to say that.
  8. Thats nonsense. The inability to adapt is a killer.
  9. Today's performance requires that some re-evaluation be done. When has any starting QB thrown 6 picks like that?
  10. 6. Fitz threw 6 INTs.
  11. 6. Fitz is garbage.
  12. Exactly. If we aren't a playoff team, why are we taking any sort of cap hit from this guy next season, and why are we paying an old journeyman if we can get one of our young, potential future starting QB's valuable experience? Ryan does nothing for this team. I'm not pissed about anything. I just would rather see someone with upside get some experience instead of seeing an old guy that we all know hat he is capable of. And thats INT #6. This guy makes Sanchez look memorable.
  13. They gave up 17 points. If our O can't top that with all the opportunities we've had, our O isn't beating anyone.
  14. Fitz is just fun when he runs for it. If I want to see a slow bumbling dude rumble down field, I'd rather it be Sheldon.