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  1. I liked having Cro here. Watching him fly with the ball on returns and INTs was always fun. Good luck with everything Cro!
  2. Fitz doesn't look very good so far. I mean, he never really ever did, but he looks worse than usual. Our secondary and O Line and Tight Ends are also suspect. But the wide receiving corp, d line, running game, and linebackers are going to be exciting to watch as is the idea of this new young QB talent. I expect a lot of fun moments, and as usual, a ton of heartbreak. Fitz is going to lay an egg on us again.
  3. If Fitz goes down and Petty becomes the guy, isn't it worth the chance that he loses a game or two more than Geno would have, in order to find out what we really have in Petty?
  4. Yeah, thats what I was thinking too. Kind of sad to imagine happening.
  5. I thought about it, but didn't want to get called a troll or JoeWilly12.
  6. I love that we have 2 in house prospects, 1 old vet, 1 young vet. No need to bring on leftovers from other teams.
  7. For the contract he'd demand, even at a vet minimum? I'd be surprised.
  8. Kellen Davis is a waste of everything. Geno can go now. Thompkins is taking up a roster spot when we have strong depth at WR now.
  9. Jordan Jenkins made my heart flutter when he hit Ivory on the sidelines.
  10. Fixed.
  11. The excitement will wear off fast when they realize Goff and the Rams suck. And what sort of shape is that old stadium in?
  12. Unless Forte was catching the ball for him in Chicago too, doesn't matter to me.
  13. Cut Kellen Davis too. Thanks.