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  1. When Sheldon runs it in, with Leonard lead blocking.. it will be glorious.
  2. Yes! We need to spend more future first round picks on.. defensive linemen.. when we have lucked out with 3 very solid ones at that. Easily replicated /sarcasm
  3. I love Sheldon. I love his on the field work ethic. I hope we lock him up long term.
  4. I loved watching Fitz drop back and heave the ball with all his might to watch the ball sail so short that the receiver would have to slow down and come back to the ball.
  5. lol I'll keep that in mind, thanks. Whats so sad I'm laughing to mask my tears is that Fitz was more successful than McCown as a QB and now we have McCown.
  6. I can't imagine going 2-14, but if we win 6 games I'll be stunned. I just don't want to see McCown, even if he has a '15 Fitz like year.
  7. Doesn't he have Mulligan level hands?
  8. If we go 6-10 with McCown that means he is on roids and turned back the clock 3 decades and became Joe Montana because McCown will never win 6 games for any team.
  9. So it means we will re-sign him to a long term deal. Right? RIGHT!?
  10. Maye's highlight looks better than Jamals.
  11. Teams supposedly were inquiring whether he would be up for moving over to guard, and at the time Mangold said he didn't want to. He's still on the market with that said. Kind of says a lot.
  12. Feels like we have a lot of young unproven wide receivers. Cutting Decker who has proven to be solid seems premature.
  13. Coke > Pepsi