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  1. You definitely aren't reading the same forum the rest of us are, because everyone here has a professional opinion on what we should have done at QB.
  2. Today I learned, Benny McAdoo is a comedian.
  3. Because that is what he did last season. This guy is inept.
  4. Incredible post, sir.
  5. A hot pretzel and an ice cold coke are pretty damn good though.
  6. Chang/Community... is the man/bomb.
  7. LaRon was AWESOME to have here. Maybe Calvin can take some notes on what a hard hitting safety is all about. I miss LaRon... now Dawan, not so much.
  8. Sherman, 22/2? I hate his mouth, but... his play won't fall off a cliff like Revis, right? He's worth 22/2 imo.
  9. So, how bad does he suck?
  10. Fat jokes are frowned upon, in present company, sir.
  11. Those are some big words. I hope you're right.
  12. I have no clue what this thread is about, but I will say I am glad it wasn't about what I feared it would be... the return of Mark Sanchez.
  13. Lattimore scares me like Milliner. And give me Watson!!!!!!!!!!!