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  1. I'm curious, did you look at game film from Arizona? I'm just curious about the first Johnson touchdown run. The TV angle was poor, but it looked really blatant to me that Lee was the only Jet in position to make a play behind the LOS and a Cardinal O player horse collared him and threw him to the ground? I don't know where you get the overhead views, but I wonder if that's what I really saw? Thanks!

  2. Yeah, I agree.
  3. I don't know if they wait until 8. If Geno sh*ts the bed in his first two starts, I think they bring Petty in in week 9. I think it's more of "when" and "how" Geno F's up moreso than tied to 8 losses.
  4. Completely agree!!!!
  5. I really don't think anyone outside of Marshall, Decker and Mangold are "loyal" to Fitzpatrick.
  6. Sady, I've seen that episode over and over and over again. Get everyone's hopes up that the team doesn't suck as bad as we think they do, only to confirm it when they play the Patriots.
  7. We don't get good threads like this when we're winning!
  8. I'm actually interested to see if he's evolved. He's had great games and crap games, I just wish we had a better Oline to support him.
  9. Monday Night Boring ...
  10. Well said Glenn.
  11. This is a bullsh*t list - at least the Browns put up a fight and keep it close week to week! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. And yet not ONE WORD about the hedonism that takes place in the Mod Room?
  13. RIP Dennis - you were a true warrior! Maxman make the banner happen please.