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  1. Concur - always be on the lookout for Crusher
  2. If you're already thinking about what you want to say in response WHILE the other person is still talking, then you're really not listening, you're simply defending your position. No way to communicate really.
  3. A one-toothed shark?
  4. I'm pretty sure the response from the rest of the team who were there is all the substantiating anyone needs.
  5. Tell me more of this "beer" you speak of.
  6. Just to clarify - are you saying we can't post while nude? If so, you're gonna lose a lot of old timers here. I don't think T0mShane posts with clothes on ...
  7. Just got a Kodi box and am trying to figure out if I can stream Jets games on it live? Does anyone have experience with that? Thanks!
  8. hoi polloi!!! 😄
  9. I just got a Kodi box and am still learning how to us it. I was under the impression that I could watch Jets games live streaming? Am I wrong? What do I need to do to make that magic happen on this glorious little box of mine? Thanks!
  10. Annunciate you say, Engrish I say ...
  11. Now that's just crazy talk right there.
  12. I thought that's what we were doing?
  13. Ohh, this made me laugh!!