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  1. Why Ivory played so little in Buffalo

    Yeah, cause, you know, Ridley was beastly against ... well, I mean he did have those 3 rushes for -1 yard that last time they played, so there's that.
  2. Who do we all want to win next week?

    I'm with ya!
  3. Should the NFL eliminate the pro bowl?

    Corporations still buy up the tickets - like a poor man's Super Bowl - so they'll keep putting it on as long as that happens regardless of how many asses you actually see in the seats in the stadium which ain't many!
  4. Which time??? Brady only did it about 7 times without a single receiver within 10 yards and he was still between the Tackles!!! Un-freaking-believable!!!!
  5. Wait - I thought we were trading Mo for Glennon, no? Oh boy - Villain's gonna be pissed!!!
  6. WR Brandon Marshall Out Of The Pro Bowl

    Literally the worst All Star game in sports! 
  7. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!
  8. I Hate The Game Of NFL Football

    I .... Have become .... Comfortably numb ...
  9. RIP Andrew Luck (he's not dead)

    No - just his career di.
  10. Decent/Funny read from Manish

    I agree Glenn. It was light hearted and turned his nothing responses into something humorous to read.
  11. Trade Targets?

    No. Draft a young buck and ride him for 3 years, then move on to next young buck.
  12. I ate at Primanti's Strip location back in August and everyone's right - not good, but it is an institution of Pittsburgh much like Pat's is an institution of Philly - Pat's cheesesteaks suck too by the way.
  13. PFF CB Rankings

     I agree, but in no way was the defense fine.