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  1. Anyone know how Petty's shoulder is doing? Now where's my damn trophy Crush?
  2. I really didn't need PFF confirming what we all knew.
  3. Completely agree.
  4. Coaching.
  5. JM did NOT cost us the game. Focus on something bigger.
  6. And in the meantime, the Eagles have this kid who, apparently, can actually throw the ball. Ain't saying, just saying.
  7. Stop torturing yourselves - this one's over Johnny.
  8. Can I get a hit off of whatever you're smoking? I wanna see what's under the looking glass too!
  9. Has anyone checked this week to see what ATT is charging for the rest of the season? Trying to see how far they're coming down at this point. Thanks!
  10. Who is this Julian Howsare you speak of?
  11. I see what you did there!
  12. He missed a WIDE open Kellen Davis when he overthrew Marshall - it was the easiest TD of the day if he wasn't myopic.
  13. Fitz just isn't good enough ... and neither is Revis, Folk and probably our entire DB squad. Sigh.
  14. Nice job Larz! LETS GO JETS!!! Today I get to see if my Kodi box works for Jets game feeds and I can do a double middle finger flip to ATT!