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  1. Jets win. Bills beat Broncos. Bears beat Steelers. All in all, the Jets is by far the least impressive win 😉. Maybe they can still be the worst after all.
  2. There's a HUGE difference...

    This hyperbole with Darnold is getting out of hand. That's my entire deal. Everyone is touting Darnold as the savior, but he has been pretty mediocre this year. Not only has he been mediocre overall, his decision making, which is the main reason everyone loves him, has been awful. He has a little bit of hype behind him, and now he's forcing throws left and right? That's not a good sign. Im not saying he can't turn it around and still be the top pick, but the notion that if we don't come away with Darnold out of this draft means it's a failure seems a bit of a stretch at this point.
  3. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    Clayton Thorson? Is that a joke?
  4. Anti-Tank Week in the NFL

    I don't like to lose
  5. I can't tell with the misspelling if this is supposed to be a rip off of PFT Commenter or not. I'm puzzled.
  6. This is how far we are from the #1 Pick...

    It's week 3. Calm your t!ts.
  7. The Jets were never going 0-16. Probably were never going 1-15 or 2-14 either. For the tank crowd(which I'm kind of in), don't get your panties in a twist.
  8. Sounds like he's been all over the field. Hmmm.
  9. So is it safe to say Adams is a monster?(not able to watch)
  10. Well if the protests play a big part in it(they don't, they play a very small part if one at all), the league is going to fold after this week.
  11. I was apart of the first game where this took place. I always have been and always will be, but this makes me extra proud to be a Hawkeye and an Iowan.
  12. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    That's not what he said. He's very good. Best player in college football. That doesn't mean it makes sense for the Bears to draft him.
  13. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    That would seem the most logical to me. I am not sure I think the Bears will be picking before the Jets, I think the Bears are considerably better, but I digress.
  14. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Not sure about that. They have Howard and Cohen which is more than enough at RB position. They wouldn't go QB obviously, but I doubt they'd take a RB either.
  15. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    The Niners have great ownership? I think that would be news to Niners fans.
  16. We better effing lose every game

    Then you must not watch a lot of college football.
  17. Quite simple, really. NFL football is boring. Just think how bad things would be if there was no such thing as fantasy football. College football may be played at a lower level, but it's entertainment value crushes NFL football.
  18. Jimmy Garoppollo

    Who is the Jets scout that was not listened to regarding Tom Brady? He should be in the Hall of Fame if he was pounding the table for Brady, as he'd be the only person that was.
  19. That's the tricky thing to me. I'm going to come across as a Macc defender, which I'm not really, I'm pretty indifferent to him. The thing is Macc's first roster was significantly more talented than the year before he got here. His roster last year was probably still more talented than the one he inherited, but older and not as good as his first. Now, his 3rd roster is back to the level of the year before he arrived. Macc's biggest mistake, even greater than Hack or Lee or Smith or whoever, was trying to win immediately when he got here by adding a bunch of aging vets.
  20. One postive thought from OAK

    Didn't say he shouldn't be held accountable. It's a bad roster. It's his roster. He's had some bad picks. He's also had some good picks and UDFA pickups that people dismiss. Macc's biggest mistake was trying to band aide the roster and contend when he got here. I don't know if that was his idea or Woody's, but it was a huge mistake.
  21. The Jets don't have much talent, but they do have some talent on D, and the D is awful. Thats coaching. Bowles is just a really, really bad coach. Players are regressing under him.
  22. One postive thought from OAK

    At some point, that excuse loses some steam. The same thing was said about Williams. The Jets didn't need Williams, and Adams pick was/is mocked quite a bit because of his position. Macc could have easily passed on both those guys. Can't imagine how bad this roster would look with Kevin White and whoever this year.
  23. Darron Lee

    It's just as big a black eye for Bowles as it is Macc. Bowles strength was supposedly playing guys to utilize their strengths. He practically does the opposite of that. Richardson at OLB, Lee playing traditional 3-4 ILB. Lee is disappointing, I wish they would at least give him a chance schematically to succeed.
  24. Yes. Hell of a throw. Happened like 10 seconds after I posted. Darnold just seems a bit over hyped to me. He's been ok this year, nothing great. Was looking skittish in the pocket earlier. I just don't think he's the slam dunk everyone thinks.
  25. Pretty soon, Darnold better start living up to the hype or he probably will stay in school.