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  1. When it's as bad as they were it's probably necessary. It was honestly terrible up the middle. I saw multiple would be sacks/baddddd holding calls against our interior lineman.
  2. I didn't see it was after since I was at practice, but that doesn't change the fact that our inside protection besides Mangold is sh*t. There was still a lot of pressure up the middle.
  3. What were you watching here? I was there and most of the pressures and every would be sacks except two (Coples and Skrine) came from up the middle. How do you explain Mac reaching out to Mathis after practice today?
  4. I went with Coples. Last year he lead the team in pressures, and looked quicker off the edge drug in preseason. Once Rex starts actually game planning offenses I expect him turn more of those into sacks.
  5. This draft forum is starting to feel like home with you and Sec here. Did we put Boyd on our PS? I know Simms is there. I wish we would have picked up Matthews or Shaw as our developmental QBs. I haven't been following much since the scout merger.
  6. Nope, just himself and his leased 3 series. The regulars on scout already hate him after one post.
  7. A couple weeks from what I heard.
  8. Haha if stay here we're going to have to jump start this forum. JI's draft forum was a big reason why I posted there instead of here. Anyways, great to see you here.
  9. Look who it is. Glad to see you here Hitman!
  10. Shocked they cut him since our CBs are shaky right now but I guess with Hakim as our new special ace he was no longer needed.
  11. I would love to pair Joseph with Pryor. Also keep an eye on Cody Prewitt from Ole Miss. He's my #2 ranked safety after Joseph right now. He had a strong game the other night.
  12. Thanks for the welcome. It's been awhile since I've posted here.
  13. Actually yes, by the Detroit Lions in 1967. The first year they started the awards Mel Farr RB and Lem Barney CB
  14. My problem is he's a body catcher, and he over sells his routes with head fakes.
  15. I know Ryan isn't the perfect coach, but if we had a top 15 QB we would have a chance to win every year. Ryan is passionate about the Jets and we finally have a decent offensive coordinator. Now if we can just develop or sign a decent QB we'd be set.