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  1. The Jets have on QB or TE and a terrible O line it the GM is the man who picks the player but I do not like his play calling during the game this is on Chan
  2. Start Petty or Hack the Jets are going to terrible anyway and maybe be a blue chip QB in the draft next year
  3. Put Hack in the Bills game ,if the guy can't handle it cut him draft another QB
  4. Glennon has not done anything and not going to take the Jets to the super bowl ,I do not want waste money on another loser QB
  5. Let's wait until the jets play the pats before give him the keys to the store
  6. Petty needs a lot of work,he is not the jets answer,let he play the next 3 games see if he improve
  7. Watch the sorry ass Jets lose to the 49ers ,drink a lot of beer eat some wings
  8. The Jets are not going anywhere with Fitz , Geno has a better upside,
  9. No one going to come to the Jets because the jets have no QB , "QB makes good coaches"
  10. The only reason to watch the game is the hope the Jets knock Brady out of the game,all real Jet fans hate the Pats
  11. D line player like always
  12. Good QB makes Good coaches
  13. Lets give the guy the next 6 games before we cut the QB,this team is not the Cowboys
  14. What is the GM saying about this QB problem ,he is the guy taking a QB every draft and none if the QB are playing
  15. why the Jets just draft a RT this year