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  1. The same old jets , fall apart in the second half ,coach has no idea how to coach a game , This team is hard to watch, I am a Jet fan have to watch NFL football, WHAT HAPPEN TO D LINE?
  2. Woody is not the problem, it the GM who build the team and the coach that will not make any changes to better the team.
  3. I like to see Geno with some good wide out ,he never play with any with the jets
  4. Fitz is a turn over machine it happen with the Bills and show up last season ,he just like Geno but Geno never pass for 5 picks in 1 game ,how many games until Fitz is pulled for someone else.
  5. He here for the rest of the season ,He looking at the QB not covering the wideout
  6. who really cares what uniforms the Jets wear JUST WIN THE GAME.
  7. The problem with the Jets is poor secondary play all game not the LB's
  8. The jets 0-2 because another poor game by the QB but the O line played better than I figure
  9. game 7 with the jets 1-5 season on the line
  10. Green was beating Revis all game long ,the guy can not cover 1 on 1
  11. the secondary sucks ,cost the jets the game
  12. Revis look the same as last year , old and slow ,playing 10 yards off the line getting a ton of money
  13. Fitz look the same in pre season ,his arm is very weak at least Geno can pass over 25 yards,I tried of 3 down and 7 and he throw a 2 yard pass
  14. He a good back up QB and fitz looks terrible .he never had 2 good seasons in a row ,it going to be a long season
  15. Did petty get cut because I saw it on the Web