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  1. I like the kid,strong arm with a good head , the Jets have no choice to take QB until we find a good one.Look forward to see him play
  2. Cut the over paid Revis , give Mo his money because he been a good Jet ,do not like either Friz who choke in the Bills game or Bradford who always hurt.
  3. The team breaks the rules should it get the 4 game but knowing the NFL and the Pats ,Brady is going to wiggle his way out of the 4 games
  4. Would you trade up for Lynch?

    Lynch is going to be there at 20,the Jets already have Petty ,makes no sense taking another project QB , the Jets should address the O Line with first pick
  5. Connor Cook or a DL

    lets take a QB every 1 round pick ,there only 2 QB in the draft , and you can win with a average QB
  6. Connor Cook or a DL

    The Jets have so many needs ,OL , LB outside, inside ,CB ,there is no need to take another QB early in the draft
  7. The Jets are in cap hell because of Revis and his high cap hit for a old and slow CB
  8. D'Brickahaw Ferguson Retired (merged)

    All time great Jets , wish him good lucl
  9. elway knows the deal

    Why would Kaepernick give back the 12 million ,I can not see it ,Broncos are not going to sign him,I think the Jets should sign him ,he is better than Fitzfor the same money
  10. The Jets are broke

    Cut Revis ,he over paid ,the defense played good when he was hurt.
  11. My top 5 most important needs in the draft and who do we pick.

    the Jets needinside and outside Line Backer
  12. The guy did get to the super bowl , make the trade
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    If the Jets through Petty was ready to start ,we would not be talking about Friz, maybe Petty is not the QB to lead the Jets to the super bowl
  14. I take him back if he signs cheap, the jets should of sign him cheap last year before the season started
  15. Ryan Fitzpatrick, The Journeyman

    No , no playoffs,no big bucks