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  1. Gailey: Giant Steps for Geno

    Fitz not going to win the Jets a Super Bowl , lets keep drafting QB's until the get lucky and find a top 5 QB
  2. Scouting Report: Christian Hackenberg

    Talk is cheap , the jets have no cap money , Cut Revis or Mo there your money for Fitz , about 11 millon
  3. Scouting Report: Christian Hackenberg

    The Jets have no cap money to sign Fitz after signing the draft picks the Jets be over the cap by 100,000 , the Jets need to cut 2 or 3 players to sign Fitz
  4. The Wilkerson in the room...

    Why don't the Jets ask Revis to take a pay cut for the Team
  5. What about the 3 picks in the Bills game with the playoffs on the line,playoff what matters in the NFL
  6. I think he could be a good QB and he can,t be worst than turnover Fitz with a weak arm
  7. Let's give the QB a chance to play before the Jets fans kill him , the Jets need a QB in the worst way maybe he the next great QB who knows , no one can predict the furture, Fitz sucks he proved it in the Bills game.
  8. sometimes fans sadly know more

    You guys are crazy, you are chatting about players 3 years after the draft , the draft is a crap shoot the teams are going by college tape ,which one of you guys had Brady high ondraft list ,he would have never played if it was not for Mo Lewis
  9. I like the kid,strong arm with a good head , the Jets have no choice to take QB until we find a good one.Look forward to see him play
  10. Cut the over paid Revis , give Mo his money because he been a good Jet ,do not like either Friz who choke in the Bills game or Bradford who always hurt.
  11. The team breaks the rules should it get the 4 game but knowing the NFL and the Pats ,Brady is going to wiggle his way out of the 4 games
  12. Would you trade up for Lynch?

    Lynch is going to be there at 20,the Jets already have Petty ,makes no sense taking another project QB , the Jets should address the O Line with first pick
  13. Connor Cook or a DL

    lets take a QB every 1 round pick ,there only 2 QB in the draft , and you can win with a average QB
  14. Connor Cook or a DL

    The Jets have so many needs ,OL , LB outside, inside ,CB ,there is no need to take another QB early in the draft
  15. The Jets are in cap hell because of Revis and his high cap hit for a old and slow CB