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  1. No way ,the guy can't pass the ball over 30 yards and we tried it once before
  2. The guy won a playoff game and he better than any of our QB ,hope he sign cheap
  3. He was good for the Jets , got the jets with a lead in championship game,but some of his choices cost the jets the game 
  4. Over 2 feet in Long Island,snow 14 hours
  5. Steelers @ Broncos

    This game sucks,real boring 
  6. let's win a playoff game first,this team luck out in a lot of game, the Jets need a top ten QB,Fitz is not the answer 
  7. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    let train Petty for years,this is not college football,if the guy not ready in 2 years time to move on, as for Fitz it time to move on from him,you watch the Bills game
  8. Eric Rogers

    The Jets have wide outs ,running game without a top ten QB it just a waste of good player and Friz is not the answer to the jets needs.                  
  9. Bills hiring Rob Ryan

    who really cares
  10. no running back first pick , the Jets need a LB that can cover a tight end and CB
  11. I willing to give him and shot ,we know what have in Friz and guy who can't beat Bills with everything on line
  12. Eric Rogers

    The Jets need a QB not a wide reciever
  13. NE Observations

    do something like Rex did , put  D lineman and slow him down getting off the line , most of the passes are timing passes ,make the timing off
  14. NE Observations

    Gronk been beat the jets for years and everyone knew he was going to get the 4 and 7 ,the Jets just let him run down the field, I like to slow him down at the line, Dallas TE had a good game 
  15. NE Observations

    I like to stop the tight ends for 1 game