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  1. NO others team wants a weak arm QB
  2. He wants too much money ,the Jet offer is fair and Fitz has no other team in play
  3. It was fair deal for both sides and hope the deal is cap friendly
  4. The QB always makes the coach
  5. Let's make the playoffs first before you judge
  6. He could sign the tag and get 20 millon
  7. He must be taking advise from Revis
  8. Who Cares he got cut , you need a life
  9. Fitz is not worth the money , why over pay for a below average QB,Fitz is not going to win 10 games with the Jets schedule,the Jets will be lucky to win 8 games this season
  10. The Jets are a 6 win teams this year with Fitz or Geno , he wants too much money for a lower tear QB , you watch the last bills game o
  11. The guy not that good anyway and where is he going to go if not with the Jets
  12. Fitz is not the answer to the Jets QB problem and there is no star QB in college football this year , the first 2 QB taking this year are not top 5 QB's ,tanking does not always work look at the 76's tanking for years and still terrible.
  13. Agree with you , Decker and Revis both over paid ,it would be nice to see a Jets player do something to help get the Jets out of this cap hell
  14. Fitz not going to win the Jets a Super Bowl , lets keep drafting QB's until the get lucky and find a top 5 QB
  15. Talk is cheap , the jets have no cap money , Cut Revis or Mo there your money for Fitz , about 11 millon