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  1. No Tautog fishing in CT waters till tomorrow
  2. I have been with the largest for 30 years. While it was fun to "win" a cruise to the Bahamas from fund companies back in the 80's those days are long gone and you should know that. The backdoor stuff has gone as well except for a learning seminar done locally now and again. While I do have some clients that would rather pay me by commissions, I did less that 200k in commissions last year, the bulk is fee based. I charge from 1/2% for accounts over 15mm to 1 1/2 % for a $500,000 account. I have thousands of funds I can use and it has not been "suggested" what fund I should use in over 10 years. The new DOL rule will have everyone doing business this way soon. Also, I cant swear to this but I think the company requires these new "kids" they hire to get their CFP within 5?? of years now.
  3. Let's hear it for the play-offs!
  4. The world beater Pats have 2 wins vs. above .500 teams and one of them was us.
  5. Dont see a thread? Any discussion on the penalties being called / not called?
  6. on an iPad
  7. sure sucks don't it
  8. Does anyone know why this site JN, keep telling me I need to download an app before I can continue? Happens every 3 min.
  9. 2 tickets? Really? We spent 7 hours driving to and from the game Last Thursday, I deserve them and 4 more for some of the kids.
  10. Took 4 kids the other night. The 1st game for mine was 1993 when the oldest son was 4. Take him.
  11. $40 on stub hub
  12. if that is where SAR parks my pickup probably won't be allowed. Message me and if I can find the message I'll buy it. I do know how to pay pal but that's about it
  13. anyone have one for tomorrow? Rather pay someone on here vs stub hub. Thanks, H
  14. Ernie Adams. Go google him