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  1. Until they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.
  2. Where the **** was Bowles? Every little tick tack issue you see the jerkoff coach of the patriots having a fit. Did Bowles protest at all?
  3. ******* travesty. The refs stole this game.
  4. Is ASJ the best TE I've known as a jet? 30+ years as a fan.
  5. They need to speed things up and play with some urgency as the clock isn't their friend.
  6. http://theredzone.org/Blog-Description/EntryId/65976/Patriots-CB-Stephon-Gilmore-ruled-out-Week-6-with-concussion
  7. Time to bench Mo for the season

    Oh, ok. Popularity vote, forget his impact or lack there of during games, we're just going with high school politics. Got it.
  8. Time to bench Mo for the season

    When was he not J.A.G.? He was a steady player that was maybe above average. He was never a force when it mattered. From what I remember, and I may be wrong, he would have great games against sh*t teams and performed disappearing acts against good teams. Also one thing I have noticed is that Jets fans almost always look at their guys without any context. We're used to sh*t play so anytime a guy isn't absolute dog sh*t we want to rush to Fitzpatrick them.
  9. is it time to talk extension

    I understand, but how do games get won? Winning is probably strongly correlated with coaching up the players those other 5 or 6 days a week and in camp. Unless you have a team of vet starters development is absolutely necessary and it's why we never go anywhere. We've all noted the lack of young talent at one time or another over the last few, well seemingly forever. Having said that I understand the black and white reality of wins and losses and that being the bottom line since that's what most people see.
  10. is it time to talk extension

    I understand, I've heard it too. I've seen it also. I'm not that guy who does things because others do though. Meanwhile in hypothetical land as the owner... "Maybe this offseason I say to myself we just missed the playoffs with a young team and no one special at QB. The young players stepped up and I have reason to believe that Todd is growing as a coach and I think he could be a long or at least longer term solution." Then I may offer an extension, but not this early.
  11. is it time to talk extension

    Yes, but it's also his job to develop talent. I guess it depends on the owner and the organizational goals handed down. When I hit the first 4 billion dollar powerball lottery and buy the Jets any coach that wins a couple meaningless games by playing retread vets at the expense of developing the young talent will get fired, but that's just me.
  12. is it time to talk extension

    The lame duck year stuff is overblown. People are under contract and are expected to perform. If players stop doing their job or respecting the coach or gm those players need to go as they are not professionals and you don't find those guys often on great teams. Also, its the first half of the year. What happens when you extend them now and potentially 4 weeks later the team falls apart? There isn't a staff cap so there is no need to lock them up cheap either.
  13. HC of the NYJ on 3rd Straight Win

    You're losing me Coach B the Browns are now 0-5. It wasn't a blowout and was closer than it ever should have been. Make it four in a row after beating the Pats and that is a different story.
  14. is it time to talk extension

    Stop bogarting whatever you're smoking because I want some too. Extend? Why? Particularly with next season under contract still. Those two both need to show some tangible results first, and that doesn't mean beating bad teams over a short run or hitting on high draft picks. This platinum trophy for no reason sh*t is for losers and how bad organizations are ran. Think about the Mo Wilk extension, particularly it's value. It was a knee jerk irrational decision based on fear. Extending Mac and Bowles at this point would be no different.
  15. Finish this sentence....

    be a sign of the apocalypse.
  16. Great job Coach

    The team is playing with purpose. The young players are starting to step up. The offense is looking like it can score regularly and the defense is starting to look like it could be special with some time. Keep it up!
  17. Great job Coach

    Let's not jerk each other off just yet. Two games in a row is a good start. It needs to continue before it has any chance of breaking a bled out green sojf. Don't forget when people saw one game against buff and proclaimed fitz was the guy, that sh*t didn't last long.
  18. Great job Coach

    I agree. I think right now they are trying to set up the younger guys to come into a functional/good situation, as opposed to last year when they brought in Petty only after everything went to sh*t. Right now the oline is coming together and the wrs are getting their routes down. Once the younger guys start at qb they'll be much better off.
  19. Great job Coach

    Some people are like that (short sighted -knee jerk reactions- no context). Not everyone. So for instance the lateral fluke TD Jack had. Can't blame Bowles; it was poor execution among a lot of good execution. The first two games they were a mess (undisciplined/unaware) that I can and do hold the coach (any coach) accountable for. To Todd's credit he seems to have turned the ship around these past two weeks and I think it will continue. I want him to succeed, I like his demeanor, but that doesn't mean I look past faults either.
  20. Great job Coach

    The players on D seems to have a purpose now instead of running around blindly. It' a good start. More so they seem to have done so for two weeks in a row which I was waiting for.
  21. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    1 - I like that he isn't a media whore like Rex was. Rex was an embarrassment his act got old very very quick. 2- The team played infinitely better than it had the past two weeks better, and no it didn't happen in spite of him. It happened because he did his job. Good job Todd. I guess we get platinum trophies for doing our job now? I'm guessing you're under 30. 3- I believe what I quoted was with regard to player development. Not everything coach Bowles. 4- Just so you can feel assured and sleep well tonight. Coach Bowles did a good job preparing the team last week. Hopefully it keeps up against good teams, that means not getting blown out (I don't expect road wins against elite teams as we don't have the roster, which isn't his fault, to do that regularly). Keep it up coach. When I start seeing young players not drafted at 6 overall who were regarded as the best players in the entire draft growing (particularly on D) I'll have no problem giving Coach Bowles credit for developing players. 5- With regard to the bold section in the quote above. You did not name anyone and the thread is about Adams. I made an assumption based on the information available. Who were you talking about?
  22. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    Christ, give it a rest with the insinuations on a regular basis whenever someone questions Bowles' ability. I have no problem giving Bowles credit for moving Adams around like a chess piece for instance. I saw Adams' snap breakdown in another post which doesn't speak to development, but rather usage. Oh, by the way.... Was I wrong? Was Adams not regarded as a stud already? Was Adams a raw athlete that Bowles took in his rookie offseason and then developed into a stud in a few short weeks? I don't watch Giants games nor do I care about their team. Is there something about Bowles that prohibits you from accepting that he isn't perfect and people will comment on what they see?
  23. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    Not really. It's week 3 of his rookie season. It isn't like he's a raw athlete starting to shine in his second or third season. Adams is just a stud like everyone said. Does that really count as developing a guy?