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    Renaissance man. I can send back the wine or take out the garbage.
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    SoCal & Tokyo most of the time.. The scary parts of SE Asia part-time.
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    Family. Sports (Jets, Mets.Knicks, Rangers - how cursed can a man be?) Food. Wine. Cars. Travel.
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    Mainly a marketing guy. Part time professional trouble maker.

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    Not SB III. I knew we had that. Mine was at Shea on the usual windy day. Namath bringing the team from behind in two plays with passes to Sauer and Maynard. The first for 50 yards. The next for the TD. I cannot remember the team (hell, I have been following this team for 50+ years), but it was one of our big rivals back then and at a critical time in the AFL season. The way Joe would look right and in a split second throw a long bullet to the left side was effin' magic. .
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    No. I try to get to one game at the Hackensack Swamp and a road game every season.
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    Too many to re-visit. I let that $hit just drip off me. I noticed you left the most room for responses to this single question. Assholes.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    The one with the tight a$$.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    Very much alive and kicking. I was 16 and a Jets nut job even then. I have been a fan since Day 1.

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  1. Geno is finally wising up -- he didn't want to risk an ass whuppin' by not showing up.
  2. Need a Comeback!

    Just add "Surrender Monkey" to any random insult you throw at him, and you are set. Or, tell the joke about French tanks only having neutral and reverse gears.
  3. Those boxes are for the multiple choice question... Is Kelly a: [ ] Man [ ] Woman [ ] Pre-Op Transsexual
  4. When the oncologist - EDITED

    My thoughts are with you and your family. I fully expect you to report good news soon.
  5. Marshall is currently in the "serenity now" mode. Just give him a little time.
  6. Muhammad Wilkerson ~ ~ ~

    Yeah, I get the effect of tagging him on his net price (including a pick) to the rest of the league vs. the Jets. But shopping himself at a price/terms palatable to other teams certain can be a precursor to a trade for something other than a first round pick. His contract demands have to be part of the roadblock in getting a trade done.
  7. Marshall has that Metta World Peace kind of optimism -- blissful but crazy as a $hit house rat.
  8. Muhammad Wilkerson ~ ~ ~

    The guy is under contract and has chirped about a new deal through his agent for the past three years. According to all credible reports, the Jets have attempted to reach a long term agreement with him, but to no avail. It certainly appears that Mo values himself at a higher salary than the Jets and the rest of the league does, for that matter, based on what has transpired thus far. I do not begrudge him passing on voluntaries -- I get that and the whole risk factor. But "holding out", if it actually happens, is baseless BS. Who cares why the Jets are paying him 15.7MM in 2016? He is getting paid nonetheless. The problem lies strictly with Mo's camp and their grasp on economic reality.
  9. Prime fishing season.
  10. I have decidedly low-brow taste in entertainment. This is the one I really should have embedded -- the gold standard in "you are (are NOT) the father!" compilations. Almost as good as the "10 Sluttiest Girls" vids. Cro brings out the best in all of us.
  11. Considering his size, Marshall's strength is impressive. I hope this kid makes it.
  12. Muhammad Wilkerson ~ ~ ~

    If there is no FA market for him at his asking price, and the Jets are paying him a boatload of $$$ in 2016, what is there to hold out about? He couldn't reach an agreement with the Jets; couldn't find any other takers; and is getting paid top dollar so he has nothing to bitch about. His act has worn very thin with me. I wonder if there is anything sketchy about his leg rehab that has not come to light...
  13. Not even a Kevlar vaginal condom can stop Cro -- he is firing off hot, armor piercing loads in full-auto mode. But, yeah, he needs to get on The Maury Show. "Cro, you are NOT the father."
  14. I think this is exactly what they are thinking -- too many holes and too few early round picks to burn one on a RB in this draft. Plus, next year's draft is anticipated to be extremely strong in the RB department, with several 1st round worthy guys. I have no issues with the way we dealt with the RB positions.
  15. Archer is going to have problems fitting in with UPS. B-U-S-T with an elitist attitude. Maybe DHL is hiring.