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  • Tell us a little bit about yourself... Renaissance man. I can send back the wine or take out the garbage.
  • Where do you live? SoCal & Tokyo most of the time.. The scary parts of SE Asia part-time.
  • What are your interests? Hobbies? Family. Sports (Jets, Mets.Knicks, Rangers - how cursed can a man be?) Food. Wine. Cars. Travel.
  • What do you do for a living? Mainly a marketing guy. Part time professional trouble maker.

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory? Not SB III. I knew we had that. Mine was at Shea on the usual windy day. Namath bringing the team from behind in two plays with passes to Sauer and Maynard. The first for 50 yards. The next for the TD. I cannot remember the team (hell, I have been following this team for 50+ years), but it was one of our big rivals back then and at a critical time in the AFL season. The way Joe would look right and in a split second throw a long bullet to the left side was effin' magic. .
  • Do you have season tickets? No. I try to get to one game at the Hackensack Swamp and a road game every season.
  • What Jets memory broke your heart? Too many to re-visit. I let that $hit just drip off me. I noticed you left the most room for responses to this single question. Assholes.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew? The one with the tight a$$.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III? Very much alive and kicking. I was 16 and a Jets nut job even then. I have been a fan since Day 1.

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  1. Il Mostro added a post in a topic Bowles -I will say it   

    This qualifies as a quality post these days.  Or is it all about stream of consciousness? It is this type of venereal wart of a poster that will eventually make this once wonderful place whither and die. 
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  2. Il Mostro added a post in a topic Bowles -I will say it   

    It is the M-O-O-P-S, you dumb phuck.  And we only rolled over in the big one because Greece was so beautiful that time of year. 
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  3. Il Mostro added a post in a topic Bowles -I will say it   

    I don't come around much anymore, even as a lurker, but this post really saddens me.  My favorite 'Mercano stronzo has resorted to posting like a run of the mill JAG.  Truly sad.  And, no, I am not taking a shot at you -- I am 100% mother-friggin-serious. The new crop of posters just don't have the smarts to comprehend for your old T0mness, let alone engage in mental jousting.  No capacity for your old, rapier-smart wit so you now have to dumb it down to levels never seen before, like this vanilla post.  This place has died and ugly death.  Ciao, stronzo!
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  4. Il Mostro added a post in a topic The Problem:The Jets just aint Hungry.   

    A slimmed down, and still breathing, Rodney Dangerfield. 
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  5. Il Mostro added a post in a topic It's time for a change   

    Meowwwwww, you chicken-sh*t, candy ass, limp dick jabroni.
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  6. Il Mostro added a post in a topic Aikman efficiency ratings   

    Too many piss ants allowed in here these days.  Max should have listened to Trump and built a wall.  He went for the old rope a dope and, sadly, will regret it in the end.
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  7. Il Mostro added a post in a topic Let's be realistic...   

    Second that.  And if he cannot do it with what the Jets put out there along side of him on the DL, imagine him having to be "the man".  When it comes down to results and ability, he is at the bottom end of the "real money" list.  
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  8. Il Mostro added a post in a topic The Cleveland Browns   

    You forgot to mention he needs to start counting at -10.   Too much of the real world might hurt the little fella.
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  9. Il Mostro added a post in a topic Let's be realistic...   

    Bold prediction, stronzo.
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  10. Il Mostro added a post in a topic We Need Sheldon Richardson   

    Give him 3 months with Crusher and he will be out of the league.
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  11. Il Mostro added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall miffed no one sees him as NFL's best receiver   

    Brandon, forget about the Cal band.   Fuggedaboutit.
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  12. Il Mostro added a post in a topic Calm Down   

    Oh, it hasn't even started yet.  I recently noticed that Stoic is back (can't jinx the Mets until the playoffs start).  The Chicken Little effect will be in full force before you know it.
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  13. Il Mostro added a post in a topic It's time for a change   

    I noticed there are stars for rating threads.  How many do I give to indicate a Phucktard Thread?  
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  14. Il Mostro added a post in a topic We Need Sheldon Richardson   

    No doubt that we are better with Sheldon.  I do not know if he could have been a catalyst today -- maybe yes, maybe no. After settling down and having a few quiet moments with a very nice Scotch a few minutes ago, I have decided to write the loss off to everyone just playing slow today.  The offense, the defense and the coaches were more like Jerry's Kids than SB contenders.  First two weeks, we played fast -- flying around the field and making quick adjustments in the coaching box.  None of that today.  A lot of what happened today falls on in-game coaching. A good corner man knows how to pull his fighter together when the going gets tough.  I cut Bowles some slack since he is a rookie.
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  15. Il Mostro added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    I though the same thing -- he didn't fight for the ball, or just isn't strong enough to get possession, and didn't know when it was time to play defense.  He is probably used to being wide open from his college days.  I will give him a pass today, just because.
    I'd be interested in how many times he was targeted in the 1st half vs the 2nd half.  I looked and couldn't find the breakdown.  He certainly poses much more of a threat than Kerley, which I think should take a little pressure off Marshall's coverage.  I'd like to see him get serious burn and looks  early in the next game if Decker is a scratch.  
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