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    Renaissance man. I can send back the wine or take out the garbage.
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    SoCal & Tokyo most of the time.. The scary parts of SE Asia part-time.
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    Family. Sports (Jets, Mets.Knicks, Rangers - how cursed can a man be?) Food. Wine. Cars. Travel.
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    Semi-retired. Part time personal security consultant/ Part time tennis coach/Third world tour guide.

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    Not SB III. I knew we had that. Mine was at Shea on the usual windy day. Namath bringing the team from behind in two plays with passes to Sauer and Maynard. The first for 50 yards. The next for the TD. I cannot remember the team (hell, I have been following this team for 50+ years), but it was one of our big rivals back then and at a critical time in the AFL season. The way Joe would look right and in a split second throw a long bullet to the left side was effin' magic. .
  • Do you have season tickets?
    No. I try to get to one game at the Hackensack Swamp and a road game every season.
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    Too many to re-visit. I let that $hit just drip off me. I noticed you left the most room for responses to this single question. Assholes.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    The one with the tight a$$.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    Very much alive and kicking. I was 16 and a Jets nut job even then. I have been a fan since Day 1.

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  1. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    Same here -- DVI/HDMI to TV and optical cable to sound bar. It is simple and works perfectly.
  2. Raiders real Step 1 was to invest in building that O-line. Same approach as the Cowboys during their sucking years.
  3. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    No you don't. I was paying DirecTV almost $170.00 per month. I cancelled them (no easy feat since they keep you on the phone forever) and got the International version of Game Pass. For a flat rate of 170 Euros (you can pay through PayPal) I get access to live games and all features including Red Zone. No nickel and diming. You do need a VPN, which you should have anyway, and sign into a server in a country that offers Game Pass (I use the Netherlands). I pay less than $40.00 a year for my VPN and can use it on 5 devices You can use a computer, phone, tablet or any streaming device so long as the VPN is on that piece of hardware. I use an old MacBook Pro that I keep as mostly a music server. Works great.
  4. Man, I must have low self esteem. I already knew how bad this team is going to be this season. And, I passed on making $100+ every Sunday morning/early afternoon as a tennis coach. Spent 170 Euros for Game Pass, Red Zone, whole enchilada. I clearly have a problem. Go JETS! How far down the toilet, I have no idea.
  5. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    McCown for all four quarters. It's the Snoopy Bowl. We need that trophy!!!
  6. The best thing about this abortion of a team is I am paying to watch them every week!
  7. I am probably better off having listened to the Detroit announcers.
  8. Nice guy to have on the bench. He punches above his weight.
  9. Are you over 15 years of age? Serious question.
  10. Nice first post. You are a JN natural.
  11. I knew Teez would be ready to go from Day 1.
  12. Watch Petty look good -- our 1st team on both sides of the ball was overmatched by Detroit. Scrubs vs scrubs will be in Petty' s favor.
  13. He's going to need a long soak by the time this game is over -- not that it isn;t over already.