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    Renaissance man. I can send back the wine or take out the garbage.
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    SoCal & Tokyo most of the time.. The scary parts of SE Asia part-time.
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    Family. Sports (Jets, Mets.Knicks, Rangers - how cursed can a man be?) Food. Wine. Cars. Travel.
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    Not SB III. I knew we had that. Mine was at Shea on the usual windy day. Namath bringing the team from behind in two plays with passes to Sauer and Maynard. The first for 50 yards. The next for the TD. I cannot remember the team (hell, I have been following this team for 50+ years), but it was one of our big rivals back then and at a critical time in the AFL season. The way Joe would look right and in a split second throw a long bullet to the left side was effin' magic. .
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    No. I try to get to one game at the Hackensack Swamp and a road game every season.
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    Too many to re-visit. I let that $hit just drip off me. I noticed you left the most room for responses to this single question. Assholes.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    The one with the tight a$$.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    Very much alive and kicking. I was 16 and a Jets nut job even then. I have been a fan since Day 1.

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  1. What's going to get banned next? Running really fast?
  2. You just cannot roll the dice with #6. With coaching, Mahomes is potentially the best QB in this draft -- he has an equal chance of being a physically gifted bust. #6 pick has to step in, play and be a major contributor from day-1.
  3. Moar scrip clubs and buffets as far as the eye can see.
  4. No doubt about this being an important skill, but it's not a fall-back (no pun intended) for Mahomes. He is often too quick to break off the play and improvise. I love the guy and think he can be coached up to be a more disciplined QB. If so, it's the best of both worlds.
  5. I think you are on to something big.
  6. Mixon is a certified POS. I wouldn't piss in his mouth if his stomach was on fire and sure as hell would not draft him.
  7. Mahomes is a real natural. By far the best improvising, sandlot QB coming out in this draft. The guys ability to complete passes while off balance is impressive, although that stuff just doesn't play out in the NFL. If a team succeeds in reeling him and get his head screwed on right, without killing his natural instincts, he will be very, very good staring QB.
  8. Whoa, Nancy. What's with all the name calling? In caps, no less. Panties on a little too tight? Now you are back peddling on the Richardson part of your trade? That was the crux of your absurd trade thesis. You need to re-think the meaning of "contribution" if this is what you are bringing to the party. Che stronzo.
  9. So, just keep pulling absurd trade scenarios out of your ass? Yeah, right. GTFO.
  10. The Browns are trading ugatz to draft any of the QB's in this draft in the first round. Now if the Pats are seriously listening to offers for for Garoppolo... Otherwise, they will use them next year if they have a shot at Darnold. But for Richardson? You've got to be friggin' kidding. They are rebuilding -- not self destructing.
  11. Yep. They are going to flip him, eat the money (since they need to spend it anyway) and accumulate even more value. Effin' brilliant!
  12. The rub is he hasn't been released -- Cowboys still trying to work a trade so there's that element in addition to working out a contract.
  13. Coughlin on his J-O-B.