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  1. Where does that quote come from? Or did you make it up to get people to open this thread? He said just the opposite in his press conference, by the way.
  2. Exactly what I was thinking.
  3. Is that Barron in the draft room?
  4. Got my attention.
  5. I will be extremely disappointed if we use the 6th pick on a safety. I'd probably even rather take an RB.
  6. Those are awful numbers for a college player. Let's face it. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  7. Pete Carroll said Sanchez wasn't ready. And he was right. But I'm not sure staying in school longer would have made a difference. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  8. It was funny hearing some of the prognosticators during the draft blasting Miami for picking Marino.
  9. If it happens I'm not going to call him Mitchell, though.
  10. I am not an expert. I don't watch much college football. But I have watched the college highlight reels of Hack and Trubisky and Trubisky looks to be much more accurate, a far better runner and much more mobile and elusive in the pocket. It looks like their arms are comparable, strength-wise. Trubisky also has a much better touch on the soft stuff and screens. In theory, Hack may be better prepared right now to play in a pro-style offense against a pro-style defense but based on what I have seen Trubisky seems to have a higher upside. Don't know if he is worth the 6th pick though. That's why they get the big bucks.
  11. What if he ain't there?
  12. Sign this beast. jk
  13. I really don't get buying this crap.
  14. Can someone translate?
  15. I'll believe it when I see it. I think Romo is likely playing for leverage and doesn't want to spend a lot of time in camp and will sign with one of those teams eventually.