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  1. When you can't get a first down your defensive stats will always look terrible because they're always on the field.
  2. Spoken like the owner of the Cleveland Browns. Come in off the ledge and start talking some sense.
  3. Would be a panic move. Let's see what happens the rest of the year. But I do like Coughlin.
  4. Yes. I can blame him. He does not appear to be a good teammate. He does appear to be a prima donna.
  5. I think Bowles will start him next week but if he keeps up this kind of play it can't last for too long. Also, I like Bowles but I'm not sure as a second year coach he will have the guts to go to Petty -- more likely Geno, unfortunately.
  6. 7-9 would be a bad year for this team. Draft pick would not be high enough to get a good QB, unless some good fortune is involved.
  7. And Seattle has the early lead this season in the cheating sweepstakes this year so Belicheat won't let that go unchallenged.
  8. Sounds about right. Maybe a little high.
  9. I guess this means that the Hawks hold the early season lead in cheating over the Pats this year. The Pats will not let this stand.
  10. Sure, let's get rid of one of our best players. That will make us much better.
  11. One of the douchier thread titles ever, considering it hasn't happened.
  12. Defense plays terrible. But ... oh yeah, that's my brother ... better fire the OC.
  13. Brooks Bollinger has been retired for a while now. You've got to get over it.