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  1. That was an indisputably horrible coaching move made because McCown had just had a career year for Lovie in Chicago.
  2. He has a two to one TD to INT ratio and a career 60% completion rate. Sad as it may be, he is probably better than anyone we have on the roster.
  3. I don't know the college players, but I think he is their best option among veterans who might be available.
  4. As a former DC, Bowles should have a pretty good idea of who the best OCs are. That's why hiring a running back coach seems like such a risky idea.
  5. Just saw that Buffalo is interested.
  6. This guy may be the most proven guy available for OC but leaving Minnesota in the middle of the season raises red flags. Is there any indication that the Jets are at all interested in him and, if not, should they be? I am very concerned about hiring a guy without OC experience.
  7. Anyone know why this guy retired or quit? Seems a bit odd in the middle of a season. Otherwise, I'd be right on board.
  8. He also apparently misled our GM into thinking that Hackenberg was worth a second rounder.
  9. Great plan. He gets all the snaps in training camp. Breaks his collar bone in the first couple of games (seems likely with his injury history and our unsettled OL) and we have to throw Hack or Petty to the wolves once again.
  10. Not a Giants fan but would love to see Manning beat Brady in the Superbowl for the third time.
  11. Two words: Ster Oids. Just kidding. And yes, I know it is one word.
  12. He may be our most egregious second round pick ever. Maybe not the worst player of the group (although he turned out to be JAG, at best) but the idea that we would draft a kicker in the second round was just so abysmal that I shudder just to think of it. Kickers should be UDFAs and without checking, I would expect that most of them weren't drafted. I would like to see some stats on how many kickers (even the best of them) were drafted above the 7th round. And please don't show me a list of guys we could have drafted in his place. It will only get me depressed.
  13. Very tough for a coach not to put his immediate job security above all else. Bowles knows he has a better chance of holding onto his job is he goes 8-8 or 7-9 and he is afraid to roll the dice on Petty when he can start the guy who got him to 10-6 last year.
  14. And he can spare Fitzpatrick possible embarrassment/humiliation by pointing to the injury. Lots of reasons to do it now.