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  1. He may be a salary cap casualty.
  2. Cimini is where you blew it. He has never broken anything, except the spirit of many an impressionable Jets fan.
  3. He is not a physical guy so he would not be a good safety. He has lost a half a step and seemed to get burned an awful lot at CB. Time to move on and let the young guys play.
  4. He was going to have to make two motions for a stay of the suspension -- one in the 2d Circuit and one in the Supreme Court. He did not want to go out with three straight losses. What does remain -- the Players' Association for a Writ of Certiorari -- eventually will be denied as moot.
  5. I, for one, appreciate that the Court ruled quickly enough to make the suspension come before he retires. Now we can only hope that this gets him so pissed off that he does retire.
  6. Here is a woman who should never go anywhere near Twitter. My prediction is that she will end up shortening her husband's career because no team is going to want to have to deal with her.
  7. Just to fill you in, back on the old Jetsinsider there was an epic, funny thread that went on for at least fifty pages about Big Brother. It was started by a really goofy guy named JetsRule who used to hide in the bushes and stalk Jets players, among other things. The thread wasn't really about the show as much as it was about goofing on Jetsrule. And a guy who was on the show named Kaysar actually showed up in the thread eventually and played along. We don't seem to get those kind of epic non-football-related threads anymore.
  8. I can't get too worked up about this. Every year it seems like the Bills and Fins get much more love than we do, pre-season, and it is most often wrong.
  9. I'd say two more good ones. Father time is undefeated. The only bonus for Jets fans is that he won't accept his decline (which may be rapid) right away and will probably play at least one season at a poor level before he accepts it and retires (like Manning did). Belicheat will let him try to "work it out" because he knows nothing else. When Brady retires, it will be amazing to see how quickly Belicheat will no longer be perceived as a "genius" (if he doesn't retire too).
  10. And the Pats fans will blame Goodell for everything because their guy (Brady) could never possibly do anything wrong and even if he did he is being unfairly persecuted by the league.
  11. Pretty good for a second year coach who didn't make the playoffs.
  12. This is very good news. Could have been much worse.
  13. So are you posting from a conference room at the Texans' offices?
  14. That was Joe McKnight. But Scotty didn't pay at all, if I remember correctly. He was drafted as a favor to Sanchez because they were buddies in college (wasted 7th round pick).
  15. Is the article an affidavit? I missed that part.