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  1. Maybe it's just my crappy PC but those links aren't working very well for me.
  2. This has to be right up there with the most misleading thread titles ever.
  3. I agree to the extent that people may be getting carried away with Petty's play in the second preseason game. But there may be enough going on in camp to convince Bowles and Mac that he should surpass Geno on the depth chart. Even from this distance it appears that Geno's stock is going down while Petty's is going up.
  4. With all due respect, I think this is an overly pessimistic assessment. 1. Even with the loss of Snacks, D has improved overall with quicker LBs and more depth at DB. 2. Forte is better than Ivory (especially in this offense) and Clady looks like he will be better than Brick was the last year or two. 3. WR depth has really improved and Marshall and Decker are showing no signs of slowing down yet. Maybe not 10-6 again (with a much more difficult schedule and a lack of depth at OL) but 4-12 is extremely unlikely. And if we get off to a decent start we could compete for the division or wild card.
  5. Things have been tough since he's had to do his own deflating.
  6. Probably nothing, I'm sure. But the team explanation sounds fishy. Somehow he cut his throwing (right) thumb with a scissors. How is that even possible? Have you ever tried to use a scissors with your left hand? They say he was trying to cut something off of his cleats. Then how would he cut his right hand unless he was using his left hand to cut it? Don't they have equipment guys to do this stuff? Or are they too busy erasing their texts? Do the Pats ever tell the truth?
  7. It depends on whether he has walked into a room lately with any fertile women. Rumor is that his sperm permeates a room much in the manner of a powerful fog machine.
  8. Like the story about the ring. I have trouble relating to the signing part but different strokes for different folks and I'm glad you have fun with it.
  9. And we need to chew up clock in the fourth quarter with runs if we are fortunate enough to have a lead.
  10. Am I the only one who is a bit worried about our depth at RB? And will one of these guys emerge to fill the bruiser role? I hope the first regular season game is not Forte's first.
  11. Great attitude and dedication. I hope there is room on the roster for both him and Peake.
  12. I think he might end up on IR with a toe sprain that not one noticed.
  13. Can't make it work for some reason.
  14. He was on track to being top tier but he hurt his shoulder and hasn't been the same since. For some reason it is like the emperor's new clothes and no one is talking about it.