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  1. Hey I can make up stories too. Woody is going to be Ambassador to the UK, Jets will move to London
  2. I put a gun in my mouth before second half
  4. I just read this thread and it reminds me of someone who wants to trade you their dogsh*t bench for Antonio Brown in fantasy football. LOOOOOOL
  5. Thanks good sir
  6. The Mo and two other (if you could tell me I couldnt see) sandwich this kid like nothing I've ever seen. His body went limp like a UFC fight. Actually glad they take them out of the games in those circumstances. Sweet Jesus!
  7. This wont be like this game. Will be a tough place to play but an easier win. Our strength, the D line can finally go and get the qb instead of trying to keep Taylor in the pocket.
  8. What does Marcus Williams have to do with the D Line
  9. Came for the crying, stayed for the Rob Ryan comments. I AM DYING LMAO
  10. Exactly, Revis wil work his way into shape and these burners will still give him some trouble.
  11. Well maybe not considering surgery. We'll see
  12. I think the Ginn Jr, Goodwin style of guys are his weakness. He occasionally gives up those TDs. I don't think the rest of the top receivers nessecarily fit in that category. He can still play at a high level and compete.
  13. The fastest guys aren't always the best receivers. I have no clue what percentage. Goodwin is probably fast that say Decker for example but his isnt a better receiver.