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  1. Claim Zach Mettenberger

    I remember people wanted to give up a 2 for him.
  2. Gather your pitchforks, light your torches...

    Its like post 2 sucked the life force from post 1
  3. Andrew 'just ran outta' Luck (guess who's his new QBC)

    Bonus to making this thread: Super Schotty 5 wide gif, scared everyone and met some Schotty fans. 7/10 would do again.
  4. Andrew 'just ran outta' Luck (guess who's his new QBC)

    The back is motion, the back returns to his original spot on the line. Rinse repeat=Superbowl
  5. Andrew 'just ran outta' Luck (guess who's his new QBC)

    I thought he died too, who the hell reads PFT articles LOL.
  6. Didnt know Brian Schottenheimer is the Colts new QB coach. The Colts fired offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton last season and replaced him with Rob Chudzinski before making an offseason change at quarterbacks coach with Brian Schottenheimer taking over for Clyde Christensen. Those changes were made in order to get better results from the team’s offense than the Colts got during the 2015 season, changes that continued in the draft when the Colts drafted four offensive linemen to join a unit that didn’t do its job very well. When it comes to quarterback Andrew Luck, though, Schottenheimer says they aren’t trying to do something new. “We’re not going to change the way Andrew plays,” Schottenheimer said, via CBS4 in Indianapolis. “Andrew’s going to play the game. You’ve got to let Andrew play.” The way Luck has played over his four NFL seasons has often worked out well for the Colts, but everything hasn’t been perfect. He has turned the ball over 84 times in his career and the team has already said they want him to do more to protect himselfwhile trying to extend plays like the one that ended with a lacerated kidney last season. Those things may not call for changing the way Luck plays, but they will call for some changes to the decisions that he makes on the field. His ability to do so without losing any of the positive things he brings to the offense will have much to do with how much the other changes help the Colts in 2016.
  7. This is the Jettiest Draft of All Jet Drafts

    I like our picks, suck it.
  8. Grade the Pick: QB Christian Hackenberg

    He was really good on Grudens QB camp thingy. Ducks
  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick should ask for at least a billion dollars now.
  10. The Florida Circus continues

    Its a process, but with Laremy sitting there at 13 it was another case of us doing our due diligence and checking all the boxes. Here at the dolphins we pride our front office with an "every rock every day" philosophy when it comes to finding talent.-Mike T I made this up but I bet I can find a quote similar somewhere.
  11. The Lee pick reminds me of

    Remember all those time Darren Sproles and backs burnt us on wheel routes. Thats over as a weak spot on D
  12. Colon: Jets Unrepared for Week 17 Loss

    This makes me want to throw up all over again. Kendrell Thompkins smh
  13. Hoyer visiting the Jets today

    Man our QB situation has been a sh*t show my entire life practically. Sobs