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  1. Grade the Pick: QB Christian Hackenberg

    He was really good on Grudens QB camp thingy. Ducks
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick should ask for at least a billion dollars now.
  3. The Florida Circus continues

    Its a process, but with Laremy sitting there at 13 it was another case of us doing our due diligence and checking all the boxes. Here at the dolphins we pride our front office with an "every rock every day" philosophy when it comes to finding talent.-Mike T I made this up but I bet I can find a quote similar somewhere.
  4. The Lee pick reminds me of

    Remember all those time Darren Sproles and backs burnt us on wheel routes. Thats over as a weak spot on D
  5. Colon: Jets Unrepared for Week 17 Loss

    This makes me want to throw up all over again. Kendrell Thompkins smh
  6. Hoyer visiting the Jets today

    Man our QB situation has been a sh*t show my entire life practically. Sobs
  7. Pats release Easley

    The draft is like the one thing you cant cheat at so the Pats true colors shine.
  8. Muhammad Wilkerson Windy City Bound?

    Trade Mo for the 1st and 3rd, use the third to get Glennon. Draft bpa.......and there you go. 15mil in space open and a QB that doesnt break the bank. Doesnt get much better than that!!!!
  9. Cowboys trade?

  10. Wanna Laugh? Check this out

    Pats fans asked for a blackout and a bunch of Patriots are going to show up naked at the Police station, destroy a video camera or murder someone. #blackout
  11. Tweets From Bowles

    I love our secondary still, could have some holes with the reshuffling but still damn good.
  12. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    No, cut this man now.
  13. Wilk to the Bears??