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  1. I said to myself, first this sucks, then lets go over to Jetnation to watch everyone cannibalize each other.
  2. Dude seems sensitive wont be long now.
  3. Did we just trade for a player we drafted, this is the Jetiest sh*t ever. Blows brains out
  4. HOW DARE YOU ASSUMMMMME HER GENDER Also good to see you guys using cuck.
  5. Hillary traded a second rounder for Huma once.
  6. Sauces: no true
  7. No more butt fumbles, undraftable.
  8. They are trying to trade Pryor too. LOL good luck!
  9. Glad we didnt pick off of combine cone drills. Lol
  10. Can you imagine working your tail off and being a pro.....and all of the sudden this Costello marshmallow is asking your questions.
  11. CLO was the best, interacted on twitter a ton and knowledgeable. Basically the opposite of Manish. Brian Costello looks like he can do about 3 pushups at max.
  12. This schedule has my plums at max capacity
  13. Crazy amount of division games in the first 9
  14. Draft the tight end and this may happen. Give me all the kool aid please.