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  2. I just read this thread and it reminds me of someone who wants to trade you their dogsh*t bench for Antonio Brown in fantasy football. LOOOOOOL
  3. Thanks good sir
  4. The Mo and two other (if you could tell me I couldnt see) sandwich this kid like nothing I've ever seen. His body went limp like a UFC fight. Actually glad they take them out of the games in those circumstances. Sweet Jesus!
  5. This wont be like this game. Will be a tough place to play but an easier win. Our strength, the D line can finally go and get the qb instead of trying to keep Taylor in the pocket.
  6. What does Marcus Williams have to do with the D Line
  7. Came for the crying, stayed for the Rob Ryan comments. I AM DYING LMAO
  8. Exactly, Revis wil work his way into shape and these burners will still give him some trouble.
  9. Well maybe not considering surgery. We'll see
  10. I think the Ginn Jr, Goodwin style of guys are his weakness. He occasionally gives up those TDs. I don't think the rest of the top receivers nessecarily fit in that category. He can still play at a high level and compete.
  11. The fastest guys aren't always the best receivers. I have no clue what percentage. Goodwin is probably fast that say Decker for example but his isnt a better receiver.
  12. We will be fine, some big plays kept buffalo in it. I believe Bowles with havae us looking polished as the season goes.
  13. We won and his weakness is young pups with super speed. Let the season play out guys.
  14. Powell will work his way in, Im surprised we havent seen more screen passes to be honest. More screens, ditch the shovel. (no pun intended)