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  1. True but compared to Tyrod Taylors it will be.
  2. I'd be content to sign Glennon to a MODEST contract and let him fight it out with Petty and Hackenburg
  3. If Sanchez ate a hotdog on the sideline maybe Cutler would _______ ______ ________
  4. How many Seattle coaches does it take to gift the Pats TWO GOD DAMN SUPERBOWLEFk'nZSbv; SB ;ljl;
  5. Bring Back Lito Shepard. ::Death moan::
  6. My wife will be reading this thread when she finds my dead body.#jetslife
  7. aaaaand no
  8. Does your wife let you leave the basement or are you still making signs for the womens march?
  9. Blames white people but doesnt mention certain problematic crime statistics.
  10. Hey I can make up stories too. Woody is going to be Ambassador to the UK, Jets will move to London
  11. I put a gun in my mouth before second half
  13. I just read this thread and it reminds me of someone who wants to trade you their dogsh*t bench for Antonio Brown in fantasy football. LOOOOOOL
  14. Thanks good sir