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  1. Who has the best profile pic on JN

  2. Merry Christmas

  3. Warning don't open Dips postings-disgusting!

    Hope I don't get fired, opened at work as well 
  4. Jets pick Mo Lewis to be captain on Sunday

  5. Jets-Pats predictions

    The Jets will assert their dominance as the Alpha male team under Bowles. Jets win in a brutal fashion, the stadium is violently loud. The Pats look out of sync and Mo has his biggest game yet. Mo Lewis to Mo Wilk....... Chris Ivory has a huge game in tandem with Powell. Fitz throws for 3 and 2 from the running game. Its a bloodbath as Pats Nation is shaken to its core. Jets win BIG 38-21, Pats score some serious garbage time tds, 2 in the last 10 minutes.

    I pledge that if given the opportunity I will place fecal matter in Tom Bradys helmet #mypledge    
  7. Bilal Powell

    I love Bilal so much. Being a part of the Chris Ivory committee has helped keep those legs fressssssh. Wanna see my boy score 6 Sunday!
  8. Patriots Week

    Im so repetitive but kids first game. Cant think of anything better, he doesn't know. As a matter of fact I told him no way. Going to have some rib eyes and Jets monopoly going. Getting in there early as can be.
  9. Jets vs. Cheats Roll Call

    Goodness gracious, we gotta get that boy a dubba ya
  10. Jets vs. Cheats Roll Call

  11. Jets vs. Cheats Roll Call

    In In In, sons first game. 
  12. We lost when Powell was out of the lineup. I always am talking this guy up. He was so important, best blocking back on the team as well as out of the backfield.
  13. I bought my

    After watching the Giants lose live and after our WIN tonight Jetlife WILL BE ELECTRIC! 
  14. Chiefs or Steelers: Who slips up?

    Both, I know its not easy being Green, but lets sack up gentlemen. The Jets are going to the playoffs. It is written..............