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  1. Against the Titans probably zero to 1 sack the Texans will have against them. Why. Mariotta doesn't hold the ball that long.( K Mack had zero sacks against the Titans) as they got rid of the ball in two seconds. ( weren't going to let K Mack be a factor) . The good Qb's don't hold the football that long, the young indecisive ones get killed playing against the caliber of pass rushers the Texans have.
  2. FA Rumors / Signings / Cuts

    Nothing a franchise Qb doesn't change your outlook on everything. Guarantee all those things suddenly don't bother you as much. Hang in there.
  3. This is so silly this Crapernick thing. Sure he has a first amendment right to protest( not standing for the anthem- no ones going to throw him in jail for that. The team that employs him has the right to expect him to follow the rules( especially when it's hurting their business - NFL ratings are down bigtime due to Crapernick stunt. NFL fans have big bearing on NFL owner profits, and the salary players get.( only BSPN stupid enough to ignore what their customers want- why they eventually will be out of business. See Antonio Cromartie sitting for the National anthem, and Irsay cutting him the next day. Sure you have a right to protest, but when your messing with the owners bottom line than don't be surprised when you're shown the door. Any job you work out they have rules you must follow, the NFL should just make it mandatory that everyone stands for National anthem. End of story.
  4. FA Rumors / Signings / Cuts

    Raiders sign ex Jet Ik Enemkpail . I hope Derek Carr doesn't ever try to stiff him out of money he promises to give him.
  5. Espn model is failing bigtime because people want to watch sports , and not be bombarded with political correctness/ social justice. Keep it up and BSPN and you soon will be out of business . nfl lost a lot of viewers because of the actions of Colin Crapernick. Jerry Jones said a Cowboy player doesn't stand for the anthem, he will be an ex cowboy very soon after that.(Jerry Jones runs the NFL- most influential owner).
  6. Crapernick isn't in the league because he sucks. If Michael Sam could get to the Qb , nobody would care if he takes it in the can. He can't , and these social warriors have to try and find a victim. ( when in sports if you can play ,teams don't care who or what you are. ESPN and the rest of sports media if you're so worry about Crapernick - than offer him a job.
  7. Njc - Chargers could lose both their top two

    That's silly the Patriots are defending champions, and they are the best in the Afc till someone beats them.( can't talk your way to being the best- have to do it on the field). Do I think the Raiders can beat the Patriots ? Sure I think they match up pretty well to the Patriots, and probably one of the few Afc teams that have a chance against them. Lets see if that is the case, and yes I want both teams at full strength for that game.
  8. Njc - Chargers could lose both their top two

    Not even close for couple of reasons. The Refs don't call the blatant holds offense lineman get away with against him. ( they literally tackle him). Two for as good as K Mack is now, he still no where near the player he can eventually become.( still very raw player relies too much on his power game still ). Three can Mario Edwards stay healthy for sixteen games. With M Edwards in there he guaranteed 6-8 extra sacks.( Qb's can't step up in the pocket) . Qb's are sitting ducks . Fourth reason will the Raiders let ex Charger Dc John Pagano- Assisant head coach ( Wade Phillips disciple ) call the defense. ( did wonders for Joey Bosa) . The fact is Denver defense got a lot better when Jack Delrio left . ( Any Reid takes Delrio/ Norton defense to the shed every time)
  9. Njc - Chargers could lose both their top two

    Injuries can happen to any team at anytime. My team lost a chance last year when Derek Carr went down with injury. Why would I be happy for any team to lose anyone to injury. I want to beat a healthy New England Patriot team- to be the best , you have to beat the best.
  10. Draft picks for the season. (Wr- M Williams , RG- Forrest Lamp) What a terrible break for any team , to have to experience that.
  11. The diffrence is Harris was healthy, and Austin Howard wasn't . No one was signing him till they can check out his health.( pass a physical)
  12. There was no way Austin Howard was making the Raiders 53 man roster. The Raiders cut him now , so it's easier for him to find a team to play with for next year. Four fifths of the offense line is settled.( Donald penn holding out ) only position that is up for grabs is RT. A lot of players are competing for that job. 1. Marshall Newhouse 2. Vadal Alexander- five starts last year 3 . David Sharpe( 4th round) 4Jylan Ware( 7th rounder) 5 Denver Kirkland . Playing RT for the Raiders is easier than anywhere else as they have pure Blocking Te Lee Smith who just like having another RT to help them out.
  13. FA Rumors / Signings / Cuts

    Austin Howard is 30 years old, who still recovering from off season shoulder surgery. ( probably still a couple weeks away .
  14. Jon Gruden "preparing to coach again"

    100% correct. why would the Jets want J Gruden . The guy has never developed a young Qb in his life time as head coach.( tried to convince the Raiders to draft Johnny Manziel over Derek Carr) . I don't think you want him picking your next Qb. Gruden prefers old veterans to young players every time. He has the most boring offense around. (Plays with two Te formation about 85 % of the time). The Jets want a coach they should over pay for one of the Harbaughs . Hiring J Gruden and letting him buy the groceries would be the biggest mistake the Jets organization ever made.
  15. FA Rumors / Signings / Cuts

    Raiders cut RB/ Special team ace Taiwan Jones .