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  1. Might not be the most glamorous picks ( drafting two safeties) but the Jets still were able to get two versatile safeties that could be foundation players for their defense for years. There isn't anything wrong with that. Jets perceived the safety position a weakness, and they attacked that area in the draft With two early picks. A lot of Jet fans might not like those non sexy picks, but eventually they will come to appreciate those as pretty good moves on their part.
  2. Listen I'm not trying to tick anyone off because no one wants to lose a talented asset for anything less than what we perceive that player to be worth. This news the Jets are contacting teams about Sheldon Richardson screams desperation that they want to get this guy off there roster. ( despite what they say, they will take the best deal they get). This Jet FO has done a great job stopping the leaks , and now this news coming out for a reason. ( See Mychal Kendricks who the Eagles been trying to desperately trade.( owed a lot of money still on contract that they wanted a fifth , and will probably give him up for a seventh round.
  3. Never happen because no one giving up that much for a rental player, as there is no guarantee they will ever be able to sign him to extension. Jets wait till after the draft there price goes down , not up.
  4. Hassan Reddick
  5. Raiders are one of such teams that have that much salary cap. Do they really? Right after the draft they will be signing Derek Carr and Gabe Jackson to contract extensions. Those two will eat up most of their cap. ( r Again haven't studied all the teams salary situation, and whose coming down the pike for them they might want to re-sign. Just showing that cap space could be misleading.
  6. Again teams need money for draft, and undrafted fa's( top ones go to who gives the most cash). Also teams like to have five million in reserve- injury insurance if they lose a player. ( refresh those numbers and you see what I'm talking about). Teams can't blow all there cap money without planning for their own future players they want to re-sign,. Case in points , you think it's going to be cheap for the Cowboys to keep that offense line together. They can take on s Richardson contract , and think about signing him long term without that having an effect on their ability to keep their offense line together. Only way a team can have continued success is through the draft- can't keep everyone, and you need some cheap contracts.
  7. Kc can't even sign their drafted picks they make this week, and they are going to find 8 plus million , and give up picks for Sheldon Richardson. Raiders for a one year rental are only giving up a fifth rounder. The Raiders re-sign him they get a third rounder in 2018.( never see that third rounder as theywill never Give him a longterm deal. The Jets have to do what's in their best interest- take the best offer they can get.
  8. Ask yourself this how many teams can fit Sheldon Richardson salary into their cap. ( right there severely limits the teams he can be traded to). The Chiefs might have been a team interested, but they are going to have to make some moves to be able to sign their draft choices.
  9. That's what happen when you make everything political, when all people want to do is watch sports. Messed up a good thing, and unfortunately cost a lot of people their jobs. ( the people on top should have went first ).
  10. First I don't see the comparison of Daren Sproles 5'6 190 to the 6'0 200 Christian McCaffrey . It really doesn't matter what role Sean Payton sees for C McCaffrey in the NFL, let's see what another top 15 teams sees his role being.( all it takes is for one GM to fall in love with the player). Some teams see him as a slot receiver. Nfl offensive coordinators are looking for versatile prospects who can create huge mismatches for the opposing defenses . ( McCaffrey fills that void, and has no red flags ). Again when the Raiders pick at 24 , I expect Christian McCaffrey to be long gone.
  11. Jmo Rueben Foster won't get out of the first round. I expect the Dolphins to take him.
  12. No way McCaffrey falls out of the top 15. Offensive coordinators drool over a Player with his receiving skills- coming out of backfield. These type of players are a nightmare for defensive coordinators. The NFL is a passing league, and the more an NFL Rb can do, the more appealing that player is to NFL teams.
  13. At the combine. Probably drops to the Dolphins pick now. The Dolphins don't draft him than the Raiders will.
  14. you're correct .
  15. Jets will play Buffalo week 1 (home) and week 2 travel to Oakland to play the Raiders.