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  1. David Carr won a Super Bowl ring as a backup Qb with the Giants.
  2. No they are set up quite nicely to keep their key core players, and be around for awhile. ( they set Carr contract to be able to afford those other players.( G Jackson - expect they sign him before this season , K Mack, and Amari Cooper. Going to Vegas will help too, as with no state income taxes they can sign those players for less. Still taking home more than if they were in California. Reggie Mckenize has a very good understanding of the salary cap.( he knows exactly what he's doing there) Sure theRaiders are going to lose some talent( Like Mario Edwards contract up after 2018 season - healthy he's every bit the impact player Mack is) since Raiders will rarely be active anymore in Fa , they will get a high compensation pick. They are looking at 4 compensation picks in 2018 . ( these replenish your depth with cheap players you have for four years) That isn't counting the guys they will trade that Don't make their 53man roster. Basically keep your core, and replace the other with draft picks. ( Raiders have done excellent with late draft picks and undrafted Fa's under Mckenize.
  3. Raiders have a top notch defense? If they had average defense they would be hands down favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Raiders have a very young defense that could eventually be very good. Only real question mark seems to be at MLB. The Raiders defense will be as good as the responsibility they give Ex Chargers DC John Pagano in formulating a game plan on defense( assistant head coach) . Jack Delrio hasn't gotten it done on defense( pulling the strings for Ken Norton Jr( DC in name only).
  4. The Patriots aren't winning every game this year. They play all the teams from Afc West this year , and will have some losses.( brutal tough division ) You have a better chance of winning the lottery, than the Patriots going undefeated this year. Now you say the Patriots are the favorites to represent the Afc in the Super Bowl, I don't think anyone would disagree with that point. ( they are defending champions, and till someone knocks them off have to be the favorites).
  5. The Raiders are another team than can do just that. Now with Beastmode behind one of the physical offense lines around. You might see a lot of defenses worn down physically by the fourth quarter.
  6. It's called having a game manager at Qb. What can you do as a coach with that type of Qb. Not much, and looks worse when you need that Qb to win the game. That you can't put on Andy Reid- without a doubt the best coach in the Afc West.
  7. Andy Reid is a great head coach. Not so much as a GM. Basically is great when someone gets him the groceries, but is terrible when he does the shopping himself.
  8. Gabe Jackson will be 26 years old( same as Derek Carr next season) . Usually it isn't good business sense to pay two guards ( Osemele + Gabe Jackson) that much money . (Eventually see K Osemele moving to LT when Penn eventually retires. ( paying him LT money already) . It's much easier to fill the guard position with Denver Kirkland or Vadal Alexander .( both under Raiders control for 3 more years) . David Sharpe will be eventually RT. ( four years they have under his control.
  9. No they have enough for K Mack, and Amari Cooper. ( also helps going to Vegas eventually - no state income tax) The Raiders are going to lose some talented players down the road as you can't keep everyone.( just have to keep drafting well their replacements ). Will get 4 compensatory picks next year for the free agents they lost this year.
  10. Five year contract extension for 125 million . ( highest paid player for a week or so). Next to sign before camp starts is Rg Gabe Jackson.
  11. He isn't going to face any jail time, as this case will never make it to court. Mauldin will pay off the alleged victim, and they will drop the charges.
  12. Not if the good guys(Raiders) have a say about it. The Raiders match up pretty well to the Patriots.
  13. The Raiders might be more setup to be that power running team than any team in football. With the addition of Beastmode behind one of the most physical offense lines.( that interior part of their offenseline- Osemele, Hudson, and G Jackson probably had the most pancake blocks last year). Throw in Te Lee Smith one of the best blocking Te's in the game. They added so many more pieces to the offense this offseason . Te Jared Cook- gives them a Te to attack the seam down the middle, Cordealle Patterson - deep threat/ Decoy + quick screens( get the ball fast to one of the premier return mans with space), and Beastmode- tough to put that many defenders in the box when they have so many weapons that will hurt you if you have that many defenders near line of scrimmage.
  14. Maybe not , but both don't have the baggage Kapernick has. How many games you winning with Crapernick than with those other Qb's. Former NFL scout John Middlekauf ( big 49ers fan) , has seen every Pass Krapernick has ever thrown in the league. He says despite what the Political correct crowd say , the only reason Crapernick hasn't been signed is because he isn't that good. All you have to look at the questionable character who were signed despite numerous incidents.( Raiders signed Aldon Smith because they thought he make them a better team. You think if they thought Aldon Smith wasn't any good, they wouldn't have cut him by now.