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  1. No matter who we drafted half of this board was going to complain and act like the sky was falling just like every other year. I would have liked Lynch but I like this pick also.
  2. It definitely IS true. Enjoy your last game of the season.
  3. He had 12 sacks this year. Nobody else had more than 5. What they need to do is keep Wilk and draft an edge rusher and hope that Mauldin continues to improve.
  4. As the article says he has a lot to answer for. Bowles was awful as was his team.
  5. Yes, he did a fine job of coaching up the offense when he was here.
  6. I blame the coach because he failed to make any adjustments at all. Revis did not have a good game but Watkins is tough to cover one on one and no pass rush didn't help. If he had some help deep maybe he could have played up on the line and not give Watkins so much space. I'm not exonerating Revis but the coach has to recognize what is not working the entire game and make adjustments accordingly. I think this team was unprepared and unmotivated which is hard for me to believe being that it was their most important game in 5 years. That falls on the coach.
  7. IMO he is one of the top D lineman in the league. How could you say he is replaceable when he has over half of the teams sacks and is stellar against the run? This team doesn't get enough sacks and you want to take away their top sack guy?
  8. We don't need him? yeah right. He is the jets best defensive player. He plays the run well and had 12 of the 20 or so sacks that we had this year. He also seems to be a good guy and a leader on the defense. We absolutely need him and letting him walk would be a big mistake.
  9. The most disappointing part of this game for me is how utterly unprepared and unmotivated this team was. Bowles was overmatched by the genius Rex. No double coverage on Watkins, no pass rush, Ridley getting more touches than Ivory, no adjustments whatsoever. This team looked timid and nervous in the most important game in 5 years against a mediocre and injured Buffalo team with a crappy coach. Well done Bowles.
  10. I agree with a lot of what you say but you keep blaming Revis for his coverage on Watkins but what about Bowles giving him some help on the only Buffalo player who could hurt us. I still have no clue as to why Watkins wasn't double covered. Also, where was the pass rush? Taylor had plenty of time to throw the ball today.
  11. True. Fitz was bad today no question, but this debacle was a total team and coaching effort. Game plan was sh*t on both sides of the ball.
  12. And good luck with Rex next season. Rex is the best coach in the NFL in the last game of the year when there is nothing on the line. Unfortunately for bills fans there are those other15 games you have to worry about.
  13. Yeah, ok. They go 10-6 and you want to release and trade everybody but the Dline. This team needs a solid 3rd receiver, a pass catching TE, another RB, an outside pass rush, and an upgrade on special teams. Definitely some work to be done and I hope the GM can make it happen.
  14. Bowles deserves a lot of the blame for today's loss. There have been many games this year where I have questioned his game planning and his defensive schemes and his clock management has sucked all year. Why was Watkins given so much space? Why wasn't he double covered? The one guy who can hurt you on that offense and that's exactly what he did. What about giving Ridley more touches than Ivory? Ridley sucks. 10-6 was a good year overall but I still have some serious questions about Bowles and if he really is any good.
  15. I agree. This team came out very flat and it was very disappointing. The game plan sucked and Bowles got out coached by that buffoon Rex. I feel miserable right now.