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  1. 14 point dogs sunday

    If I had some balls I would bet a significant sum on oakland even with the 15 points. I really think the jets are going to get destroyed.
  2. Jets vs Raiders Week 2 Preview

    Gonna be a disaster. 42-3 sounds about right.
  3. Sheldon Traded

    I hate Mac but it was the right move. We weren't going to sign him anyway and they got some desperately need WR help and a 2nd.
  4. Interesting 53 from Cimini

    The only reason they win 1 or 2 games is they play bills twice and also jags and browns. I think it's unlikely they go winless.
  5. Interesting 53 from Cimini

    This could be the worst offensive roster in the history of the NFL. The defense better get a lot of rest before games.
  6. He almost resembled a NFL QB for 1 or 2 series.
  7. 5th straight 3 and out. Hack back to normal.
  8. Rate Hackenberg Preseason Week 3

    I can't believe 4 people gave him an A. I hope they were kidding or at least drunk.
  9. Rate Hackenberg Preseason Week 3

    F as in ******* disaster!!
  10. Unfortunately I'm used to rooting for teams with idiot owners. Mets, Jets, Knicks. Can the owners and FO's be any worse? What did I do to deserve this?
  11. Yes. He will never be an NFL QB. Total waste of a 2nd round pick. Fire Mac.
  12. Why? Haven't you seen enough? The kid is awful and he's hard to watch.
  13. Rock bottom

    I can't remember another good game he has had this year. Also, an argument could be made that he is responsible for this team coming out so flat against a terrible football team when they are supposed to be fighting for their football lives. His defense still stinks too.
  14. A win is a win but the defense still kinda sucked. Not much pressure and secondary allowed 340 yards to Josh McCowen. I understand they played prevent in the last series but it still wasn't a very good effort overall.
  15. I still think he is a bad coach and would not be heart broken if he was let go. I don't know who would be a good replacement so I'll leave that to the GM. Also, It's not like we fire coaches every year either. Rex was here 6 years.