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  1. Sorry about all the duplicate posts.
  2. That was a disaster yesterday but anybody who thinks there is even a chance that Fitz isn't the starter on Sunday hasn't been paying attention. Bowles is going to live and die with this guy for better or worse. I don't like Bowles but I agree that Fitz is our best option and gives this team the best chance to win this year. I'm neutral on Fitz and I hope he has a bounce back game as does the rest of the team. Geno is not the answer guys. He sucks. Geez. He got a chance to show something, anything in preseason and he was awful. He looked clueless and inaccurate as usual. Hack was downright dreadful in the 1 game he played but he's a rookie so we give him some slack. The only QB on this team that has any chance of becoming a decent long term solution is Petty but I'm not sure if he is ready for prime time.
  3. We have a franchise QB? I must have missed that.
  4. J Marshall needs to sit. He has talent but every time he touches the ball it scares me. Enunwa had a pretty good return today so give him a shot. Anderson needs to get some playing time. This kid has got good speed and hands. Lets see what he can do.
  5. And Enunwa had a pretty good return too.
  6. What about the total lack of a clue defensively. 10 days to plan and they didn't do anything to take away the things that Smith does well. Whenever he had to make a play he made it. KC toyed with the jets today on both sides of the ball. #Embarrassing.
  7. Are you related to Bowles? He has been out coached in 2 of 3 games this year and he looks clueless at times. He has some good personnel on this team that is not being used properly. He got taken to the woodshed today by Reid. The SNY guys were ripping him today and I think they might know a little more about football than you do.
  8. This game was supposed to show us that this coach and his team could take the next step. Holy sh*t!!
  9. Yup, they made a lot of sense. They don't usually get on the game planning and coaching that badly but everything they said was true. The coaching on this team really really concerns me. #Clueless
  10. Guys on SNY really ripping jets game plan on both sides of the ball and they make alot of sense. Bowles is clueless.
  11. They are 1-2 in conference and yes, a win against Seattle will help very much.
  12. One thing about this league is you never know from week to week. Jets looked putrid with 8 turnovers a week after they gained nearly 500 yards against Buffalo. The bills who were in turmoil all week kicked Arizona's ass. Next week could be a totally different story against seattle.
  13. Fitzed sucked but the play calling especially in the red zone absolutely sucked today.