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  1. I can't remember another good game he has had this year. Also, an argument could be made that he is responsible for this team coming out so flat against a terrible football team when they are supposed to be fighting for their football lives. His defense still stinks too.
  2. A win is a win but the defense still kinda sucked. Not much pressure and secondary allowed 340 yards to Josh McCowen. I understand they played prevent in the last series but it still wasn't a very good effort overall.
  3. I still think he is a bad coach and would not be heart broken if he was let go. I don't know who would be a good replacement so I'll leave that to the GM. Also, It's not like we fire coaches every year either. Rex was here 6 years.
  4. I've been on Bowles all year. I think he is a bad coach but that was a great challenge and his team has actually made some adjustments in the second half.
  5. Now, can the defense actually make a stop?
  6. It's just amazing how atrocious and unprepared this team looks once again. Remember, this is against an 0-7 browns team. I'm speechless.
  7. That journeyman quarterback plays the most important position on the field if you didn't notice. That journeyman quarterback had a pretty good season last year and has been an absolute train wreck this year and he deserves every bit of criticism he gets. You make it seem that just because he has played with a lot of teams he shouldn't be held to NFL standards when he absolutely should. He sounded like a whiny ungrateful 12 million dollar bitch in his presser. He's a smart guy and knew exactly how it was going to come across to most people. Stop making excuses for the guy.
  8. If it makes you happy he was somewhere in between just ok and pretty bad. He made 1 good throw to Anderson and wasn't put in position to turn the ball over so I guess that's a start. FYI I am happy about the win but still don't expect much from this team.
  9. That was his 1 good throw in 2.5 quarters. He still sucked.
  10. What is your problem? You are always talking up this coaching staff. They suck and 1 win isn't going to change that reality.
  11. No, he did not play well.
  12. Yes, we are alive, about as alive as a 95 year old in the ICU. We are still 2-5 with alot of problems and there is no way we make the playoffs this year but I'll take a win over a loss any day.
  13. Aside from 1 good throw to Anderson Fitz was garbage once again.