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  1. Did ya'll have a nice time playing 80's little Mafia game? Hi darling. I have a penis.
  2. Empire State Mafia: Game Thread

    Such a sh*tshow!
  3. That's what we did the year we..,,drafted DeMario Davis.
  4. Empire State Mafia Sign-Ups

    ^ I should add that my stepmother took this dog off her sister's hands because, her sister already had bought another puppy, had a couple of caged pets and her and her two daughters were out for about 8-9 hours each day and couldn't care for this dog anymore. The dog was probably 2 years old and had lived it's life in a cage in a two bedroom apartment 5 days a week. So it sounds like you got in there a lot sooner than he did.
  5. Empire State Mafia Sign-Ups

    The dog sounds cute but you are in for a lot of work trying to break a dog of separation anxiety. My father's dog has separation anxiety and never got overit. It destroys furniture, pissses all over the house, growls at everyone that comes near it,tries to cross the street to attack other dogs, and doesn't leave the top of the couch until he or his wife come home from being out. Then, it insists on sleeping in the bed which is the biggest intrusion by a pet I've ever seen my father allow. The only good thing that I can think of about this dog is that it has all the patience in the world with my toddler son and eventually the dog does warm up to people, it just takes time, patience and knowing how he goes about cooling down. These are all traits that a terrier can get away with but I don't know how desirable they would be in a pitbull. I wish you all the luck you can get, because you may not break that dog of his bad habit.
  6. 2016 Free Agency Thread

    A firecracker easily cost jpp another 2 mil a year. Expensive firecracker.
  7. 2016 Free Agency Thread

    Agreed. It's insanity.
  8. Jets Ink Forte

    Thomas Jones redux. Loving this.
  9. Jets Ink Forte

    Wow, didn't see this coming. Good pick as long as the money's right.
  10. Maccagnan - what we're going to learn about him

    You can thank Woody himself in advance for signing Revis in 2015 to a deal that the 2010 Revis deserved.
  11. 2016 Free Agency Thread

    Ivory was not on it. I then checked ESPN, and the same list pretty much showed up, with Demario Davis added in top 20 as a B+ linebacker, and Cromartie in the low 80s or early 90s. Really makes me want to puke. It's not like they're really wrong.
  12. 2016 Free Agency Thread did a top 99 FA's available and we have one guy on the list - Fitzpatrick. That's pretty horrendous that we don't have another potentially leaving our team that's top 99!
  13. Pussy Power

    I actually made the argument in the dead chat that there was a town possibility based on crushers play. However after the Lynch and the pure outrage from the cop who was licking major wounds having not considered third party on the day 1 reveal, I forgot to think it through. Lesson learned.
  14. Pussy Power

    There we go, a little appreciation goes a long way.
  15. Pussy Power

    That was a rhetorical question. It's like my game had a stroke because Ape hacked my deadline and fake claimed doc(AGAIN), the doc then soft-claimed, my cop then involuntarily shat in-thread, scum was rando'd and I forgot to tell Crusher his vest was shot off. Should those things maybe not have happened, things go differently.