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  1. Forte is only as good as our line. Macc did nothing for the line. Same old stuff. Hope they figure it out before the season
  2. I don't think it's football related. I sense that there's an overlying level of stress on him that if things go a certain direction nationally in a few months, and a wall is erected, he's got much bigger issues than the season depression of being an Upstate NY Jets fan. You'd prefer Geno? Or just rather be "right" at the expense of having a decent season? Ugh.
  3. you need to show her, in no uncertain terms, what she is missing out on. your risk of rejection just went to zero, this is the only strategy for you now.
  4. I don't have the time these days but thanks for asking.
  5. Not having a QB at this juncture is the most SOJ thing ever.
  6. Thanks for noticing me
  7. Very impressed that super stats could mathematically show that a team with a tougher schedule earlier in the year would be playing at a higher level when their opponents got easier later in the season and vice versa.
  8. I've never understood why you guys wouldn't want to be seen by receiving websites as a traffic generator.
  9. He made a few good points on the draft, his point on Furguson also very solid, but expecting Fitz to have taken a cheap one year extension was wishful thinking. They even may have tried that, the author has no idea. Statements like that throw the author's claim as an 26 year expert into total question.
  10. This. It's like, trading Mo for a beast in a position of need would've been perfect, but now the situation is just very good. Having a core of your draft picks to build around is incredibly refreshing.
  11. I think it simply says that, Macc is not going to allow himself to be swayed by externals like media and rumor and whether good or bad, he's been molded in the image of great executives and is extremely adept at navigating his role. We will see how his personnel work out, but he's definitely got the political skills to navigate Jets Landing. He has earned the right to be referred to as Lord Macc until further notice.
  12. I wouldn't even pretend to contain my adoration for Macc if we got Jeffrey.
  13. I was calling strictly for Cespedes. When management cancels a deal based on medical records, it's due to common sense, not Sabermetrics. Further...does Sabermetrics have a stat that accounts for Daniel Murphy getting three seasons of protection from one of the best hitters to ever play the game? It's going to be ugly.
  14. Except that Sandy treats it as gospel and there is no human element. I don't want to smash sandy too hard he is going through a lot