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    December 22, 1991. Raul Allegre nails two clutch field goals in Miami for a wild card berth. Great father and son memory.
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    where to begin?
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    the blonde one

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  1. People are actually going tomorrow?
  2. The only way I can be involved is modding. I don't have enough time anymore.
  3. I know that they can be difficult to keep up with.
  4. Nyn you play I'll mod just try not to whine if you lose this time.
  5. You are the one who chose to compare Geno Smith with a hall of fame quarterback, not a random meathead.
  6. Totally valid comparison.
  7. ^ living in the Upside Down
  8. They should just play a 5-2 defense. The backfield sucks, so no loss taking a guy out. we may as well get 5 maniacs on the line rushing. My highschool ran it, im sure bowles can run it.
  9. Bowles has the charisma of a cat on anesthesia. This team needs nothing short of Lombardi to rid itself of the poisonous stench of the losing culture surrounding it for a generation. Bowles is not that guy.
  10. Guys like him don't tarnish their legacy coming here.
  11. Honey badger, bitch @T0mShane @Jetsfan80 @gEYno @Integrity28 @dbatesman @Larz @The Crusher @CTM @Villain The Foe