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    December 22, 1991. Raul Allegre nails two clutch field goals in Miami for a wild card berth. Great father and son memory.
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    where to begin?
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    the blonde one

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  1. This is just more proof that God hates the Jets. We could have been one step closer to closure but no... Like seriously...did Geno Smith really need to be on that spreadsheet?
  2. KC made our defense look so slow.
  3. Were you watching this game on lsd?
  4. Andy Reid just welcomed Todd Bowles to the NFL. This was pathetic.
  5. WHY

    Why not?
  6. This is a great problem to have.
  7. Have him return punts and take snaps out of the wildcat
  8. Bills fans deserve absolutely the worst of all possible scenarios. Having been there personally I can tell you they are absolute scum.
  9. What's your excuse for being a dickhead? Father didn't love you?
  10. Yeah so I'm listening to the radio/seeing first hand and there are private professional tailgates open since 9am total sh*t show.
  11. how could I have anything less than a deep sense of gratitude knowing that I'm going to be in and out of there in under 24 hours?
  12. You should have just fought them. Wildlings don't have any training
  13. The last time I was in Buffalo was hurricane Sandy. Not sure what to make of that.
  14. Deer are the rats of the forest
  15. Ever see Game of Thrones, where The Blackfish went down fighting in a blaze of glory in his own castle? You kind of reminded me of that.