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    where to begin?
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    the blonde one

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  1. Bryan Cox!
  2. Are you observing that Quinn progressed while Bowles regressed?
  3. Isn't it scary? How many time are people going to ask what the purpose of the thread is when it's right in the first sentence?
  4. That Quinn is in the super bowl.
  5. Are you observing that as a head coach, Quinn has successfully moved past his positional bias?
  6. That Dan Quinn is now in the super bowl
  7. To the Super Bowl.
  8. Hi Krak. The last time we played together, my wife was pregnant. Now you've come back for the first time in over two years, and my wife is again pregnant. Should I be asking for a paternity test?
  9. I find that to be hard to believe.
  10. Nope...i will start reading at some point though, i'm sure.
  11. Hey guys I'm Shart and just finally checking in. Enjoy your weekend.
  12. 6 is a tough spot to be in. kinda worthless, not tradable, too important to pick a running back, maybe get a can go after a high rated position of semi-need, or you can draft sanchez and roll the dice.
  13. what the deuce is going on here.....i'll play
  14. Kaylee has some bombs.