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    where to begin?
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    the blonde one

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  1. You're doing the worst Mike and the Mad Dog impression I have ever seen.
  2. He had a net losing record. What are you trying to argue for exactly?
  3. When Romney was running for office?
  4. Just my 2c, but w hen I hear commentary in situations like that coming out of one of the sides in negotiation, I usually consider it a negotiation tactic.
  5. Just that when he threw his td, he stayed in the pocket and got blasted by a linebacker but had the cajones to make the play first and sacrifice himself...went a long way with his credibility
  6. Boomer was just saying this also
  7. "We need to have the guts to find our Tom Brady"
  8. I need a bag of what this thread is smoking
  9. @The Crusher
  10. I haven't booked yet because it's a few families all getting involved, but that's fantastic news. Also, my central air that we installed new in 2014, broke yesterday for the second time in as many years.
  11. This is exactly what "it" should be about when discussing a backup. Who is able to run the offense...who can keep them in sync on the first snap.. Not someone who the whole team is going to have no chemistry with, have to handle with kid gloves while he gets his timing down when you've played half a season and you have a shot at the playoffs if your offense could just play at an average level against the easiest second half of a season you would want. Tossing Geno anywhere under the backup slot when at least knows this offense and this group of guys for a couple years now would be a massive mistake.