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  1. We overpaid. The day after Mac took the GM job, he should have looked into his crystal ball, learned that Winters was going to show major improvement this year, and forced Winters to sign for far less than what an average veteran guard makes. F*cking Mac. Can't do anything right.
  2. I see a lot of draw plays in Jacksonville's future.
  3. At the start of Geno's senior season (especially after he put up over 60 points against Baylor), people were screaming on here that we should tank for him. The following May he was sitting there for us in the second round to ruin our lives.
  4. Remember when people used to talk about tanking for Geno Smith? Good times.
  5. When did GreenJetsandHam join JN?
  6. While at face value that sounds like a wonderful idea, what exactly makes you think Winters (or any player on their rookie deal for that matter) would be willing to sign an extension a year early? Any player worth a damn would want to have that contract year in hopes of playing a very high level to increase their value. Not to mention their agents surely would advise them against signing prior to that contract year. You make it sound so easy: Throw a cheap contract under a player's nose, and he'll sign it no questions asked. Frankly I'm surprised he signed before testing the market. He probably could have done better.
  7. If Winters had played at Notre Dame, this thread would have a very different tone to it.
  8. How much is Dee Milliner getting?
  9. If you were trapped in a room in Hell, Bruce and Billy will be playing on repeat. That's why it's called Hell.
  10. Both are terrible.
  11. In fairness to Mornhinweg, he was given Geno Smith to work with at QB, and a receiving corps made up of fringe players and street free agents. Anyone would have failed under those circumstances.