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  1. Mac on WFAN there

    Francesa seems to like the new Jets regime.
  2. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    He blocked you, didn't he?
  3. Great Draft: The future is Now

    I think it's about creating competition. Rather than putting all of their eggs in one basket (ie - a QB selected in the first round), they bring in guys who need a little work, but havelots of potential. Petty and Hackenberg both have thephysical attributes of an NFL starting QB. Letting them both develop and compete increases the chances of us finding a competent starter.
  4. Maybe, juuuuuust maybe it's because they just paid a ton of money for Osweiler?
  5. Was putting my daughter to bed, and missed the pick. HACKENBERG!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!
  6. O'Brien is picking his old QB.
  7. So do I. The pick will be Hackenberg.
  8. Potential 2nd Round Picks?

    Agreed. As much as people will complain about another defensive player being taken, you can't pass up on that kind of talent at that spot in the draft. There's a good chance Cook or Hackenberg may still be there in round 3. Or they can make a move for Glennon or Kaepernick at that point.
  9. Get yourice packs ready....
  10. Everyone thought Sheldon Richardson was a wasted pick, too. Mel Kiper didn't like the Darron Leepick, therefore no one else does.
  11. These are the same people who complained when Rex would name a kid they just drafted a starter.