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  1. Is Geno a leader?

    If by "leader" you really mean "worthless piece of sh!t," then yes, Geno is a born leader.
  2. SNY OTA's coverage. Eric Coleman on Geno Smith

    I officially agree. Officially.
  3. The Ryans Never Stop

    "Rob isn't there because of cronyism...." Ummmm, yes he is. That's the only reason he's there. That's like saying Jeff Weeks is there because he's a student of the game.
  4. Kirwan on Fitz

    You sure about that? I remember him being pretty average from a physical standpoint. The guy really knew how to win, though.
  5. Kirwan on Fitz

    A strong arm isn't required (but it helps). Several QBs with weaker arms played in, and even won Super Bowls. Off the top of my head: - Bob Griese - Jim McMahon - Brad Johnson - Drew Brees - Frank Tarkenton - Joe Montana Peyton never had a great arm, either. I'm sure I'm missing a few more.
  6. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    You prefer a QB who attends a sh*tshow instead of team meetings.
  7. And yet, that's more than the amount of teammates who ran to defend Geno after IK broke his face.
  8. BTW this whole thing just shows you the respect a QB commands. Fitz has teammates skipping practice in protest of him not being re-signed. Geno gets his face rearranged by a teammate's fist.
  9. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    At least he can say "I told you so." Geno can't open his mouth because his jaw is wired shut from being clocked by teammates.
  10. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    No. Does he point at linebackers?
  11. It's sad, isn't it? Devoting so much of your time to putting others down based on a sports team that they like. Such a waste of life.
  12. So Antonio Brown is going to complain because his starting QB got hurt while playing football, and he was stuck playing with a backup? FWIW our receivers were in that scenario last Summer when Geno antagonized IK into breaking his face. Marshall and Decker didn't complain. Either they were happy Geno was injured (which would be an indictment of Geno), or they were being the pros you're trying to say they're not, and made it work with Fitz. Also can you name the backup QB in Atlanta without using Google? I can't. I bet Julio Jones can't either. That's why he isn't complaining about Matt Ryan.
  13. 4 of those receivers play with Hall of Fame quarterbacks. Good analogy.
  14. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    Geno once threw picks on 3 consecutive drives. Maybe when he's pointing at linebackers, he's telling everyone who he's about to throw to.