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  1. Take a QB in the first round every year until you get one. No other position matters, so why waste your top pick on them?
  2. F*ck this guy. Seriously. F*ck him. F*ck him, f*ck his mother, and f*ck his uncle. But especially, f*ck him.
  3. Maybe (hopefully) they're scouting Conley in case he falls to them in the second round. I really want no part of Lattimore or Hooker. We can't afford to Idzik that #6 selection.
  4. So many jokes to make in this thread, so little time....
  5. And that's when the owner needs to step in and do what's best for the team, and give the coach an ultimatum. Let the kids play, or park your ass on your couch and watch the games on TV. If the old guy sees the field, then start updating your LinkedIn profile. That would be the one scenario where I'd have no problem with Woody meddling. Keeping the coach until January becomes counterproductive at that point.
  6. I honestly don't think he's going to start. I think we're either drafting a QB with #6 and starting that kid, or they like Hackenberg more than they've let on.
  7. Exactly. Daniel can come in and compete for the job with Hack and Petty. If any of them emerges as the clear-cut starter, then the Jets have a QB to build around. If none of them do, the Jets will have a very high draft pick next year. Of all the veteran options, Daniel makes the most sense.
  8. Agreed. He still ended up having a nice career in Kansas City.
  9. I agree that's more likely what he'll be.
  10. The best you could hope for with this guy is that he ends up being another Trent Green. Green was a backup in the league for a long time until an injury to the starter gave him his chance. Wishful thinking, I know. I'd rather just go with our young QBs at this point. But if they're going to bring in a veteran to start, I'd rather it be a guy with some potential like this over retreads like Josh McCown or Cutler.
  11. McCown is married with kids, and a devout Christian. I doubt he is interested in the nightlife in NYC. More likely they discussed what his role would be on the team, mentoring the young pups.
  12. BTW, I am overjoyed that Geno Smith will not be a part of this team next year. As if I needed another reason to drink today.
  13. Exactly. The team already has position coaches to teach these kids how to play the game. They don't need to waste a spot on the roster on an extra one.