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  1. Every once in a while, SAR posts something that makes me want to hug him. This is one of those times (no homo).
  2. The last two games, despite better weaponz and a better offensive coordinator, we got the same old Geno Smith. Maybe Rex ruined him, or maybe he was destined to suck no matter what. Either way, I've had enough of him. With Petty showing promise, and Hack missing out on valuable reps because there aren't enough to go around, keeping Geno serves no positive purpose for this team. If that makes me a hater, so be it.
  3. I honestly don't understand why any GM wastes their time with former Pats RBs. Without the Brady passing threat and O-Linemen being allowed to hold, these guys ALL suck.
  4. I don't think Geno's going to need anyone's help getting cut. He's seeing to it on his own.
  5. Hopefully 2, probably 1.
  6. Hopefully his last one, ever.
  7. If Jalin Marshall has another game against the Giants like the one he had last Friday, he isn't going to make the team.
  8. We don't know. What we do know is that Geno can't.
  9. Mods, please ban the OP for being a cock-tease with this thread title.
  10. It's time to dump Geno. Let Hackenberg get some reps.
  11. If Petty turns into a star QB for the Jets, no one will ever remember the Hackenberg pick. It'll be a popular trivia question.
  12. There's no demoting Geno. Either he's the backup, or he's cut.
  13. I agree with the OP. If Geno was playing well, and Petty was not, Hack would be getting playing time with the threes. But Petty is on the verge of ending Geno's tenure with the Jets.
  14. Geno Smith Jace Amaro Dee Milliner
  15. When Bowles says that Geno is number two, he isn't talking about the depth chart.