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  1. This one hurts.
  2. Can Lattimore cover receivers? If not, then he should be the pick.
  3. Compile comp picks and then use them on this year's version of Jalen Saunders, Shaq Evans, and Jeremiah George.
  4. That would make it two or three more things worth a sh*t than Idzik ever did.
  5. In before dbutt regurgitates his joke about trading it for a player who is about to hit free agency......
  6. So what is the cap number at now?
  7. Another Idzik Disasterâ„¢
  8. People (including reporters) keep saying that Glennon is going to get an Osweiler type of ridiculous deal. I honestly don't see it happening. Glennon hasn't started game in several years, and there are a lot of QBs that can be had via free agency or a trade. Glennon may come cheaper than people think.
  9. Glennon is the only free agent I want. Otherwise go with Hack or Petty.
  10. You pretty much summarized the thread.
  11. Revis is going to hold out for a better plea deal.
  12. Injuries have ruined this guy. Pass.
  13. Mccarron and a 4th, and I'm good with this. He still has a year left on his rookie deal, so you're basically giving him a year to prove himself before paying him big bucks. And as I mentioned earlier, I'm a Glennon fan. I'd be happy to have him on the team. But I understand the argument against paying him a sh!tload of money when he has yet to prove that he's a guy you build around. Trading for Mccarron is less risky.