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  1. If anyone saw the video of that Stump Mitchell interview, the dude's a total hardass, similar to Westhoff. The kind of coach fans love.
  2. No offense to you win4ever, but if people spent as much time researching and analyzing the politicians they vote for as they do their favorite football team's draft picks, maybe we'd elect better people to run our country. Again, not knocking anyone personally. Just an observation.
  3. Actually I want the players to be saying this. Good for Sheldon.
  4. More than anything, this is why the league needs some sort of a farm system.
  5. Horrible. So sorry, friend.
  6. The problem is you're discounting the fact that the QB position has a greater weighted value than anything else. The safety can be a once in a generation player at his position. A QB prospect that's considered above average, or good, has a higher value. You can survive as a team without a good safety. You're dead in the water without a QB. This is why teams reach in the first round for QBs every year. It's the reason why a team trades up for the second overall pick to select Mitch Trubisky while Jamal Adams falls into our lap at #6. Adams is a better prospect at his position than Trubisky is at his. But the position Trubisky plays is so much more important that he's more valuable.
  7. QB always trumps safety when you don't currently have one. It doesn't matter if Adams is the next Ronnie Lott, the team is stuck in neutral until they have a QB. Regardless of what they think of Hack (and I sure hope he ends up being the guy), but until you know for sure that you have a QB, finding one is the ONLY priority. Nothing else matters. They could have taken Watson, and still could pick one next year. Despite all of its flaws, the one good thing about the current CBA is that you can now afford to keep picking QBs every year. Having a first round bust QB isn't the 5+ year purgatory sentence it used to be.
  8. I have no problem with Hackenberg. I was actually one of the few who liked him prior to the draft last year, and was happy when we took him. But still, you don't have a QB until you KNOW that you have one. And if you don't know that you have one, then QB should be THE priority in the draft until you find one. The NFL's current brand of football is no longer the quintessential team sport. Safeties, corners, D-Linemen, RBs, etc are all nice to have. But without a QB in this league, you have no chance to succeed. Jamal Adams may turn into a great player. But without a QB picking him was a waste of valuable draft capital. To quote another poster on here who put it perfectly after we selected Adams: "Before the first round, we were a team that can't score. Now we're a team that can't score, with a safety."
  9. Word out of Houston is Deshaun Watson looks good. So glad we passed on him for a safety...
  10. This might be my favorite thread, ever.