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  1. Freddie Bishop (OLB) Signed

    Good speed. 
  2. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Losing is worth that risk though. Without a QB, the Jets will never be a good football team, no matter who is on the DLine. 
  3. No way do I take on that contract that SanFran gave him. It would keep us from keeping some of our top talent elsewhere.  If Kaep didn't work out you basically set the franchise back for years. The only way I'd take a chance on him is if he were a free agent, and they could sign him to a modest contract.  Otherwise let someone else take that risk.
  4. Except Kaep isn't a potentially great QB. He's a gimmick player that everyone has figured out how to stop.
  5. Any time you read a rumor that comes from Manish, you can just chalk it up as bullsh*t.
  6. I guess Manish needed to generate hits to his employer's website today. This article is pure b.s.
  7. Which HC decision was worse?

    I hate saying it, but I can't argue with anything you've said. I completely agree.
  8. NFL announces Super Bowl 50 Golden Team

    Quite a bit of Steeler bias in that lineup. EDIT - Stupid me, picking non-SB winners at some spots. How is Vince Lombardi not the coach?
  9. Which HC decision was worse?

    I actually agree with you.  As bummed as I've been that we didn't get into the playoffs, I've realized that the reason I've been so bummed is because this team was fun to watch. We had a competent offense for the first time since forever, and it made this season very enjoyable. With Maccagnan, Bowles, and the pieces we have in place, I am genuinely excited for next season.  It's been a while since I've felt this way about this team.
  10. Weigh In On D'Brick D'Bate

    Ask him to take a pay cut. If he agrees, you keep him. If not, let him go. He's not worth what they're paying him right now. 
  11. Same here. Didn't watch a second of the playoffs. 
  12. F*cking Joe McKnight.  Tannenbaum could never admit that he screwed up with a draft pick, and cut them in favor of a better player.
  13. RIP Andrew Luck (he's not dead)

    His last name had a little something to do with it, I'm sure.