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  1. Come on man. Other than last year, Winters has been pretty bad. They're banking on him building off of his strong season last year. If you want to go after Mac for taking that risk, fine. You'd have a fair argument to make. But complaining that Mac should have somehow known in 2015 (after sucking for three years) that he'd suddenly turn a corner in 2016 is absurd. There's plenty of valid things to go after Mac for without resorting to this kind of nonsense. And sorry friend, but Pryor is a terrible DB. I guess you could argue that he's ok as a box safety, but a first round pick should be better than just ok. To be honest, I think he's better-suited as a LB the same way Mark Barron ultimately was.
  2. If you look at the season as a whole, then yes you are correct. He was injured for a good part of the season. But he was also big part of the team's rally late that year, which is a big reason why they brought him back. Talk about bullsh*t.... Winters wasn't a full-time starter until last year, but he still had a lot of starts under his belt and was dogsh*t for the most part. They likely weren't planning to keep him beyond last season (the final year of his rookie deal), but changed their minds because he improved. You try to sign guys earlier if they show you something early on, and you want to keep them beyond their rookie deal. Winters largely sucked until last year. No one expected him to improve as much as he did. Should they sign Calvin Pryor to a new deal now? I'm sure he'll come cheaper than he will later on if plays well in 2017. Mac and his crystal ball should know this ahead of time, amirite? If you want to criticize them for anything with regards to Winters, it's that they took a risk by signing a guy who sucked until his contract year. Outside of that, you're simply being ridiculous.
  3. You're saying this with the benefit of hindsight. Powell was serviceable at best prior to 2015. He was signed to a one year deal in 2015 mainly for depth. He became a spark plug for the offense (seemingly out of nowhere) late in the season, which is why they re-signed him last year. Winters wasn't even a full-time starter in 2015. He was a backup until Willie Colon went down for the year a few weeks into the season. And even then, he was kind of mediocre that year. He played much better this past season, prior to getting injured. There's plenty to criticize Mac for. He really lost me with the back-to-back safeties in the draft. But unless he could magically see into the future and know that Powell and Winters would improve greatly, your criticism of these contracts is simply you b!tching for the sake of b!tching.
  4. You're right. Better we sign him to a long term deal. Then if/when he sucks, we're stuck with his bloated contract.
  5. It all depends on the QB. If they exceed expectations with Mccown starting, then the season is an utter failure. If they do it with Hackenberg or Petty starting, then the season is a success.
  6. I legit LOL'd at this.
  7. Just imagine the third safety we could have had....
  8. This. I loved the all-white, with the white shoes and face mask uni that they wore in week 2 last season. Very sharp.
  9. We get our safeties from the SEC, and our QBs from the Spring League. Priorities.
  11. What can I say? You're known for your stances.
  12. Better than a saltine ball bathing in chicken broth.
  13. OK now you're making stuff up to justify your stance on taking two safeties. Despite his awful mechanics and daredevil plays, Mahomes is very accurate.
  14. On offense we do. That's why we needed two safeties.
  15. When was the last time a USC QB turned out to be a good pro?