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  1. No way! I'd be all over that deal. That said, don't hold your breath waiting for such an offer. A 2nd is unlikely.
  2. I'd be fine with a competition in training camp between Hack, Petty, and Glennon.
  3. What would the Jets get in compensation?
  4. It helped that there was a can't miss QB prospect coming out that year. Who is that guy this year?
  5. Of course it could be. But there's the way it ought to be, and then there's the way it is.
  6. I don't imply that at all. Promoting Tannenbaum was a popular move at the time. Bradway was seen as a poor negotiator, but a good scout. Tanny was the young hot shot who created the poison pill that got us Curtis Martin. He did pretty well his first couple of seasons with Mangini. Then he bought into Rex's brash stupidity, and it all went downhill. Idzik's reign of error was 100% on Woody. He should have fired Rex when he fired Tannenbaum (he bought into Rex's tough guy routine also). Having the head coaching position vacant would have attracted better front office talent.
  7. Apples an oranges. Brain surgery is a life and death situation. Owning a football team is a lucrative hobby for these guys. The owners will add their opinion whenever they want. We don't have to like it, but it's the truth. I like your suggestion of hiring Coughlin as a front office guy, though.
  8. He did hire a football-minded GM. Mac was hired on Charley Casserly's recommendation, while Bowles was hired on Ron Wolf's approval. There are two problems with the team at the moment: 1) They lack talent in a lot of key spots because the previous two GMs drafted very poorly 2) They have an impatient fanbase. Everyone wants to hire the hot coordinator du jour, who has never been a head coach at any level, and then they wonder why he makes mistakes.
  9. How is he losing money? The Jets are one of the most valuable teams in the NFL. Woody paid $600 million when he bought the team, and it's currently valued at $2.75 billion. He has no reason to change.
  10. He owns the team. He can do whatever he wants, regardless of what any of us think. If any of us were in his position we'd be adding our $0.02 on every personnel decision as well.
  11. For once we agree.
  12. At this point I'd make both of those trades. It's not happening though.
  13. Double post
  14. Umm, Pryor kind of sucks.