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  1. No one is saying that Idzik's ineptitude somehow vindicates Tannenbaum in any way. Tanny started out great in with his first two drafts, and each subsequent one took a dump. 2010 was a complete disaster. But there are actually people here who think Idzik's drafts were all Rex's doing, and he should have been retained. Both had to go after the 2014 debacle. If Idzik had been given more time, he'd have made Matt Millen look like Ron Wolf.
  2. ^thinks Idzik should have stayed so he could hire Darrell Bevell.
  3. Discounting him passing on Bridgewater (and it's pretty unforgivable if you ask me), receiver was a much bigger need than safety. And there were good ones available at that pick. But even ignoring that, and accepting the Pryor pick as a successful choice, that's two good players out of 13 picks in one of the most talent-rich drafts in recent memory. Any way you look at it, this was a terrible job by Idzik.
  4. I like 'em big, dark, salty, and plentiful. Idzik's were small, light, bland, and sparse.
  5. Let's see: 2013 Milliner - Colossal bust. Not quite Vernon Gholston, but pretty close. Sheldon - good player, dumb as a box of rocks. One more run-in with the law and he'll be suspended for a year. Still was a good pick. Geno Smith - Utter dogsh*t Winters - Finally playing well. Oday Aboushi - Bust Will Campbell - Bust Tommy Bohanon - Meh Summary: One very good player, one solid player. Other than that a pretty bad draft. 2014 Pryor - Good player. But considering we passed on Teddy Bridgewater, this is a fail. Good QB >>> Good Safety Amaro - Major Bust. Could have used this pick to move up for Derek Carr. McDougal - Bust Saunders - Major bust Evans - Bust Dozier - Still on the team, but he sucks. Bust George - Bust Dixon - Bust Enunwa - Developing into a good player IK - Bust as a player, but saved our season last year. Boyd -Any time you allow Rex to influence your pick you fail. Bust Reilly - Meh Summary: Two good players, but one was chosen over a potential franchise QB, so that's a major failure. Another good QB was skipped over in favor of a tight end who couldn't catch or block. 13 picks, two good players. Two good QBs skipped over. This draft will haunt us for years. were saying about all of his fair share of nuts?????????
  6. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
  7. When Mac took the job, the starting receivers were Eric Decker, and a bunch of nobodies. Enunwa was on the practice squad. The secondary was completely devoid of talent, and the QB situation was even worse than it is now, as hard as that is to believe. Another thing to note: the team had zero depth at pretty much every position except the D-Line. Overall he's done a good job. Again, you can criticize his handling of the QB position, but at least Petty looks sort of promising. He reportedly attempted to move up for Carson Wentz. When that didn't materialize, he decided to pass on a QB in the first round. I personally wasn't impressed with Paxton Lynch, so I'm not upset about Mac passing on him. He took a chance on Hack in the second round, but doing so left the door open on taking another QB early in next year's draft. If he took Lynch that option goes away.
  8. **** it, I'll list them out. Milliner, G Smith, Aboushi, W Campbell, Amaro, Saunders, Evans, Dozier, George, Dixon, Enempkpali, Boyd, Reilly (Michael Vick, Percy Harvin, David Nelson) And the Pryor pick is a fail. We could have had Teddy Bridgewater. Good QB >>>>>>>>>>> Good Safety We also had the chips to trade up for Derek Carr, another good QB. But Idzik was content with Geno Smith. There's no defending that scarecrow-looking bucket of jizz. He set this franchise back for years.
  9. List his misses. I'll wait, because it's going to take you a while to type them all.
  10. Everyone forgets that CBA rules forced the Jets to spend big in 2015 because Idzik sat on all of the cap space they had in 2014. People don't realize the scope of the damage that motherfcker inflicted on this franchise. Mac had no choice but to spend. You can get on him for his handling of the QB situation, but you can't get on him for overpaying free agents last year.
  11. No. That's impossible.
  12. Yes it is. Geno Smith has sucked in every way since the day he was drafted. D!ck pics, missing team meetings, and stiffing teammates he owed money to and then being a smug prick about it to their face. Fitz may be hot garbage, but Geno is the brownish-yellow liquid at the bottom of the trash can. The only option other than Fitz is Bryce Petty.
  13. LOL this is brilliant.
  14. If only Ted Bundy had moved from Seattle to Utah, Colorado, or Florida. The change of scenery might have done him some good.