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  1. Right. Nobody was debating whether Ryan Leaf was better than Peyton Manning. Tim Couch wasn't selected over Donovan McNabb. Matt Leinart wasn't speculated to be the #1 overall pick had he come out as a junior in 2005. There's plenty of guess work, even with the #1 pick. There's plenty of room to screw up.
  2. - Kirk Cousins - Russell Wilson - Derek Carr - Jimmy Garoppolo - Dak Prescott - Deshaun Watson - Patrick Mahomes We were in position to draft all of these guys. Instead we passed on them. The problem isn't where we pick. It's who we pick. The notion that we need the #1 pick to find a QB is a myth.
  3. My wife's best friend is a travel nurse, who recently did a stint in Seattle. She said their MLS team is very popular over there. The league (and the sport's popularity) is growing. But I think people are dismissing it because the growth isn't happening at an exponential rate. It's coming along gradually. In a generation's time, soccer is going to be big in this country.
  4. You're right. They have been saying it for a long time. But it is happening. It isn't huge yet, but the sport has been steadily growing in popularity. And as another poster said, more and more kids are playing soccer from a young age, so the fan base will continue to grow.
  5. NFL may scrap moves to LA

    While I don't disagree with anything you said, I think the problem is much larger than this. It's a combination of things: - Oversaturation. Sunday, Monday, and Thursday games. It's too much. - The product just isn't that good. They made the league very QB-centric at a time when the college game has progressively gotten worse at making college QBs pro-ready. - Finally, the league has a lot of unlikable people. The owners are extremely greedy, and the commissioner is corrupt. You have Tom Brady flailing his arms like a bitch every time a defender exhales near him. Receivers are screaming for penalty flags whenever they don't catch a pass. Guys like Odell Beckharm are flat-out ashholes. And finally you have the guys kneeling during the national anthem. The league is essentially a cesspool, and people are turned off because of it.
  6. NFL may scrap moves to LA

    The league is dying a slow death. Goodell and his greedy bosses are destroying it.
  7. That's right. One has size, the other doesn't. Terrible comparison.
  8. I'm confident that he'll be pancaked a few times this Sunday.
  9. If it really is his team now, then he's going to want to make a bold move to make his mark. I agree with you.
  10. Jimmy Garoppollo

    Don't count out Mason Rudolph either. It's early in the season, but the guy looks legit.
  11. I'm with you. I'm not as impressed with him as others seem to be.
  12. Giants look like they're tanking lol

    I can already tell you how this is going to play out: - Sam Darnold will blow out his shoulder some time in the next couple of weeks. - Going into the final week of the season, we will be neck and neck with the Giants for the #1 pick. If we lose we get the pick. - The Giants will lose their final game. We will win, resulting in us dropping to the 4th pick behind the Giants, San Francisco, and Cleveland respectively. - Josh Rosen, Mason Rudolph, and Lamar Jackson will be selected with the first 3 picks. - Because of his shoulder injury, Sam Darnold will fall to the 32nd pick, where New England will take him. He will go on to play there for 15 years and win multiple Super Bowls. - With the 4th pick in the draft, the Jets will take a DB from the SEC with a mediocre 40 time, but tons of leadership qualities.
  13. He may be the interim HC by Thanksgiving.
  14. I think there's a very good chance that Bowles doesn't make it through the entire season. Morton may be given a shot. Bowles' defense, which is littered with first round draft picks, is being outperformed by Morton's offense, which is made up of nobodies.
  15. The good news is Jamal Adams is calling the Raiders' plays at the line every time before they shove the ball up our asses.
  16. I'm sure Sam Darnold is just dying to come play on this team.
  17. Mac's a genius for letting all of these great defensive players fall into his lap.
  18. Predict our next coach

    Yet another overhyped defensive coordinator with no experience as a head coach.
  19. Just to be spiteful, I'd tank next year too if this is true.