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  1. When exactly did I vote you dice, or am I reading what you wrote wrong?
  2. I hate everyone. Except my side chick JiF <3 u boo.
  3. Town Krak - towniest town so far Zander - yeah, sure JC - woo magic 8 ball! Spoot - beaver 80 - no dick waving yet Shad - you can live in a town house, for now *watching you* Crusher - hoping the effort is genuine Pral - reads 'n sh*t Royal Court of WTF Leelou - queen TurdGOAT - king raccoon - royal pet Nolder - butler Lizard - jester Chrja - pantler AJ - lady in waiting dice - knight Scummy bastards Pac - you're playing? Hallia - you're playing? JiF - you're playing?
  4. It is a majestic af unicorn!
  5. Is there a way to put on a filter when people say "wolf"/"wolfy"/"wolves" it would filter to "scum" and "villa"/"village" would filter to "town"?
  6. Say it with me "SCUM are not WOLVES" Wolves are majestic animals. Scum are dirty mafia.
  7. WTF is a wolf?!? Maybe a hot shower will help.
  8. Yeah...sorry...not sorry
  9. You didn't know I am a Bostonian?
  10. I pretty much troll every game now. And I might get lynched for this... GO PATS!
  11. felt like getting a Pac vote in there, for good measure.
  12. unvote, vote Pac unvote, vote chihuahua