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  1. Nol - Moving along at a good pace, questions all feel right. Town lean Crushlove - I want to believe he is town 80 - has spent way too much time on the Champions site. Scum lean due to brashness Hess - Hess can be town. For now. Wesssss - Already voted for him once, could vote again. All votes seem to be reactionary. Nothing coming from him actually hunting Ape - reserving judgement until D2 Smash - Seems comfortable and posting, townie vibes Honey - On vacation - null. Hon, when you get a chance, look at things going on in the game not mentioning you. Like Ballin or 80. Nyn - not really enough game content yet. Null Ballin - Parked his vote on JC. Meh. Moved to Hess when Hess was in the lead and made him L-3. Not sure if not enough experience in the game or scummy. Could vote here JC - What does the magic 8 ball tell you? Willing to vote 80, Wessssssss, and Ballin today. unvote, vote 80
  2. "Early this week". Okay so I'll try to fully catch up and have reads before leaving the house in the morning.
  3. I should, but I won't lie. I have only skimmed today. I'm waiting on the ad situation to be fixed on mobile, which I think Max said was today. I'll have to check my message. Long story short, I've been getting an annoying ad that keeps directing me away from the page so I've only read in short spurts. Deadline is in the morning?
  4. 1. Robert Downey Jr 2. Chris Pine 3. Chris Pratt
  5. Unvote, Vote Hess
  6. I have all of my grandfather's medals, his army knife, and a Japanese flag he took from Pearl Harbor.
  7. Alright. Today may or may not be interesting at work. You?
  8. My grandfather that survived Pearl Harbor spoke about it.
  9. I graduated in 2000, and people were wearing baggy pants and wallet chains when I was in school. We had a lot of dorks, jocks, and goths.
  10. 82 is not late 80s.
  11. Someone recently tried to tell me I was a Millennial. :/