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  1. I just don't think I have it in me to play mafia anymore.
  2. Lol! I so got lynched D1.
  3. There is one in Athens. Decent little spot.
  4. It's AVM's birthday today.
  5. Can I MK everyone now???
  6. Where are you going?
  7. Vote Hess
  8. 80's your lover, not mine.
  9. Hi boys. And Nyn <3
  10. Second version is WAAAAAY better
  11. I think I'm addicted to my phone. I sent/received 1792 text messages last month, and that is not including iMessages or fb messenger, so you could easily double/triple that number. I think I might need to turn it off from time to time.
  12. Hi Puddin'! you
  13. Did you touch yourself?