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  1. Looks like there will be a blizzard this week.
  2. I really don't have time. I might be able to gauge time after I get this massive list I've been working on for work done this week, but dunno.
  3. I'm going to give him another shower soon and take up drinking.
  4. Any advice for getting rid of skunk smell? My dog got sprayed a couple days ago, and I've been washing him down with the skunk scent remover stuff, but he still smells some.
  5. I can't play anymore. I'm too busy at work, I don't have any time to log in or read a page before I have to focus on a new project. At night, I don't want to waste all my time trying to catch up in a game.
  6. We need you. <3
  7. When exactly did I vote you dice, or am I reading what you wrote wrong?
  8. I hate everyone. Except my side chick JiF <3 u boo.
  9. Town Krak - towniest town so far Zander - yeah, sure JC - woo magic 8 ball! Spoot - beaver 80 - no dick waving yet Shad - you can live in a town house, for now *watching you* Crusher - hoping the effort is genuine Pral - reads 'n sh*t Royal Court of WTF Leelou - queen TurdGOAT - king raccoon - royal pet Nolder - butler Lizard - jester Chrja - pantler AJ - lady in waiting dice - knight Scummy bastards Pac - you're playing? Hallia - you're playing? JiF - you're playing?
  10. It is a majestic af unicorn!
  11. /death glares
  12. Is there a way to put on a filter when people say "wolf"/"wolfy"/"wolves" it would filter to "scum" and "villa"/"village" would filter to "town"?