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  1. How often do you wash your bed sheets?

    My friends cousin had a similar thing happen once. I don't know how it came up but we were all sitting around outside and someone mentioned how dirty he always was and then someone else said to his ex girlfriend I can't believe you sleep in his bed. And she's like what why what's wrong with the bed? And we were all like have you never looked at those sheets they're all greyed and yellowed. And she was like wait the color of the sheets isn't a cream color? NOPE they were supposed to be pure white sheets but because he's literally never washed them the entire sheet seemed to be some kind of cream color from the dirt and sweat. Needless to say she was horrified. I believe she's marrying some other guy in a couple weeks come to think of it. Edit: To be clear, they'd been going out for like 2 or 3 years. The entire time he'd never washed his sheets which is also why she was horrified when it dawned on her how long she'd been sleeping in his filth.
  2. How often do you wash your bed sheets?

    I didn't even imagine someone would clean their sheets more often than every 7 days.
  3. How often do you wash your bed sheets?

    LOL! I just want to know how often is normal to wash bedsheets. IS THAT SO WRONG OF ME!?
  4. It is required that I enter a message in this field.
  5. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Yeah ok I thought I recognized that name. lol!
  6. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Isn't he a murderer or something??
  7. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Hey guys I'm easing my way back into mafia by modding a game on DM. The theme is the Disney movie Frozen. I know most of you don't want to play there but if anyone is just itching for a game it's in sign ups now.
  8. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    It's all good, like I said probably for the best. I wouldn't have been able to say no but in all honesty I don't think I'd have had time for the game anyway. I do expect to try easing myself back into mafia in 2-4 months so maybe I'll be able to catch a game before football season starts. When is that anyway?
  9. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    DPR playing IN a game is one thing, a DPR modded game is something else altogether. I'm extremely disappointed no one thought to give me a shout out. Honestly it's probably for the best...but still.
  10. I wouldn't bet on it. Is 80 playing?
  11. I wish I could but I still don't feel like I have the time to play. Things have been calming down a little bit though. Maybe I'll be able to jump back in in a couple months or something. Sorry.
  12. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    I've never participated but I don't think I'm incorrect in saying it would be a massive time sink for anyone involved. IIRC CTM doesn't always have time to devote to mafia like some of us do (or used to...). While he may arguably be one of the better players here he might not actually have the time to play to his full capacity. Just sayin. @CTM up to you. Got a lot of free time lately?
  13. Empire State Mafia: Game Thread

    I can't sorry. I don't have the time for mafia these days. Hopefully that changes soon.
  14. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Maybe playing with THE BEST MAFIA PLAYERS FROM OVER A HUNDRED DIFFERENT COMMUNITIES will do Lizzie some good. Give'em a chance imo.