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  1. I just have a thing about catching up. If it's more than 10 pages it becomes too much of a chore and I hate doing it. I don't have fun if I'm not playing at least some of the time in real time. That's why lately I've been slacking and dropping out of games. I'm not in tune with them and it isn't fun.
  2. What's the status of Hallia's game?
  3. I don't usually bring politics into an area where it's not wanted or needed but I thought maybe I could make an exception this one time since I don't contribute often... @Jetsfan80
  4. Wow no pokemon? What kind of business are they in? AIDS??
  5. Wow what a game huh? Congrats Patriots!
  6. @D P R Yo I'm really sorry but you need to replace me. I tried catching up but I just got overwhelmed with it. Don't really know where my heads been at the last week but it's not on this game or online even. I probably should have dropped earlier but I did actually want to play.That was selfish of me though. Sorry to everyone else as well. I know how much even one inactive can drag a game down and I maintained that I was going to catch up and I didn't.
  7. In the ancient past JN games used to move at a pace of something like 1 page per 2mins from 3am PST to maybe 2PM PST. You've never seen the kind of activity this place used to be capable of. Only think I compare it to is 2+2 but those losers just spam, this was 98% gameplay.
  8. I didn't realize this aspect was so important sorry.
  9. I did up to page 20. Only thoughts I have was I agree with Zander on the argument he was having with AJ, forgot what it was aboot though lol. DPR don't wait up for me to give a list just give me the penalty sorry. Going to bed now will try to do the rest of the reread next time I am awake.
  11. This is slow going...
  12. Now that editing is back and most of the posting glitches seem to be fixed everything is pretty great thanks Max! One thing, if possible, I would like is the ability to change the amount of posts displayed per page. This is usually a personal setting but I don't see it so I think this version of this forum does not have it. Usually I just keep this at default but lately I've been wanting like 50-100 posts per page rather than 20 which is what I think the default is.
  13. I read it that everyone is supposed to do it but if you don't do it in the allotted time there is a punishment. I will do it if I finish my reread before DPR starts Day I guess.
  14. I'm guessing I missed the first one of these already. Oops.
  15. Ok I have a lot to read so I'll probably do this in two chunks of 20 pages.