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  1. 4.1 Upgrade Is Complete

    I think I'm already experiencing bugs with the quote box but I'll play around with it more later and post in that thread when I have a chance. Thanks Max.
  2. Sign up for next mafia game

    I was going to but I accidentally lost my setup. I don't think anyone has done X Files here before though, no.
  3. Daredevil Mafia

    Is there a dead thread for this game?
  4. Any forum issues?

    I don't have anything to add that others haven't already said but I just want to say thank you @Maxman for trying so hard to fix all the problems we've been having so we can play our silly little games. We really appreciate all you do here.  
  5. Sign up for next mafia game

    It's a cool game.  99% of the time you don't need to know the theme of the game to play because the mechanics are usually always the same. It's just a...coating to make the game different and interesting. Think of it as M&M's. You can have a yellow M&M or you can have a green M&M but they're both just chocolate.   This game started already but I'm sure it wont be long before the next one starts if you want to play.
  6. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    I want to say I would have eventually gone back to CTM but who knows. And the newbie would have had to die. Only one for sure under my radar was Pac. I decided I didn't like his play but it wasn't necessarily scummy.
  7. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   So mad right now. I was sure it was Jif and Smash to start with so I shot Smash since I figured Jif lynch was a sure thing. I screwed that one up big time sorry guys.
  8. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    Speaking of JC I am pretty surprised he ended up being town. I guess he really was just that busy and had no idea wtf was going on.
  9. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    So lynch Jif, give Smash one more day. Think that sounds like a plan to me.
  10. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    I lost my game if you want to know.   Made it to final 4 with me being a serial killer and 1 mafia left. They lynched me and the mafia won.   Was a good game though very intense.
  11. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    I've never seen Fargo. The movie or the show. Seems weird.
  12. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    Sorry I wasn't around the last two days and I'm glad you guys got through without me even though you did lynch two townies...anyway I'm here now everything is gonna be ok.
  13. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    In short; JiF - Needs to be lynched. Scum imo. Verbal - Not done much of anything good or bad. Buried his vote on me which was scummy imo. Ape - Expending a great deal of effort on morons who enjoy heckling him. Town. Nyn - Town. Think she's just busy and out of it but she's made efforts to improve. If I condemn her I have to condemn myself and I know I'm town. CTM - Kind of torn. He did the same things I'm sussing Jif and Smash for early on but he distanced himself later. If he's alive towards endgame lynch him imo. Bally - Noob. Like his snark but he's not helping much and his cases are...well they're noobish and weak. He's trying though. I think he'll have to be lynched soon regardless. Smash - Needs to be lynched. Scum imo. Might have given him a break since D1 ain't his game but he hasn't improved since. Pac - Hate his new style but can't argue with the substance of his reads and actions. Townie imo otherwise he'd join in on the Ape heckling. Lizzie - Town. Think he just hasn't improved much since he started playing. Prone to severe paranoia and weird as hell cases imo.  
  14. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    Caught up, here are my thoughts.
  15. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    I like the nickname though. Nolynch. Clever.