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  1. I'm home. My friend hit an $1,800 jackpot on D1 and we decided to make a longer trip of it. We went to Laughlin for a couple days then stayed with my friends cousins in Phoenix. @Lily I would have maybe tried to say hi but I had no internet connection and no control over where we went or what we did anyway. I can see why some might like AZ but the heat is even more oppressive than where I live now, ugh. Anyway it looks like we're in off season here. I'm down to play if anyone can rally up a game though, just let me know. Also I have a game currently in sign ups on Dragonmount if anyone is desperate enough to jump ship to play. It is a role madness game where everyone has two powers so once it starts I am not expecting it to be balanced or to last very long. Not something anyone will be taking seriously so I think most of you could join up and have an ok time if you wanted.
  2. I am going to be out of town this week.
  3. They don't give those for free in my state anymore. 10 cents per bag. That's because 80 was the SK wtf. Vote JC
  4. So are you town?
  5. I'm kind of confused though because Govs usually pass the lynch on to someone else don't they?
  6. Lol you should have said something. Also ummm I wouldn't count on it Spoot but I think you can lean on probably yes, but it's not a for sure thing. Scum Governors are somewhat rare imo.
  7. IMO we just lynch him again if he doesn't show up and give us something. You hear that @Verbal? You're on a timer here.
  8. Who let this loser mod again?
  9. You better not be serious.
  10. I don't give a sh*t why doesn't he just vote and let someone else hammer?
  11. Says the guy who's behind me in posts. I knew you wouldn't lynch Verbal.
  12. At least half this game isn't even playing this is dumb.