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  1. Hi everyone, I'm here. I had a busy couple days but I should be good to go now. I will be catching up sometime in the next 24 hours.
  2. @Jetsfan80 ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!
  3. Drunk keroke? WHO'S IN?!
  4. singing up, going back to sleep
  5. LOL! That's a good one.
  6. Well I'm dead in DPRs game now soooo that's not an issue anymore... How many people does this game officially have?
  7. Yes the pictures are in the bathroom. Better lighting than my room lol.
  8. I got a new glass to drink my booze from!
  9. I bet he just beat Red or Cythia. Those are both really hard battles. The man deserves a congratulations blowjob from the wife.
  10. I'm hesitant to join while DPR's game is going on. If I get overloaded this is definitely the game that is going to suffer for it because I tend to take DPR games seriously. If mod and players are ok with me putting in minimum effort and/or playing silly then I guess I can join but I don't want to ruin anyone's fun.
  11. I've heard Whiskey Stones don't really work that well.
  12. I have had Jack Daniel's and Gentleman Jack before. They were ok. Didn't hate them or anything but nothing that caught my fancy either. The single malt was something I was considering trying, I think with Johnnie Walker that was the....Green Label? Might have been Gold I'm not sure. But after whaffling on about it for 5 minutes my friend told me to shut the hell up and just get the Blue Label because I would like it and he was right. Yeah no I am not mixing this stuff. Just a couple ice cubes for me and actually I am probably going to buy one of those molds to make an ice sphere. It's supposed to melt slower in your glass so it cools down the drink but doesn't water it down as much as regular ice would. Cheers and Happy New Year!
  13. Where the **** do you guys find all these pictures of hot women?