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  1. I would but I'm going to be MIA from Wednesday to next Monday. Maybe I'll spectate and catch the next one.
  2. You guys can play without me if you get enough though I don't mind.
  3. Nyn already knows this but just saying I can play once november starts basically.
  4. Same old same old pretty much.
  5. It'll be ok. At least they're not moving to Los Angeles.
  6. Aww ok. Hey AVM. How's it going?
  7. Do you have the time to play?
  8. Aww Ok I will play if players are needed. I just hate how they always seem to devolve into figuring out who every player is rather than who is mafia. Maybe it finally wont happen that way this time.
  9. I would much rather co-mod an alt game than play in one. I kind of hate alt games.
  10. I skimmed what you linked but I have a question (idk if you know the answer, just sayin) is there an end? Like it says they keep sending you clues that you figure out month to month but does it all culminate to something or does it just keep going forever? That's my concern. I've always wanted to do those like...murder dinners? Or whatever they're called? But I don't know anyone who would want to do it with me. It might be cool to get a bunch of mafia people together and do something like that actually.
  11. These days, not much. I play hearthstone sometimes. And Pokemon Romhacks when I'm in the mood. Occasionally I'll play shooters on my friends xbox and the current one is Overwatch. That's about it for me.
  12. Can you PM me and link me to these ones? I'd like to check them out. As far as something you'd like...based on what you're listing the only thing I can think of is maybe Scishow and Scishow Space. They're not podcasts though they're usually short videos about new science news and such.
  13. I don't know any of those. I've heard of Nerdist though.