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  1. These days, not much. I play hearthstone sometimes. And Pokemon Romhacks when I'm in the mood. Occasionally I'll play shooters on my friends xbox and the current one is Overwatch. That's about it for me.
  2. Can you PM me and link me to these ones? I'd like to check them out. As far as something you'd like...based on what you're listing the only thing I can think of is maybe Scishow and Scishow Space. They're not podcasts though they're usually short videos about new science news and such.
  3. I don't know any of those. I've heard of Nerdist though.
  4. I do, but probably nothing you'd like. What are you looking for specifically? Podcasts can get very niche. Gaming?
  5. am i doin it rite?
  6. Did you get bacon grease on the bed again?
  7. After reviewing the last page for purely scientific purposes I've concluded you post here too much 80.
  8. Well that was awkward for about 15 seconds. I had no idea why I was tagged and I'm just sitting here like, yeah, that's a lot of ass. Ok then. And then I saw it.
  9. Wow it's totally weird that you call your boss honey.
  10. "Just 10 more minutes...I need to find a way to make a mexican, a pokemon fanatic, and a pirate all agree to kill a twink. I'll be right there honey, promise."
  11. That's true. I can only imagine what @Integrity28 has to tell his wife sometimes.
  12. I've always wanted to play Mafia in Minecraft tbh. The trailer is pretty cool I guess. The only thing I really like about games like that vs Forum Mafia is if it "auto moderates", which lets everyone play. IMHO that's the one advantage it has over just playing like we regularly do. Cool find.
  13. At least it's not a pokemon for once.
  14. Nah, it's a reference to Murlocs from WoW/Hearthstone. I was just trying to make Leelou laugh.