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  1. The real experience of raising my pixel creatures in a virtual world so I can be the champion of a fictional place. What? Why are you looking at me like that?
  2. I prefer the real thing.
  3. What in the actual **** happened in this thread?
  4. I don't play it.
  5. I was interested in this from the trailer but then I decided not to watch it. You guys think the story is going to go somewhere or is it going to turn out like Lost?
  6. I was the first mate on a pirate ship on another forum, in another time...
  7. I take that into account but tbh it usually doesn't matter much to me.
  8. FWIW I think voting without an accompanying explanation looks pretty scummy.
  9. H8 u so much. Can you please be town this game and stop trolling me to death?
  10. Hey I'm playing too! How could you forget me?!
  11. Post here if you're playing.
  12. I'm making a sign up for lily's game I can't wait.
  13. This is Ape and Smash last night.
  14. This is exactly why I just didn't care. C9++, not C9++...whatever it's all the same. It's mafia just play the damn game.