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  1. Hahaha what a bad liar you are. You make great games but you are such an easy read when scum it's like shooting fish in a barrel with a tomahawk missile. You were not joking in any way shape or form. Adding "heh" to your post does not make it a joke and pointing out the obvious is not all that useful...unless you intend to influence people which is what I believe is exactly what you were doing. Now all I gotta figure out is if JC is your partner or if you were attempting to leave a false trail. Regardless, you're caught. Any last words? Vote DPR
  2. I know right?
  3. Would this technically be considered an OMGUS vote even though I'm not voting him anymore? Regardless this just comes off as normal defensiveness, lashing out at anyone who's mentioned him. Could be a town or scum reaction I'm not going to read any more into it than that for now.
  4. Ah, I rarely check in on mobile so I didn't even know there was an issue. Yeah deadline tomorrow morning. 10AM
  5. Speaking of which, this vote isn't aging well. Got anything new for us?
  6. Mmmm. Makes sense but I'm not sure if I believe you or not. We got until tomorrow morning so I'll sit on it for now I guess. Unvote
  7. Well when he was a young lad sailing the seven seas, just a boatswain at the time, he hadn't yet developed a taste for rum or adventure for that matter but that soon changed as all things must...
  8. Ok. Why was my unvote your catalyst for unvoting?
  9. Not sure what you're referring to. Wish you'd expand on that, especially what you find off about my voting record. But you're on vacation so don't make it a priority, just if you get the time.
  10. Although to be fair if you were reacting to Ape's thing about scum knowing scum and town...well that's not much better lol.
  11. Sounds about right. I didn't read you as responding to me anyway. Otherwise I would have jumped on you for it.
  12. I think they have drugs for that.
  13. 80: My vote on Hess was sort of a joke, although I did want to put pressure on him and see how he responded. Also wanted to see if anyone was going to take what I said and run with it like it was a cop investigation. I'm glad no one here was stupid enough to take that bait. Your vote on the other hand lacks all context, as does your unvote. I am left to conclude that you joined a bandwagon and when it started to gain some scrutiny and melt away (my unvote) you decided it was better to jump ship than to stay. If I'm wrong then why don't you explain your vote on Hess in the first place. Random?
  14. Wow this unvote is off the charts scummy. Vote 80