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  1. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    I think we should mass claim tomorrow.
  2. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    It looks like Town has done the heavy lifting on almost every lynch. This basically comes down to 80/JC or the inactive replacements SK/Ben imo. Smash is probably telling the truth about being Doc although it doesn't really look like he's done any good and Dice very vocally supported him so it's hard to imagine he'd do that as scum. I know I'm town, not that that's worth anything to anyone else. This game has been kind of a sh*tshow in several ways but it has given me inspiration for a game of my own.
  3. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    You're reading the whole thread? God help you.
  4. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    I think you're at L-1, not 100% sure though.
  5. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Well like I told Smash and he got mad at me fore and said I was making excuses for you, I never thought your PR (fake or not) indicated you were scum.
  6. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Makes sense. Where are the rest of these fags? @Jetsfan80 @Jetscode1 @Dicetosser @Pac @Smashmouth @sh*tsure Kamimash*ta let's finish the game.
  7. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    My takeaway is this, the main thing I agreed with Pac on is that your PR thing was fake. Second takeaway is that Pac has posted a LOT less than I thought he did. I didn't reread the entire thread but I skimmed through a pretty good chunk of it and only really found these 3 posts that weren't offtopic jokes. I feel a lot more comfortable with my vote now but it's not like this really changed anything.
  8. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Another post and with this one I'm done.
  9. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Also SK isn't the most active replacement. Yeah it makes it that much harder.
  10. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Ok. Well I'm not sure I'm the best person to start that with. I don't want to rekindle the issue but my argument with Smash just sucked my energy for the game away. I'm mostly just going through the motions now.
  11. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    I haven't made very many good decisions this game. That's why I'm going against my own feelings and voting Pac. Maybe you see what I don't and maybe you're right, I dunno. I hope so.
  12. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    So you're setting up to lynch me after Pac. Does it even matter what I say or do at this point then?
  13. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    I'm looking back through the game and quoting stuff as I go. Like I just said he posted less than I thought he did. I asked you to give me a few minutes while I went through the thread so far I've got two posts, you got the patience to wait or you want me to stop?
  14. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    This seemed like a good post to me at the time.
  15. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    The last line of the post. What is your goal here? To talk me into a vote I'm already making? I mean if you think Pac is scum and I'm voting him what does it really matter what I thought. You have me on record saying I agree with things he's said so if you're angling to make me his scum partner or whatever you've already got that ammo.
  16. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Wow he really hasn't posted as much as I thought he did. Maybe it's a good thing I'm voting him lol.
  17. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Here's a post I liked.
  18. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Ok. I'll have to look back. Give me a few and I'll drop some quotes.