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  1. For the record I think our defense is going to keep us in a lot of games, but they're going to be on the field so much that it won't matter in terms of winning games.
  2. Sorry, there were too many ads to be able to cut and paste
  3. Got news for you. Patriots are going to win the AFCEast this year again. It won't even be close. Barring injury, they're probably going to win the Super Bowl again as well. Harris was nothing but a stand up guy and a great player. I hope he gets a ring
  4. Good for you Harris. You deserved better from the Jets
  5. Good for you Harris. You deserved better from the Jets
  6. The league has been QB centric since forever. In the 80's, we saw Joe Montana, John Elway and Joe Theisman every year. In the 90's how many times did we see Troy Aikman and Jim Kelly in the Super Bowl? If anything, teams that didn't have great QBs started winning in the early 2000s (Ravens, Bucs). So I don't see how this pattern has changed all that much.
  7. From my view point I'm just going to watch regular season games like I watch preseason games. I won't care about the score, I just want to see young players progress. It will be far less painful for all of us that way.
  8. The Jets will go 1-15 this year. The Jets D will be on the field for at least 40 minutes a game and demoralized this year, they have two promising kids at safeties who will show flashes but, they're still rookies. The D probably is going to be overwhelmed this year no matter the talent level. On offense, the Jets just got rid of their #1 receiver and best center. Oh, and their starting running back is 33. Put Johnny Unitas out there in his prime, and he's probably going to go 1-15. lets all keep rooting for 1-15 to give this franchise some hope. I'm definitely buying into that illusion.
  9. Regardless of the circumstances of his departure, he Harris belongs in the ring of honor and deserves a thank you from all of us fans.
  10. I am disappointed to see Harris go. I think us Jets fans owe him a thank you. He quietly became one of the best tacklers in team history, was a locker room leader, never missed a practice or game when he couldn't, etc. if the Jets were to draft 22 David Harrises, we'd be Super Bowl champions. so, thank you David Harris. You deserved better than to have one idiot coach and GM after another...
  11. You can now buy two seat season tickets for less than $600. I would actually wait though, because it's probably going to be half that amount in a month from now
  12. Normally, I'd agree, but can anyone name a USC QB that did well in the NFL?
  13. My first question is, why would we (or anyone) want another QB from USC?
  14. Here's one main key to the Jets D: get a legitimate QB who doesn't completely demoralize the offense by throwing like three redzone pics per game and one that doesn't let the defense be on the field for 90% of the game. I don't care how good Jamal Adams is, he won't be effective when his legs are jelly by the third quarter.