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  1. I doubt he's still going to be on the board by #6. If the Jets do draft him, I hope they can develop him properly. I feel like they can write a book on Geno Smith's career titled "Here's exactly how NOT to develop a rookie QB..."
  2. You missed the 30 INTs in 30 games
  3. Your TV comes with a remote, right? Just switch back and forth. I will.
  4. All I know is that there is 24 hours to go before the most exciting part of our season comes to fruition. Hopefully Cleveland is dumb enough to give us their 12th and second round pick for our #6 pick...
  5. He probably won't be there by #6, and if he is, the Jets should trade down and draft a franchise QB next year. Let's not make the mistake we made with Geno Smith. Let's accumulate picks so we can actually put a team around whatever QB we draft next season
  6. I'd love to take a 1 and 2 from Cleveland for the #6 pick, especially from Cleveland. It would not be a smart move by Cleveland though. All of the players worth trading up for will be gone by #6. This is also a very deep draft with potential starters going all the way in the seventh round. Teams would be crazy to trade up to #6. Then again, Cleveland is not the smartest of organizations, but still, I don't think they'd do it.
  7. I hope so, I would definitely take their one and an extra second rounder. I say we give Hack a chance and if he isn't the guy, draft Darnold. Unlike what we did with Geno Smith, at least we can spend this draft putting a team around him
  8. I don't think the Jets will be able to trade down. Never say never, but it's a very deep draft and all the players worth trading up for probably will be gone by #6. Why give up a first and second rounder for the sixth pick?
  9. keep him and switch to a 4-3. We have no OLB/edge rushers anyway
  10. I don't know what team Connor Hughes was watching last year but I've got some breaking news for him: the Jets DID quit on Bowles. Anyone with half a brain saw that last season.
  11. As we all know, every game next year is going to be like an exhibition game. Young guys will get there chances, but the Jets are most likely going to finish at 5-11 at best, especially with McCown (or Hack or Petty) under center. How does Bowles control the locker room during a losing season and get the players to buy into him as a HC, especially when he demonstrated a clear inability to do so last season? Will there be continued in fighting as the losses mount? Will there still be guys, especially veterans, continuing to give up? Which players can emerge as locker room leaders (not Wilk, obviously)
  12. I agree but Bowles has to show improvement as a coach. He made so many mistakes over the past two seasons that if he cannot show that he's learned from them, show him the door
  13. Hey Davis, I know it's nice to be told that you're one of the best QBs on the board this year, but when it's only your Mom who's telling you that, it doesn't really count...
  14. We gotta break that second round curse, man