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  1. Unfortunately, Hack tends to throw passes at receivers' feet on screens. Aiming for your receivers' shoe laces instead of their numbers usually means that you're not a very good QB.
  2. Yes but with his rookie year under his belt Prescott will just get better. The Cowboys are definitely contenders next year unlike the Jets
  3. To cap off this crappy season I now don't see any other team beating the Cheaters
  4. Wow, it's sometimes easy to forget that Prescott is still a rookie, that INT on a screen pass is a stark reminder tho
  5. No way. I would say that the NFL would be idiots to let a long standing NY franchise move to a loser city like St. Louis (there's a reason why three franchises have left), but then again, we're talking about Roger Goodell, whose stupidity level genuinely scares me.
  6. As I said, he'll make a very good #2 corner
  7. So Roto Rooter, in addition to providing household plumbing services (wait, I'm sorry, Rotoworld) has ILB Foster going to the Jets at #6. I can envision a lot of Jets fans dangling from their ceiling fans via ropes around their necks (myself included) if the Jets go defense again.
  8. Really? I thought he actually was having breakfast there...
  9. Great moves Macc, that solves everything! Just a quick question, why is Revis still on the team?
  10. Here's the thing though: with the exception of Hackenburg, Macc actually had a good draft last year. Lee is coming along, Brandon Shell can be a starter next year, and I thought Burris was a steal at 4, in fact, I think he'll make a very good #2 CB. Jenkins also showed some promise. Now if only he can find a good young QB...
  11. OT Roddy Johson, I've heard, is a strong prospect to help shore up the struggling O-line. Cordrea Tankersley (CB) I also read is a good prospect. Any thoughts? Our last good pick in the second round was David Harris in, I believe, 2007
  12. Sorry but I think Watson would be Geno Smith 2.0. Last night notwithstanding, he's overall turnover prone, inconsistent and scrambles when he doesn't have to.
  13. In a heart beat. The last franchise QB we had was Chad Pennington, whose career was tragic, and say what you want about him, but every season he was healthy and starting, we made the playoffs. Trubisky might not pay dividends right away (Peyton Manning didn't either) but he's a kid who could definitely lead us into the future. I would also say that yes, we have a lot of holes on this team, but a great QB can hide a lot of them.
  14. God I hope not with Revis. He has nothing. He'd be a terrible safety. Beyond bump and run, he really can't do anything.
  15. One problem with signing an AFC East QB is that there are four teams in the division who also know exactly how to play him. Pass