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  1. Jeez, can we just cut this a$$hole already? I think $7m cap hit would be worth it just to get rid of him.
  2. I'd be happy with a Wildcard appearance, which seems like a million miles away right now
  3. Hey Maxman, Did somebody steal my password? I never posted this!
  4. Larry David for OC!!!!
  5. Wesley Walker made me a Jets fan with the late game winning catch a n this one.
  6. No, Kotite actually sucked as a head coach. Parcells came in '97 and won nine games with pretty much the same team that went 1-15 the year before under Kotite. I do agree with you on the quitting part. Inexcusable. Part of it was, however, that the defense got disheartened by all of Fitz's pics and three and outs. The defense kept us in the game against Kansas City, and through much of it against Arizona, and all Fitz and Co. Could manage was three points in each game? As I said, giving up is inexcusable, but I can see how the defense got a bit disheartened after a while.
  7. Malik Hooker? Haven't we already had our share of injury-prone draft picks?
  8. Tyrod is inconsistent, scrambles when he doesn't have to, and all of the teams in the AFC East already know how to play him. No thanks. Bring on Mike Glennon, and go BPA in the draft. Also, why is Revis and Harris still with the team? We need cap space to swing a deal for a FA QB and other positions. Macc's gotta stop sitting on his ass and do something
  9. Most of the experts believe corner and safety are the two deepest positions in the draft. So why is Revis still here?
  10. Who cares about someone who probably won't be on the roster come late August? Now that the season's over, can Macc start making some significant moves, please?
  11. Maybe he owed IK Enemkpali $600?