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  1. Hey Davis, I know it's nice to be told that you're one of the best QBs on the board this year, but when it's only your Mom who's telling you that, it doesn't really count...
  2. We gotta break that second round curse, man
  3. Ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks for the good laugh. I needed that during an otherwise dull Friday night.
  4. Let's see, get paid $6 million for doing nothing, or get paid less than $6 million for actually having to put forth some sort of effort for the Patriots? Which choice do you think Revis will make?
  5. So basically, the Jets needs are exactly the same after the FA period this year...
  6. WOW

    Do you think he can develop into a Brad Smith type player? (that was one of the worst moves by Tanny when he let him sign with the Bills for a relatively modest sum. We won two games in 2010 directly because of him).
  7. I agree 110% with you, and that means something because I don't often agree with you! Petty showed us that he is a career back up at best. Bowles was too stupid and stubborn to even give Hackenburg a few snaps last season even though doing so would have made no difference whatsoever, so we don't even know what we have with him. If niether Watson nor Trubisky are available at 6 (and they probably won't be) then go BPA and go with your idea about drafting a franchise QB next year. We're not winning three games next year with McCown, if that.
  8. Why on earth would I (and you) possibly care about him or any other QB being Jewish or not? You really should be banned from this forum.
  9. Or it means they are planning to go QB at #6, and always were...
  10. I wish I could disagree with you, but I think you're on the money. I am just hoping some of our rookies/young guys develop, that is, if our incompetent coach gives them any playing time. I also want to finally see Hackenburg in action to see what he's about. Am interested to see if McCown's signing means that they go QB in round 1, and if that was the plan all along.
  11. Like I said in another post, Macc's do-nothing approach to free agency so far means that his job pretty much is dependent upon nailing it in the draft.
  12. He's gotta make a few less trips to the Golden Coral Buffet.
  13. You mean the guy who's played only 22 games in the past four seasons due to injury? He's the CB version of Beachum, as far as I'm concerned.