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  1. It's hard to believe he'll leave $$ on the table. If the Jets cut him, Mevis gets $6m for doing nothing. That's the route he will run at season's end.
  2. You don't need an anonymous source to say this. I think any one of us has said it on the record. He's washed up. Skrine's gotta go too. We need another #1 cb. I've actually been somewhat impressed with Darryl Roberts, albeit as a #2 cb.
  3. And exactly how does continuing to start sh*tzpatrick keep us from a 3-13 record?
  4. This is incomprehensible. Is Bowles really that stupid? He should be shown the door with Fitz on the morning of January 2nd. Don't even let him get his stuff from his office, just ship it to him in a cardboard box.
  5. The Patriots did what they always do against us. They keep the game close, don't turn the ball over, don't make mistakes, and win it at the end. The only time they couldn't win it at the end against us in a game that mattered was in the 2010 playoffs
  6. Thanks for creating this thread, cuz I was about to. Come Jan. 2, Fitz will never wear a Jets uniform again. What's the point? You spent a SECOND ROUND PICK on Christian Hackenberg, you have a string of meaningless games, and you're not even dressing him? Let him go out there and see what he can do. Will he make rookie mistakes? Of course! But what better time is there than now to let him make those mistakes and learn from them? Guess what? Despite a decent performance today, Fitz still doesn't give us the best chance to win. Has Bowles even seen his performance this season????
  7. It's another example of just how out of touch Goodell is. As a fan, I love TNF, but it really isn't good for the players and increases chances of injury, plus really isn't fair to teams given how little prep/rest time it gives them.
  8. Oh no, the Jets have it in the red zone with Fitzpatrick under center. I always expect a pic here...
  9. They have no QB and secondary either.
  10. Agree for the most part, but I think we both agree that Fitzpatrick should not start. 1) playing him at this point is a total waste, since we're out of the playoff hunt and have two untested QBs that urgently need some NFL reps, and 2) I would argue that he sucks so badly that he truly does not give us the best chance to win, in fact, it's just the opposite based on his play this season (I actually have become desensitized to his red zone pics, as I've come to expect them), and 3) we spent a high draft pick on Hackenberg, and passed up on several good players to get him (many of which have made immediate impacts for their respective teams). If now isn't then tme to give him reps, then when??? Why the hell would we spend a second round pick on smebody who has to sit on the bench for three seasons before he's even ready to step onto the field (or a fourth round pick as well)??????!!!!
  11. Everyone says Hack isn't ready. Ok, but what better is there to get him ready by starting him in a string of meaningless games (and yes, math aside, the rest are meaningless)??? We used a high draft pick on him and chose him over Prescott - there's no better time than now to play him. Even when he makes rookie mistakes, so what? What do we have to lose?
  12. And yet Bowles still believes that Suckpatrick gives us the best chance to win
  13. Well, I initially said it's too early to be talking about firing Bowles, but unless this article is an example of the "fake news" trend we've been hearing about, the man is simply clueless. I'm going to sign the page. How the hell do you conclude that starting Fitz is the way to go? What possible reason is there to start him over Petty or even Hack? the "gives us the best chance to win" reason was invalidated a long time ago. I don't think he even gives us the best chance to win over Petty at this point.
  14. On another subject, is Fournette a guy we want in our team (not that Bowles doesn't need a good shove tho)
  15. Forte is the last rusher to gain 100 yards against Ravens