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  1. In surprising start for Jets, Leonard Williams and Muhammed Wilkerson have been huge disappointments The 2017 Jets have been unpredictable. After stripping their roster of veteran talent, many around the league felt the Jets would contend for the top pick in next year’s draft, not for a playoff spot. Now, six weeks in to their 2017 season, Gang Green is a controversial call away from being in sole posession of first place in the AFC East, ahead of the rival Patriots. Sure, the Jets’ quality of play has been improbable. But the disappointment of what many considered to be the biggest strength of the team — the defensive line — has been just as unexpected. Leonard Williams and Muhammed Wilkerson were retained during the Jets’ roster purge, a pair of talented defensive ends with a history of getting to the quarterback who had combined for 26.5 sacks the last two years. Williams had been a budding pash rusher, leading him to declare to the Daily News back in August that his goal this year was “a sack in every game.” And Wilkerson? The 27-year-old amassed 33 sacks over the last four seasons, leading many to believe the defensive duo may be the lone bright spots on an otherwise talentless roster. For the Jets to be sitting right now at 3-3, many would’ve assumed it would be because of Wilkerson and Williams, not despite of them. Well, so much for that. The pair remains without a sack, failing once again to get to the quarterback in their loss to the Patriots on Sunday. Tom Brady would’ve been the man to breakthrough against, too. The veteran signal-caller had been sacked 16 times entering Sunday, already one more than he suffered in the entirety of the 2016 regular season. Head coach Todd Bowles remains confident his squad is making progress on getting to opposing quarterbacks, however. “Guys are getting close. We make action,” Bowles told reporters Monday. “Sometimes the ball is out, sometimes we have good rushes and the ball is just out. It just happens like that. We’ll keep working at it.” But through six games, it’s hard to ignore the results. The Jets went toe-to-toe against the defending Super Bowl champs and are far removed from the possibility of a winless campaign. Simply put, they’re better than people gave them credit for. Williams and Wilkerson are far removed from being considered a strength of the Jets. They just aren’t getting to the quarterback, and it’s putting additional pressure on their secondary, including first-year safeties Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. So how do the Jets turn around the troubling trend? Austin Seferian-Jenkins’ overruled TD catch unfairly cost Jets Todd Bowles remains confident that his pass rush will come around. (JOE ROBBINS/GETTY IMAGES) “If we stop the run a little better, we can rush the passer a little more,” Bowles said. “Right now, we have some spurts where we did and then had some spurts where we didn’t, so we just have to be more consistent at it and the pass rush will be there.” That’s a lot of confidence in two guys who have done nothing to inspire it so far this season. And even if the season starts going south, it’s not like the duo has nothing to play for. Wilkerson, in particular, is in danger of being cut prior to next season if he doesn’t turn things around. The Jets would save money and cap space cutting him early next summer, and he’s giving the organization every reason to go in that direction. As Bowles and a number of Jets players made clear following Sunday’s disappointing loss, the team is moving on and focusing on the next game. And right now, that’s all the disappointing Williams and Wilkerson can do.
  2. Adams call vs. Gronk

    The Patsies still have four more prime time games to play in before the playoffs happen. With TV ratings going down, do you really think clueless Goodell wants to feature a Patriots team in prime time that lost to the lowly Jets? If anyone doesn't think that Goodell doesn't make a few phone calls before games in order to ensure that refs will slightly favor teams that bring in higher TV ratings, then they are just being naive. Plus, we all know Goodell and Kraft are boyfriend-boyfriend...
  3. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    We weren't going to beat the Patsies anyway, but I'm happy the guys went down fighting and at least lost with some dignity. And yes, the officiating sucked and it was obvious they had a clear bias for the Patriots. Cracks are definitely showing on that teams
  4. Well, we all know that KC Rodgers will come up with a brilliant game plan against the Patriots (yeah right)
  5. Last draft though, Adams was by far and away the best player available. Is S a high value position? Well, Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed were very big parts of their respective SB teams, but usually, no. The only QB choices left when the Jets picked were Watson and Kizer. Were they the best players available at the time when Adams was still on the board, or should we have drafted them simply because we were looking for a franchise QB?
  6. Belichick praises Jets

    He always does that before he plays the Jets
  7. Seriously. I'm glad we spent the past five seasons using #1 picks on D-lineman...we basically have nothing to show for it, as now our D-line is the weakness of the defense. Ironically enough, the best D-lineman we had (Snacks) was a UDFA and we let him go to the Giants.
  8. Totally agree I'm glad that Richardson is gone and we got what we got for him. The big issue for me, however, is that we spent the past six years drafting D-lineman, we let the one good D-lineman (Snacks, who ironically was a UDFA) sign with the Giants, and now our D-line is the weakest part of our defense.
  9. So about those Safeties

    They are very good, I agree. I was initially against taking two in the first two rounds but with Dalvin Cook injured and Curtis Samuel playing like a 'tard I'm now glad they took Maye. I was disappointed when Cam Robinson was already taken but it would have cost too much to trade up for him
  10. Marshall just needs to work on not fumbling
  11. Hacken-buried?

    This. Hack needs years just to get to Brooks Bollinger's level, let alone be a starter.
  12. Game Balls vs Cleveland?

    Kizer and Cowell each get one for that fumble in the redzone on the failed lateral. That turnover was Geno Smith-esque
  13. Game Observations (CLE)

    Yeah I think it was pretty obvious that we lucked out with two sloppy red zone turnovers by the Browns, plus a missed FG int he first half. We had some really dumb penalties, and I totally agree with KRL that both the O-line and D-line got consistently spanked. Wilkerson continues to steal money, and the vaunted D-line looks pretty ineffective in general. The positives, however, is that I really liked the way the young guys fought. Robbie Anderson had some nice catches. ASJ looks like a legit tight end. Marcus Maye showed really good instincts on that INT. Heck, even Demario Davis actually had a pretty good game. I'm thinking we get five wins this season, whch might put us out of the running. Since the Bears have Trubisky and the Browns have Watson, maybe one them is willing to trade down with the Jets (although the price will be heavy for the #1 or 2 pick this April). Add in a few FA offensive lineman and skill position players next year, and I think the Jets could even be playoff contenders next year, especially if this is finally the year that Brady and the Pats finally show signs of decline
  14. They should have made him offensive coordinator
  15. This hype is ridiculous. The Jets beat the Dolphins, but as we know from history, Jets/Dolphins games always seem to defy logic. They also beat a Jaguars team that has a worse QB situation than we do. The Jets still don't have a shot at beating any of the top tier teams and there's really no chance that they're going to threaten the Patriots for the AfC East title (which the Pats are still going to get, I'm sorry to say). Im just hoping one of the franchise QBs are still there, whatever pick we get