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  1. Yes but how do you contain Watkins when you give him a 10-15 yd cushion every play? It's one of the main reasons the Jets D couldn't get the Bills off the field, especially in the 2Q
  2. I defend Herm to this day. He wasn't as bad of a coach than everyone thinks, and, while he did have glaring weaknesses, he never gave a hand written letter of resignation as the HC of the NYJ, or a speech saying how "I'm not a genius, I don't have all the answers..." ( I believe he made the playoffs more years than any other coach in Jets history.
  3. Can someone still answer the q as to why Revis was playing like 15 yds. off Watkins the entire game?? Had Bowles lost that much confidence in him?? as far as Scott's comments go, every CB can use safety help over the top. The problem last season was that Cro needed it a lot more than Revis
  4. You mean Mehta pulled a Jayson Blair and made up a story? What a shocker... i also want want to add that Kap went into the crapper after the Super Bowl loss to the Ravens mainly because opposing teams figured him out.  Jetnation, let's return to reality, no matter how depressing it is.
  5. well, I would say that letting Cousins go would be crazy, but then again we're dealing with Dan Snyder. One can only dream
  6. If we could Kap at the right price - and only at the right price - I say we go for it. He's banged up but would do wonders for the Jets. It's not guaranteed that Fitz will have the season that he had, and let's not forget, almost all of his wins came against sub-500 teams. And let's please stop talking about Bryce Petty. Ever since Brady was drafted in the 4th round, everyone thinks QBs drafted late have the potential to be HOFers. Brady was a once in a lifetime thing. We all know Geno isn't going to do it either.   
  7. When the Patriot Dynasty Ends...

    Is there an assumption that Belidick will retire when Tommy Boy does? I hope so.
  8. Trading Richardson

    You can't compare a DE and an NT, as they serve different purposes. But honestly, if a choice has to be made, and it looks like it will be, I would prefer to trade Mo and keep Harrison. An end who can pressure the QB is easier to find and his absence easier to make up for (with creative blitzing schemes) than someone who is as good at stopping the run as Harrison is. Plus, the Jets already have a bunch of guys who can get after the QB. In a perfect world, I would trade Richardson, but I seriously don't think you're going to get a lot for him given his legal troubles, drug habit and probable suspension. Once a pothead, always a pothead, just ask Ricky Williams. The guy seriously should go to rehab if the Jets haven't secretly sent him there already. 
  9. Trading Richardson

    With his legal troubles, I doubt you'd even get a 2nd rounder for him
  10. Another q I have is why did Revis play like 10-15 yards off the entire game ?
  11. He could very well be the most important defensive player to sign this offseason. Finding a run stopper as good as him is nearly impossible. 
  12. Weigh In On D'Brick D'Bate

    Here's the problem: good tackles are very tough to find, and when you do find them, they'll all expect the same money Brick is making. For example, Russ Okung, depending on the severity of his injury, will want at least what Trent Williams is making. There will be some other FA offensive tackles this year, but they are going to want a ton of money (not as much as Brick but close) and they're not half as good. Joe Barksdale is probably going to want in the $10m/season range, and Andre Smith who's old will want at least what Brick is making now. You could go with a younger dude and pay him less, but if you think Fitz got abused because of Brick this year, wait until the Jets do just that.  It's definitely a bind, but in the end, I would keep Brick another season or two.
  13. Jets start talks with Henderson

    I agree that Henderson/Harris make a good tandem. Maudlin is a very good situational pass rusher, but with (I can only assume) the departure if Calvin Pace, we need help on the outside.  Think we need to trade Sheldon Richardson, as I think he's more trouble than he's worth. Mo and Harrison deserve big contracts.     
  14. Good, none of them deserved to be in it anyway.