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  1. Welcome Darron Lee !!!!

    Great athleticism and speed but some concerns:he used to play QB and has only played LB for three years, andat 232lbs, he's kind of light and, although I'm guessing, could have trouble breaking through lines and also bringing down 240-250lb RBs. Can't ask him to play DB but still, there might be some heavier QBs out there that he could have troublebringing down
  2. Late whispers about TCU WR Josh Doctson

    My thoughts exactly. Others have disagreed, but I think he's got the size and speed to be an impact WR who can spend his rookie year learning from Decker and Marshall
  3. I Had a Dream

    I had a dream about two hot baked chicks in a hot tub. Then I woke up and remembered that the Jets don't have a quarterback right now, and even if Fitz comes back, they're probably going to start the season off at. 1-4
  4. You'd actually take Treadwell over Doctson???
  5. Like the Jets, the Redskins will be in salary cap hell because they overpaid for a cornerback.
  6. This just means that the Jets an Fitz already have a deal in place, and are just waiting for the draft to execute it. Expect the Jets to go with BPA at #20 and not to move up. Probably going to be Lee, who will hopefully be the OLB that Coples wasn't
  7. Fitz ain't comin back

    I agree with the article - Forget Fitz.The Jets have a tougher schedule, lost a pillar LT, a thousand yard rusherand one of the league'sbest run stuffers.Even if Fitz does return, does anyone think the Jets will be one game better next season than this past season, especially with the NFC West and AFC North looming on the schedule?That being the case, it's time to rebuild. Let'seither move up and draft Lynch, or (and I actually think this is a viable option) see what Geno can do withactual receivers at his disposal.
  8. Jets made offer to Tennessee for #1 pick

    Are you sure?
  9. 2016 NY Jets Schedule: Merged

    Wow, even the two floater games are tough - the Colts will probably be better than last season and the Chiefs are tough as well. We could very well go 1-3 againstthe NFC West and probably 2-2 against AFC North.That said, even if Fitzpatrick is back next season, we're probably looking at an 8-8 season. Might as well start rebuilding now.
  10. Rosenhaus dumps Manziel

    I hope Manziel gets the help that he needs. Always a great shame to see a talented guy fall to addiction
  11. Browns willing to deal the #2 pick.

    Wow, the Browns just cemented their reputation as the graveyard for careers for both coaches and players. (even more so than the Jets!)
  12. Jets had easiest SOS last year?

    Umm, the key there is to rebuild, which Idzik didn't. I still maintain that he doesn't really understand what a cornerback actually does. Let us never speak of Idzik again.
  13. Jets had easiest SOS last year?

    Jets will definitely face the NFC West and AFC North. The two floater games might not be easy since they were 10-6 last season, despite missing the playoffs. I'm guessing the Chargers or Broncos and maybe the Packers or Bears
  14. Jets had easiest SOS last year?

    Do you seriously believe that?
  15. I agree. Let's neverspeak the nameJohn Idzik's name again, let alone contemplate whether he was really that bad. The short answer is no, he was worse