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  1. Yes but Maxman, didn't you call for building a wall between New York and Massachusetts, and for banning all Patriots fans from immigrating to New York?
  2. I hope the contract Fitz took was the one that said "don't come back cuz we want a QB that is better than bad-to-mediocre"...
  3. I never want to hear the name Ryan Fitzpatrick again. He was only going to be a holdover QB for a season or so anyway, so the future might as well start now, either with Geno, Hackenburg or a QB drafted next season.
  4. I think Burris will be very good in time, and should contribute immediately. Pryor and Gilchrist are outstanding, but the weak spot is Williams and Skrine. I am hoping that Milliner can stay healthy because I still think he can be outstanding, but he's made of glass.
  5. I seriously don't care about Fitz at this point. He choked in the big game this season, which shouldn't have been a surprise given that he's been mediocre at best throughout his career. Time me to see if Geno has put the puzzle together in his mind and can play without making stupid mistakes.
  6. Agreed, reading about him is just depressing. The thought that when he's 50 he's going to be telling a roomful of AA members "I used to be an NFL quarterback..." is just a downer.
  7. Bring him back on the cheap. The guy pays more in child support than most of us make in a year.
  8. Umm, he needs to learn how to play QB in the NFL first before we declare him the franchise
  9. Unlike Fitz, Wilk is a young player who is great at his position and has a bright future ahead of him. Fitz doesn't. That simple
  10. Mac n Cheese should be thanking the NFL for not suspending both Brady and Belidick for the season
  11. Expectations are that he should sit and everyone should pray that we will not be put into a position to make him the starter like we had to make Brooks Bollinger the starter during the Herm Edwards era.
  12. Wilk is set to get paid nearly $16m this season, guaranteed, so he should stop crying. The Jets aren't in a position right now to give him the type of long-term deal he wants, especially given that Sheldon Richardson got off relatively easy on his suspension and Leonard Williams is developing. Next season the Jets will be in a much better position financially to offer a long term deal that will be equitable for both sides. bottom line: Wilk should quit his belly-aching and play.
  13. Yeah and Fitz was in the Bills red zone four times in the 4th q that final game against the Bills and how many points was he able to put on the board? That game against the Eagles when Marshall and Ivory were out, how well did he do? Anyone with two eyes can see that he's never gonna get the Jets that far.
  14. Dude, what else are we gonna talk about on the Friday before the long weekend and the month before training camp? Nothing's going on here at work and I can't surf porn at my desk, or my boss will catch me and pull a Belichik by shouting "do your damn job!"
  15. Honestly, Geno. He's more athletic, has a stronger arm and finally got a year under his belt to sit and learn. I don't think we can appreciate just how bad a position he was put in in his first and second years. He deserves another shot and we should have confidence in him. Fitz can't win the big game, even though the Jets were in the red zone four times against Buffalo in the season ending loss. Simple as that. He lofted the ball last season in Marshall's general direction a lot and was made to look good against sub .500 teams.