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  1. What record? That the Mets scored more than five times the points that the Jets did yesterday?
  2. Hey, I'm going to game and am gonna be there at 9am in the parking lot. Is the jet nation rv set up yet??!!!
  3. As I said, there is more than enough blame to go around for yesterday's fiasco. That loss was alarming, not just because we lost but the way we lost. Marshall, while he has some skills, is a chronic fumbler. His fumble for six (for the second game in a row) put the Jets down 17-3 and Fitz had to do what he's worst at, which is throw the ball downfield trying to play catch up.
  4. I'm not making him the scapegoat by any means. I think Fitz can be blamed for throwing six INTs, especially in the other team's end zone. I'm just saying that it's now fair to call Jalin Marshall a chronic fumbler (at really bad times, might I add), and as someone else pointed out, he's so far scored much TDs for our opponents than us
  5. We always knew that Fitz is not a comeback QB, and that he's at his worst when he has make throws downfield because his team is down. When he is in that situation, he becomes Geno Smith
  6. Um, did you see the last game last season when the Bills knocked us out of the playoffs? Fitz threw three pics in the 4q that game in Bills territory. ive said this before, Fitz is good because he has a lot of weapons, but at the end of the day, he's not a pressure QB who can pull a comeback win
  7. Because with our Revis-led secondary, other teams can actually beat us with 30+ yard passes
  8. I'm just pointing out the facts. Coughing cleared up his fumbling issues. Besides, Barber is broke, unemployed and has no Super Bowl rings.
  9. He's got explosive speed, I'll give him that, but is becoming known (at least to me) as a chronic fumbler. There's no quicker way to exit the NFL when you get that reputation
  10. It's not the D today but the fact that Fitz can't punch the ball in in the red zone. Yet another red zone INT for him. The theme for this Jets team is officially (as you correctly point out in the thread title) is that the Jets can beat non playoff teams, but they can't beat playoff caliber teams like the Chiefs and Bengals. This could be a long season because the schedule is very hard.
  11. He had a fumble that was returned for a TD against the Bills, and another one in this game. He also fumbled on a KO return in preseason. I'm beginning to see why he wasn't drafted. Will his fumbles become his demise as a Jet and in the NFL?
  12. Right now he looks like a filthy rich man's Fitzpatrick