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  1. I totally agree regarding Hack. I actually was surprised by how much zip he had on his passes and his accuracy. His judgment and mechanics need a lot of work, hence your point on him needing time to develop. All in all, I was pretty happy with his performance given what stage he's at right now. What about Milliner though? He looked foolish on that TD pass. Is that a big sign of regression or should we let it slide?
  2. Despite what people say, w-l doesn't matter because it's preseason. That said, there some second stringers who regressed. Petty was one of them. Milliner just looked like a fool when he got turned around by a scrub receiver on that TD toss. Hack, I thought, was better than expected given his situation
  3. Ross missed a FG against (I think) the Jaguars. It was a 39 yarder that was so wide that I think he was aiming for the moon. He then was well short on a 52 yarder in the same game (most kickers get the distance but not the accuracy on that range). I pretty much knew he was done after that.
  4. Sanchez isn't going anywhere. in fact, he's going to do well in Denver for the same reasons he did well with the Jets in years 1 and 2: he doesn't have to do anything. Denver's got a great defense and OL, like the Jets had in those years. Peyton Manning didn't have to do much last year, did he? In the playoffs, his defense scored most of the team's points and forced turnovers that were converted into FGs. It would be the same thing for Sanchez. All he has to do is not screw up.
  5. That's the reason I'm generally against guys starting from game 1. Geno's psyche has been ruined. It's been pretty evident to me the entire preseason that he's so afraid of throwing a pic now that he's not even throwing the ball downfield.
  6. Granted he's playing against guys who most likely will never get starting time this season. That said, I was definitely surprised at how much zip he has on his throws and with his accuracy. Also, Petty and Smith did not look sharp at all, although it's only one preseason game. Does Hack have a shot at #2?
  7. Well, the Patriots cheat with virtually no consequences other than a 4 game suspension of Brady (that should have been an entire season, imp). So why not?
  8. I'd get rid of Sudfels instead. That fumble in the 4q didn't help his case at all, but Amaro I think can still be very good and Sudfeld has been mediocre at best since joining.
  9. Hey, the dude's got some serious problems now that he's unemployed...
  10. I noticed he was wide open on one long sideline post pattern in the 3Q and Petty just flat out overthrew him. Seriously, if the throw was three feet shorter he would have had an easy six. Felt bad for him, and showed me why Petty just isn't ready yet. I agree the fact that he got open on a bunch of plays is encouraging. Hopefully his blocking keeps improving
  11. For entertainment purposes only
  12. Well, if the Jets want to keep four QBs, at least we know K Ross Martin opened up a roster spot last night. I think he was aiming for the moon when he missed that 39 yarder
  13. Granted it's just the first preseason game but I didn't think Geno looked all that accurate. He had a few low passes that were way off the mark.
  14. I agree, I don't really care about the starters in preseason other than them not getting injured. All they're doing is getting rid of offseason rust by going through plain vanilla plays. I think we should look at the positives: I'm praying that Dee Milliner can stay healthy. He made some good plays and can definitely be a very good CB if healthy. Our young receivers simply looked awesome and hungry. We finally have a kick-off returner. Bryce Petty, while making a few poor decisions typical of most rookie QBs, has a strong arm and is a credible backup. all in all, remember the Rex Ryan days when watching backups during preseason games was boring because they sucked so badly? Wasn't the case here. Mac has really added depth.