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  1. Freemanm added a post in a topic Suh Kicked Fitzpatrick Square in the Head   

    First, it appears pretty obvious that Suh's kick wasn't intentional.
    Second, Suh should be more worried about the fact that he got spanked the entire game by a mediocre OL Jonathan Winters.
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  2. Freemanm added a post in a topic Pro Football Focus Grades: Jets Vs. Miami.   

    Question remains, however, can our D make up for Ryan Fitzpatrick's weak arm? Or is our D good enough to make up for the stupid pics that we know Geno Smith will throw? 
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  3. Freemanm added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Not that I care about the Fins but...
    It's like they're us from last season
    plus, Suh got spanked by Winters all game. Don't think Suh should be mad at anyone (coaches included) on the team except himself. He's the reincarn of Albert Fatsworth.
    anyone got a clip of Mo's sack dance yesterday? I want to teach it to my three year old son
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  4. Freemanm added a post in a topic QB   

    Well, the question is very simple. Is the defense good enough to carry this team, even with a crappy QB who can basically manage the game. Or do you want a dynamic QB like Geno, who can throw the ball downfield and make plays with his feet, yet routinely throws mind-bogglingly bad INTs? 
    The sensible thing to do is keep Fitz, despite the fact that he will always be a mediocre QB that really won't ever lead a game winning 4Q drive. 
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  5. Freemanm added a post in a topic Let's be realistic...   

    I appreciate your nice post. I have been a Jets fan for over 30 years now-I remember crying when my boyhood idol, Mark Gastineau, retired early to marry some she-male. 
    That said, I remain positive, despite this Sunday's loss. I do give credit to the Eagles, because they exposed the one giant weakness on our team - the QB position. Two of our three playmakers on offense (Marshall, Decker and Ivory), were out, and we couldn't seem to overcome their absences (and Marshall's bizarre lateral attempt didn't help). The Eagles basically focused on stopping our running game and challenged Ryan Fitzpatrick (there's a reason why he's always been a journeyman back QB) to win the game.
    The fact is, Bilal Powell and Jeremy Kerley were not able to step up. Our defense was on the field way too long, and I felt that the tackling was lazy when trying to stop the run. 
    That's okay, however. We will have our starters back come Sunday morning. Our defense is still a brick wall, and we haven't even gotten Richardson back yet. I am looking forward to seeing Geno Smith return. I am hoping he's matured enough to not make dumb mistakes on the field, because he actually can throw the ball downfield. 
    I still ill say this could very well be our year.
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  6. Freemanm added a post in a topic Jets should be Super Bowl contenders   

    I don't get why I'm being persecuted for being excited about the Jets? last time I checked, this site was called I'm excited and am gonna stay excited. None of you buzz killers can get me down!
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  7. Freemanm added a post in a topic Jets seek historic first win over Chip Kelly's lowly Eagles ~ ~ ~   

    agreed. I'm also sick of everyone wondering why he was put on the field late in a preseason game. The answer is simple. He was slated to be the starting QB that year. It was the Jets 3rd preseason game, and Rex wanted his starting QB to simply get some reps to keep him in game shape. What better time to put him into a game? What was so terrible about that decision? Besides, it wasn't Rex's fault. All Sanchez had to do was hand the ball off in that game. He chose to continue to do something that he's never been good at, and that's scramble. The injury was his fault, as far as I'm concerned. 
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  8. Freemanm added a post in a topic Jets should be Super Bowl contenders   

    that's what I'm saying man, thanks for the backing
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  9. Freemanm added a post in a topic Jets should be Super Bowl contenders   

    yeah but the thing is, Fitz/Geno don't have to beat them. All they had to do is not turn the ball over and manage the game. I'm telling you, if the Jets can muster 14 to 17 points, they're probably going to win the game. 
    And yes,the Jets starters played like crap during the preseason games. All, I'm saying is that they have a defense that I really haven't seen since the 2000 Ravens. They have a real opportunity this season. 
    I know we're all used to being cynical, but we have reason to believe this season.
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  10. Freemanm added a post in a topic Jets should be Super Bowl contenders   

    So there, everyone:
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  11. Freemanm added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Jets should be Super Bowl contenders
    After watching the first two games, especially the destruction of the Colts, I strongly feel the Jets Can make a legit Super Bowl run this year. 
    We have a 2000-Ravens type D defense that you only see maybe once a decade. If you look at the talent, it is Super Bowl caliber.Barring maybe New England (they just seem to know how to score points, I'm afraid), I just don't see any offense this year that the Jets D can't shut down.
    All Fitz and co. Need to do is not turn the ball over. Seriously, If the offense can scrape up 14 to 17 points, the Jets are probably going to win the game.
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  12. Freemanm added a post in a topic Quincy Enunwa emerging as #3 WR   

    This is awesome. Can anyone ever remember Kerley making a difficult or meaningful catch? Or are the only memories I have of him involving me saying, "Oh man, he should've caught that," or "Man, he was close to catching that, it went right through his fingers..."
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  13. Freemanm added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Starters looked like crap again, should we be worried?
    I am now worrying. Obviously Ivory looks great, and Brandon Marsh had a nice catch, but the defense looked slow and totally clueless, like they didn't even read the playbook. I thought the secondary was improved in the offseason?
    For the second week in a row, Mauldin had a good game and deserves a roster spot. Bryce Petty once again was better than I thought he would be.
    Also beginning to agree that Pryor is a bust, even tho I've defended him many times here.
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  14. Freemanm added a post in a topic When I think of the 1998 team   

    He was that year - 21 to 7 TD to INTs. Parcels had a way of doing that to inaccurate QBs. Hell, he made Ray Lucas look like Joe Montana a season later.
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  15. Freemanm added a post in a topic When I think of the 1998 team   

    I still feel the heartbreak, particularly
    because we were so much better than the Falcons that year...
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