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  1. Gotta love beats writers taking quotes from other journalist and creating entires speculative articles from them. Aren't these quotes from Daniel jeramiah? And news flash, the Jets have been a laughing stock around the NFL for a long time.
  2. They say there are not any dumb questions.........I disagree
  3. I wish I wasn't this way, but I just want to win. If he didn't put his hands on her he is fine. I don't care the if Jets players smoke weed, are illiterate, get DUIs, and the like. Minus killing someone, if they are winning or can help the Jets win, I don't care. Now, if they suck, but all means cut their ass.
  4. I get a Laveranues Coles vibe from this guy....minus the speed.
  5. meh....offseason OTA sunshine reports.
  6. I don't like Fitzpatrick, but quote was taken out of context. "It was a new team, new environment for me and I had to step up when my number was called. It’s the harsh reality of the NFL: There are [only] so many jobs that are available. I can’t complain about it. Last year I was the starter, and if you play well as the starter you continue to play. I didn’t play well and so I lost the game of musical chairs. They pulled my chair out from under me. But I’m happy to be here, and I do just enjoy football. I enjoy the Xs and Os and just the day-to-day interaction. I’m really happy to be in this role and to be here.”
  7. If McCown starts, why not blame Petty or Hackenburg for not being good enough to beat out a sh*tty QB instead of the HQ. Or Better yet, dont blame the players because they aren't good enough, but blame the GM who put the Jets in this position by drafting both sucky QBs. Bowles may be a bad HQ, but he is the last person to blame if McCown starts.
  8. Not sure why Richardson is getting all of the hate. BM was the problem as confirmed by Enunwa after the season. Enunwa just said it nicer.
  9. So is it safe to assume that if media access is granted in the future, Hackenburg looks ok. If not, it's suck for sam?
  10. THE JINX IS ON BOYS!!!!..............THE END OF HELL IS NEAR!!!!!!!!!.............too bad we're still going to suck
  11. The Jets may be in a good position to get a quality starting QB and now the players decide they want to play?
  12. So is this year going to be Bizarro jets land where every every gameday thread will be people moaning and bitching when the other team settles for Field Goals and goes 3 and out, meanwhile the Jets look just good enough to get 5 wins?
  13. Member the time Tomshane was one of the leaders to suck for Geno Smith?
  14. But everyone said the jets need a talent evaluator as GM and not a bean counter when Tanny was here.