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  1. I still believe Chad Kelly would be a great mid-late draft pick for QB.
  2. "good for a couple of years" So where was this winning before?
  3. Normally the jets don't bother me, but this one hurts.....Mangold will be missed speaking of Father Time, wanna get to work on Tom Brady anytime soon a$$hole?
  4. The kid looked really good, but being the Jets fan that I am there are several issues none of which are on Darnold. 1. This fan base and media will not allow the Jets FO to tank. We will bitch and moan the whole time. 2. I may be wrong on this, but Hackenburg had the same stuff said about him his freshman year in College. 3. Does no one remember Peyton Manning? The Jets "tanked" (not really, but the sucked so bad it looked like they were tanking) for Manning his Junior year and the Jets got burned when he returned for his senior year. 4. This is the Jets we are talking about. They will **** this up someway, somehow.
  5. The gary myers/albert breer twitter feud is more entertaining than this.
  6. No ....when will you realize Fitz has some weird voodoo to get any qb ahead of him injured. Wait until Fitz is off the team and secretly traded to the Pats and crushes their org.
  7. I will admit I was happy with the Mo resigning at the time. I never thought the Jets should cave and give him top money, but wanted him resigned. I will say I was never for the Fitzpatrick resigning. Snacks I thought could be replaced. I like Snacks and miss but still think we Jets didn't need to resign him at top money.
  8. He's a ******* curse. A black cloud that hangs over a franchise's other QBs
  9. Here is to hoping Petty shows improvement and the Jets still lose.
  10. So did the Jets
  11. LMAO and there was Wilkerson doing nothing.
  12. WTF did you just call time out?