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  1. Boblivius added a post in a topic Who do you want us to draft?   

    The new GM will refine the decision making process so that the BPA, regardless of position, will be chosen. If that's the case, then it's likely that a top defensive player is the choice @ 9 in the first round. Th BPA pattern will continue throuhout the remaining picks. strength of the 2013 draft is on the defense.
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  2. Boblivius added a post in a topic **Official NY Jets General Manager Discussion Thread** (MERGED)   

    Good move! He's not the guy we need.
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  3. Boblivius added a post in a topic Report: GM Mike Tannenbaum FIRED (MERGED)   

    Rex will be on a short leash once a new GM is chosen. A new GM will recognize that the 2013 season wuill be tough going. Once the 2013 season ends, the overall performance of the Jets will seal the fate of Rex.
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  4. Boblivius added a post in a topic So what's the verdict on Austin Howard?   

    Overall, he's done well. He needed the exposure to show his value. As long as he continues self improvement, he'll be fine. OL depth is more needed at guard going forward.
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  5. Boblivius added a post in a topic Jets Playoff Scenarios After Week 14   

    Thanks for an excellent post.
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  6. Boblivius added a post in a topic Why can't Woody hire anyone with experience?   

    Some perspective is needed. Until this year, Woody's ownership (since 2000) produced a winning record with six playoff appearances. While this record isn't spectacular, it's better than most teams in that time span. The problem is that during that time span there were too many quick fixes wothout a long term strategy. Siccessful franchises such as the Giants, Steelers, Ravens, Pats etc build their teams on maintaining draft picks and drafting well. These teams also establish an identity as to their style of play. The Jets have no true identity. Ground and Pound is a farce without the talent to execute it. The solution is getting a football executive, not a coach, as a GM. Woody has to decide what he wants this team to become. The status quo is not acceptable and I think Woody knows it.
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  7. Boblivius added a post in a topic What happened when T-Rex/Sparano were called into Woody's office this week?   

    The question might be if he (Woody) should short some of his stock in J & J.
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  8. Boblivius added a post in a topic Raise your hand if you think Woody is a good owner   

    Prior to this season, Woody's record as an owner was a winning one with six playoff appearances. How many other franchises can match that record? Mistakes were made, but that's the nature of the beast. He'll make the correction as needed. He is more astute than some of you think. He wants to win!
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  9. Boblivius added a post in a topic Is This The Next Jets Left Guard   

    What bothers me is that FO drafted, Mangold, D'Brick, Moore and Slauson, but not depth. Austin Howard is playing well also. However, quality depth is lacking. The OL needs quality depth not not names on a roster.
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  10. Boblivius added a post in a topic Who will replace these refs   

    Rex likes the prevent defence in critical situations. W'eve seen it before with the same results. Rex should look in the mirror for this loss.
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  11. Boblivius added a post in a topic Rex Ryan   

    I agree. Unfortunately, Sparano has failed as an OC thus far. His plays don't produce consistency. The first drive results in a TD with ground and pound. After that, he abandons it. The 3rd & 1 on the 2 yd line was an opportunity to gain, at least, a first down or score via running the ball. Calling a slant pass, especially after dominating the line, was blatanly stupid. Add to Sparano's poor efforts, Sanchez helped snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This is his fourth year and he is regressing. While heplays well at times, he lacks the mentality needed at nhis position. As a result, he makes critical errors in judgment at the worst times. He's a lingering problem that will exist and hurt the team throuhout this year and 2013. His mind is not on football.
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  12. Boblivius added a post in a topic A look at the 2013 cap situation...just cause   

    You also need someone who knows talent. Tanny isn't the answer. No doubt that he's a good numbers guy, but we need a top talent evaluator as GM.
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  13. Boblivius added a post in a topic Worst Case, Does Rex get the Axe after 1 Losing Season?   

    We're 2-2. Let's see what happens in the remainder of the season. While last Sunday was a disaster, a rebound may happen. Go from there.
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  14. Boblivius added a post in a topic The Turnaround   

    If the Jets continue to slide into anything thing below .500, or even at .500, it's time to change the FO. Charlie Casserly is mentioned by some of you as a replacement for Tanny. He would be an excellent choice because he knows talent. Tanny's strength is numbers. Charlie would operate as the final selector, along with his scouting dept., of players via drafts and FA. Too often, Jet coaches have overruled the scouting operation's choices. This must stop. This organizatiion needs to consider the long term in building a playoff franchise. Getting a GM who can move in this direction is part of the solution. Patch work fillins don't work in the long run. Retaining draft picks and drafting wisely pays off.
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  15. Boblivius added a post in a topic Are the Jets running out of patience in Shonn Greene?   

    Powell should start. Greene looks like Saskwatch attempting to run. Enough already!
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