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  1. Clearly a bad throw.....but WTF is Smith even on the field?
  2. Devin Smith is driving me insane with his suck-itude.
  3. 13/26....141yds.....1TD. Doesn't deserve his own thread with play this bad.
  4. I hope Bowles is ripping them a new a**hole right now.
  5. Browns are 4th in the league in terms of how many points per game they give up and 6th in total points. That's a fairly important factor as to why they are 6-3. Granted, they do give up a good amount of yards, but they've done a good job of not giving up points. Some quick back of the envelope numbers: Shanahan Averages since 2010: Total Yards: 11.6, Pass Yds: 13.8, Rush Yds: 14.2 & Total Points: 17.8 Jets Averages since 2010: Total Yds: 21.4, Pass Yds: 28.6, Rush Yds: 9.2 & Total Points: 22 Obviously he's much better at creating an offense that can get yards through the passing game, which no doubt is extremely important in today's NFL, but in terms of rushing and points, its marginal. Over the last 5 seasons Shanahan coached offenses have scored approximately 1.8 more ppg than the Jets. Considering how awful our offenses have been the past few years (which really skew the numbers IMO) I'd like to see stronger numbers in that area. Especially when you consider he is an offensive guy and I'm comparing him to a defensive minded team (in theory) who has been utterly inept on the offensive side of the ball. I don't see a top 3 head coach candidate. Maybe in the future, but now? That's a difficult proposition for me to accept. Kid has the pedigree and bloodline for it, so I'm sure he'll get his opportunities in the near future. Just don't see it happening in the next year. But I'm open minded and a persuasive argument might sway me.
  6. Clyde f****in Gates. How he continues to stick around, I'll never know.
  7. Simms really lighting it up tonight.
  8. I agree with this. Not sure what the plan was going into the FA period, but I would have thought more areas of need would have been addressed by now. I'm still optimistic though.
  9. Kids gunna have a monster 4th pre-season game. SMS4life
  10. Trading away our best player two years running=championship.
  11. If you want to watch a team who looks unprepared for at least 25% of their games, Rex is your man.