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  1. Not to mention the 8th highest payroll in the league, as per Jason from OTC.
  2. I would be offended by this if you were credible and not insane.
  3. Yes.
  4. Really glad you decided to make another thread about the same exact ish.
  5. Revis hasn't played particularly well, so it's not that dire.
  6. Revis is a smart guy. Laying the ground work to get a week of "rest" instead of going against Brown. Would force Bowles to change the secondary scheme in a material way for a week (I hope) and I'm honestly interested to see what he would change if Revis were to sit. This secondary is putrid and statistically speaking can't really see how it can get worse if they are w/o Revis for a week. Having said that, Jets have always been adept at finding new and impressive levels of sucktitude.
  7. R-E-L-A-X
  8. Secondary is struggling big time and that has nothing to do with a rebuild.
  9. Any and all criticism is stupid......because.......rebuild. That's reasonable.
  10. Love you so much for this post.
  11. This guy.
  12. Clearly a bad throw.....but WTF is Smith even on the field?
  13. Devin Smith is driving me insane with his suck-itude.
  14. 13/26....141yds.....1TD. Doesn't deserve his own thread with play this bad.