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  1. Would love to know what the hell Macc was thinking when he concluded Hack was a steal in the 2nd round.
  2. You're basically arguing with yourself as you're the only one who insists on comparing the two.
  3. How is that obvious? They're 1-1 in head-to-head matchups.
  4. Eagles still feeling the effects of Chip's genius.
  5. He intentionally got rid of his best players while in Philly. His college schtick is just that......for college.
  6. United: "All of Macc's picks."
  7. You're right. Chip is a great coach. It's just his greatness wasn't properly absorbed by two franchises. Obviously not his fault.
  8. Memories of Jamarcus Russell.
  9. Can't even be ballsy correctly.
  10. Let's throw Joewilly on those threads too.
  11. TBF, we also don't know if he was painting unicorns and rainbows on his Microsoft Surface.
  12. Some people could also be getting tired of the ultra-conservative approach Bowles brings to the table and want to see a more aggressive approach.