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  1. ANYBODY would be an improvement over Sanchez.
  2. We'd need a BIGGER tent if that happened! lol
  3. There are way too many comedians out of work...don't quit your day job I guess it doesn't take much to make you happy then Actually it's 132 Mil but what's an extra 2 mil right?
  4. A subpar signing if they do and nothing like going after bottom rung players
  5. I'm all for signing the guy! we need help on the O Line!
  6. I'd be happy if we drafted Curry but my only concern is that he played at Marshall so the competition he played against would make me wonder but there have been a few really good players to come out of Marshall ie: Moss & Pennington.
  7. For a guy who made a name for himself on the defensive side of the ball I have no clue as to why Rex is against bolstering the defense? we've sorely missed a pass rush in way too many years as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I'd rather see Campbell above all of those with Orton behind him.
  9. We sorely need someone who can rush the QB first and foremost and depth at some key positions on offense is what I believe we need.