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    Beating the Jaguars in the '98 playoffs; Beating the Chargers in the '09 playoffs and beating the Patriots in the '10 playoffs.
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    The Cleveland Browns playoff game in the 1986 Divisional Round. Also losing to the Steelers in the 2004 Divisioanl Round.
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  1. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    Francesa certainly respects Bowles. It was a good interview. Bowles says he is enjoying this camp more than his first two. Feels more comfortable as HC.
  2. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    I was very impressed with the Todd Bowles interview. He is a solid HC.
  3. Interesting decision for Bowles. McCown has played only 1 series in the first two preseason games. He is the presumed starter, as such, he should get the lions share of the snaps against the Giants as he will not play in week 4. However, given the Jets expectations for this season, perhaps rather than McCown they should start either Hackenberg or Petty for one final test to see if either can be the starter this season. Any thoughts on how they will go?
  4. The two safeties vs Watson/Mahomes and Cook

    Weve played two preseason games LOL. Gotta love fans!
  5. Classic Jets here. The reporters were going to ask McCown about not playing and McCown was going to give a team-friendly answer about needing to get the young kids playing time and how he's seen plenty of preseason reps and yada yada yada it's not a big deal. Instead, by drawing attention to the Jets interest in McCown NOT TALKING, the Jets are causing people to talk about him not talking. There was nothing before this incident that suggested the Jets were going to handle the quarterback situation well, and there is nothing in the preseason approach that suggests the Jets know what they're doing at the position, or with the roster in general. The only thing the Jets could do that would be more Jets would be managing not to secure a top-three pick in the upcoming draft and missing a shot at the top QB prospects. OK clue me in, what's the big deal? McCown didn't play last night. I saw another article that said NE has a history of doing the same thing.
  6. Caption this photo.

    Wow! She's hot!
  7. I'm still in shock

    The worst part of a poor Jets perfomance, even in a preseason game, is the idiocy from fans on display on this Board.
  8. Mauldin, Forte Won’t Play Saturday

    Why would the Jets do that? Forte is still pretty good and his salary is guaranteed.
  9. Happy birthday, Maxman

    Happy Birthday! Many more!
  10. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to the game tonight. Interested to see how Bowles handles the QB playing time tonight.
  11. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    The Jets aren't even the worst team in the division. I think we are better than the Bills. The Jets are a minimum 4-6 win team.
  12. Preseason Power Rankings

    At least we didn't drop from the post-draft rankings!
  13. McCown's' last 32 games

    Good. I want the 32nd pick
  14. Learn From History

    The media sucks. All off season they preach that the Jets have "tanked" the season, which is a ridiculous concept, and now it's "now or never" for Hackenberg. I wish they would just report and stop trying to control the news.
  15. While I favor playing Hackenberg, you can't disparage McCown's performance last night, 1 drive resulting in a TD. Lets see how the preseason progresses.