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  1. Good article from the guys over at Interstate of Green.   http://www.interstateofgreen.com/#!From-Circus-to-Success-Are-the-New-York-Jets-built-to-last/civp/5616e9cd0cf2a7ff73a9a0f7    Every time a team hires a new head coach players tend to come and go rapidly. The way a coach builds a roster depicts the longevity of their term. Todd Bowles along with Mike Maccagnan have passed the test in the first quarter of the year. On defense the Jets brought in heavy hitters such as Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Buster Skrine, and Marcus Gilchrist to build a revamped secondary. Under the radar players such as Erin Henderson and Jamari Lattimore have also been added. On offense Brandon Marshall, Zac Stacy, James Carpenter, Devin Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Stevan Ridley have been added to resurrect an offensive system that just did not work under Rex Ryan.  This year the Jets have started three and one thanks mainly to the new players that have been added to the roster. The question is, are the New York Jets built to last? Let's break it down by position group.   The main concern on this Jets team as far as youth is the offensive line. D'Brickashaw Ferguson (31), Nick Mangold (31) and Willie Colon (32) no longer are spring chickens when it comes to their age. The Jets have tried in the past to build depth but that has simply not happened. Brian Winters surprised everyone with his play against the Dolphins but who knows if that will last. In order for the offense to keep clicking Bowles and Maccagnan need to focus on the offensive line early and often in the 2016 draft and free agency.  The next group that may be a concern is the quarterback position. Bryce Petty was drafted this year as the “quarterback of the future”, it is unclear if he can carry the torch. Geno Smith is not the answer and has appeared to not only lose his job but the locker room as well. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a game manager but he is not the kind of player who can win a game from behind for this team. Bowles and Maccagnan would be wise to add an experienced arm in the off-season.   The group on this team that is carrying the weight more than any other group is the secondary. This group is the complete opposite of what it was last year. The safeties are not a concern as far as youth, but the cornerbacks are another story. Revis and Cromartie are filled with veteran experience but with experience comes regression. Revis is still hitting on all cylinders but Cromartie is not. There is a great deal of depth at cornerback based on how Bowles leads his defensive schemes. Marcus Williams will be a star in Bowles defense and eventually replace Cromartie. Under Williams on the depth chart are players such as Dee Milliner, Dexter McDougle and Darrin Walls.  Milliner is a question mark with injuries and his play on the field. McDougle is young which also makes him a question mark. Darrin Walls was on the fringe of a roster spot this year, it is unclear if he can make an impact. The Jets have a few years before the secondary becomes a concern but once Revis leaves the youth better be able to step up.   The next group that needs work are the tight ends. Statistically the tight ends have been nonexistent on this team. The problem is not youth but rather talent. Kellen Davis is a blocking tight end and should not be starting. Wes Saxton is young tight end who does have talent but needs time to develop. Jace Amaro has a lot of potential but as years go by it seems more and more evident that he is also not the answer. Jeff Cumberland seems to make the team every year by default and is also far from the answer. As long as Chan Gailey is Offensive Coordinator, tight end will continue to not be a featured position. The team should still revamp their tight end position with talent in case a new wrinkle is added to the offense.   The wide receiver and linebacker positions are very similar on this team. Both positions have one big star with a player who is a close second on the rise behind them. Brandon Marshall has Eric Decker and David Harris has Demario Davis. Another similarity with these positions are everyone but the two starters are question marks. Jeremy Kerley seems to no longer have a role on this team and it is evident. Chris Owusu has been a bright spot but also has been injured. Devin Smith is a rookie and has a lot to learn based on his play thus far on the field. At the linebacker position you have a group that is very uncertain. Calvin Pace (34) is towards the end of his career and Quinton Coples makes more mental mistakes than anyone else on the team. If the depth on the team pans out the Jets should be fine going forwards. There needs to be more games in order to determine if these positions need to be revamped. The Jets will cross that bridge when Brandon Marshall and Calvin Pace decide to hang up the cleats.     It is always good to end on a positive note. There are two groups on this team that really don't have to be changed much. These groups are running back and defensive line. Chris Ivory is a mauler on the field and should remain the starter as long as he has legs to stand on. The players behind him may change but Powell (26), Ridley (26) and Stacy (24) are a good young core. The Jets defensive line is arguably the best in the NFL. Wilkerson, Richardson, Harrison and Williams can be the new Sack Exchange if everything works out. There is talk that Muhammad Wilkerson will not receive a contract extension. That would not be best case scenario but even if that happens the position has adequate depth to build off of. If Wilkerson, Richardson, Williams and Harrison stay with this team long term there's no telling how good this defensive line could be.   The question remains, are the New York Jets built to last? On paper the answer seems to be a definitive yes. This team has years before any drastic measures have to be done. This team may be on the older side on many key positions but they certainly don't play that way. There may be some youth players that come in steal some jobs in the future but as of right now the Jets are on the fast track to a playoff berth. There is a veteran presence in the locker room that has been lacking in years past. The players are hungry to win with a coach that is equally as hungry. This is a no nonsense group of guys compared to years prior when it seemed chaotic. Jets fans have never had the opportunity to be on the outside looking in on this team. Now the fans can see the drastic changes that are going on based on the coach and the GM. It seems this team has gone from circus to success.   Twitter: @interstategreen
  2. Good interview I hope Geno can turn things around
  3. Haha didn't think the article would cause such a great debate. Glad I could help. I wrote the first article not the missing frontal lobe one
  4. Nice little article pointing out some minor differences that could make a big difference for the team as a whole.   http://www.interstateofgreen.com/#!Tough-Love-or-Best-Friend-Bowles-vs-Rex/civp/5596d0270cf2c7ea473de578   There are many approaches to coaching in the NFL. Currently the New York Jets are seeing a drastic change in the organization based on their change in management and coaching. The coach are moving on from a coach who prided himself on publicly announcing himself to the media to a coach who is soft spoken and expects his team to follow suit. Both coaches are good at their jobs and have expertise on the defensive side of the ball. Both coaches will make their respective teams better almost immediately and both coaches will have the respect of their players in different ways. So what is the difference between these two men? They seem similar on paper, but the tiny difference are going to be paramount for the New York Jets organization. It is not simply black and white, no pun intended.   There are four main differences between the Rex Ryan era and the new Todd Bowles era that will play a vital part in next season and beyond.   1) Not letting players talk without it being seen on the field- The Rex Ryan era is clearly over in New York, just ask the media. These new Jets are very tight lipped compared to the years past. There was slight talk in the beginning of the Bowles reign including mention of the Jets being the new “dream team”. Bowles quickly shut the talk down and did not understand why there was talk without production. This is vital to make this team more regimented and will help them obtain a goal they had never had, a championship. The dream team talk will not resurface in the future, I guarantee it.   2) Clear coach/player relationships- The Rex Ryan chest bump is synonymous in New York. The relationships Rex Ryan had with his players were great…while they lasted. After Rex Ryan left there were players such as Jace Amaro and Willie Colon who questioned Rex Ryan’s accountability. When a coach becomes a friend, the coach tends to let players slide on things. Bowles seems to have made a line in the sand between coach and player.   3) Playing Favorites vs. Building a 53- The next differnce conincides very well with the last difference of relationships with players. Rex Ryan was a culprit of keeping players on the roster based on his relationship with them. The same thing is happening in Buffalo. Rex Ryan added players that many view as sub par including Wayne Hunter, Matthew Mulligan, Matt Simms and John Connor. It seems that with Todd Bowles no one is completely safe. It does not matter where the player is drafted it matters what happens on the field. This rings clear based on comments regarding Dee Milliner. A player like Dexter McDougle or Marcus Williams could unseat Milliner based on performance. Bowles uses almost the entire roster in his schemes so players will have the chance to shine. If he player is on the field it is because they earned it. I expect a few surprise cuts.   4) More focus on the Offense- When is the last time a Jets fan could say the Jets were good offensively on paper? This year it seems like the team can compete if Geno Smith steps up. Bowles has come forward that he wants a balanced team. The era of ground and pound may have finally fell by the wayside. Adding talent on the offensive side of the ball is something this team is not necessarility accustomed to. Every position that was lacking seemed to get an upgrade. The offensive line is still shaky but the added attention of a head coach could make all the difference. Another aspect that proves that Bowles is invested in the offense is his banter with Chan Gailey. Bowles made it known that no position is set in stone and he will have a say in how starts for his team especially at quarterback. This team is shell shocked and ready for long term success.     Are these slight differences enough to propell the team to the next level? Time will tell.   Twitter: @interstategreen
  5. Team to cheer on in NFC

    Seems like this is the site for you>> www.interstateofgreen.com
  6. Hey guys just wanted to show you the interview I had with Taiwan. He is a very nice guy who many thought would go between round 4 and 5. Bowles loves this kid already. Check it out http://www.interstateofgreen.com/#!taiwan-jones/c1asw
  7. Jets announced today that TE Chris Pantale and LB Chris Young was cut. Corey Hilliard who recently signed with the team has retired. Think this move opens up the doors for Wes Saxton at TE. Diamond in the rough. The LB core was crowded so the cut makes sense.
  8. Julian Howsare OLB

    Yeah he's a big dude who loves playing special teams and can probably beat out most of old guys. He just told me he got Kyle Cliftons number 59. Big shoes to fill
  9. Julian Howsare OLB

    For some reason my links cut off when I post from my phne. Just copy and paste the link. Thanks again
  10. Hey guys thought you might want more information on Julian who recently signed a three year deal with the team and is very excited to report. I interviewed him the other day, enjoy. http://www.interstateofgreen.com/#!julian-howsare/c1k86
  11. To me he is the kind of back we don't have. He is fast and can catch.
  12. Here is a direct link to the interview. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did conducting it. http://www.interstateofgreen.com/#!interviews/c216z
  13. Kevin Monangai tried out for the Jets and I got the opportunity to interview him. He really wants to be a Jet and said he would love to be the speed back with catching ability that the team lacks. Check out his interview below. @interstategreen http://www.interstateofgreen.com/#!interviews/c216z Kevin Monangai Running Back Villanova When Interstate of Green reached out to running back Kevin Monangai we were very impressed with what we saw. Not only is Kevin Monangai an excellent athlete, he has the personality and kindness to match. Kevin Monangai is a New Jersey native who told us that he would like nothing more than to be the Jets verison of Darren Sproles. A running back with the size of Darren Sproles and running style of Marshawn Lynch, some team will be very happy come April. Get to know Kevin Monangai in this full length interview. 1) What colleges were interested in you out of high school? Kevin: My high school career took place at Seton Hall Prep, the oldest catholic school in the state of New Jersey. I started on varsity as a sophomore and ended that year with 1,100-plus yards, 8.8 yards/carry, and 17 TDs. Excited for an even bigger junior season, it didn’t go exactly the way I planned. 6 games into my junior season, I was on pace to be the leading rusher in New Jersey and was soon preparing for offers from big 1A programs, such as Boston College, Rutgers, and Maryland. In my seventh game of the season, I suffered a third degree high ankle sprain against Irvington High School and ended up missing the rest of the season, except for our first-round playoff loss to Don Bosco Prep. After my injury, the big 1A programs, who were on the brink of offering me, backed off and I was left entering my senior season with no scholarship offers. Still strongly believing in my ability, I emptied the tank my senior year. The emptying of that tank manifested itself as me being the leading rusher in the state of New Jersey and every rushing record in the 159-year history of Seton Hall Prep falling at my feet, as well as the county single-season and career touchdown records. My only 1A offer was from Central Michigan and, although I saw myself as a D1 RB, I wanted to stay close to home. Just when it looked like I was going to have to commit to Central Michigan, in pursuit of competing at the highest level of football possible, Villanova offered me a full scholarship only three weeks before Signing Day. I took my official visit that following weekend, fell in love with the program, and committed by the end of my visit. I went on to finish my career at Villanova as the 3rd Leading Rusher in the program’s 121-year history. 2) How was your time at Nova? Kevin: My time at Villanova was awesome. I made a ton of friends and received a great degree in Economics and Philosophy. I'm definitely glad I chose to attend. 3) What teams have you tried out for so far? Which was your favorite? Kevin: So far, the Eagles and Jets have put me through workouts. I liked them both a lot and would consider it an honor to play for either organization. 4) Who did you meet as far as pro coaches/players while working out? Kevin: During my visit with the Eagles, most of my interactions were with RB Coach Duce Staley, a former RB for the Philadelphia Eagles. At the Jets, Head Coach Bowles introduced the entire staff then I spent a portion of my day with Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey and the rest of it with RB Coach Marcel Shipp, a former RB for the Arizona Cardinals. I also got to talk to Villanova football alumnus Ben Ijalana and Jets Head Strength Coach Justus Galac, who used to be my strength coach at Villanova. 5) Who do you compare your game too? Kevin: I compare my game to Marshawn Lynch. He's a tough physical runner, who's also agile enough to make people miss when needed and break away into the open field. 6) Where do you expect to get drafted? Kevin: If I was to get drafted, I'd expect it to come in the late rounds of the Draft. If not, I'm confident I can add value to a team as an Undrafted Free Agent. 7) Favorite team and player growing up? Kevin: I've never really had a favorite team growing up but I've always admired the way Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster, and Matt Forte run the football. Each one of them brings a unique quality to the game that makes them successful. Marshawn has his toughness and strength. Arian has excellent one-cut ability and gets up field quickly. While Matt is probably one of the most consistent receiving threats at the RB position in recent memory. 8) First thing you want to buy when you are signed? Kevin: The first thing I'll buy once I'm signed is one of those high-altitude training masks. I've always thought those were pretty cool and relatively affordable. After watching ESPN's 30 for 30: Broke, my goal is to save as much of my money as I can so I won't be buying anything too crazy at first. Everyone here at Interstate of Green wish Kevin Monangai the best of luck in the 2015 NFL Draft and are pulling for him to land on the Jets pr the Eagles so we can continue to feature him on the site. With the character that Kevin has we will bends the rules and feature him no matter what team picks him up. Get educated on Kevin Monangai, he is a name to watch!