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  1. TDs aren't going to be the problem for Geno, it's limiting the turnovers and bad sacks. I could see him throwing 30+ TDs but getting around 20 turnovers.
  2. Malik Jackson and Olivier Vernon are both getting paid $17 million a year. Do people truly believe that Mo isn't a better player than both of those guys?
  3. Ah yes, PFF. The same guys that once gave a negative grade to Aaron Rodgers after a 330 yard 5 TD performance.
  4. I'm hopeful that Hackenberg is a rookie phenom, but I'm assuming Geno will win that competition. It'll be interesting to see what he can do with actual NFL talent at the skill positions.
  5. The Jets offensive line isn't, but Penn States might be.
  6. David Carr. 117 times sacked from 2004-2005.
  7. I have to disagree. By all accounts Geno won the starting job last year before getting his jaw broken. Petty isn't ready and I'd rather not rush Hackenberg. If Fitz doesn't sign, Geno should start.
  8. With all this flack over the QB

    Agreed. Every QB coming out of college has concerns about being NFL ready. That can't scare you into never drafting one, or waiting for some magical "perfect" QB to come out. Keep drafting them until you find one, IMO.
  9. I hope you're right. I'm just going off his own words. I remember reading an article where he talked about needing to learn how to play coverage this off-season so he can become an every down player. Bowles said much the same thing in the article as well.
  10. It's close as far as talent goes, but if I'm a GM I'm giving the big contract to the guy without the off field issues.
  11. My concern is that we'll be in the same situation with Sheldon in a few years. I don't want to lose the arguably better player now only to have to pay the lesser player the same amount if not more.
  12. I see what you're saying. I don't agree that Sheldon and Leo are better. I also don't agree that trading your best players for picks that might not pan out is the wisest course. You end up creating more holes unless you're very lucky. And the Jets aren't that lucky.
  13. I have to ask, what makes you think Sheldon and Leo are better than Mo?
  14. But Mo is the problem, right?