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  1. I'm not sold on this Oline, either. We might have a middle of the pack line.
  2. IDK about the other branches, but underneath all the smack talk us Navy guys absolutely respect the Coast Guard. "You have to go out; you don't have to come back."
  3. This. Unless there's a security camera that caught the whole incident, Revis will never get convicted. Nothing on the cell phone shows Revis doing anything wrong, and the victims can't even identify the person who actually punched them.
  4. The 2009 Jets gave up 153 passing yards per game. The 2010 team gave up 200 yards per game. In a passing league, that's pretty amazing stuff that Revis was definitely a huge part of.
  5. Well, a dude named Crusher walking around hungry certainly sounds intimidating lol.
  6. Terroristic threats aren't the same as terrorism. Revis conceivably could have said "I'm going to beat the crap out of you", which is a terroristic threat. Heck, just throwing the guys phone in the street is legally a terroristic threat. It's a pretty vague law that covers a lot of illegal activities.
  7. We'd have to package a 5th with him just to get a bag of scuffed, deflated footballs.
  8. Seriously. Give the guy the finger, call him an a**hole and move on with your life.
  9. Not really a fan of this logic. That's like saying Tyrod Taylor is more valuable than Russell Wilson because Buffalo averaged more points per game than Seattle.
  10. So, about those nude
  11. I don't know about parity, but this could be the first time in history that an NFL franchise won't win a Super Bowl at least 3 times in the same decade.
  12. Warren Moon......and I think that's about it lol.
  13. Rodgers makes it look easy. With Favre, you always wondered when the bad interception was coming.