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  1. Lose Mo AND Sheldon?

    Yeah, let's get rid of the only guy who can consistently get to the QB so we can draft another guy who might or might not be able to consistently get to the QB.
  2. I know he wasn't a great player, but Matt Millen won 4 rings with 4 different teams.
  3. Yeah, that's ridiculous. He throws it to the ONE GUY who is double teamed.
  4. Bowles -I will say it

    IMO the play calling is bad because we're limited as to what we can actually do. We essentially have only 2 viable WRs, neither of whom can really stretch the field. We also only have a banged up Ivory and a slightly-better-than JAG in Powell for the running game.
  5. Bowles -I will say it

    Because in a league where video game numbers are the norm, we don't have an offense that can consistently put up 30+ points a game.
  6. The Meltdown of '15

    Pretty much all of this. I don't know how to respond to people who thought this was anything more than an 8 win team.
  7. Quinton Coples Waived

    So we draft a DL, force him to play OLB, and when he has proven that he can't play OLB we waive him instead of trying to  fit him on the DL. Very Jets move.
  8. Yeah that sucks. I wouldn't have any problem with the kids getting jersey sale money or getting paid for public appearances.
  9. I guess my point is that the players ARE being compensated. They get a free degree. You could argue whether the compensation is high enough or not, but it's not like these kids are getting completely screwed over.
  10. Meh. These guys are getting a free college education  ($30,000/yr. plus all the other freebies they get) to play a game they'd probably play for free anyway.
  11. It's Nice Having CBs Again.

    I'm just happy we don't have the worst QB in the league any more.
  12. What I learned Thursday night

    They looked beatable to me. The Steelers were able to move the ball all night. A few breakdowns in a not very good secondary led to a few Gronk TDs.
  13. Dakota Dozier. But only because I want him to play so well that he earns the nickname "Double D" so I can hear announcers say things like, "Boy, Double D sure is a handful to handle" and other witticisms.
  14. La'el Collins signs with Cowboys

    Pats because they win, Miami for the weather, Jets for a chance at a starting job in a year or two.