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  1. I, for one, am shocked that a backup QB coming off an ACL injury didn't get signed to a multi year, multimillion dollar contract.
  2. The jersey has been appraised at $500,000. Game worn jerseys are big money items.
  3. I hate Brady as much as the next guy, but at the end of the day he's a US citizen who had a high value item stolen from him and transported across an international border. That's part of the FBI's job.
  4. The jersey was allegedly traced to Mexico. Local cops can't cross international borders, but the FBI can. Houston police probably had reasonable suspicion that the jersey crossed the border and asked the FBI for help.
  5. People are way too caught up on Revis' interception numbers. Terrell Buckley has 3 less career INTs than Deion Sanders. That doesn't make Buckley almost as good as Deion, or twice as good as Revis.
  6. I'm sure Revis has never seen that guy before and he was totally a random passerby. Edit: just saw it actually was his buddy. I'm sure he'll be getting something very expensive for his birthday.
  7. Fitz is a smart guy who could possibly help the youngsters. I wouldn't hate the move as long as: 1. Bowles is under orders to never play him, under any circumstances. 2. Fitz himself is willing to accept the part of a de facto coach who just happens to wear a uniform.
  8. Fitzpatrick said last year that he "doesn't care about the big picture, he just wants to be out there playing." That doesn't sound like a guy who is eager to take on a mentorship role to a couple of guys who in all likelihood aren't good QBs.
  9. Considering that Riley Reiff, another swing tackle, got a 5 yr/ $59 million contract with $26 mill guaranteed, this isn't too bad.
  10. That may be true, but it's not saying much.
  11. Good to know that the Jets aren't the dumbest franchise in the league.
  12. Hopefully the Jets don't break the bank for this guy, but to be fair, he's never played more than 50% of the defensive snaps before this year. He's almost certainly better than anything we have at the position.
  13. Just throw Hack and Petty out there.
  14. You can literally kill someone (Donte Stallworth) and still have a career.