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  1. Next up is a hybrid DE/OLB who can't rush the passer OR drop back into coverage, but he's got a high motor, great footwork and has never been arrested.
  2. As long as they're undersized guards who can't block but can get to the second level quickly.
  3. They should do a fan poll one year just for the chuckles. Highest voted guy gets drafted.
  4. On the bright side, we will now improve to be the 22nd ranked defense in the league.
  5. I like the player. I just question the strategy of picking non-premium positions that high.
  6. All 1 PM, except the Raiders and Broncos away games, and the Thursday night Bills game.
  7. Yes, in the literal sense nothing is guaranteed....although I guarantee that if Brady stays healthy, the Patsies win double digit games.
  8. Home vs. Jax
  9. Lol. I'll have you know that not only was I the backup TE on my HS team that won 2 games in 4 years, I was also a 12th level Paladin.