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  1. After watching "Fair Catch" Kerley the last few years, I'd give him a spot just to see positive yards after a punt.
  2. The only difference between Indy and Cleveland is Andrew Luck.
  3. Warren Moon comes to mind. Brett Favre wasn't great in college either.
  4. All of this is true, but maybe we should wait to see if Petty is good against someone other than 3rd stringers before we cut our only experienced backup QB.
  5. And yet he's still the only Jets QB to throw a TD so far....
  6. Considering he has 3 receivers to his right, it makes sense that his head is to the right. You can't tell where his eyes are looking.
  7. Jalin Marshall and Dee Milliner
  8. Full list here
  9. Definitely excited for this kid. I hear his name in just about every camp update,
  10. It's close but for me Joker puts it over the top.
  11. It was good, and maybe I'm biased, but The Dark Knight is THE best superhero movie ever.
  12. Haha haven't seen that one yet. Heard mixed reviews. As far as im concerned, Batman>Superman>Spidey.
  13. It makes me sick too, but there are people who actually think Spider-Man is better than Batman.
  14. Literally anything but the hideous Titans jersey, or the stupid color rush crap.