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  1. Yes. Because he shoved the center out of his way like a rag doll.
  2. Explosiveness Strength Emotion
  3. I wanted Geno to start, and I agree with this. If he sucks, tell him to sit down, shut up and next man up.
  4. IMO, it doesn't even matter how well Geno plays at this point. The fans hate him and the team has no confidence in him. I can't see him re-signing with the Jets unless they give him a ridiculous contract, which they shouldn't.
  5. They're not as bad as the green pants.
  6. You can add the retro Titans uni on that fire as well.
  7. Lol yeah I find that argument a little silly. I'd love for someone to break down the game film to prove that the Dolphins weren't really trying to win.
  8. True. I'm not blind to Geno's faults. Just pointing out that Geno has shown improvement, despite some people trying to deny it.
  9. In his last 7 games, Geno has gone 115/176 (65%) for 1420 yards, 8 TDs and 4 INTs. Some would call that progress.
  10. Lol Moore is literally standing in the same spot for about 3 seconds before Sanchez runs into him.
  11. Agree. Wasting a year of this kids career on top of wasting a roster spot is absolutely ridiculous.