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  1. I think the game was pretty much over when the Bengals came onto the field.
  2. I liked Geno better when he was using the name Rex Grossman. Good Geno, Bad Geno just doesn't have the same ring.
  3. Wow...Sanchez, Simms or Quinn...setting the bar pretty high there.
  4. Yes, but did you see how poised and confident and in control he looked throwing those ints!
  5. I think we have finally found the prototype Jets QB....Sanchez' brain with McElroy's arm!
  6. Heck yeah sign Talib from the Pats, he and Geno look like they are already a great pass and catch combo!
  7.'s taking up valuable time we could spend fantasizing that any of the QB's on our current roster are worth a crap!
  8. The fans would turn against him for praying.
  9. Unbelievable...oh well one good thing about New York there are plenty of tall buildings to jump off of.
  10. It was a great decision. Being the great coach that he is, Rex realized that the Snoopy trophy is the only one the Jets will be playing for this year. So he said let's win this thing and then have some dam snacks!
  11. Second, the Airraid Offense has influenced many of the systems that have been ran in the National Football League over the years. In fact, pattern like the standard short crossing pattern of the Airraid, called “Shallow,” is also of the same name in the Mike Martz Offense, another approach. WSJ..also a real go to place for grammar evidently.
  12. Am I the only that cracked up seeing Namath and wasted in the same thread title?
  13. Be patient...and keep buying those season tickets...that is all.