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  1. Getting ass kicked at home on Monday Night Football. Embarrassing. Bowles has to go.
  2. Saints uni's have to be up there. Think the Browns uni's are the worst by far.
  3. Fitz - ditch Giacomini - ditch Harris - Keep; say what you want about his lost step but he's the glue on this defense and we dont have anyone that manages the defense like him. He should stay one more season. Revis - Not sure what the cap hit would be so can't comment Mangold - I'm conflicted. But I say keep him just ONE more year. Gilchrist - Ehhh none of our replacements are any good. I say ditch him if there's a better option out there Clady - Ditch Folk: Keep
  4. I don't like how Gailey is so quick to get away from the run particularly in the redzone. However, I have no reservations when i say he is the best OC this team has had in the past decade. I don't want to see him go but i dont like Bowles - so i imagine Gailey will go when he goes.
  5. Would love a Coughlin hire
  6. i do like next years crop of prospects. Should be exciting to see who we get. Could have a shot at one of the 3 top QBs if we keep playing like this (Kizer, Watson, Kaaya)
  7. Bowles never makes the hard decision.
  8. Browns could probably beat us honestly
  9. starting field position SUCKS this game. Steelers potent enough offense they don't need head start to begin drives
  10. Ben's not even excited about the touchdown. Too easy. This team is a joke