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  1. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Our Draft during the Rex Ryan era   

    Maybe above average was wrong choice of words. I think what i really mean is that they were important during our AFC champ runs. Slauson was great value. Greene sucked overall but he had his moments in the playoffs that were important. We all obviously grew to hate Sanchez over time but during his 1st two years he did...well he did enough those first two years lets say.  
    Either way though, this obviously wasnt an amazing draft. Even though on paper both 2009 and 2010 draft consist of players not on the team anymore. There is a big difference between them in terms of contribution to the team during their stint with us. 
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  2. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Our Draft during the Rex Ryan era   

    Don't want to make any waves but the Sanchez, Greene, Slauson seems above average enough for me. Obviously none of them are still on the team but they were all really important during those two runs to the AFC championship. Even though we never got over the hump, I'm glad thats part of jets history. 
    Also....Wow that 2010 draft was miserable. 
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  3. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Who will our REAL Qb be and where will we find him???   

    He hasn't been born yet
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  4. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic If we can't be Yates we don't deserve playoffs!   

    How is their O-line?
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  5. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Of course Houston won.   

    Momentum is an undeniable aspect of any sport, and the texans have it. Fortunately we are resting up while they are trying to turn around and get ready on a semi-short week. Will be a tough matchup in their house but definitely a game that we have to win if we want to be in the playoff picture at all. I think theres some areas in their game that we can exploit, particularly their run defense and safeties. Their CBs looked really good against Cincy but I think our WR's will do a better job getting open, although Im sure it'll be a tough battle all day. It also looked like Eifert would have a had a great day if not for the drops, so maybe Gailey can actually get some use out of our TEs for a change. 
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  6. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic We're still in decent shape   

    Wilson stadium (is that it?) is tough to play in man, a lot of our advantage from tonight goes out the window. The whole injuries thought is interesting though. I really thought because we were so banged up that we would be at a disadvantage tonight. But aside from Colon who will be out for rest of season, and maybe Marshall playing 75%...the other players played really well. I think Marcus Williams played better than Cro would have. Also, I thought Rontez Miles was a big area of concern before the game but he really showed up big time today in a way I think Pryor would have. So really, I thought we would lose tonight because of our injuries but really we lost because of poor play calling and of course Devin Smiths stupid fumble. 
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  7. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic We're still in decent shape   

    Costly loss, will be tough to beat Bills in buffalo at end of season. Looks like only way to grab the wildcard is if we just win more games because we will not beat a tie breaker between Oak or Buff. No games on our schedule are "gimmes" despite what some people might believe/say. Near loss to Jags proves that. 
    I gotta be honest, I didn't really expect us to win today. Mostly because we were so banged up and the bills were all healthy. At the same time, I didn't realize how important this game was in terms of playoff picture. This sucks
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  8. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Keys To The Game   

    Safety situation has me concerned. Taylor throws a great long ball 
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  9. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Willie Colon to the IR, Season Done   

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  10. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic We need another RB   

    i was thinking about this before the trade deadline. This team desperately needs a scat back like sproles, woodhead, Lewis, even dexter mcCluster would help this offense. 
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  11. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Injury updates - Mangold should be back, but no Cro   

    Too lazy to copy and past Rex's quote but he was already hedging his words about the game. So basically he was saying that he has nothing to say about the game now but to wait till after the game because that might change ...AKA if they win he won't shut up about how much better Bills are and blah blah blah but if he loses he will be mum about the whole thing and continue to act like it was just another game. 
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  12. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Injury updates - Mangold should be back, but no Cro   

    Rex gets his revenge game at the right time. His team all healed up and we're sitting here banged up as hell. Doesn't bode well for us but hope buffalo just comes out flat. 
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  13. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Color Rush Uniforms?   

    Don't hate it. At least for our team. It's just for one game.
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  14. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Wheel Route Weakness   

    Thats a good point. Their depleted OL should give us some degree of freedom with how many we rush. Hopefully we can still get some heat on Brady without blitzes. 
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  15. Be_a_Jet added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Wheel Route Weakness
    So Im sure most of you have noticed that the jets have been especially vulnerable to big plays when defending RBs on the wheel route. Our LBs just aren't quick enough to cover. Fortunately the quarterbacks we've played so far weren't good enough to consistently hit their RBs on this play but Dion Lewis and Brady will probably have this perfected come sunday. 
    Question can we stop it considering its not a matter of our LBs not recognizing to go into coverage but more so a lack of speed. 
    We have plenty to worry about between covering Gronk, and the little shi*t edelman but this is one of those weaknesses that i think will be with us all season so just wanted to see what you fellas were thinkin 
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