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  1. This is just one of those reports that stinks of speculation to be honest. So I'm not even going to bother to react to this
  2. Also, before calling me out prob better if you didn't just tell a guy to go watch more film and get back to you as if he's gotta catch up to your level of knowledge on Hackenberg
  3. Awkward is awkward bud. Not rocket science. As to why he looked awkward (footwork, arm motion, whatever etc) and how he can fix it I won't pretend to know.
  4. On Grudens QB camp vid his check downs looked so awkward - and that was in shorts with no pressure.
  5. Well thats where we're just fundamentally on different sides of it. That statistic mean zilch to me. I only judge him off his play last year since it's the play based off the team we have now. It not even that I think Geno sucks like a lot of people do - I sort of like Geno - but he's a freakin roller coaster on the field and off it. He doesn't handle losses well or ridicule from fans/media, which he will face considering the schedule we have. Like I said, Fitz gives us the best chance to win but he also gives the organization stability. I'm tired of the craziness, can we just develop a quarterback for once? Fitz allows us to do that. I don't think Geno does. We start Geno and I guarantee one of these rooks sees the field this season - which will prob be more detrimental than beneficial to their development
  6. The point we are arguing is basically who gives us the best chance to win. Even if Fitz regresses he still gives us the best chance to win games. I think it all comes down to how much and for how many years we commit to Fitz. I think if we get him for under 12mill and a contract no greater than 2 years guaranteed - its worth it. Not just because he gives us the best chance to win but he gives us the stability the organization needs while we develop Hack/Petty.
  7. Just using the eye-test for strength of schedule. Also - fins and bills play pats during bradys 4 game suspension so technically that prob hurts us more than it helps us. Either way thou - you are correct - preemptive excuse-making is just poor form for a fan. I don't like doing it. As it relates to the QB situation though I brought it up because no one between Fitz, Geno, and the rooks will be able to navigate this season unscathed from the fans. And since I do like this front office, I don't want them to get dinged for what seems to be a lose-lose situation (unless Fitz accepts a 2 year deal for less than 10 mill). We'll see how it all works out. Grab the popcorn.
  8. I have hope for this year but honestly with this schedule i'm not holding my breath. Either way though as far as the QB situation goes - there will be uproar this season regardless of what decision we go with. If we pay Fitz - there's just no way he is as productive this year as he was last year; just look at the teams we're facing (consecutive tough games too). So everyone is going to come out with the "I told you we shouldn't have paid him" lines and blah blah blah If we don't pay Fitz and Let Geno start - pretty sure Geno won't be able to handle this schedule either, at least not to our satisfaction - More of the "I told you Geno sucks we shoulda signed Fitz" lines will come out If for whatever reason Bryce or Hack start - God help us bc they'll get eaten alive So people on both sides of this whole QB situation should be sharpening their knives because one of you is gunna be right. OR whichever QB we pick can go out there and win all these games (or enough of them at least) in which case we won't have anything to cry about.
  9. Would've been Whitehair for sure
  10. Seriously not trying to give him a pass but I honestly put that on Bowles. Aside from the whole is he on decline or not debate (which it sounds like you would have a lot of fun with) I just think he was having a bad game. Adapting to what you see on the field from the other team as well as form your own team/players, is a big part of the job as a coach. I don't think he adapted well by not giving him help. You can talk all day about how much he gets paid and what he should or shouldn't be able to do - fact is they are all human and players can have a bad game. That game in particular is one that I do not think Bowles adapted well in.
  11. Couple takeaways: (from my speed review of that video) 1. Damn Zeke Elliot is good (despite fumble) 2. Glad we didn't take Cardale Jones 3. This is a 2015 video of one game so I won't make too many assumptions 3A. You are correct. Lee does not impact the run game very well. That was his main weakness. I think Matt Miller said he tends to get "swallowed up by bigger lineman when playing the run." That seems to be consistent with whats on the tape here that you sent. But like I said in my original post - Our defense is a bunch of hammers. We have the run-stuffers, we've always been good against the run. What we haven't been good at is having LB who can cover well. Since the offenses are throwing the ball more now I think its important to have a guy like Lee. Maybe Jamie Collins isn't the best comp, but I don't think Bucannon is the right one either (not that you said Bucannon but seems like thats the comp people are leaning towards.)
  12. Exact quote "I think he can grow to be more Jamie Collins type than Bucannon" Do I say he is that now? No. Do I say he will be Jamie Collins? No. I said. [ I think he can be ] Thats a future tense phrase [More Jamie Collins type] That means more his style and more the way he contributes on the field [THAN] thats a term used when speaking comparison- not to be confused with the word then [Bucannon] thats the player I'm using as comparison When you look at the measurables Lee obviously more resembles Bucannon than Collins. But when you look at their roles in college Lee took on the roles that more resemble the roles Collins takes. So my hope is that he can continue down that path. Either way who the hell knows whats going to happen I'm just hoping here.
  13. I think it was a great pick. I think when you look at his talents, size, etc you also look at the rest of our defense. We already have the big guys - the run stuffers - the heavy hitters. You can't have a bunch of hammers on defense, not the way these offenses are being run these days. I love the pick, I think he can grow to be more Jamie Collins type than Bucannon.