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  1. Is WR in play at 20

    I think the opposite is the case. The whole premise of even picking a WR is because it is very very possible the top 1-2 WR's will be available.Otherwise we would certainly not go actively pursuing a wideout. As opposed to picking the 3rd,4th, or even 5th best option of a certain position group we might pick a WR because they are the best value. Im not saying that WR will certainly be BPA but it is definitely likely - something for Jets to consider. Its actually why Jets play an important role in the draft because they pick right before the row of teams (bengals, vikings, and someone else i can't remember) who need a WR.
  2. Norman contract screws Patriots

    It's actually very possible that the Jets can sign him next year since we will have a favorable cap space number.
  3. My Rant About #20

    Mac is the type of GM to try to have all his spots covered on the roster going into the draft so he can take the BPA without second guessing. Him not signing Fitz before the draft makes me think more and more that we are going to try our hardest to get Lynch. Who I honestly don't know if he's good or not but what I do know is that this is a weak to average QB draft class. And I don't want to put my chips on the 3rd best QB ofa weak to average class. Thats just me.
  4. Of course Bills and Dolphins are playing pats during the suspension.
  5. Loveee Doctson. Wish we didn't draft Devin Smith last year
  6. You make sense here. Don't get how people don't see it this way. I love Mo - its a damn shame that we never played his contract situation the right way because he should be a Jet for years to come. Having said that - there is close to no shot we give him the money he is demanding next yearin part because its very high and in part because we have Richardson and Williams down the pipeline. He will get us a 3rd round Comp pick (for 2018) if he hits FA next year - have to weighthat against whatever draft pick is possible to attainthis year to see if its worth it.
  7. As I was reading it I was thinking the exact same thing and then scrolled down to see you already posted it haha.
  8. If the Bucs drop the price...

    But I just don't recall him ever playing particularly well when he had his shot. Just me.
  9. If the Bucs drop the price...

    Remind me why everyone on here loves Glennon? Did I miss something?
  10. "Snacks" unlikely to return

    Unfortunately with Harrison gone - possible we get another D-lineman in the first round hahahaha
  11. Did you purposely forget M.Williams?
  12. Karlos Williams officially out.
  13. Steelers could be cleveland with just 5 players so not really holding out hope that they lose even with Williams prob out for rest of game
  14. The best thing the Bills did all day though was defer.