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  1. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic A few things that are really pissing me off....   

    As i read the first post i couldnt help but think the guy who posted this thread was a 5 year old who is still breast feeding. i mean i know we are all here to complain but what a whiner. This is football. 
    Fitz is what he is and if your one of the people who has not realized his faults than catch up. Hes a veteran not a young qb like Geno who can be molded.
    Devin Smith is a rookie, one his has missed considerable time on top of that. 
    i think the jets have been generally good in regards to penalties, this game seems to be more outlier than common trend.
    Special teams needs to step up, Quigley is only player i think Jets should look into replacing. Steve Weatherford is free? 
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  2. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    If those are blind numbers to you than you just aren't reading. They are detailed and specific. 
    Making deep throws isn't just about having the stronger arm. I'm sure Geno has a stronger arm than the old man Fitz. 
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  3. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    Thank you for posting this. People needed to wake up. 
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  4. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic I officially hate Gailey   

    I dont hate Gailey's game plans but i think he's stubborn with his play calling. I don't think he makes proper adjustments when game isn't going his way.
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  5. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic ### NY Jets vs Indianaoplis Colts --- MNF Game Thread ###   

    Defense is exhausted and Offense there just watching all day hoping they don't have to do anything like the games over already. So ridiculous. Same old jets
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  6. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic ### NY Jets vs Indianaoplis Colts --- MNF Game Thread ###   

    I know and see all the big plays Jets are making to keep Colts off the board but I have NO IDEA what the Colts are doing so special that we can't put sh*t on the board. Yea they are stopping the run pretty well but how the hell are we so stagnant 
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  7. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic D'Brickashaw Ferguson ~ ~ ~   

    Freeport's own D'brickkk. I love D'brick, and although I agree he has declined, especially in run-blocking, over the past 2 years I really don't blame the guy. If anything I think the front office has just taken for granted the consistency and play from D'brick and Mangold as well. I feel like we haven't made any serious attempt to develop a LT. Granted we have had our hands full over the years with RT and guard. Personally, I'm just starting to think if they go the free agency route or use a 1st/2nd rounder on a LT next year
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  8. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic We are finally developing a good prospect pool with competition...   

    Yea i really like what Mac is doing. Idzik preached competition but he didn't know how to create the right pool of prospects to breed winners. Obviously Mac is just getting started but he's already giving himself a better shot than idzik as far as creating competition where we might actually develop a homegrown winner. 
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  9. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Twitter members   

    laughed pretty loud at this. Scared the dog
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  10. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Out With Brees Speculation, In With Phillip Rivers Speculation   

    I love me some Rivers. He's a competitor through and through. He's also a cry baby but whatever Idc as long as he wins
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  11. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Great read: 3-4 OLBs by the numbers   

    Agreed. I like all those top prospects but Ray is my least favorite. I have not seen much of Dupree honestly but seems like a lot of people here love em. If i had to choose I think I would take Beasley over Gregory but maybe Fowler over both of them? Either way I really think Jets will go OLB in the draft if they pick at 6. 
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  12. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic What would be "appropriate NY Jets colors"   

    No way you can change the green. But I would really want all black uni's like the ravens have. Im also intrigued by the tear clear and poop brown. 
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  13. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic RG3 Yes or No?   

    No. No. No. No. 
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  14. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Bring Back Fireman Ed   

    It's so sad that as I read this post I got CHILLS .... I need a life
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  15. Be_a_Jet added a post in a topic Wilkerson deal?   

    honestly this is part of the reason I would like to sign him now. Because we know Mo is a top DL but now we have some leverage because he didnthave a great year. But in reality his down year was multifactorial not just decreased skill. He had his injury for a couple games, and QBs were getting the ball out a lot quicker because of our terrible CBs, not to mention I think the constant losing just gets to you as a player. Personally I think Sheldon will be the better of the two but if we arent taking care of guys like Mo then what are we really looking for. Hes a great player and representative for the Jets on and off the field. Id much rather get a deal and sign him now than watch him explode this year (which I think he will, or at least improve substantially from last year) and then have to pay him more.
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