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  1. Petty > Hack
  2. This is excellent.
  3. Isn't Kenbrell Thompkins a near sure thing to make team too because we just signed him? (Idk what we did but we did something to keep him this season) I do like what I see from the young WR' s but I thought Thompkins and Fitz were also building good chemistry toward end of last season. Also, looks like Jeremy Ross is a reliable player to have in return game and WR department. Seems like we have a good problem on our hands.
  4. Did Tompkins play today?
  5. Have to look at OC's through a different lens. Easy to be hard on OC's because easy to pick things apart in retrospect. On the whole i think Gailey's offensive style makes defenses nervous. More good than bad. Best OC we've had in long time
  6. Peake has more sure hands than I thought
  7. He didn't have fast 40. Thats why he was looked over - supposed to be fast guy but didn't show in combine. Shows on field though
  8. I'm liking Powells burst. He doesn't get enough respect from other defenses.
  9. I love forte but Ivory is a type of runner that makes you proud
  10. excellent summary. Concise and with relative info.
  11. This is just one of those reports that stinks of speculation to be honest. So I'm not even going to bother to react to this
  12. Also, before calling me out prob better if you didn't just tell a guy to go watch more film and get back to you as if he's gotta catch up to your level of knowledge on Hackenberg
  13. Awkward is awkward bud. Not rocket science. As to why he looked awkward (footwork, arm motion, whatever etc) and how he can fix it I won't pretend to know.
  14. On Grudens QB camp vid his check downs looked so awkward - and that was in shorts with no pressure.