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  1. i do like next years crop of prospects. Should be exciting to see who we get. Could have a shot at one of the 3 top QBs if we keep playing like this (Kizer, Watson, Kaaya)
  2. Bowles never makes the hard decision.
  3. Browns could probably beat us honestly
  4. starting field position SUCKS this game. Steelers potent enough offense they don't need head start to begin drives
  5. Ben's not even excited about the touchdown. Too easy. This team is a joke
  6. looks like another bad 3rd quarter for Jets. NONE of their mistakes/weakness have improved over the past few weeks
  7. Also, doesn't help that Tomlin is my favorite coach
  8. I've been on board with Bowles but now he's really starting to piss me off
  9. Now they don't want to try to get points? blows my mind