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  1. For me it's not even a matter of being pessimistic or jaded fan. I hated the Hackenberg pick the moment it happened and If anything - early reports are more negative than good in regards to his practice abilities since wearing the green and white. After that first drive in his first preseason game I was ready to sack up and admit I was wrong. I want to be wrong. But I really thought he was a sh*t quarterback prospect out of college. He hasn't moved the needle for me.
  2. Always been against Jets drafting a QB - just dont have faith in us picking the right one. Deshaun Watson changed that for me. I may end up being wrong but I'm putting all my chips on him.
  3. Bold strategy. Lets see if it works out cotton
  4. Really against the signing of Nick Perry. He will not repeat his performance and he will demand too much money.
  5. I heard they were going to keep him
  6. Good to know I'm not the only one who's stuck or think it will come down to these two. I also think Rueben Foster is in play at the 6 pick.
  7. I have no reservations buying a Jets Mangold jersey even though we cut him. I dont know many scenarios where that has been the case. He's a HOF and a Jets All-time great on/off the field.
  8. Quincy Wilson in the 3rd round? Why not Myles Garrett or Jonathon Allen? .... no way Quincy Wilson ends up 2nd round let alone 3rd
  9. Don't care. Give me a damn franchise QB. We sure as hell not gunna draft one. I'll take him in a second.
  10. I miss Chan already. Best OC we had in a long time
  11. The whole matter of Quinn is sort of irrelevant because the Jets were never going to wait until after the Super Bowl to get a HC in here considering risk of being stuck with possibly terrible options if Quinn decided to go to Atlanta or anyone else for that matter. Imagine the Bills this year waiting >1 month to POSSIBLY sign a HC. Just too much uncertainty not worth the risk considering Bowles so highly regarded. I honestly don't like Bowles for multiple reasons but i dont blame Jets brass for bringing him on board when they did. Had to be done
  12. I like Norv the most. But I would be excited with Bill Lazor too.
  13. Damn shame we lost Chan. I'd like Norv Turner as an OC but dont really see a scenario where this is an attractive option for him.
  14. I'll always remember this draft because we missed CJ Mosley by 1 pick because of the damn Ravens. I wanted that kid on our squad so bad.