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  1. 1st round pick, 4th round pick. Injury prone - multiple seasons His stats comparable to Fitz's in 2015 You have to pay him 17mill He's playing well so far but having the best defense in football in first 3 weeks helps. Plus he's the new guy, people haven't figured him out yet in that new offense. We'll see how it goes. I think Jets did the right thing.
  2. Bradford not really an option. Did you see what the vikes gave up for that? Just plain disagree about the Nick Foles option.
  3. This is my pet peeve of topics. Didn't someone just say this about the chiefs? how we match up so well against them and blah blah blah. Lets just see what type of team shows up sunday because with these Jets you could get super bowl contenders or you could get the browns
  4. Still think Fitz is better than the realistic options we had in the offseason though.
  5. Not making excuses for him because he deserves all the criticism he's getting this game but I will say that damn so many bad deflections/bounces. Just terrible luck in combination with stupidity
  6. Chiefs 24, Jets 20. Big plays happen again. And Chiefs don't make any mistakes.
  7. Could be 2016 version of Texans or Raiders game we end up regretting by seasons end. More important than the Cardinals/Seattle game we have coming up. Just something I came across via espn. 6. Jets at Chiefs Sunday (4:25 p.m. ET, CBS) Matchup quality: 58 out of 100 FPI win projection: Chiefs, 61 percent This game is expected to have the biggest playoff impact of any game in Week 3. The winner of this game will see its playoff chances rise to about 45 percent, while the loser’s chances of making the playoffs will fall to about 23 percent.
  8. Too lazy to go back and see how these players have been doing past two weeks but I'm sure there's some of you that have paid closer attention. Brian Winters : Looks like he's been holding up okay. Anyone got any other insights? Qvale/Ijalana: Who's looked better? Ijalana getting more snaps it seems OLB's: Catapano and Mauldin - Mauldin pops up here and there but can't really tell you much else. Coverage skills? Setting the edge? Bostick: just kidding idc.
  9. Thats all I'm saying too. Let's see what happens on field before we make statements like "book it". I mean... splitting hairs here. "Great" vs "very good" - call it how you see it but bottom line is they aren't a team you look at and say "Book it" before you even play the game. I'm all for confidence but after the way we nearly gave that lead away vs the bills I'm not ready to under estimate anybody.
  10. I follow him as well. Prob my favorite guy to follow, very smart guy.
  11. Dislike premature claims of victory. Makes me nervous. This is the Jets. Chiefs are a great team.
  12. I loved the pick. Thought he was perfect fit. "Fit" being the operative word. He lacks ideal size but he's not small. We got enough big guys, our whole line is a bunch of DT's. Good example of building a team - hats off to Mac
  13. Happy about the win but quick questions... How come we didn't get any sacks? Weren't they playing backups on the OL?
  14. Somebody do the math. Can we just close it out now?
  15. Why can't they just close a game out for christ sake