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  1. Quincy Wilson in the 3rd round? Why not Myles Garrett or Jonathon Allen? .... no way Quincy Wilson ends up 2nd round let alone 3rd
  2. Don't care. Give me a damn franchise QB. We sure as hell not gunna draft one. I'll take him in a second.
  3. I miss Chan already. Best OC we had in a long time
  4. The whole matter of Quinn is sort of irrelevant because the Jets were never going to wait until after the Super Bowl to get a HC in here considering risk of being stuck with possibly terrible options if Quinn decided to go to Atlanta or anyone else for that matter. Imagine the Bills this year waiting >1 month to POSSIBLY sign a HC. Just too much uncertainty not worth the risk considering Bowles so highly regarded. I honestly don't like Bowles for multiple reasons but i dont blame Jets brass for bringing him on board when they did. Had to be done
  5. I like Norv the most. But I would be excited with Bill Lazor too.
  6. Damn shame we lost Chan. I'd like Norv Turner as an OC but dont really see a scenario where this is an attractive option for him.
  7. I'll always remember this draft because we missed CJ Mosley by 1 pick because of the damn Ravens. I wanted that kid on our squad so bad.
  8. Like Watson but think there will be better talent when we pick. I don't want Peppers at all.
  9. I understand someone has to get fired and he's the easiest guy to fire since Bowles is a defensive coach - just think he is coach who could really lead a scary offense given a half-way decent QB at least. I'm assuming the second part of your post was sarcasm also.
  10. I like Obrien - agree with what others said that he is exactly what we need. Good mixture of discipline and personality in his coaching. I have no hope for Hack so i dont even care that he did well with him before.
  11. Chan being fired grinds my gears. I thought his offense was phenomenal in 2015. This year things didn't go our way and the whole team played without confidence the whole year. Think we fire a great OC just to blame this sh*tty season on someone - damn shame.
  12. I would definitely take Tyrod on this team.
  13. Also look at Raiders sending three of their lineman to pro-bowl. Granted I believe they bought them all in free agency over past couple of years (Donald Penn, Hudson, Osemele). Either way I think o-line is the way to go. Unfortunately this is probably the first year in a while there will not be a O-lineman drafted in the top 5 or even the top 10 possibly. So looks like we'll have to use that bad luck 2nd rounder on one most likely.
  14. Glennon is the guy who just won't go away. I don't get the love for this guy. I don't know when he even had the time to show his skills? That half a year with TB? Just confused.