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  1. Karlos Williams officially out. 
  2. Steelers could be cleveland with just 5 players so not really holding out hope that they lose even with Williams prob out for rest of game
  3. The best thing the Bills did all day though was defer. 
  4. This sucks. Seems like this whole game is going to be rough. and there goes marshall with a drop 
  5. Cotchery

    I believe in an interview Tannenbaum said his biggest regret while Jets GM wasnt tebow signing, but letting Cotchery go. He said he didn't realize the kind of impact he had in the locker room
  6. Kid at Jets game drinking Bud Light

    Conflicted--Making fun of jersey is fun but I also really love Ace Ventura movies...Hmm       Ace gets the edge here. 
  7. Who do we want to win today?

    Worst thing is that the Broncos over steelers result isn't even close to a guarantee. Its a huge game, at Heinz Field. Would not be surprised if Steelers pull it out. 
  8. Who do we want to win today?

    That twice in history fact makes this sting even more.    Im not saying we're already out. Just ridiculously discouraging to have such a great improvement in play/record compared to last year and we still may very well find ourselves on the outside looking in. 
  9. Who do we want to win today?

    Not if Steelers win out too
  10. Who do we want to win today?

    My bad folks. Tried the simulator again. We can still get the playoff spot with a loss, but only if the Loss is to the Cowboys. 
  11. Who do we want to win today?

    Playoff simulator --- Fears are true. Assuming Steelers beat the Browns and Ravens and lose to Broncos, we have win out in order to get 6th seed. If we lose one game, we're out.   
  12. Who do we want to win today?

    KC has their 5 seed pretty much sewn up already. their schedule is a joke with exception of a Raiders game but even that game they should win. So its us against Pitt. If we tie than they get the tie-breaker so that sucks. Looks like we have to just straight up have a better record than them, which can only happen if they lose at least one game and we win out. Their last two games are against the Browns and Ravens, which should be a cake walk.  SO, ultimately we are hoping for them to lose to Broncos next week and for us to win out. Thats rough.    Really f*ckn blows we lost to raiders, texans. Turns out they were pretty huge.       
  13. Can't remember a more dominant 1st half for the Jets....although my memory isn't too good. 
  14. crowds making some good noise over there