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  1. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    Fitz one more year just to get us through...through what I don't know I'm still figuring that out - But it sounds good.
  2. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    Um the Mets just won 12-0. Soooo.....
  3. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    wow. just wow.
  4. That was very annoying - I was trying to get all crunk and couldn't.
  5. Hoyer visiting the Jets today

    It must be opposite day.
  6. I agree with your Mo statement. Fitz is MUCH better, and with Decker and Marshall - he will be as good as last year at the very least - I think it can only get better the 2nd time around. Geno needs to peace the f out
  7. I'm watching them now and they're talking about D'Brick staying on the team but taking a cut. Boomer thinks they should trade Mo.... This is nerve-racking I think I'm losing sleep over all this.
  8. I havent posted in ages, does it still suck here?

    Yea I stalk posters.
  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Why was this thread even considered?
  10. Pacman Jones to the Jets?

    I know the feeling.
  11. WFAN just broke the news this morning that the Jets are looking at Pacman Jones...thoughts?
  12. noob instagram question

    I looked into this, and I still do not have an answer. But according to the #hashtags, you use it on a "meaningful" photo. Even the Urban Dictionary was not able to help me....