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  1. Unfortunately it was reported this morning Buddy Ryan has passed at the age of 82. As we all know, in 1968 he moved to the Jets and helped them win Super Bowl III.
  2. Oh sh*t you like hockey???
  3. Still think it's because I'm a girl, but thanks for the heads up.
  4. You're not allowed here.
  5. The Yankees suck right now so whatever.
  6. Glad I could help
  7. Since Father's Day is this month, I figured I'd start this fun thread to keep our minds off of not having a QB My father made me a NY Jet's fan. I don't know if it's because he played football himself, or he just wanted to pretend he had a son. Either way, I am so glad he introduced me into the world of football. If I really was his son, I'd definitely play football in school instead of running track (or both?). With that said - How did you become a football and/or Jets fan? What memories do you have of your dad and a NY Jets game?
  8. Mike Florio Posted this article this morning on NBC Sports: One year is ridiculous - I say the 3-year deal is the best offer (if that's even legit now).
  9. Fitz one more year just to get us through...through what I don't know I'm still figuring that out - But it sounds good.
  10. Um the Mets just won 12-0. Soooo.....
  11. wow. just wow.
  12. That was very annoying - I was trying to get all crunk and couldn't.
  13. It must be opposite day.