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  1. There has to be some concern over on his age. As really that Tom could coach. Don't get me wrong. But his age is a question.
  2. Happy October to Be!

  3. Well at least the team can celebrate this win. But then need to focus on K.C. Ryan did a great job!
  4. Good luck as their stadium is a tough one to play at!
  5. Have fun when you tailgate for the Jets. Heard it is a lot of fun.
  6. Well it was not like he was going to start week 1. But hope he does heal.
  7. Happy Labor Day!

  8. Back then where he was at it was called LSD!
  9. September is Coming!

  10. Ready for September!

  11. Yeah it is a joke. All the time every single time one!
  12. He is a great QB but just needs to stay healthy that's his downfall at times. But he is great.
  13. Happy August again!

  14. Rio Games 2016!