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  1. I wished I won but won't get to since this thread is everlasting!
  2. Happy December!

  3. IMHO his best days are over and done with!
  4. Well the 108 year old curse now has been broken! Way to go!
  5. Black Friday!

  6. Well it is a big deal. Congrats!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Happy Veteran's Day!

  9. Yeah as Bowles needs to make a move at QB now or never!
  10. Happy November!

  11. Hope he does get well. Good luck!
  12. That is the Fitz that the Jets and fans love, down to the clutch!
  13. Happy Halloween!

  14. Really need to keep him at QB. As really think the Cowboys should ride the way with the young kid.