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  1. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Here is to 100,000 more and more posts!
  2. Guy is a class act. As a coach and as a person!
  3. Super Bowl 50 Coming Up!

  4. Super Bowl 50 Coming Up!

  5. Maybe trying to recover from a broken heart after the loss! All of those Pats players!
  6. Making a Murderer

    I don't have Netflix but heard that the kid got a raw deal in his trial. 
  7. NFL Title Games!

  8. RG III Anyone hes a free agent,

    Well it is how he can stay healthy that's all. That is the key!
  9. Happy January Beginnings!

  10. I hate this commercial.

    Peter Pan never grew up I take it! It is an annoying commercial!
  11. Happy New Year 2016!

  12. Jets-Pats predictions

    It is going to be a close game. Hate to predict over it cursing the team.
  13. Star Wars VII Has Begun Filming

    For those of you that got in tickets. Great for you as my nephews tried to but they were all sold out.
  14. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Want to go and see the Good Dinosaur and maybe will this week.
  15. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Love the Coopers 2/10 Really depressing movie despite all star cast Peanuts Movie 10/10 Late Charles M Schultz would approve.