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  1. Well just hope that Geno has matured. And really calmed own a bit. And the way Fitz situation is going. Geno needs to redeem himself.
  2. Sorry it is broken. Hope you can fix it!
  3. Well it is over and done. Just need to get Ryan F to sign. As that is the next important topic. But how long who knows?!
  4. Praying for Nice France!

  5. Just hope he will be OK. As it must be indeed such a broken heart.
  6. Just hope he can get back from his injury as you never want anybody to hurt.
  7. July 4th is Here!

  8. Really leaving there is going to come back and my bite them in the rear. Not just for them but for the rest of the world economic wise and national security!
  9. Really it seems that the Jets need to have a stable QB. As it has been years since the team has. And that really Ryan Fitzpatrick is stable but he is only a temporary one. To say the least.
  10. Orlando Strong!

  11. Or that the officials may be bribed in trying to let Golden State win the game.
  12. Remembering D-Day!

  13. Happy June!

  14. Ryan is being very stubborn. And that the team needs him. As he does not have that long in the NFL. While drafting Christian H should had send him a message. Guess I was wrong.
  15. Happy Memorial Day to Come!