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  1. Yeah as really think that QB's that are rookies unless they are really ready to start. Need to probably sit a year out. Over to learn.
  2. April is Awesome!

  3. Yeah as Kevin Greene knows what he is doing. As just would love to see Harris really go out there. And do his thing.
  4. Easter is Here!

  5. Cleveland really will go at Myles Garrett for sure!
  6. April is Rising!

  7. April is Coming!

  8. Really what happened with the Cubs in 2016. Really hope it happens to another team that has never, ever won or has not won a World Series in a long time. Perhaps the Cleveland Indians!
  9. Spring Fling!

  10. Can't wait for Cubs to do it. As really think Cubs really be one team to beat in 2017.
  11. :) Happy St Patty's!

  12. Love off season NFL!