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  1. Really what happened with the Cubs in 2016. Really hope it happens to another team that has never, ever won or has not won a World Series in a long time. Perhaps the Cleveland Indians!
  2. Can't wait for Cubs to do it. As really think Cubs really be one team to beat in 2017.
  3. :) Happy St Patty's!

  4. Love off season NFL!

  5. Yeah as that of the Bears that according to NFL website the official one, wants to give him $15M per year.
  6. He will go on in the Hall of Fame one day!
  7. Ides of March!

  8. February 2017!

  9. Happy Birthday and many more to come!
  10. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Need to have a franchise QB to think of W.R. first.
  12. Falcons Choke Big Time!

  13. Well it all depends on who will be the starting QB in 2017. Ryan Fitzpatrick will not be under center!
  14. Cubs can't wait to see if they can repeat next year!