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  1. Yeah he needs to put up or shut up!
  2. July is Coming!

  3. Just hope both of them will have really great years and bring the Jets back to their winning ways!
  4. Well he will be picked up by a team. Just really think that Decker is talented. But injuries keep getting in his way.
  5. Happy Father's Day!

  6. Well it was by fate that Tom Brady became the GOAT. As hard of an act it was to follow Bledsoe. But still it is about good ownership and also good GM and coach in picking the right team and having the right kind of chemistry.
  7. June Bug!

  8. It started in March I think!
  9. June is Here!

  10. Memorial Day!

  11. It is about that of not just running or passing above. But doing a bit both. Running and passing.
  12. Flowers of May!

  13. Love Dr Who theme. As well as a lot of themes. Like the Miami Vice theme. As a kid of the 1980's.