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  1. Back then where he was at it was called LSD!
  2. September is Coming!

  3. Ready for September!

  4. Yeah it is a joke. All the time every single time one!
  5. He is a great QB but just needs to stay healthy that's his downfall at times. But he is great.
  6. Happy August again!

  7. Rio Games 2016!

  8. It is more like forced out...first Simmons, second Tirico, then Berman, and now him! ESPN treat their employees like dirt.
  9. Have a great August!

  10. Well end of story. Let's move on now that he has signed. Brandon Marshall had a huge hand in this IMHO!
  11. Well just hope that Geno has matured. And really calmed own a bit. And the way Fitz situation is going. Geno needs to redeem himself.
  12. Sorry it is broken. Hope you can fix it!
  13. Well it is over and done. Just need to get Ryan F to sign. As that is the next important topic. But how long who knows?!
  14. Praying for Nice France!

  15. Just hope he will be OK. As it must be indeed such a broken heart.