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  1. That is the Fitz that the Jets and fans love, down to the clutch!
  2. Really need to keep him at QB. As really think the Cowboys should ride the way with the young kid.
  3. Halloween Will be Coming!

  4. Sacked Trevor S now!
  5. Fall in the Air!

  6. Sorry but live way too far away. But good luck on your first child. You all will be great parents.
  7. Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

  8. Heard not just on a professional but personal level he is disliked.
  9. Happy October Here!

  10. There has to be some concern over on his age. As really that Tom could coach. Don't get me wrong. But his age is a question.
  11. Happy October to Be!

  12. Well at least the team can celebrate this win. But then need to focus on K.C. Ryan did a great job!
  13. Good luck as their stadium is a tough one to play at!