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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Prince, 57, dies at Minnesota estate

    Notice the avatar has changed on mine. Loved his music as a kid of the1980's. RIP!
  2. Browns willing to deal the #2 pick.

    Well we shall see whom the team will draft come Draft Day in a week and a half!
  3. Happy Spring Fling!

  4. Montana did Yeah as Montana really went to being elite over Rice!
  5. April Showers!

  6. elway knows the deal

    Well it is about Colin K lowering his numbers for the trade from what I hear.
  7. Happy April!

  8. Time for some grilling

    Makes my mouth hungry!
  9. April is Coming!

  10. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Well if Ryan Fitzpatrick does bolt. Wonder if the Jets should give Geno Smith that chance. I mean he had a rough 2015. As that is kind of a red flag.
  11. Easter is Coming!

  12. Loving Life!

  13. Odds of a Fitz return

    Sounds like he will not be back. Jets want to spend $18M on something else.
  14. Odds of a Fitz return

    Think he will have one more year to prove himself. Before they turn the reigns over to Bryce Petty.