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  1. Well look at the bright side,Fans willl be here in three years talking about how trash he is in the preseason and how we need to trade him, release him or whatever we need to do to get him off the team.
  2. I was hoping for a Dak Prescott-type performance.
  3. I've seen games won with less than 12 seconds to go.
  4. Cant miss that tackle. You get cut like that.
  5. Anderson is on the 53, not even a question.
  6. This is perfect. Hackenberg two minute drive for the game winner and the snoopy bowl trophy.
  7. Where are Nassib receivers? I have no idea who this guy is throwing to.
  8. Nice play Burris
  9. Haha, the ref just took an L.
  10. Burris got burnt. lucky.
  11. Good play Milliner. Good things happen when you turn your head around (looking at you Kyle Wilson).
  12. It literally caught me off guard. It was the first completion to Anderson where I was like "wow"...that was a professional throw right there. Then the TD in the back of the endzone...the guys body language said alot. He most definitely looked the part on that drive. His two incompletions (I think its two) were both drops. The pass to the RB was slightly off target but I must say that Hackenberg looks good. That got me really excited.
  13. Let's go Hack. Lets go get another TD.