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  1. Milk chocolate. Enjoy! Don't forget the milk
  2. And who is this heathen? Lol
  3. Dude, those Lacey's cookies by trader Joe's.....can't even control myself!
  4. Atleast Trader Joe's bro. Lol
  5. I just got back from a country you've never been doing things you've never done. That was cute.
  6. Working beside you would be torture.
  7. Nope. I'm implying Geno's potential landing spot. Why are you in your feelings?
  8. Away from this Fanbase.
  9. Technically, this is correct. It's Harvard level math.
  10. I liked your prior avatar pic.
  11. Iol
  12. #Beard #Leadership #PerformanceNotNecessary
  13. I wouldn't say that...just different. I didn't like the Petty draft pick whatsoever, however, I was impressed with his preseason performance, and I'm now glad we picked him up. I don't think he's ready for showtime however. I think Geno is the better option. I personally would cut Fitz in order to give Petty and Hack more practice time. Nothing personal towards Fitz, but give him his 12 million, tell him "thanks for last season" then show him the door, make Petty the #2 and Hack can now get more time as well as the #3