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  1. I wasn't born so unfortunately this means nothing to me.
  2. I'll take a look. Never heard of him.
  3. Wow...
  4. There's no talking to you.
  5. Who?
  6. Honestly, I dont know a plethora about Bill O'Brien. I learned more about him when we drafted Hackenberg. I wasnt trying to clown him, it was more about me not knowing his OC ability like that, but his history with Hackenberg...which is why I said QB coach. However, if you think he's more valuable than that you'd know better than I do. Either way, I'd take a shot. The worst that could happen is what always happens. However, it doesnt matter if I like the Hack pick or not, at the end of the day he's a Jet and should be our future. If Bill O'Brien can get the best out of him then im all for it. My bad if my "QB coach" statement came off crazy.
  7. Speaking of guys who need to be run outta town, have they made it official yet that Fitz will hit FA?
  8. We drafted Hackenberg, Hackenberg specifically picked Penn State U just to learn under Bill O'Brien. If O'Brien is willing to be the QB coach (not sure about OC) I'd give it a consideration for sure. We have to figure out a way to salvage that 2nd round pick somehow. If it works great, if it doesnt SOJ's anyway right?
  9. I have no problem with this. Seems pretty mature actually.
  10. Because Jets fans are simply "stats whoring". They look at 3,900 yards, 20 TD's and 5 ints and they suddenly call that an "excellent season". Well for Bradford thats indeed an excellent season. Pretty similar to Fitz excellent season last year. This is my problem with Bradford, he doesnt fit our players. He doesnt stretch the field. Now im not saying to go out and get a "gun slinger". We just had that in Fitz and guess what? He couldnt stretch the field even in his "excellent" season. We need a guy who can do both efficiently, and THIS is why I like Mike Glennon (back to Glennon in a minute). Bradford dumps the ball off as if his life freaking depends on it. His passes are glorified rushing plays most of the time. The dude threw the ball 552 times and couldnt crack 4,000 yards or throw more than 20 TD's? More specifically. This guy has multiple games where he threw the ball 28 times in a game and couldnt accumulate more than 171 passing yards, mind you, 1 game he completed 63% and the other 71%. How the hell do you throw that amount of passes at that high of a completion rate and you cant break past 171 passing yards? Its because he doesnt throw the ball down the field. Thats the answer. That's not going to help guys like Devin Smith Charone Peake and Robby Anderson. This is what I mean when I say that he doesnt fit our players. Bradford had 11 games (he played a total of 15) where he threw 30 or more passes and couldnt break 300 yards passing. Of those 11 games, 7 of them he threw 35 or more passes, 4 of them 40 or more passes and 2 of them were over 40 passes. Smash, how does Sam Bradford throw over 40 pass attempts and cant break over 300 yards? How do you throw for over 30 pass attempts 13 total times and 11 of those games you cant crack 300 yards? The two games that he did throw over 300 yards he threw 40 times and 50 times. Remember, this is coming from a guy who's completing the ball 70% of the time. He's entire game is screens, slants and dump offs to the flat. How many times must people say that Sam Bradford's game is limited, while people simply google stats and completely forget that stats dont tell the ENTIRE story? More importantly, we got people actually considering the thought of giving up a 1st round pick for this level of limitation. C'mon. As for Glennon, I keep pushing a guy who HAS taken a snap this season, and when he did he went 10-11 with a TD and a converted 2pt conversion. So please, when you speak Glennon's name guys know that when he gets his opportunity, below is what he'll be saying with his actions on the field...
  11. Dude, no. The answer is no.
  12. True, but if my boy comes to this team we won't have to worry about the young QB's anyway.