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  1. Which is probably why he'll pass on playing here.
  2. I can see this coming back to bite us in a couple years. I liked him coming out of Temple.
  3. Marino still has the quickest windup and release I've ever seen
  4. Glennon's 5th game as a pro vs. Seattle. 17 of 23 for 168 yards, 2TD's 0 INT's avg. 7.3 yards per pass attempt. Next game will be vs. the Miami Dolphins.
  5. And now with Kevin Greene coming here that could make for some good times. Congrats tiny linebacker!
  6. True, but you also said a legit star QB then used two of the all-time greats as an example. I guess we both stretched that.
  7. Haha
  8. I was literally writing about Luck when you wrote this. lol.
  9. This is the problem here imo. You start off by talking about a "Legit, star QB" then make a comparative point by using two QB's that will go down as top 5 in the history of the sport. C'mon. These guys arent even just "elite", they're f'ing legendary in the sport. If you want to really make a comparison, look at all the problems Andrew Luck is having out there in Indy. People love to talk Andrew Luck up as a franchise/future of the NFL/Elite QB, but look at the year he just had behind an Oline filled with rookies (finally) because they've waited so long to even address the line. Now, im not talking about stats. Stats dont tell the story of the hardship Luck has had because of that line. He's in a division that he's dominated since leaving Stanford simply because it was the easiest division in football, now that they have some competition these guys are getting exposed for being "just Andrew Luck". Luck couldnt even finished the 2015 season because he was too busy on his back looking up at the stars, in 2016 that didnt change, he was sacked 41 times...2nd most in the league only behind Tyrod Taylor (sacked 42 times) who isnt a pocket passer. Andrew Luck is the poster child of what it is to be a legit star QB yet cant meet your full potential because management left you and your "magic arm" out to dry because of refusing to provide an offensive line. Another guy who was sacked 41 times (tied with Luck)? Russell Wilson...and look at the injuries he had to deal with this season. Dude practically played on 1 friggin leg when we played them this year. Using 2 of the top 5 greatest ever (arguably) is kinda stretching it, especially when I have to also believe that those guys are nothing more than just "legit star QB's" and nothing more.
  10. We're are now at the quarterpoint of the breakdowns. I will be breaking up Glennon's progress into quarters (4 games a piece) in order to see Glennon's progress on a quarterly basis on the season. Glennon throws 43 or more times in his 4th straight game as a rookie totaling 181 throws in his first 4 games. That's an insane amount of passes for a 3rd round rookie QB. For comparison purposes, arguably the best pure passing QB in the league, Aaron Rodgers in his first full season threw 43 or more passes once, and threw 40 or more passes just 3 times in his first full season as starter. Keep in mind that this is also a guy who sat for 3 full seasons for development and didnt have his first "40 passes" game until his 8th game as a starter. Glennon has 4 in his first 4 games as a pro and with no development time and coming in as what would be considered a "3rd round talent". For what its worth, the rookie 3rd rounder who's thrown almost 200 passes in his first 4 games so far has thrown 6TD's to 3INT's...with 2 of those INT's being in his first game as a pro. In Glennon's last 3 games Glennon has thrown 5 TD's to 1INT. Also, that 1INT against the Eagles could be debated that the WR stopped running his route and Glennon threw the ball where the WR should have been (Check out the gif's, I show two different angles of the INT). In his first 4 games Glennon has completed 58.5% of his passes, with his highest individual comp% being game 2 (60.5%) against Philly and his lowest being game 1 (55.8%) against Arizona. Glennon's 4th game as a pro vs. Carolina 30 of 51 for 275 yards, 1TD 0 INT's 58.8% completion rate. Just want to mention on the play below, the WR here is 5'10" and Glennon just missed him. If this WR was Underwood or Jackson that would have probably been a TD. Small wide receiver yet Glennon had pretty good trajectory to get that over the head of the DB while still giving this small receiver a chance at that ball. Glennon would have thrown this ball lower the DB would have a shot to deflect it or the Dlineman in his face would have been able to bat the ball down at the LOS. Perfect example here of where height/jumping ability comes into play. If this was Charone Peake or Robbie Anderson this is a TD all day long. This portion was the toughest to do given the amount of throws that Glennon actually had. A crap load of work per game just to put this together so I appreciate the words from you guys that have stated your appreciation. I've been stating for some time for people to actually watch the guy play instead of worrying about the decisions the Bucs management/coaching made, so I figured that I'd bring the plays to people instead in order to make that easier to do. The next 4 games will give you a glimpse of this guys potential and why I've been so enamored with his QB ability, awareness in the pocket and decision making when making his throws. Thanks again to the people who've shown interest.
  11. And they've done a poor job since that time. Since drafting Vlad Ducasse in the 2nd round in 2010 the highest draft pick the Jets used on a OL is Brian Winters in 2013 which was the 3rd round. The majority of picks designated to the Oline since 2006 have mostly been between the 4th and 6th rounds. Thats a 10 year span. Whats worse is that history would tell us that the Jets success at the Oline has been drafting guys who are ready to start day 1 (D'Brick/Mangold) and not guys that could be future players but needs development (Brian Winters is the only drafted player to receive a contract after his rookie deal). Yeah, players have been chosen in just about every round, but we can say the same thing about the QB position as well. We've drafted a QB in 8 of our last 10 drafts, including two 2nd round picks (Geno & Hackenberg) and a top 5 pick (Sanchez). How do you invest this highly in QB's repeatedly yet completely ignore investing highly in the Oline during the same timespan given that the majority of OL draft picks are 4th round picks or lower? The Jets are doing it backwards. The jets will try to develop Christian Hackenberg but that wont matter if he doesnt have an Oline in front of him. There arent too many QB's in the league to where you can completely ignore the Oline and expect to still have success from the QB. Not every QB is Russell Wilson, and even he is now having trouble given injuries to his ankles and constant pressure since he's now also running for his life. The Jets need to draft an Olineman that they consider is a "Day 1" starter. That's a 1st round pick, maybe 2nd round since we're picking so high. Think about it, the last time the Jets were football relevant they had one of the best Oline's in the league. Jets fans constantly say that "It was the defense that carried Sanchez to the AFCCG's", I'd beg to say that it was that offensive line complete with two 1st round picks in their primes in Brick/Mangold and other Veteran guys who succeeded in this league at the highest level which would be Woody/Faneca. We have James Carpenter as our Veteran, we lucked up and finally developed an Olineman in Winters, but where the hell are our 1st round pick "day one starters" in their prime on the Oline? The Jets need to stop bullsh*tting and seriously invest in the best Olineman this season. Everyone loves Fournette, but just 15 minutes ago Jets fans were talking about how Bowles didnt even use Powell, a guy who averaged 5.5 yards per carry this past season. We dont need Fournette as badly as we need an Olineman that can compliment both our current RB and any QB that decides to stand behind a Jets OL that can be comparable to a f'ing firing squad at this point. Sorry for the rant.
  12. Oline. It's a travesty what we've done to that unit.
  13. By his play on the field and being benched for every qb not named Hackenberg I think it's safe to say Fitztragic did retire
  14. Outside a couple QB's, don't know much about this draft class.