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  1. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Cant really argue with this. Precisely why this guy shouldnt see a professional football field for atleast a year. Im okay with the pick though, because mentally he has it. For all the things we've said about Chan Gailey, we'll most certainly need him to develop this kid.
  2. Undrafted Free Agent Thread

    You see the upside in everything my friend! lol.
  3. Undrafted Free Agent Thread

    I wouldnt say what I said to his face! lol.
  4. Charone Peake- Clemson.
  5. Undrafted Free Agent Thread

    Workout warrior. Seen highlights (if we want to call it that) from his pro day. I doubt he makes this team.
  6. Which is why a competition defeats the purpose. Either sit him or he has to be way beyond Geno, Petty...meaning that he literally doesnt have to sit. Winning a competition against a guy mostalready think is dumb doesnt mean that he should start. It just mean we have bad quarterbacks.
  7. Charone Peake- Clemson.

    The catch, the hit, then get up before the DB does.
  8. Charone Peake- Clemson.

  9. Charone Peake- Clemson.

  10. Kaep

  11. Kaep

  12. Jets Draft Punter In Round 7; Lachlan Edwards

    Check this out. If this punter is anything close to this here...
  13. Jets Draft Punter In Round 7; Lachlan Edwards

    I replayed it about 7 or 8 times. It looks like he catches it and kicks it at his 10 yard line, hangs it and the guy who caught the ball looks like he's on the 10 yard line on the opposite side of the field. Thats just crazy. The only other person I've seen do that is Marquette King from the Raiders.
  14. Charone Peake- Clemson.

  15. Jets Draft Punter In Round 7; Lachlan Edwards

    Dude, am I seeing that right? Did he just punt that 80 yards, all air?