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  1. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic England definitely wants a permanent team in the NFL   

    I hear you bro. Outside of the 2 hour ride to Düsseldorf Im just a 45 minute flight away from Gatwick. 
    England seems to support the NFL pretty heavy. I was actually in London about 3 weeks ago for the first time and I seen a few Dolphin Jerseys out there. Granted, it wasnt too far away from tomorrow's game but for the fact that I even seen them lets me know that an NFL team in London could possibly work. 
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  2. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic All NFL Games   

    link please
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  3. Villain The Foe added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Jets could get Dolphins Coaches Fired With Win.
    Dolphins' coaching staff could see changes if team loses to Jets
    By Rand Getlin NFL.comPublished: Oct. 2, 2015 at 05:27 p.m.Updated: Oct. 2, 2015 at 06:58 p.m.455 Likes  |  166 CommentsThe Miami Dolphins are considering shaking up their coaching staff if the team loses to the New York Jets this weekend in London, multiple sources have confirmed to NFL Media."If the team loses three in a row, don't be shocked if someone on that coaching staff gets fired," one well-placed source said.
    International Series
    A season that began with optimism in Miami has quickly become disappointing as we near the quarter-point. Multiple sources inside and around the franchise indicate there is widespread frustration among the players with certain members of the coaching staff. A meaningful portion of that discontent stems from -- what some players believe to be -- flawed offensive and defensive play-calling.
    One team source said "everyone understands" the coaches are the issue and aren't putting the team in a position to win.
    As a result of those frustrations and a host of others -- including the length and difficulty of practices -- multiple sources said the coaching staff is at risk of losing the locker room if Miami loses in London.
    "We've been going out there, and practicing our (tails) off every day, but as players, we're tired of being embarrassed," said one member of the Dolphins. "If we get beat in Europe, (players) are going to throw in the towel. It isn't the players. We have all the talent in the world."
    After an offseason that saw the Dolphins add a number of players through free agency and the draft -- such as defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Jordan Phillips (second-round pick), wide receiversKenny Stills and DeVante Parker (first-round pick), and tight end Jordan Cameron -- team owner Stephen Ross made it abundantly clear during numerous interviews that he expected his franchise to make the playoffs for the first time since 2008.
    "There has to be improvement," Ross said in March after adding an extra year to head coach Joe Philbin's contract.
    While Philbin is revered by those who know him well, his 24-27 record in three-plus seasons has exposed him and his staff to scrutiny. Despite being on the brink of making the postseason in 2013 and 2014, Miami missed the playoffs each time.
    The Dolphins opened this season with a 17-10 win at Washington, but they have since lost consecutive games to the Jaguars and had a 41-14 loss to the Bills.
    "(Ross) is a remarkably loyal person," said one source who knows the Dolphins' owner. "But I don't think that loyalty is limitless."
    Follow Rand Getlin on Twitter @Rand_Getlin.
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  4. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Time for cookie monster   

    Is a storm heading towards the east coast/new york? 
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  5. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Geno Smith (2014) Vs Ryan Fitzpatrick (2015)   

    I doubt if Bowles lets it go as far a 2-4. Not only is that a 4 game losing streak but its a 4 game losing streak with this defense. The worst I can see that going is 2-3. If Fitz is anywhere below .500 Bowles is pulling the trigger.
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  6. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    Last time I checked, Geno doesnt play defense. 
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  7. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    I see a couple nice deep passes here inside and outside the pocket. 
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  8. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    No, Morninwheys bonehead timeout changed that game and really changed our season even though it was week 2. 
    The TD that suddenly "wasnt". 

    How is this so easily forgotten? 
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  9. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    I guess I can find a couple more, 

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  10. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    No prob bro. 
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  11. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    That would suffice. This would too. 

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  12. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic QB debate-just trust Bowles!   

    "Your answer should be a simple yay or nay. Anything beyond that is of evil." Seems like Bowles read that somewhere. 
    Anway, I agree with your statement. I think the back and forth was less about who should start this week. I believe most know it should be fitz given that its the first quarter of the season. 
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  13. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    Yup. And if Fitz was able to connect on the Enunwa pass that the threw 5 yards out of bounds along with this pass the Jets could have been down 21-24 with 7 minutes to go in the 3rd qtr. 
    Two passes (that Fitz had time to step up and throw in) could have changed the direction of this game had he been accurate and led the receiver. 
    EDIT: What I will include is that Devin Smith needs to make sure that this pass is incomplete if he cant catch it. Im not a fan of the "wagging of the arms" in the endzone because it was a bad pass when its still the WR's job to make sure that its either a completed pass or an incomplete pass. 
    That's a similar type of effort Geno got from his WR's when he throws the ball deep. I wouldnt care if Smith had to take an offensive pass interference call right there. You do not allow that CB to turn that ball over right there. 
    I may be calling out Fitz but I feel like I am being fair about it, and Smith could have helped keep that throw just as an "inaccurate" one instead of it being a poor one with the eventual result. 
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  14. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Broken jaw strangely could end up saving Geno Smith’s career   

    Trying to cover bases and preparing for the future is what all competent front offices should be doing. They have an opportunity to draft a guy that they believe has the skillset to play in this system but needs time to develop while trading for a guy who has experience running the system is exactly what they should have done if that was their best option at the time. And though I feel like they should have went a different direction regarding the QB they should have traded for, I can still see the logic in what they did. 
    But for the fact that they allowed Geno to remain the 1st string guy throughout camp and Geno showed that he could run the scheme only added value on the back end having such a guy like Fitz as the #2 and Petty as the 3 learning. 
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  15. Villain The Foe added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    True. Like I stated before the reason why Fitz is getting every excuse in the book is because the Jets arent familiar with watching Fitz on a weekly basis, so his past doesnt come into play when his last 2 games look eerily familiar to how he usually plays. 
    Geno Smith has a history here and Jet fans cant let it go when trying to put things into perspective today. Now, I understand that. I was willing to move on from Geno during the offseason, but signing Fitz sure as hell doesnt equate to moving on. Based on our current situation, Geno deserves some consideration here. Im not saying that he should start right now. I think Fitz should get min 4 games under his belt, what im saying is if Fitz plays like he did against the Colts/Eagles for the majority of his time on the field then we have a problem. I understand that the run was non existent in both games, but the passing game can also set up the run, and Fitz is not creating a passing threat in order to open up running lanes for the backs. 
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