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  1. Which is why I pose the question, "why even resign him"? Most of the arguments in favor of Fitz is based on the comparison to Geno. I don't see anyone stating their belief that signing him to 12 million would make us a playoff caliber team. It's one thing to compare players, but when we're talking money amounts then it's about value. Is Ryan Fitzpatrick really a 12-18 million dollar quarterback? I anticipate responses such as " If the GM is offering that, then..." , well I'm not asking him. Fans have an opinion, I'd like to know would Jets fans be comfortable paying such a price ONLY to be better than Geno Smith. I look at 12 million as " this guy is the piece needed to get to the playoffs". Anything less than that is foolish because it requires you to sit 3 qb's all under rookie contracts, with one in particular in a contract year. Personal feelings about a player aside, this is how you squander talent. The fact that I hear more comparisons to Geno than I do about Playoff aspirations when taking into account the price, says a lot. Sooner or later the Fitzpatrick narrative has to change into what he can actually provide in order make a playoff run, now that this is no longer comparison talk but about 12 million or more that seems to be a confirmed amount that he actually rejected. "Is he worth his asking price" should be the question.
  2. I think Woody wants to cave and Macc is doing his best to fend off this mistake.
  3. Re OTA "vacation" messages

  4. Had a drop in OTA's, with shorts on against air as we like to say it! lol.
  5. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    When's the next public OTA?
  6. I dont even be part of the conversation, yet dude is still on the mushroom tip. lol.
  7. Fitzpatrick Camp Using Geno Smith as Leverage?

    I know one thing. The rumor that Fitz wanted 18 million dollars is seeming more and more legit. I remember saying that and people were saying that it wasnt true though it was reported from the same reporters talking about the 12 million today. Also, if he declined 12 million it must be. I dont think that if the Jets offered 12 and Fitz was at 15 million that he would have declined in negotiations. That means that the Jets would have met him 80% of the way. If that 18 million range is correct then 12 million is only meeting 66% of the way. Both amounts are totally ridiculous imo but if he's not accepting 12 million then the Jets should end negotiations.
  8. Fitzpatrick Camp Using Geno Smith as Leverage?

    Seems like anyone on a rookie contract can get it. lol I've heard that Geno should be cut, Milliner should be cut, Petty should be cut and Sheldon should be cut. I cant wait for Hackenberg and Lee to be cut! lol.
  9. Fitzpatrick Camp Using Geno Smith as Leverage?

    So thats how you treating me now? After all we've been through, you're one-wording me now? I thought we had a special Jets bond.
  10. Geno Turning Heads on and off Field in OTA’s

    The same group who can criticize and point the finger will do questionable things just for a story. Perfect example? Adam Schefter releasing private and confidential medical records of JPP, on of all places.....twitter! All because he didnt want Ian Rapoport and other journalist to get the "scoop first". You cant make this stuff up. These people are freaking savages and will do anything at the expense of the person being reported on. How mature and respectful is that? One of the reasons why I feel like people need to lay off the kid and give him space to breathe. Its nothing but hypocrisy. At the end of the day this is football.
  11. Fitzpatrick Camp Using Geno Smith as Leverage?

    Not really. I think fans (some) can look beyond franchise records when those fans know the history of incompetence this franchise has produced on the offensive side of the ball in the first place. 31 TD's is a franchise record. Thats pretty bad when the league has been a passing league for the past 15 years and guys like Brett Favre was throwing 33-40 TD's back in the mid 90's when it was a running league. Sometimes the bar is so low that getting over it wont even produce a probowl spot. The conversation is different, however, the way fans look at the franchise is totally on topic.
  12. Fitzpatrick Camp Using Geno Smith as Leverage?

    Quite a few, if those records didnt turn to playoff games. Just sayin'
  13. Geno Turning Heads on and off Field in OTA’s

    The Charone Peake news was more fascinating than anything else. Im glad that Geno is doing well and people are reporting it. It does suck that these reporters continue to talk about his maturity, or lack thereof. I dont get how you make a clear admittance regarding how a reporter attempted to bait him with his questions yet it's Geno that should have handled it better. Not taking anymore questions from a reporter not interested in Geno Smith, but "drama" seems to me like the mature thing to do. Maybe a fellow reporter should pull that guy to the side and let him know how immature it was to ask baited questions. Nice to hear Peak with the #1's though. Hopefully he takes Decker's spot.
  14. We're not satisfied with that body of work. So we're voicing our opinions on the matter.
  15. Kirwan on Fitz

    But if the pass is complete then who gives a **** which side of the pass is more talented?...unless passes are not complete and your targets are Stephen Hill, Greg Salas, David Nelson, Ryan Spadola, Jeff Cumberland and Clyde Gates. Then all of a sudden we dont give a **** who's dropping the ball or can't make the acrobatic adjustment for the catch, only who's throwing them. Now everybody wants to get rid of Geno. Funny how sh*t happens, indeed.