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  1. It changes the game, sure, but at the end of the day, it didnt equal 21 points.
  2. The refs didnt give them 21 straight points, they simply took away 7 from the Jets.
  3. This statement is exactly the problem with continuously doing this to the team.
  4. Pats scored 21 straight points. The refs ****ed up, but the Jets still blew a 14 point lead
  5. Everytime he shouldnt take a ******* sack. This ******* guy.
  6. Dude, every time McCown should not take a sack, he takes a ******* sack.
  7. Im afraid to even compliment because there's just way too much time in this game.
  8. I cant believe what the **** im seeing right now!
  9. But they still count, and you conveniently left those stats out. You can't call out people in order to pat yourself on the back about facts that you seemed to stack the deck on a bit. The fumble and int counts bro
  10. The Mike Glennon era is off to one heck of a start

    I'm not surprised.

    Lol still emotional.
  12. The Mike Glennon era is off to one heck of a start

    I just said that given that I thought the w2 mention was a little lame on a football forum. I have no idea what hood grammar is, just made that up on the fly. 😁