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  1. You get it my friend!
  2. Saying that you start a guy on the last year of his rookie contract given that you already have 3 total QB's under rookie deals and allowing that player to be evaluated by not paying Fitz that money but instead allocating that money to places of need isnt a contradiction, its you not seeing what im saying. At the end of the day Fitz won 2 games this season as a starter and on average won 6 games per season as a Jets QB. Im pretty secure with the things I've said in respect to this conversation.
  3. Thanks. I cant say that the best players play. Fitzpatrick wasnt the best player because he got benched for Geno. Geno got hurt and Fitz was thrown back in only to be benched again for the 3rd stringer. Ryan Fitpatrick lost his job to a 3rd string QB getting pulled in the middle of a football game at that. How does that make him "the best player"?
  4. End of the day, the only fantasy is saying what would have happened when we dont know for sure. Same people talked about how Fitz would be better but he wasnt in reality. We dont know. What we do know is that, in hindsight, saving that 12 million or reallocating that money elsewhere along with keeping Geno the starter would have been the better option. I dont support the "I was wrong but let me not acknowledge that because either way this team would have stunk with Geno Smith", especially coming from people who figured that we wouldnt stink if we benched Geno for Fitz.
  5. "It's called maturity...its your job." Loved that part.
  6. I dont think its about people being sure if Fitz is better than Geno or vice versa. It's more about people proclaiming that Fitz was better, as well as watching the Jets pay this man 12 million dollars to win just 2 games that he started this season. It's one of those subject that there's more defending of past statements than anything. Ryan Fitzpatrick wasnt a good enough QB to sit a QB under a rookie deal last season after returning from injury and Fitz wasnt a good enough QB to pay 12 million dollars to and then sit the same QB for a 2nd season while on the last year of his rookie contract. Its less about comparing the two because there is no comparison. Fitz entire career that spanned over a decade and with 6 different teams confirmed what he was. Geno being bad is based that he was still on a rookie contract. People love to talk about Geno's 34 INT's in his first 30 games as a pro, but those same people NEVER talk about Fitz 29 INT's in his last 27 games while with the Jets. The difference is that Geno's stats was while being new to the league while Fitz stats was while being in his 11th and 12th year as a pro. So again, its about the Jets replacing Geno with a guy who wasnt worth replacing him with. It's also about Fans making fallacious arguments when it was convenient, then trying to point the finger at Geno when it was the QB they were saying was "so better" putting together arguably the worst year of any Jets QB in history. The saddest thing is that in Geno's 1st two seasons he won 12 games. In Fitz last 2 seasons as a Jet....he won 12 games. The difference? Geno was a rookie and had nothing around him while Fitz was a veteran and had targets along with his personal offensive coordinator in Chan Gailey. Basically, Fitz had everything he needed in order to NOT end up winning the same amount of games as a rookie QB with no talent around him won...and to add to that, Fitz had the easiest schedule I've ever seen the Jets have in a season and he couldnt even convert that into a playoff birth because of 3 INT's in the 4th quarter of a week 17 game when he was 15 mins away from making the playoffs. To watch all of the comparisons and hate for Geno and then proceed to watch Fitz do what he did is pure comic relief.
  7. Well, that was wrong.
  8. The difference is that Garrett is actually the coach. Fitz is the #2/#3 qb on the team right now because he was benched twice...not because he was hired as a coach.
  9. I wouldnt say calling him a QB with the potential to be a top 15 QB overhyping. The guy was on an absolute sh*tty football team for 2 seasons with the worst offensive line in the NFL, Doug Martin hurt for most of that time and a WR group that was top 10 in dropped passes and dead last in YAC on TD plays. Im excited to see a good player play, but I havent gone anywhere near calling him a franchise player or elite. I just think he's a good QB. I root for a team that doesnt know what a good qb looks like. Im probably overly excited at the possibility of getting him than I am overhyping him. Glennon is better than the bottom half of the starting QB's in the league today imo.
  10. This keeps getting better and better the more I watch it! lol.
  11. The one where a guy goes from sifting through months of threads in order to come across a quote of Villain saying that Fitz cant win more than 6 games, only to turn around and see Fitz win 2 games the following season, benched twice (three times if you count the injury) while completing his Jets career with a losing record and an average of 6 wins per season as a Jets starter? Thats indeed a heavy punchline, or more like delayed self-ownage. Thats some funny sh*t actually. I couldnt have made that one up.
  12. And yet he was still the most talented qb on the roster. Talking about bad stats from rookie/sophomore seasons is a terrible position given the obvious fact of him being a rookie/sophomore with no coaching and talent around him at that. Furthermore, it doesn't change 12 years of total garbage that is Ryan Fitztragic, a guy that in his 2nd year as a jet and 12th year in the league won just half the amount of games as Geno did in his sophomore year with a fraction of the talent that Fitz had. Geno was and has always been the best qb on this team. The same repetitive punchlines from fans doesn't change what the truth is. Just accept it.
  13. Whatever deal they can do they need to do. 3 years 30 million for Mike Glennon would be sweet just based off the fact that he doesn't turn the ball over. Can you even imagine what Robby Anderson could become with Glennon throwing to him? I watched as Anderson got behind a prevent defense a few times. Glennon can throw a 40 yarder (all air) and hit him square in the face mask. Robby Anderson would be a ROTY candidate if not for these quarterbacks. Pay Glennon 10 mill per and you'll get a guy who rarely turns the ball over, implements backs in the passing game and throws accurate passes deep on a rope. Pay that man!
  14. Take some time out and watch the others. The kid is pretty impressive.