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  1. What's the asking price tag on Fitz?
  2. I'd rather see Bryce Petty or anyone else to challenge that statement. Because as of right now its nothing but opinion. No other QB has played with this squad of players or this coaching staff. Ryan Fitzpatrick is doing exactly what he did last year, but worse. Atleast he was pretty good in the redzone. Maybe it was because we were going against sh*tty teams the majority of the time. Against the bengals he was 2-5. Against the Bills he was 4-7 which is better, but today he was 0 for whatever the total was with 3 INT's in the endzone. Fitz RZ offense is the worst in football right now and he's leading the league for a 2nd year in a row for 4th quarter INT's. Him being our best option is an opinion at best.
  3. Thats what happens when you let players influence your decision. Thats what happens when you name a free agent your starting QB. Thats what happens when you pay an inconsistent journeyman 12 million dollars with a history of never living up to the big contract. It was a bad decision.
  4. Thats what happens when you guarantee a journeyman the starting spot when he's not even on the team but in FA'cy. Geno had nothing to do with that ball drop. That was a premature decision made by the front office and cosigned by the coach. You dont do that ever. It is indeed "whatever" because there's nothing really much to say after this abysmal performance. Anyone still highlighting that Geno is somehow worse will continue to ignore the 12 year vet throwing 6 picks with 3 in the endzone and a pick 6 with 4 others dropped. Worse in Jets history.
  5. So, we all knew who Fitzpatrick was and this game is no surprise...something that I agree with. Why do you think so many of us was so surprised when the Jets paid him 12 million? I'd rather take whatever Geno is at 1.6 million over what the hell we just experienced for 12 million.
  6. Probably around the same amount of "GenoLovers" I would suggest given that its just a bunch of us that know despite what anyone says about Fitz, he's a wet dream and wasnt worth 12 million dollars to begin with. He's only better than any option now because he's the starter. However, his performance is not only proving that the investment was indeed the incorrect thing to do, not only does his 7-35 record lifetime against 500. or better teams supports that but the fact that we could have saved 12 million and gotten better results than what we seen today by playing Petty on Geno kinda shows that Fitz, no matter if he's "better" isnt worth the contract that he was given, which is truly the point here.
  7. So, this is why John Elway passed on Fitz this offseason?
  8. And to know that this is what we have to face next week.
  9. lol
  10. We called Sanchez "Pick 6". Maybe we should call Fitz "6 Picks".
  11. My condolences
  12. lol.
  13. Geno had arguably the worst GM in Jets history, Rex when he was skinny and MM as an OC who called time out after Geno was in the middle of a comeback against the Packers. You're reaching so much right now.
  14. Ah, sorry ladies and gents but I must apologize. Ryan Fitzpatrick did not, I REPEAT, did not throw 2 picks in the endzone today. I know I've been saying that ever since the end of the game but I was wrong. he threw 3 picks in the endzone. I forgot about the 6th round pick from westbubblef__k university that got in on the action as well.