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  1. Peterman was my favorite QB of this past QB class. Rather have him than McCown/Petty/Hack. It's being reported that Tyrod Taylor could possibly lose his job to Peterman, Talyor...a QB that many Jets fans wanted this past Spring. Peterman was really good in college. He has his deficiencies but this Hackenberg/McCown/Petty/Fitpatrick experiments the past couple seasons are an utter embarrassment.
  2. Unfortunately not in the way we planned brother. lol.
  3. Im actually a bit upset at Maccagnan now. He should have drafted a QB. It didnt have to even be one of the top QB's. The NFL is concentrating on the top QB's drafted but Nathan Peterman is having a very nice preseason. We could have drafted him and he would have been the best QB on this team right now. This is unfortunate because this defense is not going to have any help whatsoever.
  4. This dude is f'ing terrible.
  5. It started with your statement a few months back. I give you your space. Lets keep it that way.
  6. Maybe Damien Woody saw what I saw.
  7. Nothing to admit, if you read everything that I said I even stated "It seemed from when I looked at the replay that Shell was one-on-one when blocking, but if not then that was on Shell". But like I said, based on what I saw that didnt look like the case. But if it was, then it was on Shell. Admitting wrong is for folk who need that to happen. It looked to me like Shell picked up his man, it didnt look like a double team. If it was then Shell ****ed up.
  8. Exactly. It surely didnt look like it. The moment it happened it just looked like Hack was oblivious
  9. If that's the case then that's Shells fault. From the replay it looked like Shell was one-on-one.
  10. Outside of the semantics, you get my point. It's Shell's responsibility to take the inside guy and let the outside man go free. It's the QB's responsibility to see and understand that when setting his protection. If he set his protection then he should have known that a DE that is "not blitzing" will be uncovered. That's not Shell's fault when Im looking at Shell block the inside guy.