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  1. I wish people would do that. I always respected the variety. Always hate when I hear people parroting what the pundits say. Sometimes I can understand, but when it's most of the people saying the same thing it's just boring. The latest thing I've been hearing is how OJ Howard is "by far" the best blocking TE in this draft. In order to say that you have to Atleast watched a variety of other TE's. The moment you watch George Kittle in comparison you know exactly who's the better blocker. People make Howard out to be a once in a generation talent, yet I haven't seen one thing that makes me feel like he's elite In certain areas. To be considered once in a generation, you need to show elite traits consistently with production to support that. That isn't OJ Howard. I would rather take Peterman in the 2nd only because he's my #1 qb out of the top guys but Mahomes is my 2nd
  2. To rub it in? Probably
  3. I probably wouldnt mind that even though Im more of a Corey Davis guy. Either way we do need a guy who would be a #1 because we certainly dont have one now and Decker will most likely not be a Jet next season. With that said, Im really hoping for a trade down and picking up Christian McCaffery. That dude is a secret weapon because he's so versatile yet so efficient in his versatility. Thats what this team needs, guys that are playmakers.
  4. I can definitely seeing a guy like Solomon Thomas being the odd man out. I personally like Derek Barnett more than Soloman Thomas, but it's probably because Barnett fits more with what the Jets need than Thomas does. Point being, guys like Thomas and Garnett are getting massive love while Barnett seems not to be consistently part of that conversation and yet the argument can be made that Barnett had a better season than both guys.
  5. My ideal draft for the Jets would be to simply find starters. We need help in so many different places outside of defensive line. IF we can get 3 or 4 starters in the draft on this team that would be tremendous. It honestly doesnt matter what position given that we have holes everywhere. That would be a great bounce back for Mikey Macc. Oh, and please go offense in the 1st round. This defense in the first round is getting ridiculous.
  6. If this isnt part of the deal then I cant participate.
  7. I think I can do something. Generally I dont like to agree to things like this given that it then becomes an obligation and I can get emotionally disinterested with the Jets when they play poorly, such as not watching the last 4 games of last season because I was in "**** this team" mode after watching their performance against the Colts last season. With that said, I'll do something every week. Not sure exactly what but I would like to do something a bit different. Maybe if we start next season and we are still unsure about our QB situation I can do weekly write-ups regarding the college QB's leading up to the end of the season and ultimately the 2018 draft. Jetnation's podcast most definitely covers the Jets in-depth, but we dont hear much about current needs of the team relevant to what's happening with college players that could round out the upcoming rookie class for the next season. I'll figure it out. But anyway, count me in. I'll figure out what I can provide
  8. Cool. It just got me excited for the draft as I watched it. Hopefully Maccagnan has a draft that can produce a few starters. We need it.
  9. Figured I'd share this video since im watching it now.
  10. Exactly. This is literally something out of nothing.
  11. It's hard to answer the question given that Hack has yet to play in a live game. Though I didnt like the pick given that I felt it was way too early, I have to say that it's hard to really compare him based on a few quarters in a preseason game to anyone in particular. I also dont like the idea of possibly taking a guy in the first round when we just took him in the 2nd round and never seen him play a regular season game. I do agree with drafting a QB every year, but not in the 1st. Guys like Nathan Peterman should definitely be considered. Nothing wrong with drafting a guy who's considered "NFL" ready. I would have also liked for the Jets to pick up Kevin Hogan as a free agent. So many things they've could have done regarding acquiring young QB's and not Josh McCown. I have hope for Hack because he's a Jet and we really need to hit, like seriously need to hit. The closest we've been is Chad Pennington and his arm with hit with the Namath curse. We release him in order to sign Favre, then Favre's arm is hit with the Namath curse while at the same time Chad Pennington ends up being the QB to keep us out of the playoffs that year.
  12. Well, we've heard that before. Remember this? plus equals One redshirt year later we're looking to draft the next redshirt guy with an even higher pick before seeing what the Next Tom Brady even looks like on the field. Just like you dont use 2nd round picks to draft a redshirt, you most definitely dont use a 1st round pick. Those two picks are supposed to provide immediate impact.
  13. Whats worse is that its taken a bit out of context. Just because a guy has a lower velocity of his passes doesnt mean that he cant make all the throws. It could simply mean that the speed in which the pass arrives could be slower. Just because Watson cant throw a football 40 yards on a rope like Brett Favre doesnt mean that he cant throw a footballl 40 yards. <<<<<This is what people have confused the velocity measurement with. They look at the number and conclude that he cant make the throws or atleast make the throws at Metlife in December. The Velocity test will probably never be able to tell you what a QB can do in NY weather in December, however, the size of a QB's hand is a better indication of what a guy could possibly do in the elements in respects to consistency because in rain, snow or wind a QB's immediate problem is grip. The velocity measurement is being given too much credit.