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  1. I agree with you regarding the purge. This seems to be the perfect year to do it since Macc wants to sign QB's like McCown. Just finish the purge and get it over with. With that being said, I dont think we're getting a #1 for Mo Wilkerson, not with the fact that that team must also take on that contract. Maybe with it being a 1st next year, as you stated, but I would honestly be surprised if a team did that. If Macc were to pull that off that would be good news. I also feel the same for Richardson. We're not getting that high of a draft pick for him. I think a 3rd for Richardson and maybe a 2nd for Wilkerson is what we would have to settle for unfortunately. Your overall point of view however Im 100% on board with. I felt like if we had to make the decision we should have let Decker walk and kept Marshall, but Marshall actually wanted out. I say trade Decker for a 4th or whatever you can get for him as well. I wouldnt mind going in with Enunwa #1, Anderson #2, Smith/Peake #4 and the dude from San Fran to iron it out. I also like that if you would trade you would attempt to get next year draft picks. I think that method is highly underrated. It will give the impression in the short term for the other team that they're getting a player for free. Meanwhile we can just complete the obvious tank job and continue to stack draft picks for next year. Now, if only we can hit on 2nd round picks! lol.
  2. If we draft defense in the first round again...
  3. He has some kick return history in college but wasnt necessarily good. However, The Jets, Chiefs, Broncos, Redskins and Dolphins were at his Pro-Day to watch him perform, and from the report, came away thinking that he could contribute to special teams, though not sure in what capacity. n WR Zach Pascal, two more NFL draft prospects 118SHARES SHARE TWEET EMAIL By: Khari Murphy | March 18, 2017 4:11 pm ET Coming off of their first bowl game invite and victory in school history, Old Dominion University received a healthy amount of notice from NFL scouts at their pro day with 16 teams in attendance, each one of which had their eyes on wide receiver Zach Pascal, towering defensive lineman Rashaad Coward, and quarterback David Washington. Pascal, who was the first Old Dominion Monarch to receive an invite and compete at the NFL combine, got the nerves out of system in Indianapolis and came into the pro day fired up. “Coming from the combine to now, it helps. You know what to expect and how to handle yourself around certain people. You learn to come out here and to have fun. The first day of the combine I was nervous, but no nerves today, I was ready.” He was ready. Pascal wanted to improve on his agility and speed times from the combine which he did. His 40-yard dash was clocked in by some scouts at 4.48, an upgrade from his 4.55 at the combine; he improved his 3-cone time from 7.11 to 7.07. He ended his career as the all-time receptions leader in ODU history with 233 receptions. In 2016 Pascal led the team with 65 catches for 946 yards and 9 touchdown receptions. He’s got nice size at 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds, which is a trait most teams found attractive and a perfect fit for Dallas. He’s met with the Chiefs, Jets, Broncos, Colts, Dolphins, and Washington during the process. Those teams have identified him initially as a special teams player who could grow into a role within an offense. What stood out most was his willingness to block. He doesn’t mind blocking safeties, linebackers, or whoever to create a lane. Pascal idolizes and models his game after Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and it shows in the way he attacks the ball and the physicality he brings to the field. Scouts generally came away impressed and saying he has potential to go in the fifth round, but is a late-round lock. Here’s game film of Pascal against NC State from 2015.
  4. I'd agree with this.
  5. Obi Melifonwu
  6. George Kittle Jalen Reeves-Maybin
  7. The Combine is done, pro-days are pretty much done, major FA signings are done and that draft is 1 month away. Based on what the Jets have done in free agency as well as needs, this is what I would do this draft setting up for a rebound in 2018. Also, I have us trading down from the #6 pick, trading with teams like The Ravens (pick 16) or the Titans (pick 18) who are both looking for a CB's and WR's and will most likely have first dibs at either position at #6 overall. In return we get their 1st and 2nd round picks. Rd. 1 Christian McCaffery- RB: Stanford. He may not be considered the "Best in the class" but he's arguably the most versatile. He's a very good RB that great patience and vision behind the Oline, he's great on passing downs out of the backfield and can even line up as a WR. He also is a very good special teamer as a KR/PR...something the Jets are also lacking. Rd. 2 Obi Melifonwu- Safety: UConn. Lets be honest, Calvin Pryor isnt cutting it and Marcus Gilchrist may not ever be the same after his patellar tendon injury. I think Obi could play both FS and SS with the ability to be a day 1 starter as SS. Dude is a freak athlete as well and covers space quickly. He also have the ability to be a situational Cornerback. Dude is versatile, strong, fast and is a mismatch. He has the physical ability of a SS, the tracking ability of a FS and the coverage ability of a CB. Oh, and he's a 6'4" freak athlete who was #1 this year within the Safety class in the 40 yard dash, the Vert Jump and the Broad Jump. He also had three less reps on the bench behind the #1 safety. Rd. 2 Garret Bowles- Offensive Tackle: Utah. Our future starting LT. Can sit this season, enter the weight training program...learn the game and be a back up for Kelvin Beachum. Rd. 3 Jon Toth- Center: Kentucky. Our future starting C. Can sit this season, enter the weight training program, learn the game and be a back up Wesley Johnson. Rd. 3. George Kittle- Tight End: Iowa. Everyone is excited over OJ Howard, though in all honesty I think George Kittle would be the best fit for the NY Jets given their needs. Kittle is by far the best blocking TE in this draft class, but is also relevant in the passing game. Kittle is like having an extra lineman on the field, something that will most certainly help both the QB and the rushing attack. Kittle wont have to leave the field on passing downs. I believe that we can put him behind ASJ for a season and he could possibly be ready to become a starter in 2018. Rd. 5 Jalen Reeves-Maybin ILB/OLB: Tennessee. If not for his shoulder injury people would be talking more about Maybin. Dude is athletic, fast and instinctive. Very good at playing around the LOS, can run sideline to sideline and can provide pressure on the QB. Need a back up guy now that Erin Henderson is a free agent. We can have him back up Lee/Harris Rd. 6 Ethan Cooper- Guard: Indiana-Pa. James Carpenter wont be around forever and this is just another opportunity to get guys into our program and develop them. Cooper has potential. Rd. 7 Zach Pascal- WR: Old Dominion. A WR that has shown talent catching the football and separating from his defender. We lost Brandon Marshall this year which means that Enunwa will be one of the starting WR's. Next year we will most likely move on from Eric Decker. Having a guy like Pascal on our PS could pay dividends in a year or two as a solid contributer. This mock isnt sexy, and it really isnt designed to be. Its purpose is to build from the inside out as well as to establish some skillset talent on the offensive side of the ball. If the Jets are seriously in a throw away year then that means next year we need to be prepared to bounce back. If we are picking a QB next year then that means we are most definitely moving on from Petty and Hack will be in a 3rd year as pretty much our back up. More importantly, picking a rookie QB means that you should have some key pieces in position in order to give that QB the best chance to succeed. This draft will help in that effort. We will have a young RB that can contribute on all 3 downs running and catching. We would have added a LT, Center and a guard ready to contribute along with guys like Brian Winters and Brandon Shell, and we would have added a TE that can stay on the field for all 3 downs that is a great contributer in the passing/rushing blocking game but can also provide 2-3 clutch catches per game. With that we've added some pieces to the defense which was a Safety that can take over for Calvin Pryor immediately and maybe even become an NFL level FS, while also adding a quality ILB/OLB that has the speed to play sideline to sideline, has great instincts and can pair up with Darron Lee when Harris either retires or is released next season. Next year we could give a drafted QB a revamped Oline, a quality WR corp, a solid TE and a versatile RB group in McCaffery/Powell. #Baker Mayfield 2018!
  8. haha! I should have known. I wanted to say "Pesto" but that would have been a damn lie! lol.
  9. Before my time brother.
  10. That was wrong of you! lol.
  11. Exactly. I remember Sanchez talking about how much of a help Nick Mangold was for him when he came in the league.
  12. Here's where I think I'm right. You don't pay a guy 6 million dollars for that type of role. Even if I could see eye to eye with your point, you can't then turn around to me and say "by the way, we have to pay that guy, with that history, for this role...6 million guaranteed". That clearly would have been a joke to me. Not when better QB's or QB's with more potential are also signing for similar roles at a fraction of the price. No way in hell I'm signing McCown, and certainly not for that price. You are correct about those games in the 70's. I wasn't born yet lol.
  13. Pennington and Eric Allen are going to echo anything the Jets front office does. Also, it's not about having a vet or not. It's about that vet being Josh McCown
  14. Here's the video.
  15. I cant argue that. Im not saying that Sanchez doesnt suck. I do however think Kaep is a bit better...but generally I feel you here (given that you've removed your agenda and are now "talking" to me ) A team is more than a sum of its parts, but the "type" of parts is what ultimately make up the team. We had a mentor last year in Ryan Fitzpatrick. You know what our problem was? Not having a leader. Look at the dysfunction last season. When that team began to slide, guys who you thought would be a leader became selfish (Marshall) or began pointing fingers (Fitz pointing the finger at the coaching staff and front office instead of owning it). For once this team should try to bring in guys that are leaders and let the young guys learn from that experience instead of mentors who are really about themselves after its all said and done. Not everyone is as accomplished as a Ray Lewis, but in comparison to being a leader I think that there are some out there. A guy like Bart Scott wouldnt have allowed that nonsense. We need some of that on the offensive side of the ball. Josh McCown is not that guy. And im not saying that I know who is exactly, but then again I was the one who was more interested in bringing in a starter at QB instead of what we ultimately did. Also, the past 4 seasons of McCown includes his fluke year that he's never had before, and never again replicated. However, if you look at the past 3 years, it looks like Josh McCown. 29TD's/24INT's and 26 fumbles.