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  1. The guy as my Avatar. Or Falk.
  2. Hard for me to give this legs. Some immediately use this as an opportunity to question Bowles acumen, but in 2015 no one had a problem with the WR situation when we had the #1 WR duo in the league with the most yards and the WR with the most TD's on the season and a top 10 offense. Quincy's arguably the best player on offense. Thanks Idzik!
  3. My goodness. START THE F'ING SEASON ALREADY. The bitching over everything this off-season is totally out of control. And to think, talking about Ryan Fitzpatrick and FOOTBALL this time last season caused people to pretend like the site was unreadable. Meanwhile, this off-season is filled with stupid non stories about a whole bunch of nothing. This has become pathetic.
  4. The big fella Crusher is like...
  5. Congratulations on your two superbowl victories Hitman.
  6. Neither is the above. When has it ever been the norm for coaches to point the finger at other coaches for their decisions? No need for me to continue. Rodgers is the positions coach and Burris will have his shot this season.
  7. Getting alot of "im hating on Hackenberg before we know". This is his information going back to highschool. The video is a breakdown of the entire 2016 class, and Hackenbergs starts at the 9:30 min mark.
  8. Im not saying that your position is wrong. However, you trying to convince me to do what you're doing simply isnt working.
  9. So, are you telling me that he did no work with any trainer during the season last year???? I'll do myself a favor dismiss myself now.
  10. McCown was signed before Minicamp. The important people are the HC, GM and Owner who've seen him all of last year.
  11. Well my friend, everything that we've heard regarding Hack is that he looks broke. You just said "yet that was going to be fixed in between games without reps.... Give me a break". Precisely! But you think that his issues are going to be fixed in OTA's/Minicamp in May/June? Hack looks inconsistent in shorts and with no pass rush whatsoever. All he needs to do at this point is receive the ball from under center and throw an accurate ball that is on time with the route...and even with that he's been inconsistent and his game has been criticized. He's suddenly going to get it together a month from now once the preseason program starts? You can call it speculation, or you can call it "proven you're fixed when we all knew that you were broken". The moment Bowles picked Fitz over Hack in week 17 I knew this kid was way in over his head. So you mean to tell me that he suddenly got better during the offseason WITH NO REPS, yet couldnt get better during the regular season when you said that "He had no reps and came from a college system that broke him". Well, he didnt have any reps in the offseason either right? That means whatever he was able to do in the offseason to get better he could have also done DURING the season. It's you that's speculating.