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  2. Everything seems to be considered when it comes to Fitz. "Look at the teams over the years" or "Luck counts too". Meanwhile, Geno is a rookie and 2nd year player on some of the least talented, worse coached Jets teams since the mid 90's and you can never find a way to talk like this when it comes to Geno Smith. Then for you to say that someone is backtracking? C'mon Ranger. Why is it that all this stuff must be taken into account for a guy in the league 11 years yet its so "cut and dry" when it comes to Geno Smith? sh*t is just not adding up brother.
  3. Fitz is a leader, he's just not a very good quarterback. Being a leader and being a good QB arent mutually exclusive. If Fitz QB skills were as good as his leadership qualities he'd be a top 10 QB in the league. His leadership has kept him around the NFL for 11 years, however, his inconsistent QB skills is the reason why he's been on 6 teams in 11 seasons. This is what some Jets fans don who criticize Geno dont understand. Fitz is a great leader...sure, he's not a very good QB though. Throwing up past season stats dont really tell the story. Here are of some examples of guys who are the opposite of Fitzpatrick. Jay Cutler is a good QB, not a good leader Matt Stafford is a good QB, not a good leader. Ryan Tannehill is an okay QB, not a good leader. Imo, saying that Ryan Fitzpatrick isnt a leader after watching Jets football last season is equivalent to saying that Geno Smith is the worst QB in the league because of an asinine 2014 article that also stated that Josh McCown was the 3rd best QB in the league. Fitz is a leader but not a good QB. Thats the fact.
  4. I know what you're talking about, this is why @PatsFanTX is calling you out for the convenient circumstances that you're putting forth in order to support Fitzpatrick. I know all of our losses were by 7 points and under given that the defense kept all of those teams outside of 1 Pats game to 24 points or less. The problem was Fitzpatrick not being able to put up more than 17 points in all of those games except for that Pats game. 17 points! Goes to show how well that defense was when you can lose all those games by a TD or less then you turn around and realize that it was the Fitz led offense that couldnt muster more than 17 points while completing under 50% completion rate and/or on numerous occasions throwing game ending picks (Texans, Bills twice).
  5. PatsFan still has a valid point though. You said that we shouldnt care about any other year except what Fitz did this past season, well, it doesnt matter what the Colts did before this past season. The Colts were one of the worst teams in the NFL even before Andrew Luck's injury. This is a Colts team that got smoked by the Bills week 1 and picked off Luck twice, then got smoked again by the Jets picking off Luck 3 times. The Colts didnt win their division and didnt make the playoffs and ended the season as one of the worst teams in the NFL. What did Fitzpatrick do against the team that actually WON that AFC south division? Didnt the Jets lose to the Texans given the INT that Fitzpatrick threw on 1st down of the 4th quarter 2:00 warning drive? Fitz threw that pick on the VERY FIRST PLAY of the Jets 2:00 warning drive. Didnt the Texans hold Fitzpatrick to a 48% completion rate while picking him off twice?
  6. He had and injured Eric Decker, who when he was on the field was doubled most of the time given the fact that Geno had no other talent on the field. "We had good players that season". Chris Johnson wasnt even put on the field. Jace Amaro was a rookie, Harvin was useless coming to the team late october and he's never even been a respected WR, more of a respected athlete in space, which is why he was respected as a return specialist and not a WR (when Geno is actually on the field). The real difference wasnt just Marshall, it was Jame Carpenter, it was Todd Bowles, it was Chan Gailey, it was Quincy Enunwa, it was Mike Maccagnan, it was Gailey knowing how to use Powell. Your position is insane. Keep pretending like it was "just marshall" and that 2015 was the same. The 2015 Jets defense in that Colts game had as many turnovers in that game than the Defense did all of 2014. Something that the Jets offense directly took advantage of. You go figure that one out.
  7. Based on the scenario last season (easiest schedule, most talented Jets team) and Fitz couldnt convert that into a playoff appearance then I dont know if Fitz gives this Jets team the best chance to win. The goal is to make the playoffs, not compare 10 wins this year to 4 wins last year. Fitz didnt get it done when the deck was completely stacked in our favor.
  8. Well, if this ^^^^^ is the case then maybe Geno should get a pardon for playing on those sh*tty as Jets teams, especially since Fitz already had an opportunity with one of the most talented Jets teams in recent memory and the easiest schedule I've ever seen the Jets have and couldnt convert that to a playoff birth. Fitz had 11 years worth of trying, and I do agree, many of his teams were bad, but that Bills team that started out 4-0 wasnt one of them. And when I think about it, I dont think Fitzpatrick had a team around him that was less talented than what Geno had in 2013/2014. Given that comparisons really dont work, what I can say is that last year was a playoff year for the Jets, everything was lined up for us, yet Fitz didnt get the job done when the pressure was on. Like you said, the important thing is last season, not ten years ago. This past January 3rd the Jets were in control of their own destiny, and Fitzpatrick threw the game away. Something that I said he'd do back on November 22nd of last year. People laughed at me when the jets went undefeated in the month of December, sh*t, Fitz even had me convinced after the week 16 game against the Pats. But AS SOON as I reconsidered my position he did exactly what I was worried all season about in the last game of the season....throwing 3 INT's in the 4th qtr to end our season against his former team and our former coach. Talk about failing with flying colors my friend.
  9. Know one knows, which is what he's ignoring. To prove that, the same ridiculous article that had Geno dead last had Nick Foles the best QB and Josh McCown 3rd best in the league. What are Nick Foles and Josh McCown today? The fact that Nick Foles and Josh McCown were both top 3 QB's should have been suspect enough, but of course if Geno Smith is dead last on the list then who cares about how much sense the article makes overall right? 2ndly, the article doesnt matter because 2 of the top 3 guys on that same list are bench players today. HOW THE HECK DOES THAT HAPPEN lmao! Goes to show how insignificant the article is. So if the top guys can "fall from grace" then that means that a guy that was considered dead last could also improve. The argument is more of a weak "diss" to Geno than it is anything close to something relevant or worthy of considering. Kinda like ignoring how Decker was injured thoughout 2014, removing himself from multiple games yet saying that Decker was fine because he played in as many games as he did this past season while at the same time ignoring the fact that Decker didnt have to remove himself from any of the games he started this past season because he actually recovered from his injury. Its Geno hate Joe. We both know what it is.
  10. Soon you'll realize that the Fitz support has nothing to do with Fitz himself.
  11. About 10 people so far.
  12. You make it seem so extreme. Black or white, yes or no, confidence, no confidence. You state that becasue they want Fitz back they "obviously dont" have confidence in Geno. The problem with that is they're not willing to pay Fitz what he wants, meaning that they're willing to move forward with Geno instead of overpaying for a guy that they may prefer. Comments like this is what I dont understand. How do you type that and at the same time not even see the problem with what you typed? Based on your statement and what the front office has done to this point, it literally shows that the FO OBVIOUSLY has enough confidence in Geno NOT to overpay for Fitzpatrick to the point where the Jets didnt even budge when the Broncos and Browns sniffed around. Your "all or nothing" extremes arent tricking anyone when all you have to do is look at the fact that Fitzpatrick isnt even a Jet.
  13. I have 6. Charone Peake Robby Anderson Kyle Friend Jalin Marshall Ross Martin Doug Middleton. Basically all rookies for me. Im particularly excited to see what these guys can do.
  14. This.
  15. A "bad-back" version of JJ Watt is like 15 sacks per season. If there was a higher level of football he'd be a probowler there. Dude is from the planet Jordan.