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  1. Brady sucks...

    **** Tom Brady.   Just dropped by to say that. Now I must go back into hiding.  
  2. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Havent watched any Dak since last offseason. No clue what he's done this year. Im just not getting into the groove of things now. 
  3. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    That's not what his tape says. 
  4. Question for the Board

    It depends. Does drafting a SB winning QB come with an eventual SB title? Does drafting a HOF QB with no SB victory and/or appearance means that there is no way you could ever win it all with that QB?   
  5. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    I'll check it out. 
  6. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Then thats my fault. I thought that with him being a Junior he'd declare for the draft.  I still like what I see though. 
  7. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

  8. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

  9. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

  10. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

  11. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

  12. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    This kid looks REALLY good. He looks like a very smart player. Great, consistent feet work with follow-through. Can make great plays on the run yet throws the ball away when he should. Accurate, can make all the throws and seems to have very good timing with his throws and the WR routes. Has a very good release, with zip. Has a little Johnny Manziel/Russell Wilson to his game.  He looks like a top tier QB to me. Maybe even better than Wentz to me when its all said and done (It's Janurary). He looks more "NFL ready" than Wentz. I dont seen Wentz in any way, shape or form starting day one, but this kid looks like he probably could.     
  13. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    I guess I like what I see from Wentz more than the typical top names I hear about. Im still working on going through the quarterbacks. From what i seen Wentz typically doesnt throw with too much air under the ball. I did notice the air under the ball during the championship game but he also came back from a broken wrist on that throwing hand...if the highlights you seen happened to come from that game.    I guess I like finding guys not really talked about. A guy who im currently looking at is Baker Mayfield from OK. Its January, my feelings will change the more I watch players throughout the next few months. 
  14. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    When you say "Trade the farm" what does that mean exactly? Goff looks okay, but I really like Wentz and even I wouldnt trade the farm for him. However, if you feel like Goff is "that guy" then I say do it....**** it! lol. Sometimes just having a "Plan B" can distract from your original "Plan A". Either fly or crash and burn....but either way, make it look beautiful while doing it. 
  15. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    Thanks.  Some feel like Wentz at #20 is too risky but I highly doubt that he'll be there when we pick in the 2nd round. Also, from now to the draft this kid will have every opportunity to convince the naysayers or make them feel like they were correct on their initial assessment. Its the same with my perspective. I go through this every year. I start off loving a guy then find other talent and my mock in January never looks like what I have in my last mock in April-May. I will say this though, Wentz looks like he will be on my mock throughout the offseason, and if he impresses he may be off my mock because he may rocket up boards to the point where I feel he may not even be available.  I think for the people willing to look past and ignore his "competition" they'll see a special type of talent in Wentz. I am concerned though. Im no special scout person. Im just a guy who likes to watch player tape on the internet. These GM's and coaches for teams like the 49er's, Dallas, Chicago, Rams, Lions  etc. will all see Wentz and someone is going to see the difference between this guy and the "Top tier" QB's in the upcoming draft and may take a chance on drafting him and sitting him behind their current starter. Wentz doesnt look like the QB you throw to the fire day one given the jump in talent, but based on his skillset if you're in a position to have him sit behind a starter like a Jay Cutler, Kaep, Stafford and you're willing to take the "now unpopular road" of developing your 1st round talent then Wentz could really turn into something.  If we're going to stick with Fitzpatrick then I would prefer this, if we're going to move on from Fitz then it better be because Geno has really shown something or because we traded for Glennon. Other than that I'd take this guy at #20 if available. But yea, I hope the Bucs seen enough in Winston to move forward from Glennon. He's very valuable to him given that we just spoke about the #2 position, the problem is, because he was once a starter and other teams have seen/inquired about him he's going to walk next season and the Bucs would have gotten nothing. Might as well get something for him. He's not like a Ryan Nassib who only plays in the preseason (though impressive). He's not on anyone's radar because he's a mystery. The only team who knows what Nassib is IS the Giants.    As for the other positions, we have some nice RB's coming out this year that could be had in the 2nd/3rd rounds. I havent really looked deeply into the OL situation outside of Stanley (who I wanted us to draft last season if he left school) and the LT from Ole'Miss. Now that guy has some light feet for a LT. He's quick and I can see why he's projected to be the #1 pick in the draft.    Sorry for the long rant, its the offseason and im already excited for free agency, trades and the draft!