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  1. Yes, Brady the no-name dork that 32 teams passed on 6 times. Who and what made Brady? A great HC and some very great coaching. If Brady was taken by a different team he would've been selling men's socks at Macy's a long time ago.
  2. Per Bowles' design, plan, and vision, developed and coached by Bowles. You Macc-haters are so drunk on Macc-hate, you threw all logic out the window.
  3. Pats were 12-4 in '06, won the division and reached the AFCC. Point being, if Belichick the GM mucked up the draft, Belichick the HC still found a way to win. THANK YOU. Case closed. You just proved it's all about quality coaching. Why can't Bowles do that?
  4. Is this an actual rebuild?

    Ritchie gets it except for the GM part. Macc-haters don’t get how it works. Stating what you would’ve done is pointless. Macc would’ve done it differently too. But he didn’t lock himself in a room and make decisions by himself. He stuck to Bowles’ plan and served the HC as directed. If you want to blame Macc for listening to Bowles, that’s another story. Ever hear Bowles talk about QBs? Only when questioned by reporters and even then it’s very brief. In his mind he doesn’t need a QB. It’s just a minor JAG position that’ll sort itself out. Winning is all about defense. It begins at safety because when Bowles played he imagined he was the one player on the field that made it all happen. Read Bowles’ words (btw, does Macc ever give ramble-jabber nonsense like that?), Bowles is perfectly content and ready to rumble because he has what he thinks he needs to win.
  5. Is this an actual rebuild?

    I actually liked Bowles until I heard his rants. Then I realized we're in deep sh!t all over again. He contradicts himself left and right, but what irks me most is the part that seems to suggest young players should figure it out themselves so he can ride the palanquin.
  6. Is this an actual rebuild?

    ^ Proof that Macc is quietly doing as told. It's Bowles' team, Bowles' vision, Bowles' sh!tfest. Macc is just the triggerman. He did everything Todd's way. Bowles wanted vet leaders off the team so he can run his own brand of kindergarten kumbaya and Super Bowl Guyana kool-aid.
  7. Is this an actual rebuild?

    No rebuild. It's all here, loud and clear, in Todd Bowles wafflebonics: "No, we’re always trying to win,” Bowles said Thursday, before the Marshall news, when asked if the Jets were rebuilding. “Whether we kept them or we let them go, we’re always trying to win. We don’t do anything in the mindset [of rebuilding]. You rebuild as far as people and names, but you don’t rebuild in terms of trying to win or not win. We’re trying to win all the time.” “I’m not afraid of the unknown,” Bowles said. “We don’t have the names that we had in the past, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have the players.” The young players I don’t worry about because you have to teach. You teach football. Whether they’re old or they’re young, you treat them the same and you teach football. That the part of it I’m excited about. I’m not afraid of the unknown. I felt no differently the day I took the job than I do now. I have a lot of faith whether our older guys stay or we have some young guys come in and play. It’s up to us to teach them as coaches.” “We just need to play smarter and more disciplined,” Bowles said. “That’s the biggest thing. We need to play smarter. It’s not a quality to add. I think we have to add the right people that take over the team to make this their team and add those qualities themselves and the coaches will emulate that and make sure we put that forward.” "Obviously, we want to win a lot more games than last year. We want to go to the playoffs. That’s what we’re coaching and striving to do. That’s my goal.” “Our goal is the Super Bowl no matter what.”
  8. Great job by Kearse. Smart pickup by Macc.
  9. “Our goal is the Super Bowl no matter what,” Bowles told The Post.
  10. No such thing as unnecessary roughness against the Raiders
  11. You mean Maccagnan. This forum blames Macc for everything Bowles does
  12. If McClod put a little 'touch' on the ball it would've been easier