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  1. The #3 pick was gone as soon as they used it. They could have used it on another player, but they chose Bosa. That's done, and it can't be undone. At this point, allowing Bosa to re-enter the draft is a gamble that SD could only "win" If Bosa's a bust, but why would a team draft a player so high if they had doubts? I don't even pretend to know the answer to that. Maybe the owner decided he wanted Bosa.
  2. With the trading of Stork, only Garoppolo and one other player are left on the Patriots' roster from their 2014 draft. When only 2 draftees make it to opening day of their third NFL season, that's god awful drafting no matter what kind of excuses fans make. NE has been drafting poorly for quite a while. They've gotten by because they've had lots of draft picks from trading away vets and because they've gotten lucky with some of the players they've traded for, namely Moss and Welker. We'll see how trading for Cleveland's 2013 first round bust, OLB Barkevious Mingo, works out for the Pats. The Brownies have been trying to peddle him since last season with no takers before the Pats finally offered up a fifth rounder.
  3. That's how it seems to me, too. Normally, a team wouldn't cut a 1st or 2nd round QB in the last year of his contract even if he couldn't beat out a pretty modest journeyman QB like Fitz, but Geno doesn't seem to be much of a team player, either, and that's probably the main reason he's gone sooner rather than later. IMO, he's got to show competency, leadership, and results. That seems unlikely.
  4. If I were an NFL GM, I think my first rule of thumb would be not to trade with the Pats. A few years ago when they had real talent on the team, they were collecting high picks for talented but older players on the downsides of their careers. Now that there's less talent in NE, they're trading trash for lower level picks. They pawned Ryan Mallett off on Houston for about what they got for Stork who got beat out by an UDFA, has anger management issues, and has had a series of concussions. It seems like even some NFL execs buy into the myth that if NE drafts a guy, he must be good.
  5. Yes and no. If he's really not that good -- and AFAIK nobody has called Bosa a "can't miss prospect" while there have been some predicting him to bust -- then SD already wasted their #3 picked on day one of the draft. They'd then at least salvage cap space and some real $$$ rather than have both tied up in a lousy player which would be a plus. Since my crystal ball developed a serious crack along about 1999, however, my predictive abilities have been seriously impaired, so I have no idea whether Bosa will crash and burn or not.
  6. The Bills have McCoy as their starter plus three young backs -- Mike Gillislee, Jonathan Williams, and Boom Herron -- that all moved ahead of Karlos while he was losing weight and getting in shape. Plus they have Reggie Bush and another youngster, James Wilder, Jr, as well. I think that the Bills FO felt that any of the three young guys were at least as good as the #2 back as Williams and that they decided that they didn't need/want to bother with a RB who was going to miss a quarter of the season. Maybe they weren't happy with his effort to get into shape. I think that cutting Karlos may have served as a lesson to other players that you have to produce this season not expect to get a pass because of what you did last season. If the Jets pick up Karlos, I hope he runs wild through the league except when he plays against the Bills.
  7. Wishful thinking on your part.
  8. I think that the one time the Bills "blew the Jets out of the water" was the game where Sanchez threw five or six picks. The Bills didn't start beating the Jets with regularity until very recently when the Bills started building up their talent and got better coaching (Marrone and Ryan) while the Jets seemed to keep losing talent without replacing it, especially on offense. I'm only a Rex defender because he's the Bills HC. I was rather dismayed when he was hired. I hated him when he was the Jets HC because he could always win more games with apparently less talent than whoever the Bills HC was with what appeared to be a more talented roster ... at least on paper. Now I'm glad that he's on the Bills sideline rather than some of the stiffs from the Bills inglorious past. As for Mark and Geno, they're the result of the perpetual hunt for a franchise QB that continues for every team that doesn't have one. The Bills drafted EJ Manuel in the first round ahead of Geno. He's failed as a starter but he's better than JP Losman whom the Bills drafted in 2004. Do you know that the Bills traded their 2005 first rounder to Dallas in order to move up in the draft to take ol' JP? The Bills 2005 pick was #18. Do you know who was still on the board at #18 in 2005? Aaron Rodgers. The Jets aren't the only team to screw themselves over chasing after the wrong QB.
  9. Arguing about who was in the wrong in a locker room altercation (pretty one sided) that took place more than a year before between one guy who's no longer on the team and another one who's likely gone by this time next season seems pretty pointless. That just me, though.
  10. Oh, yes, I do. Jeaniec was referring to the Bills smacking the Giants around 21-0 on Saturday. The OP was discussing the Bills first preseason game IIRC. I don't know how or why most of this thread got hijacked into an argument about who was wrong in Great Jets Locker Room Brawl That Never Was, but it seems like it was a win-win for both teams. The Bills picked up an okay LBer and the Jets didn't have to suffer through a season with Geno as starter.
  11. You wish the Jets looked as good in their two preseason games as that dumpster fire. Oh, yeah, and promising young RT Seantrel Henderson, who was a starter before being sidelined with Crohn's Disease last season, has been medically cleared to practice.
  12. It's more relevant to the thread topic than rehashing an incident that happened more than a year ago between a guy whose no longer the starting QB and a guy whose no longer on the team.
  13. Not gloating at all. Just pointing out that for all the personnel "troubles" the Bills have had, they seriously kicked the Giants' butts. They could have easily had another TD in the first half. Eli and Nassib spent their time trying to avoid the pass rush. This is the second good outing in a row for the Bills, especially on defense. The last time I looked, a team looking good in any game was preferable to it sucking, even if the game's in preseason.
  14. Bills 21, Giants 0
  15. I think you'll have to suck worse than the Bills to win that one, and that will be hard to do. Two twice-failed starters on three playoff quality teams (Kevin Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson) plus a first round project QB trumps 2 failed starters (Sanchez and Garrard), a never-was (McElroy) and a misfit (Tebow).