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  1. Idzik supporters.

    I think you'll have to suck worse than the Bills to win that one, and that will be hard to do. Two twice-failed starters on three playoff quality teams (Kevin Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson) plus a first round project QB trumps 2 failed starters (Sanchez and Garrard), a never-was (McElroy) and a misfit (Tebow).
  2. No team is going to trade for Tebow because they figure he'll be cut.
  3. Pettine new Bills DC -- OFFICIAL

    No, the Bills requested permission to talk with him and the Jets gave it.
  4. New Bills HC Doug Marrone is NOT basking in celebration. The Bills have apparently asked permission to talk to the Jets DC Mike Pettine: Bills want to talk to Jets DC
  5. Report: Norv Turner Will Be Fired!

    QFT. It's the foundation of Turner's very overrated "legend". Plainly, Turner sucks so bad, he makes Marty Schottenheimer look good. Why fans would want him anywhere near their team is beyond me.
  6. Are the Jets really a disaster?

    I think the reason that the Bills and Dolphins aren't getting national attention is because they are playing better than they have in recent years. Nobody really expected them to be playoff contenders. In fact, many experts expected the Fins to be a 2 or 3 win team, so they're well ahead of the game. In other words, both teams look to be "heading in the right direction". The Jets, however, were expected to be at least as good as last season, and they started out well. Higher expectations means more angst when those expectations aren't met. Having a bombastic HC and then trading for a big name QB focused more attention on the team, and NOT in a good way. The Jets owner got what he wanted in trading for Tebow: he stole the preseason headlines from the Super Bowl winning Giants. The problem is, the name of the game in the NFL is about winning, NOT about making headlines.
  7. RG3 > Tom Brady

    RGIII isn't going to last a decade with his playing style. Hell, he may NOT last the length of his rookie contract. Hasn't he already had 1 concussion this season already?
  8. LaCanfora: Jets and Their Bloated Contracts

    BroadwayJoe12 has the right of it. Backup QBs will be willing to sign with the Jets if they feel that they'll be given a shot at starting. They'll regard Sanchez as "low hanging fruit" just as Trent Edwards was after the 2008 season. The thing is, in order to prove to backup QBs that they'll get a real shot, both Tannenbaum and Ryan probably have to go, and I'm not sure if your owner will take that step.
  9. Sanchez sucks.

    I think that the bolded part is NOT true, particularly since about 50% of first round QBs fail. I think that you are right that it's a problem between the ears, but it's NOT about intelligence per se. It's about perception and information processing. Guys like Byron Leftwich, Jason Campbell, and JP Losman are busts for the same reason that Sanchez is: they cannot see and process what they see on the field quickly and accurately, which leads to INTs, incompletions, and what we generally call "bad decisions". They aren't bad actors and they aren't stupid. It's just that they are lacking this ability which is really necessary,for NFL QBs to have, but which can't really be detected until after a QB has been playing for a while, and I think this is the biggest reasons that first rounders fail.
  10. The Jets had a great OL in 2009 and 2010 and still have a decent one now. They also had decent WRs and RBs in 2009 and 2010. Until this season, they had better offensive talent than Tampa Bay, and Brian Schottenheimer is 10X the offensive coordinator that Tony Sparano can ever hope to be. Scapegoat Schottenheimer for the FO's poor decisions. You need to stop making excuses for Sanchez. His poor play pulls down his teammates. His holding on to the ball too long and lack of pocket awareness makes the OL look far worse than it is because sacks get blamed on the OL. Sanchez's inability to see the field well and his inability to recognize open receivers results in his throwing too much to his outlet receivers, which hurts the running game because teams put 8 in the box to stop both the running game and the short passes. Between his INTs and fumbles, Sanchez puts his teammates under the gun.
  11. That may be true, but Freeman's bad years have been pretty much on a par with Sanchez's numbers during those same years, and he had much less talent around him until this season when his team finally got him some weapons. Sanchez had a much better team around him in 2009 and 2010, and didn't put up particularly good numbers: Freeman: 2009: 10 games, 9 starts, 54.5% completions, 1855 yds, 6.4 ypa, 10 TDs, 18 INTs, 2 lost fumbles, 20 sacks, 59.9 rating 2010: 16 games, 16 starts, 61.4% completions, 3451 yards, 7.3 ypa, 25 TDs, 6 INTs, 3 lost fumbles, 28 sacks, 95.9 rating 2011: 15 games, 15 starts. 62.8% completions, 3592 yards, 6.5 ypa, 16 TDs, 22 INTs, 5 lost fumbles, 29 sacks, 74.6 rating 2012: 10 games, 10 starts, 56.4% completions, 2505 yards, 7.9 ypa, 21 TDs, 7 INTs, 1 lost fumble, 14 sacks, 94.6 rating Sanchez: 2009: 15 games, 15 starts, 53.8% completions, 2444 yards, 6.7 ypa, 12 TDs, 20 INTs, 3 lost fumbles, 26 sacks, 63.0 rating. 2010: 16 games, 16 starts, 54.8% completions, 3291 yards, 6.5 ypa, 17 TDs, 13 INTS, 1 lost fumble, 27 sacks, 75.3 rating 2011: 16 games, 16 starts, 56.7% completions, 3474 yards, 6.4 ypa, 26 TDs, 18 INTs, 8 lost fumbles, 39 sacks, 78.2 rating 2012: 11 games, 11 starts, 55.4% completions, 2339 yards, 6.7 ypa, 12 TDs, 10 INTs, 5 lost fumbles, 26 sacks, 75.6 rating
  12. Proposed Trade: Sanchez for Romo

    I think the difference is that Romo would get to be a starter somewhere else: Arizona, St Louis, Jacksonville, maybe Tennessee or maybe even the Jets. Sanchez would be a backup if he went anywhere else. I totally disagree. Even when the Jets had much better personnel on offense than they do now, Sanchez's play was, at best, mediocre. You can't even argue that part of that was because he was a rookie because a lot of rookies have put up far better numbers than Sanchez ever has: Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck, RG III, and Russell Wilson all looked or are looking much more competent as rookie starters than Sanchez did -- and better than Sanchez looks now. A part of Romo's problems this year stem from the Cowgirls' lack of a decent OL and a plague of injuries to their RBs. There's absolutely NO doubt that Romo can read defenses, find the open receiver, and lead his team. Sanchez hasn't demonstrated any of that; his "successes" have come when throwing against prevent defenses or against totally crappy passing Ds like the Bills and NE (until the Pats retooled their D recently). Romo's a gunslinger, and he thinks he can make every pass, so he tries to force the ball into tight windows. That's a big weakness, but it stems from his drive to win. Sanchez, OTOH, frequently throws INTs because he throws late because he simply doesn't see and process what he sees fast enough and accurately enough to make the throws at the right time. Romo at his worst is still a much better QB than Sanchez has been or will be. Again, I disagree. They are NOT "the same type of player" at all. See above. Romo has most of the intangibles you want in a QB as well as good physicals. Sanchez is lacking just about all of the intangibles that successful QBs need, and he may NOT be as good physically as Romo.
  13. Sanchez sucks.

    I think Sperm Edwards is dead-on. A few QBs have "it", all those famously talked about "intangibles" coupled with the physical ability that make special QBs like Brees, Brady, and Peyton. A few more have most of the intangibles and good enough physical talent to make really good QBs like Schaub and Ryan and Eli. There's some QBs who have a combination of intangibles and physical talent that make them, at best, decent starting QBs, but they have some major lack that keeps them from joining the top tier. If the Bills' Ryan Fitzpatrick had a better arm, he'd be a top QB. If Jay Cutler could control his tendency to want to force the ball, he'd be a top QB, although he's NOT that bad as it is. Sanchez, like JP Losman, is among the majority of QBs who just don't have enough intangibles to be successful despite having tons of physical talent. Coaching can't improve what's NOT there.
  14. Why don't you just start Tebow already?

    I concur with the Gnats fan. I figured before the season that Sanchez would only last until late September or early October, and I am mystified as to why Ryan continues his loyalty to him. It's NOT like Sanchez has shown some flashes of brilliance interspersed with crap. He looks competent against crappy pass Ds like the Bills and Pats and absolutely horrible against better Ds. How can Tebow do worse? A loss is a loss, and I'll take a butt-whoopin' over a snore-fest as long as the team tries to win, and there's no doubt that Tebow would try to win. If the Jets aren't willing to start Tebow because he doesn't do well in practice with the current plays, then draw up some new plays!!! It's NOT like the Jets have this brilliantly conceived offense now, even if they had a QB capable of executing said brilliantly conceived offense.
  15. Jets PROBLEMS....Is it the DRAFT?

    You don't need to know anything about the "inner works of the Jets front office and the relationships they share with their HC's" to see the evidence in front of your face and draw your own conclusions from it. Tannenbaum has been the same through both HCs' regimes. The scouting departments haven't changed significantly, either. The only big changes have been in the HCs and in the quality of the top draft picks. With Mangini as HC, the Jets drafted Mangold, D'Brick, and Revis, all Pro Bowlers. They missed on Gholston. It happens. With Ryan as HC, the Jets drafted Sanchez, Wilson, Keller, DuCasse, and Wilkerson, 2 outright busts and 2 mediocre players in the first and second rounds. None of them is being touted for the Pro Bowl. Coples hasn't been getting on the field all that much despite the lack of a pass rush. Hill is green as grass and probably shouldn't even be out there except that the Jets have such a putrid WR corps that he's a starter. Other teams' rookies are starting and getting good reviews. Again, if it walks like a duck, and it swims like a duck, and it looks like a duck, it's likely a duck and NOT a heron. No special expertise in avian biology needed, just knowing what ducks generally look like and what herons generally look like.