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  1. Rex names IK captain

    Haha, doosh move, not at all.   The fact IK would even participate shows he's not actually remorseful...and why should he be...his past doesnt strike as someone who would be.   This is classic Rex taking the focus off of what should be the focus...the implementation of a gameplan, and the reward of executing it.   I hope for Bowles sake we win this game...SOJ fans will turn on him.
  2. Texans Release Ryan Mallett

    The moment they showed a close up of the stank faces Mallet was making while Hoyer was doing well the game he came in and replaced him...I knew the guy was a superDoosh and is cut from the same cloth as Ryan Leaf.   Wasted talent.
  3. Who to root for: Pats or Fins?

    Id rather have as much distance as possible between us, and 3rd and 4th place. Keep cheating, Cheaters.
  4. "Lets put the women and children to bed and go looking for f#cking dinner, boys!"   GO JETS!
  5. Jets-Pats predictions

    Jets matchup so well against the Pats*...this may finally be our year. Jets win the TO battle 3-1 Jets win game 27-20 Cro and Gilchrist with picks Ivory with 120 total yds/2 tds Marshall with 130 rcvg yds  
  6. Sheldon - not getting the message

    Im not a big fan of giving the media content to take out of context....but if any position group can trash talk a little...its d-lineman, they have to be savages.
  7. Would love to hear Fitz on that 18 yd td run and celebration...thats probably x10!
  8. Geno thinks in haiku...   "This is not my fault... Why IK Enemkpali? Oh how I hate thee!"        
  9. While there is nothing spectacular about the present time, he's getting it done. If he was better...we'd be 5-0...but I also have my doubts that we'd be 4-1 with Geno in there. Fitz has earned a bit of good faith with me...and his teammates, most importantly. Im content with enjoying our good fortune...for now.
  10. Problems!!!...Thanks IzDik!   ^^^I was waiting for this one.  
  11. Take two 5 yr olds...tell them to spell the word cat. First one spells it k-a-t. Second one spells it z-r-b-5-j They are both wrong. Geno is the second 5 yr old... End of story.
  12. Yeah, well the Philly game was bulls#it. Relying on our front four to get pressure/hurries/sacks was where we went wrong. hopefully our new coaching staff realizes the advantage it creates when we're blitzing this way and sticks with it...unless Sheldon completely changes it when he returns.
  13. Philbin fired

    Dolphins need to fire the buffoon that thought it was a good idea to sell a division rivalry home game to London...the ineptitude starts up top...familiar feeling.
  14. Let's be realistic...

    The Davis roughing and Coples illegal hands are two penalties that couldve been avoided that killed us. The game was winnable without these. Very disappointed...thought we were passed these type of penalties.