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  1. I will try to be understanding as possible this year, and look for positives to build for the future. This will keep me watching Jets football after September.
  2. No baseball coach to teach Hack how to slide doe!
  3. Tad early...he IS always around the ball tho.
  4. Hack did look a little stiff and upright on that drop back tho, no? Kinda like he's just going thru the motions. Which I remember being part why he looked like crap at Penn St. Hopefully he's ok.
  5. And the same can be said about the other two GM's that would have been involved had it not been leaked. the one who trades for an aging, injury riddled...not to mention, off of HIP, yes HHIIPP surgery. and then there's the other GM...the one that also gets a paycheck as a WR but decides to speak up for a QB who was a flash in the pan, and it turns out to be a dumpster fire.
  6. No plan in place I tell ya!!! Macc drafting wideouts in rounds 3 and 4 was just a cowinky dink.
  7. Got to give it up to Macc...such a class act. Sacrificing his own stature with the fan base by biting the bullet and untimely cutting a loyal 11 yr vet so that the fans don't have to scorch him all year for being now 5 times slower than Alge Crumpler was at 42. Thus affecting his legacy as perhaps the greatest ilb this organization has ever seen! selfless, that Macc, truly awesome. He just gets it...cause hey, bitches gonna bitch.
  8. Ummmm, pick a topic, any topic. Lets not act like half of this place wouldnt complain about how long it took to win the Super Bowl if we won it....it starts with some of the core posters here...it's a shame.