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  1. Section 333 added a post in a topic PSL default and stub hub   

    how did u get it for half? I thought mezzanine a and lower endzone were all 4K.
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  2. Section 333 added a post in a topic PSL default and stub hub   

    2k for a tv for 10 years vs 5 years of psl  pmts and my seats is 39k . Hardly a fair comparison. If it was me and some friends and all I had was 1 psl and 1 seat I'd probably do it. But to pay for 4 seats I've decided not worth it. 
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  3. Section 333 added a post in a topic PSL default and stub hub   

    Forgot to mention  she told me they won't come after me. 
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  4. Section 333 added a post in a topic PSL default and stub hub   

    I didn't answer part 2 of ur question. No they don't Persue anything as far as owed PSL balance. 
    Like most of us that bought them I never actually read the full contract. I suppose they could come after me. But if you think about it ,yes I signed a contract but I got nothing for it I paid full price for all the tickets I bought and they're keeping my $2000 deposit. 
    Who's the big winner in the casino tonight?woody is the big winner that's who, Woodys the big winner , woody wins!!
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  5. Section 333 added a post in a topic PSL default and stub hub   

    yes they refund any remaining ticket money. Must be a common practice, the rep was awfully good at explaining the process.
    u hit the nail on the head with the double dip. They will pocket my 2k deposit and possibly sell it all over again next year. Was a decent seat so I'm guessing they will. 
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  6. Section 333 added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    PSL default and stub hub
    I don't want this topic to turn into a PSL verse nine PSL pissing match. ( this means u SAR)
    but I thought I'd start this topic for people who want to know. I know there's been lots of topics about PSL's and lots of discussions but I didn't actually see one about the default process. 
    I have four PSL's in the mezzanine. When I bring friends to games they pay me face. Anybody with Internet can clearly see that the seats can be had for $80 when I pay 125. 
    If That isn't bad enough now I have my PSL invoice sitting on my dresser in the amount of $3200. Not so much the amount that bugs me. It's the fact that once I pay off $16,000 for my for PSL's the market value of those said PSL's are only about $1000 each. 
    I enjoy sitting in the same section for every game. But not for $8000 a year. 
    I decided to explore the default process so I called Jets yesterday. They will refund any remaining tickets after November 1 because that's what I will go to default. So five games left I will get back 2500 and I'm out of the PSL. Obviously they do keep my deposit any money I've paid towards the PSL. To me that's worth it not to have to pay another $3200. 
    I will continue to go to six or seven games year. Maybe I'll be priced out in the New England game and maybe I'll be priced out of opening day ( although wouldn't have happened for the Browns game this year) besides a premium game like the Saints or like Denver or the patriots every other game can be had well below face. 
    I did ask while I had her on the phone about availability and 300s. I refuse to sit as high up as I used to to me it's not even worth going anymore. The lady told me anything lower than row 15 is all sold out in the 300s. 
    It's amazing that the Jets made sh*t seats worth something because people don't want to pay the PSL. Woody is  smarter than I thought.
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  7. Section 333 added a post in a topic 1st quarter offensive & defensive MVPs?   

    Marshall on O
    Skrine on D hands down. He's been a beast, flying all over the field. 
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  8. Section 333 added a post in a topic QB   

    Right because id rather see loses.........
    Obviously we are all happy with 3-1. Another obvious thing is that folks here want to discuss this. 
    U don't like the thread keep on moving. Im sure u will find one to your liking. Either join the discussion or buzz off chucklehead!
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  9. Section 333 added a post in a topic QB   

    Yes Geno in his short career has been worse. But re-read my question. You didn't answer it
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  10. Section 333 added a post in a topic QB   

    This is exactly what bugs me!! None of us are claiming to be "big" Geno fans at all. 
    I don't even like him. And I do like Fitz, to be the backup. Period.
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  11. Section 333 added a post in a topic QB   

    Not anti-fitz at all. He was brought in to be the back-up. Geno got hurt. Fitz has played because why? 
    You guessed it, He's the back-up. In that role he is 3-1. Great. Ill take 3-1 to start any season. 
    But you know as well as I do that we aren't going anywhere with Fitz. Now I will admit that we may not go anywhere with Geno either. But we KNOW we won't go anywhere with Fitz. How does that make me anti-Fitz????????
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  12. Section 333 added a post in a topic QB   

    I've had this discussion with my non jet fan friends. And they say but you're 3-1.  
    We may argue amongst ourselves different points different aspects of the game. But there's nobody on this forum that believes Fitz has been good. 
    And we all know if this continues were going nowhere. 
    Really what I want to hear is somebody who opposes my view tell me why why is Fritz going to get better and why can we go somewhere with him at quarterback? 
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  13. Section 333 added a post in a topic QB   

    I know that there's a 0% chance. I was just saying who thinks we should.
    A lot of people were against the move because it was early ,much like myself but I think we've seen enough.
    We can be 4-1 after the Redskin game and I would still say we know he's not taking us anywhere.
    we all know that. We also think Gino can either but there's a part of us even if it's small that knows there still may be a small chance that you know could be a player. At least we know he can make the throws. 
    I didn't start this thread to rip fitz. Were three and one. As a back up he did his job. 
    Let's put the starter back in.
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  14. Section 333 added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    I know its been beaten to death and I thought it was a silly topic about going to geno  but.............  
    I think its the time. Is it possible with a 3-1 record? We are 3-1 despite Fitz. I was ok after the Cleveland game (even though he missed many throws) 
    I was feeling good after the Colt game ( Cause we won) his performance was camouflaged. 
    Sorry if Im late to the party But the time is now. There are a lot of folks here that beat me to this and i thought u were all just jumping the gun being silly but Fitz was brutal today. The Marshal 5 yard under throw costing us a TD. The Sailing screen to Ivory. The 4 thrown to the feet of Enunwa and Decker. He simply doesn't have an NFL arm.
    I feel that this D and offensive talent is too good to waste on this type of QB play. 
    I really wanted to be all in on the beard. But we all know he can't take us anywhere. He's a good backup. He did his job no? We are 3-1 while Geno was out week 1 and 2. Now week 3-4 he gets back into playing shape. Coming back from the Bye I see no reason to stick with Fitz.
    What are we afraid of? Fitz threw many balls that could have been picked. Geno could have done that as well. Miami, Cleveland, The Colts and the Eagles are a mess right now. Were not "lucky" to be 3-1, we just have more talent. 
    I have been anti Geno for a long time. But I think he gives us the best chance
    The time is now. Who it with me?
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  15. Section 333 added a post in a topic England definitely wants a permanent team in the NFL   

    u didn't get what i was saying. i have season tix and by them moving to london i wouldn't thus saving me $$
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