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  1. Good news on Geno Smith

    Racist Jerkoff!
  2. Revis to safety????????????so

    So an article from a hack at the daily news said revis had a bad game and that means talib and Peterson are better. U are worse than atroll, u are a tool.
  3. Revis to safety????????????so

    When u agree withan asinine comment like talib being better than revis that normal happens. Peterson is better at what? Returning kicks? Now Norman wants to be highest paid, doesn't make him top 5, do u even watch football .Troll!!! The f u c k outta here with that bs.
  4. Johnny 🏈

    Possibly, same can be said for kaep or rg3.
  5. Johnny 🏈

    A turd is just another name for sh*t my good man.
  6. Johnny 🏈

    Johnny 🚔
  7. Johnny 🏈

    He just got cut. We have threads on kaep, fitzy, rg3, petty, Geno to discuss them being out starter, I felt Johnny 💉 Deserved some ❤️. Man I know I may be late to the emoji party, but these effin things are the 💩
  8. Johnny 🏈

    For sure, the last few days all I do is hit refresh. I'm obsessed. I demand answers. It's baseball season , that should be my focus, not which mediocre QB we will be signing.
  9. Johnny 🏈

    I'm sure none of us would be surprised. Different regime here for sure. But he's a hell of a lot better than Tebow ever was.
  10. Johnny 🏈

    I think that's cyber bullying
  11. Johnny 🏈

    Johnny 🍺 Ball
  12. Johnny 🏈

    Thanks my man! Just trying to keep it fresh.
  13. Johnny 🏈

    We have a thread for every other sh*t QB we discuss getting. So here's this. Whatever we do lets ****in do it already!! thisreminds me of hitting refresh 7 billion times when Revis held out.
  14. He got 24 million guaranteed so if they keep him 3 years that's 8 per. I read we were offering 6. I don't want to sound simple and say if play for 6 so he should also. But I'm sure they could have worked something out.
  15. Wonderful player, class guy, easy to root for. BUT if he loves jet nation, his cafeteria staff, coaches ect.. Then take a few less bucks and ****in stay!!