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  1. Oooooooohh it burns!! Man that shoe salesman comment really really got your bloomers Bunchy. Did he sell those also? u can call me dumb all u want. But Sar thinking that total attendance means psls are successful is just that. U choose to attack my shoe salesman comment. But if u stop being buthurt for a second I think you'd agree with me that % of capacity is the better indicator. Not total attendance in a city with so many people.
  2. But did he score 4 tds in a high school game?
  3. You are so far off base that I'm embarrassed for u. What your pea sized brain misses is that the capacity % is near the bottom, like 23rd bottom. Having a attendance 4th means what to u? There are more people in the ny metro area than anywhere in the country. But the % tells a story about open seats. Basic supply and demand. The supply goes up when the demand goes down. That's why my seats as well as yours are overpriced, psls excluded. There are so many seats available from game to game that they are all under face, thus meaning your regular retail price is set too high. This Isn't complicated stuff here. U like being a sth for status, and laziness , not buying tickets game to game, and parking game to game. Fine, I get it, but there's no value in that, the numbers tell the story.
  4. Condescending pos, i apologize max, couldn't ignore that one.
  5. If my psl for my mezzanine seats was 2500 I may have done the 5 year and kept them, possibly. Cause it would kill me to still be paying 5k per year in psl in 13 years from now when the psl at that point has 0 value. My biggest thing with the season tix is when I can't go, and the preseason. Even when we were good and comming off an afc championship appearance, seats were still much cheaper than the 165 per ticket I was paying. I don't care how Sar spends his money, my stance is his seats aren't good enough to justify even the 127 price tag, psls excluded.
  6. It's always the same old sh*t with him. I will ignore him in the future. Sorry.
  7. Now I see, u just spit bs based on your "recollection " of an 8 year old thread. You are as dumb as I thought, u think that jets stadium and development is a 3rd party cause they gave it an llc. If u do have any money it must have been from a passed down family business that your Daddy ran. U are dumb as a stump. What do u do Sar? Sell shoes for a living?
  8. U are correct. I'm sure you will step up your game once the season starts though 😃
  9. Another thing about that halfwit Sar that bothers me is whenever someone is anti psl he claims it's poverty. Thsts pure bs. Never did I say I can't afford my psl. All I said is I made a mistake and see no value in a psl. Sweet that u are concerned for mr fake ass rich person, but im doing just fine. I own 2 houses, have a job , credit, and money in the bank. If I had to bet I'd say I have more than u. In my experience the folks who talk about what they have consistently, actually don't have.
  10. I don't give a rats ass who set the terms, the loan came from the jets. Im more interested how Sar thinks he can speak on things that he has no idea about. Take a stab at something be wrong, and then disappear from the thread. Sar u are a joke. U lost the shred of credability u had. Which wasn't much anyway cause most of us don't buy u have money Anyway.
  11. Saying that sar and I are both wrong is incorrect. Sar was wrong not me. I said the loan came from the jets, Sar said it came from 3rd party finance company. Wtf am I missing here?
  12. You are wrong. They may have borrowed from institutions. But the loan came from the Jets, no ss# no credit check, only info they have is my address. The bank may have an interest in that loan they gave the Jets, but it doesn't change the fact that the loan came from the Jets.
  13. There is no 3rd party finance company you pea brained nitwit. It was all through the Jets. I love how you speak like you have a clue. Most of what you write is false but most folks don't read your posts to bother to call you out.
  14. 30% huh, fat chance, u are a delusional moron. Even if the team gets good u still are facing time decay, ask your financial adviser, he'll explain it to u.
  15. And I'm also 100% sure the jets are ok with my 3000 donation. There are so many available psls from the team and on the secondary market that they most likely won't be able to sell it. But I can see the team lowering the prices and claiming that it's 1/2 price x amount of years into the new stadium. Min sure when that happens u will loose your sh*t.