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  1. personal attacks are not allowed here, but I'm sure with a asinine post like that the mods know U have it coming.    Jumping for joy? Really? If that's supposed to be funny u failed miserably. What a moronic thing to say! You sir are a world class a$$hole!!!
  2. The playoffs....playoffs? ...playoffs?

    wrong about what? All I said was u contradicted yourself.
  3. The playoffs....playoffs? ...playoffs?

    So u say minny isn't that great. And then u say Gb wins going away. Ur credibility is shot. Minny dismantled gb when they played for the division, so how can u love gb but not like minny?????
  4. ALL IN

    I'm in 
  5. wow, ain't that some 1st post. U have a bright future here. 
  6. well then to borrow a phrase from beningo, "from your lips to gods ears"
  7. agree, he's been great, a fan favorite since he's been here. But I'd be worried about an extension. Mac and Bowles know this too I'm sure.
  8. my biggest worry right now is that it's only 6pm and you are already sauced.
  9. it probably wasn't, that's the point. Not really sure why I said that.  I guess I figured that since the game matter to us ticket prices would rise.  Although after I checked  prices since I was looking for between six and eight tickets some of the batches in decent locations did rise a little bit or were selling more .making them a little more expensive. My guess is Buffalo fans might be holding out for a few more dollars hoping that jet fans will overpay. But the prices will go a lot lower headed towards the game.
  10. but think of all the character building. 
  11. Big dude too, I'm 6 1 he had me by 3 inches or so.
  12. Me and my boy got to meet him after the game, seems like a great guy. Although after a big win everyone is happy. I normally swing and miss with my words when I meet a sports personality. Like when I met jeter I said " hey derek, ur the man" In this case I said , " thanks for putting together this team, u just made my buffalo trip more expensive " wtf was that. He replied with the standard " thanks for being a fan"
  13. Who's going to buffalo?

    I'm considering it. 

    the op didn't say anything about a psl,and I ain't on my couch, I've been to as many games if not more than u over the last10 years. It's getting old sar,    ur a good poster and seem like a decent dude, but your schtick is s bit tired.