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  1. 2014/15 NY Rangers

    Great call. You win this thread.
  2. 2014/15 NY Rangers

  3. Report: Kraft MAY Sue NFL

    True that. We can do without the drama queen headline changes.
  4. Happy 90th Yogi

  5. I have no idea, so I flipped a coin. It came up heads, so the answer is yes.
  6. 2015 Mets thread!

  7. 2014/15 NY Rangers

    I'm pumped for Game 7! Tonite's Tampa-Montreal game is the undercard to tmw's matchup. Ryan Callahan is out for game 6 (at least) with emergency appendix surgery
  8. http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patriots/2015/05/06/physics-professor-deflategate-report-science-holds/T2HqI3vFVivr9grXOD2VEI/story.html The 243-page Deflategate report released Wednesday, which included independent analysis by two sources, was a big blow to those holding out hope science would exonerate the Patriots. But could there be any holes to the analystsā€™ logic? Not likely, says Boston University professor Martin Schmaltz. While the ideal gas law states air pressure in a given volume will drop along with temperature ā€” and the balls used in the AFC Championship game likely...-snip-
  9. I don't see a link. BTW I sent you a JNmail message
  10. 2015 Mets thread!

    Took 2 of 3 from the Phillies. It's great to win these rubber games. Seven runs and 14 hits Sunday!
  11. 2014/15 NY Rangers

    Game 7 here we go! IMO the extra day of rest will help the Rangers. Game 6 replay will be shown on NHL channel today at 2 pm.
  12. 2014/15 NY Rangers

    This series has been marked by great goaltending and defense. After game one, the Rangers have done a great job containing Ovechnik and the caps' PP, which was tops in the league. Girardi and McDonough have done great against Ov. The caps have blocked a lot of shots, and Holtby has actually outplayed Hank statistically, (who has been terrific, too.) The caps have done a good job shutting down nash, and blocked the passing lanes. The Rangers have played well, and so have the caps. I hope we can win tonite and get a Game 7!