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  1. Best game in a long time, thanks Lee.
  2. You really have no interest at all in securing a lynch, do you?
  3. AVM lied? I feel used.
  4. Just to clarify, it isn't you specifically I'd like to see lynched Green. It's just a numbers game at this point. Everyone else has role-character claimed, and it's down to you or CTM. Fwiw, I think you've played a good first game regardless of alignment.
  5. I keep hearing Cowherd talk about how we should trade Cousins for a first round pick. Dude is nuts. Cousins may be the best backup in the NFL.
  6. Was just bored. And let's be honest, sticking with the RGIII avi is a little humiliating. What a bust he's turned out to be. Dude has a glass jaw.
  7. Welcome to being a daddy!
  8. I look forward to mocking you when this is all over.
  9. Debate it all you want. 80 killed Verb. 80.
  10. I'm in the in crowd now?? *swoons* About time.
  11. Ah, right, I remember now.