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  1. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition   

    My god, the obsession this board has with Rex is unreal.
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  2. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Jets could get Dolphins Coaches Fired With Win.   

    Damn that sucks. Was hoping the Phins were going to give Philbin a 10 year extension.
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  3. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Geno Smith (2014) Vs Ryan Fitzpatrick (2015)   

    Those are others teams, Jets had an opportunity to pick up Wilson, Carr, and Bridgewater but passed on all of them because of either Sanchez or Smith. Our gm, while also seems to be doing a good job, comes from a franchise with notable qb problems similar to the Jets, ie they held onto Schaub way to long and didn't bother looking for a replacement when it was obvious to everybody he was an awful qb. As for Goff, he's very comparable to Bridgewater, ie skinny and similar arm strength. Compare him to Hackenberg and Jones size, and I could see gms getting cold feet taking him top 5-10. I'll admit it is pretty wishful thinking, but if it could happen to Bridgewater, it could easily happen to Goff.
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  4. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?
    Last year Bridgewater's stats were: 64.4% with 14-12 tds to ints. Seems pretty good for a rookie. Fact of the matter is, you'd be killing for either Geno or Fitz to have those numbers.
    And if you dislike Bridgewater I can just bring up Carr instead, another qb we passed on in favor of Geno. 5 tds to 1 int so far with a completion percent of 63.3 while averaging 8.07 yards a pass so don't bother bringing up the captain checkdown remarks a lot of posters had last year about Carr.
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  5. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Geno Smith (2014) Vs Ryan Fitzpatrick (2015)   

    Most of finding a franchise qb is luck. No way in hell Seattle, Patriots, Raiders, Vikings, or Baltimore thought their qbs would be as good as they have been when they drafted them, otherwise those qbs go much higher. Hell, a lot of getting a good qb is draft position, both the Titans and Bucs lucked out in a really top heavy qb class, landing them Mariota/bucs. Point being, most franchises are incompetent when it comes to drafting qbs. Bridgewater should've never lasted until where he went, and Carr should've went much higher, higher then Bortles at least. Now as for the Jets, they have a bad history of holding onto bad qbs which seems to be continuing with this front office with how they immediately declared Geno the starter. This is problematic cause basically the best qb right now in college is very similar to Bridgewater (Jared Goff) and could face a similar fall. The last thing I want is the Jets passing on another qb in favor of a another year of Geno Smith, which is a very valid possibility if he shows improvement, no matter how small.
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  6. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Geno Smith (2014) Vs Ryan Fitzpatrick (2015)   

    Because the last thing I want is Geno Smith having a 59% completion rating, and having a 16-20 td int rating and having our team invest in his future (which would be good stats for Geno). Geno is not the future, neither is Fitz, but the team is willing to move on fast from Fitz, compare that to Geno who Gailey was jizzing all over his arm strength early on in the season. Geno isn't a franchise qb, people need to get that through their head. 
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  7. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    Not even go to bother giving this reply any time of the day. You clearly don't watch the Vikings.
    But yet it's much stronger then your Geno and weapons argument. Geno sucks dick, wishing he isn't, isn't going to change anything. The only benefit starting Geno will have, is if we're tanking the season. And no way in hell we're picking top 5 with this roster, so their's not even any point in tanking.
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  8. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Is Geno Smith a GOOD DEEP BALL THROWER?   

    The difference is, everyone knows Fitz isn't a franchise qb. Teams aren't banking on him for the future. Teams use him as a one year stop gap and then move on. Problem with Geno is he stinks for the majority of the year, and plays good at the end of the year, thus bringing in a stupid argument about how he progressed and how he deserves another chance. We passed on Bridgewater cause of this dumbass, the last thing this team needs is another year of giving Geno a chance. We did this sh*t with Sanchize and now we're doing it with Geno. It's time for this team to simply cut bait and move on cause we're going nowhere with him.
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  9. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Mariota Passing the Eye Test   

    What? You didn't watch any of his games did you? Mariota's going through progressions and is showing that he can handle playing from the pocket. Hell, he's hardly been running to. His longest run has been twelve yards. Sounds to me like a lot of teams aren't letting him run and he's still tearing them apart. Also, he drove it down in the final minutes to score a td. Bring up the int all you want, that's expected with a rookie. Heck, they probably should have called a read option play there in the final seconds instead of a run up the middle.
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  10. artemusclyde added a post in a topic 2016 QBs   

    We'll see. Bridgewater damn near almost made it to the 2nd round, and he looked amazing in college. Goff is skinny and his arm strength isn't as great as say Hackenberg and Jones. I could see a team looking at Goff standing next to Jones and Hackenberg getting cold feet cause of his size. 
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  11. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Fitz Playing Like Crap   

    We going to tank the rest of the season? You a Jared Goff fan to?
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  12. artemusclyde added a post in a topic ### NY Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles--- Game Thread ###   

    Well Jared Goff looks legit. Gotta look at the bright side folks. If we lose enough games we might be able to draft him.
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  13. artemusclyde added a post in a topic For those who were OK with the Jets tanking this year....   

    Jared Goff looks legit. He might fall though cause he has similar arm strength and size to Bridgewater. Hopefully, he has a crappy pro day.
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  14. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Mariota Passing the Eye Test   

    Doesn't have RG3's injury history or work ethic problems. Also, well liked by teammates. One thing I noted when Mariota was playing at Oregon was that he'd constantly help his teammates up. It's little things like that, that show how Mariota is a leader while RG3 is not.
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  15. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Mariota Vs Winston   

    Honestly it really was a great qb class. It was extremely top heavy, but it was a good time to be drafting one or two. This years qb class isn't as great, at this point Goff is looking like the only qb worth drafting in the top 5. Jones is all potential and needs a few years to sit, Hackenberg shouldn't even be mentioned in the first round, and Connor Cook is looking like Alex Smith 2.0. Will be interesting to see if teams drop Goff like they did Bridgewater though, both are skinny.
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