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  1. Qb's can be developed. Steve Young and Brett Favre both we're looking like major busts early in their career, but with a good coaching staff to develop them they become HOFers. On the other side, you have qbs like RG3 and Blake Bortles to show how a coaching staff can ruin a talented qb.
  2. Idzik is also the guy who traded Revis for the Bucs #9 pick which was used to draft Dee Milliner. It would've been the #7 pick in the 2014 draft if he would've just taken the Bucs original offer, which would have gotten us either Mike Evans or most likely Odell Beckham Jr. seeing as how we wanted to trade up for him. Also, trading Revis is what lead him to landing on the Patriots helping them win a superbowl. **** Idzick.
  3. No chance he's there at 6 in the 3rd round. This guy is going mid first to early 2nd at the latest. If Paxton Lynch can get drafted in the 1st round, this guy can too. Not to mention, we drafted ******* Hackenberg in the 2nd round, a guy who can't throw an accurate pass to save his life in the 2nd. Mahomes is going to be a great qb, Jets should draft Fournette and then trade up back into the first to get him. His mechanics are terrible but yet he is still accurate when throwing the ball. He's crazy gifted, arm talent is insane.
  4. This is what lead to Carr and Bridgewater getting passed on. Really want the Jets to draft Mahommes though. He's going to shoot up boards though, and probably goes mid to late first. We should take Fournette and then trade up for Mahomes, guy will be good. Awful mechanics, but his arm talent is both strong and accurate that he get's away it. He's an all around better version/more talented version of Manziel without the off field problems Manziel has. Also, gave up baseball to play football so you know he loves the game.
  5. Goff has amazing mechanics though. He was worth the #1 pick. Much safer qb prospect to draft then Mahomes who needs some work.
  6. Simple his arm talent is insane. Strong ass arm with really good accuracy despite having terrible footwork. Once you coach up his footwork he'll be really good. Also, has a quick release.
  7. I could see him getting drafted in the 1st. I like him a lot better then Paxton Lynch coming out. Really want the Jets to draft this guy. Most interesting qb prospect in this draft.
  8. Except it's not comparable to Fitz at all. Fitz had one of the luckiest years I've ever seen from a qb, he got away with so many passes that should have been picked off and played on a stacked offense. Bradford is playing behind a o-line that got him sacked 37 times, and this is with an offense that as you stated was based on check downs. Also, he average 7 yards per attempt. You know who also average 7 yards per attempt, Derek Carr, who was at 7.02 yards per attempt. But yeah, let's sign Glennon, a guy who has yet to ever break <60% completion rating, and also is apparently a check down king with his best season being at 7 yards per attempt, same as Bradford.
  9. Why would he even come here to take the offensive coordinator position? This is a guy that coached Kaepernick to one of his best seasons and made Foles look like a pro bowl qb. He's going to end up on the Pats as either an assistant head coach, or offensive coordinator once McDaniels leaves and is going to tear us a new ***hole with Brady. He has a lot better job opportunities then being oc on the Jets and having front row seats on this sinking ship. Only, way we land him is if we make a back door deal with him to be the head coach. Which would be retarded, because if we are going to start doing things like that we might as well fire Bowles.
  10. This is probably the dumbest thread I've read on Jetnation, and I've read some pretty dumb ones. The multiple people sh*tting on Bradford saying they wouldn't trade anything for him are retarded. Newsflash, Bradford isn't getting traded from the Vikings, he locked up that position playing behind a sh*tty o-line that was starting people off the street and with no running game, all in his first year with his ******* offensive coordinator retiring in the middle of it. Jets fans are freaking retarded, you have people on this board screaming for Glennon who's career completing rating is <60%, saying we should trade a 2nd rounder for him, but yet Bradford is trash? This is the guy who broke the NFL completion % record in his first ******* year on a new team with no o-line. The Jets front office would bend over backwards if they had any shot at getting him from the Vikings after this season.
  11. He's better then a lot of coaches out there that are getting looked at. I want no part of Bill Belichick's coaching tree of sh*t, Shannahan is going to bust hard as a coach, and while I like Rex that ship with the Jets has sailed. Also, Shaw is a terrible coach who is overrated and isn't even the best coach in the Pac-12. Also, considering he nearly had the 49ers beat us, who's best receiver is Kerley, says all I need to know about Kelly and Bowles as head coach material.
  12. Hopefully ******* EJ Manuel blows us out so we can finally get rid of this guy.
  13. I'd fire Bowles right now to sign Chip.
  14. You can go laugh at the Bills stupidity when they cut Tyrod for Ej Manuel.
  15. Mahomes is apparently coming out this year according to walter football. Hope to god we draft this kid. He looks good.