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  1. artemusclyde added a post in a topic Coaching Quick Hits   

    I've been hard on the guy to, but looking at how Hill has basically done nothing with a wr coach in Carolina that is getting a lot of praise and Gates whose been a floater in this league tells me that the guy hasn't had a lot to work with. It's not like he had all pro talent in oakland either. We'll see how the Bills wr's do this year. Way to much talent for him to have excuses for that wr group sucking.
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  2. artemusclyde added a post in a topic RGIII Out, Cousins In.   

    Yes, straight up I'm making that trade. People always talk about flashes from Geno, RG3 at least flashed a season where he was arguably the best rookie qb in his draft class. We all know how that turned out, but who knows maybe getting traded might awaken something in him and help get back his past play.
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  3. artemusclyde added a post in a topic winston not passing eye test   

    He could, but right now he wouldn't go in the first. He's all potential right now, needs a whole lot of work to get to where he would be considered a first round pick. Not saying that he can't, but with Franklin as his HC, it's going to be tough.
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  4. artemusclyde added a post in a topic winston not passing eye test   

  5. artemusclyde added a post in a topic winston not passing eye test   

    Both of those mock drafts are banking on Hackenberg massively improving. They both even note he struggled last year. It's way to premature to put either Hackenberg, or for that matter Jones in the first round of the nfl draft. Need a lot more game tape on Jones to even assign him a draft grade. 
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  6. artemusclyde added a post in a topic winston not passing eye test   

    First off, he's playing in a "college system" (Hackenberg's own words) with Franklin that dumbs down the qb position to take the pressure off of them by having them make very few reads. He played in a pro system his freshman year where he looked like a future #1 pick, last year he was way to inconsistent and had even regressed. His footwork is bad and his arm is erratic, he's not shown much progress in his reads and considering Franklin prefers his qbs to not make reads, doubt he makes much progress in this either. No way he goes above Mariota or Winston, Winston was the best prospect since Luck and Mariota was to athletic and productive to simply pass on. Cook and Goff are better qbs then him. Also, Goff plays on a terrible team to so this horrible team argument that's been going on to make up for Hackenberg sucking is frankly unimportant. I'm not drafting a qb in the first who's college career can be summarized as him getting the sh*t beaten out of him and has played very unremarkable. Also, not interested in a qb where his ardent supporters have to constantly explain why he wasn't very good last year, generally relying on things such as blaming the team. Already been down that road with Geno and Sanchez, last thing we need is a guy who sucked in college, things only get harder.
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  7. artemusclyde added a post in a topic winston not passing eye test   

    We'll see. Cook and Goff are the big names right now. Don't know if Goff will even come out though, or for that matter if Hackenberg will come out. Cardale Jones is a total wildcard, total boom or bust prospect who might not even end up winning the starting job at Ohio State. Cook doesn't really blow you away, he's solid but overall isn't much of an exciting prospect. He's a lot like Tannehill. IDK, not to hot on this class, doesn't feel/look as good as 2015 with Mariota and Winston. 
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  8. artemusclyde added a post in a topic winston not passing eye test   

    That's cause their banking on him making massive improvements, something I can't see happening. His footwork and accuracy need a lot of work. He's also not making good reads hence the picks and massive sack count. He's all potential right now, but unless he improves his game a lot, he's not going to be a first rounder. He does have first round talent though, big body and strong arm. But based on his body of work, can't rate him higher then a 2nd rounder. Guy has fluctuated from looking like the next Andrew Luck to looking undraftable. Widely inconsistent.

    With that said though, EJ Manuel, Ponder, and Gabbert went in the first round so who knows. If a team get's desperate for a qb, they might see his potential and pick him. Playing with fire though with how inconsistent he is.
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  9. artemusclyde added a post in a topic winston not passing eye test   

    No he's not. Kid is widely inconsistent, got footwork problems and his arm is erratic, mock drafters love the kid cause he has the typical size and arm strength, but he needs to clean up a lot in his game. Especially considering how he fell off from his rookie year, no teams drafting him in the first if it were held today. Best projection I'd give him is the 2nd, based on size and talent I could see a team taking him on as a project, like the Pats did with Mallett. Btw, his stats this year were 12tds-15ints. He's got talent, but if he puts up another season like the one he just did, he could end up dropping like Hundley.
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  10. artemusclyde added a post in a topic winston not passing eye test   

    Extremely raw. He's going to need a big year/make major improvements for him to be considered a first round pick. Don't see it happening especially with Franklin as his head coach.
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  11. artemusclyde added a post in a topic winston not passing eye test   

    Reason why they went one and two. Not to bad for the Jets though, they got Williams and 2016 looks like it has potential with Goff and Cook.
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  12. artemusclyde added a post in a topic I am going to state the painfully obvious....   

    Oh great a freaking pre med student. Word to the wise, you can vouch about how last year doesn't matter, but every god damn analyst uses past seasons to predict whether or not a team will suck this year. You can bitch about how it doesn't matter all you want, fact of the matter is, it does matter when making predictions, and that's what we're doing making predictions. Bitch all you want, the Jets finished last in lasts years season in the division. And your totally right about the NFC South being bad, the Falcons making it to the NFC championship was so very bad. Also, like how you ignored Cam newton when it came to the swarming defense part. And actually you do absolve Bowles of everything, you immediately say that basically both the Browns and Bills suck and put Rex and Pettine on blast for them not putting up points, but you then immediately say that Bowles team sucking doesn't mean anything and you don't put any stock into it. Funny how that works right? Also, never said the Browns were a good team, I said their a better team then the Jets are, which based off preseason and last years season, they are.
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  13. artemusclyde added a post in a topic I am going to state the painfully obvious....   

    Alright I'm getting pretty sick of these pissing contest comments. Fine then, you want to turn it into an intelligence debate and start questioning intelligence let's get it started. I'm an engineering student, wtf do you do that makes you think you are smarter then me? Now onto the rest of your comment since you lack reading comprehension. We are having a debate about which team is better, I threw out the Falcons example to point out how the Jets despite all their talent look like crap on defense. I further illustrated a point on how the team looks grossly under prepared compared to a team like the Falcons who were ranked 32nd on defense. You don't think that matters fine then, I do. You can argue about the team you want all you want, all those teams had a better record then us or finished in the playoffs that you called terrible. You say not to base it on last year, fine then let's base it on what we saw in preseason. Our first string offense consistently went three out and out against the Falcons defense. Our first string defense has generally looked lost, slow, and has committed many penalties showing that they are very under prepared and nowhere near a level to be competitive in this league. Compare that to the Bills defense which looked swarming and looks like it could be the best defense in the league. As for the Rex comment, you bashed both the Browns and Bills saying that both coaches players suck and it wasn't planned, meanwhile absolving Bowles of criticism and chalking it up to his plan, further ignoring the fact that both Pettine and Rex kept the starters out for the same length suggesting that possibly they had come to this conclusion together. Despite the fact that the Browns, Bills, and Panthers looked far more prepared then our team, you suggest that they suck and the Bills playing hard against them means nothing. Also, you frequently jump around in your arguments to, you constantly put down the other teams and suggest to ignore the past, but then in the same breath point out how the panthers played in a crappy division last year despite this being an anomaly. The NFC south has generally been an extremely competitive division, with teams like the Saints and Falcons going far into the playoffs.
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  14. artemusclyde added a post in a topic I am going to state the painfully obvious....   

    You still commenting about starters Jet Nut? You'd figure by now that the bullsh*t I called you out on with the Browns starters you'd learn your lesson and not comment about which strings players were in.
    And I see your making up lies about me, taking up a page from Jet Nut's book huh Mogglez. My post about Falcons being ranked 32nd is still their, might want to recheck the comments. As for the rest of your comment you were basically blasting Rex for keeping his starters in against the Browns when the Browns starters were still in but yet fellate Bowles for keeping his starters in against the 2nd string. Hell, your still doing it even right now. Your completely justifying Bowles actions but saying that Ryan's is because his team sucks. Never mind the fact that they had a better record than the Jets last year. And telling me my argument is hilarious is quite ironic when your entire argument has been that the Bills, Browns, and Panthers suck when each of those team either had a better record then us or finished in the playoffs. Also, considering that is was 14-10 seahawks until the 4th is what I'd say is competitive.  As for the Quinn point, my point was the Falcons have significantly less talent then the Jets defense but yet when comparing the two the Falcons defense looked significantly better then the Jets defense, highlighting potential concerns with how Bowles is handling this team compared to Quinn.
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  15. artemusclyde added a post in a topic I am going to state the painfully obvious....   

    You seem mad, might want to settle down their buddy. Anyways, Browns had a better record then us last year, so until the season starts calling them a sh*tty team when they did better then the Jets is straight ridiculous. Browns were also in the running for the playoffs last year until they utterly collapsed, I believe they even lead their division at one point in time, this is also the division that had three teams make it into the playoffs if you forgot. As for the Panthers, they made the playoffs and defeated the Cardinals. They had a bad record, but came playoff time they were much improved and played a competitive game against the Seahawks till the 4th quarter.
    Also, how can your Falcons point being taken as a positive? If so, then that means Quinn did a much better job with the defense then Bowles has done with ours. Our defense looks like crap out their but the Falcons defense looks like all stars? How is this not alarming with all the talent the Jets d is supposed to have?
    Also, you comment on the Bills and Browns leaving their starters in against each other but specifically ignore the Jets keeping in their starters against the Falcons 2nd string? The Falcons 2nd string. Sounds to me like your worried about the Bills and are projecting in an effort to convince yourself that they are not a good team.
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