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  1. Honestly tough for the Bills to fire him. When you look at the offseason moves, Rex did an amazing job landing Tyrod, Lesean, Incognito, Roman, Harvin, etc. But then you look at what he's done to that defense and it's honestly pathetic. The Bills should have easily made the playoffs with the talent on that team. Just goes to show you how Rex is becoming Fisher 2.0 with how he manages to bring in talent then proceed to terribly coach that talent.
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure in that game he was blowing out the other team and he ended up getting Gronk hurt on an extra point. Lol, what a douche.
  3. Didn't he end up getting Gronk hurt when he was trying to run up the score on some team?
  4. Who do we want to win today?

    Damn, really needed the Steelers to lose that game. On another note, Rex chokes again.  Man, it just occurred to me that Rex is basically Jeff Fisher, a mediocre head coach who will get you around 6 wins every year.
  5. Winning records/schedule strength

    Pitt has both denver and the bengals left. Don't see them beating those teams, while both the Jets (outside of Pats) and Bills have a relatively easy schedule where they should be favored for each game.  Can easily see the Bills winning out and the Jets dropping one to the Pats leading to a final showdown between Bills and Jets for the final spot.
  6. Winning records/schedule strength

    Man how crazy would it be if that last Bills vs Jets game decided who got the last seed for the wildcard? Can easily see it playing out like this with both teams schedules.
  7. He's looked good so far. McCoy should have caught that and the Hogan bad throw shouldn't have mattered cause Chung was all over him. But it's the Pats so no way Bills are getting that call.  
  8. Fitzy named starter this week

    Suck it nerds.
  9. Who is the 2016 NY Jets QB?

    Either Kaepernick or one of the top qbs of next year. Might end up with Cook/Goff hopefully. Honestly think Texans are going Hackenberg so don't see them drafting a qb in the first. 
  10. The Weakest Link

    Tight end/line backer. Also, need to start looking at drafting Mangold's/Brick's replacements. But at the end of the day we need a qb bad.
  11. STOP defending a max 6 win QB

    No thanks, I would honestly rather have Kaepernick then waste a draft pick on Glennon. 
  12. Start Geno

    That's retarded. Geno is cheap and knows the system while Petty should be nowhere near the starting job if Fitz happens to go down. Geno is probably gone next year though, with us making a move for Kaepernick/drafting a qb.
  13. Rex Ryan is a complete loser

    That's what you get with Roman though, he had the same problem with the niners under Harbaugh. He takes forever to get the call off because, my guess is, he's obsessed with making the right call. Not going to fault Rex for that problem when you have a coach who is as good as Harbaugh who wasn't able/didn't bother changing Roman's play calling style.
  14. Rex Ryan is a complete loser

    That's more of a problem with Greg Roman then Rex though. You can blame Rex for hiring him, but no one is saying Harbaugh is a bad coach for taking Roman with him, and Roman had these same problems with the 49ers.
  15. McCoy has been the Bills offense this game.