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  1. Good breakdown of Mahomes.
  2. If we're going defense draft Hooker so we can get the next Ed Reed. I'm going to be pissed if we draft one of these corners over Hooker or Fournette.
  3. Why? The Browns are in better shape than the Jets are. They're a lot like the Raiders were a couple years ago. They have a ridiculous amount of cap space and picks and are set to draft Myles Garret who is considered a better prospect then Clowney was.
  4. Definitely is exciting for Browns fans. They get Garret this year to revamp their defense. Will have an opportunity to take Kizer, Mahomes, Trubisky and maybe Watson if he falls. If they don't like any qbs, they'll probably still be picking in the top 5 (probably top two) in the 2018 draft so they could land either Rosen or Darnold. Browns showing how you do a proper rebuild. Plus, with all that cap space they can lock up all their young talented players they'll be getting through the draft.
  5. Villain no longer on suicide watch.
  6. Villain on suicide watch.
  7. 9-7 bro. We also drafted Leonard Williams. That has to count for something right? Also, that Darron Lee kid's got potential. He needs to put on like 20 more pounds, but he's got potential.
  8. I want the Jets to draft Mahomes bad. Ideally, we'd trade down to like 15 and draft him there.
  9. Some more breakdown of Mahomes. This one is pretty in depth.
  10. Qb's can be developed. Steve Young and Brett Favre both we're looking like major busts early in their career, but with a good coaching staff to develop them they become HOFers. On the other side, you have qbs like RG3 and Blake Bortles to show how a coaching staff can ruin a talented qb.
  11. Idzik is also the guy who traded Revis for the Bucs #9 pick which was used to draft Dee Milliner. It would've been the #7 pick in the 2014 draft if he would've just taken the Bucs original offer, which would have gotten us either Mike Evans or most likely Odell Beckham Jr. seeing as how we wanted to trade up for him. Also, trading Revis is what lead him to landing on the Patriots helping them win a superbowl. **** Idzick.
  12. No chance he's there at 6 in the 3rd round. This guy is going mid first to early 2nd at the latest. If Paxton Lynch can get drafted in the 1st round, this guy can too. Not to mention, we drafted ******* Hackenberg in the 2nd round, a guy who can't throw an accurate pass to save his life in the 2nd. Mahomes is going to be a great qb, Jets should draft Fournette and then trade up back into the first to get him. His mechanics are terrible but yet he is still accurate when throwing the ball. He's crazy gifted, arm talent is insane.
  13. This is what lead to Carr and Bridgewater getting passed on. Really want the Jets to draft Mahommes though. He's going to shoot up boards though, and probably goes mid to late first. We should take Fournette and then trade up for Mahomes, guy will be good. Awful mechanics, but his arm talent is both strong and accurate that he get's away it. He's an all around better version/more talented version of Manziel without the off field problems Manziel has. Also, gave up baseball to play football so you know he loves the game.
  14. Goff has amazing mechanics though. He was worth the #1 pick. Much safer qb prospect to draft then Mahomes who needs some work.
  15. Simple his arm talent is insane. Strong ass arm with really good accuracy despite having terrible footwork. Once you coach up his footwork he'll be really good. Also, has a quick release.