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  1. Simple those guys are 23 years old, while both Goff and Hack who are currently riding the bench are 21. They've had more time to develop, along with getting bigger and stronger.
  2. ITT a bunch of people talking about Bradford who have obviously never watched him play. Wanna know Bradfords stats for 2015? 65% completion rating, 3725 yards, 19 tds to 14 ints. Also, here's the team that surrounded him showing off their talent. Dude obviously sucks though and was carried by his team.
  3. They traded him and Maxwell to move up 5 spots in the draft. Let's be real here, they traded him for hardly anything. Maybe he works out in Miami and recovers, but counting on the dude who's missed two seasons already cause of injuries is dumb as hell. The guy is injury prone and unreliable.
  4. Are you ******* kidding me? Ask Eagles fans what they think of that trade. Good lord the Rex hate is getting delusional if you think trading Alonso for McCoy was not a steal. ******* Eagles ended up trading Alonso cause the dude was a ghost on tape. Not to mention the fact that the guy is injury prone to hell.
  5. Man I agree with you, this board has been getting toxic recently with all these Fitz hater and Geno lover posters. But anyway, anyone else think that the Fitz signing was a bad signing and Geno should be the starter? Also, really pissed that we drafted Darron Lee in the first. Way to small to play lb.
  6. Hell I'd take him over Fitz. Foles fluky season was a hell of a lot better then Fitz's fluky season.
  7. Meh, if Luck doesn't get hurt again he's still king of that division.
  8. Well from Mo's own comments, they seem to be offering him less then what Cox is getting, which based on the market is lowballing Mo.
  9. Isn't Richardson like one drug test away from getting suspended a year? People really want to keep that guy over Mo and give him the deal we would give Mo? Seriously?
  10. It's going to be interesting to see how Fitz's holdout effects the qb situation. Needless to say, Geno has an opportunity to steal the job back now that Fitz is sitting his ass at home. And honestly, based off of his play last year and how he crapped his pants with the playoffs on the line, he should be feeling uncomfortable with being out to long or he might find himself no longer being a starter.
  11. Richardson skips ota's all the time. Dude straight up told fans that he doesn't show up because he has a life. Honestly, once again who gives a ****. See Richardson above. Dude straight up said he didn't feel like showing up for ota's. I honestly doubt the team gives a **** about a teammate not showing up to a voluntary camp. Hell, if my memory serves me right Bowles would frequently write this sh*t off as being voluntary whenever reporters would ask him about players not showing up.
  12. Yup crap was total clickbait. It's voluntary ota's which vets miss all the time.
  13. I'll let myself be known. Decker can do whatever the **** he wants it's otas and teams cut players all the time. Their's no honor in the NFL, so I don't fault players for holding out when teams don't honor contracts. And take note I'm not even a Fitz fan, would sign him for 8 mill or under. Edit: And with that said who honestly gives a **** about this non-story. Decker's showing support for his friend and qb the best way he thinks he can. There is no way in hell he holds out and risks getting fined so who honestly gives a sh*t?
  14. It was weird as hell watching the Bills last year. They had an explosive offense that carried their defense which was pretty bad. It was like a complete reversal of what happened during the Jets' Ryan years. Ryan made really good gm moves last year with getting Taylor and Roman. Think his biggest mistake was letting Dennis Thurman call plays.
  15. Honestly, why the heck are people calling for Petty to start? This is a guy who just recently commented on him being able to read defenses in madden, freaking madden. This is a guy who had a mad inconsistent arm in college and was drafted in the 4th round cause he couldn't read a defense. He shouldn't be anywhere near the starting job. We either go with Geno or Hack for this year if we don't sign any other qb.