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  1. Rough first game for Bryce. Honestly should have given him the start against the Browns. Rams for your first game is going to be tough. Let's see what he has though, expectations won't be to high.
  2. Really want the Jets to draft this guy. His arm talent is insane. Crazy how effortless he throws the ball downfield. He's also pff highest rated qb so far in college football if you put any stock in that.
  3. Man I want the Jets to draft Mahomes.
  4. Kelly has a lot of talent, but you have to wonder whether or not the maturity is there to be able to lead an NFL team.
  5. Sh*t can we even beat the Browns? Do I even want this team to beat the Browns?
  6. Not happening. Rams defense is nasty, that's the type of game our qb's throw 5 interceptions in. Kessler is also playing pretty well for the Browns right now and might just tear us a new one. Would be pretty funny if Kessler turned out to be a franchise qb and the Browns got their qb before us.
  7. Petty didn't look to bad. Hopefully he gets the start over Geno cause I'm not really looking forward to Geno making dumb decisions and constantly throwing it at receivers feet.
  8. This is a good thing. This team is not a playoff team, we need the dolphins, browns, etc to start winning more games so we can get a better draft pick. Though, from what I've seen this is looking like a pretty terrible qb class which would be the most Jetsiest thing ever. Getting a high draft pick/number 1 pick in a draft with no standout qb.
  9. If we had Rex we'd probably have Tyrod Taylor right now.
  10. Anyone else starting to think it's pretty telling that the team still refuses to start Geno? Fitz is ass and I didn't want him back, but if you guys are honestly expecting Geno to come in and be the spark for this team, I got some bad news for you. If any of you guys bothered watching preseason, Geno looked like ass. At this point, I'm just hoping Petty heals up and we can throw him in there and see what he's got.
  11. Let's be real here, the Jets schedule is brutal and we're playing like one of the worst teams in the league. 5-11 is very likely with this schedule, hopefully we can out tank the Browns and get the 1st pick of the draft. Will also have some stiff competition in Miami. Honestly us and the Dolphins are probably picking in the top 5 of the draft. The Bills dropping a game to us might come back and bite them, along with us cause based off how much we're sucking, we need every loss we can get to finally get a bonafide starter here, not another project qb. But then again, knowing our ******* team we'd probably draft Myles Garret to add to our d-line.
  12. Chargers had a good draft. If only their management wasn't ******* retarded holding out for pennies with Bosa. Honestly, the Chargers are good at drafting but terrible at keeping talent.
  13. Talking about the year after where Clowney was injured and Mack was tearing up the league. Lots of people coming out of the wood works to proclaim Clowney as an over hyped bust. Don't be surprised if Goff and/or Hack look really good in two years, when their the same age as Wentz and Dak.
  14. He's 21. Wentz is 23. That's part of the reason he got taken over him. When Wentz was 21 he was riding the bench of some no name college.
  15. Both Goff and Hack are 21. Wentz and Prescott are 23. IDK, guys maybe give them two years to be at the same age as these guys before writing themselves off as a bust. I mean hell, look at what Clowney's starting to do now that he's no longer a fresh out of college 21 year old, he's now 23 (same age as Mack when he came into the league) and he's now becoming a really good player. Most people labeled him a bust and laughed at the Texans for drafting him over Kahlil Mack. Give these guys time, hell Wentz and Prescott were riding the bench at these guys age when they came into the NFL.