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  1. ists clerary that itodit Tomshafe. hes beens a pain in my as sinec day 1
  2. wha t the hell doS this have to do with JEtsinsider. Stay on topic man. Fisrt i gotat dael with that ****head Tomhane and now this sh*tz. get your act togetehr
  3. yur right, he sucks at lifek
  5. tom si a dososh of epic praportins
  6. Nope. I did.
  7. it sbeen a year and yours still all tlajk. big mna you anre T0m
  8. if I win I opromise to make sure tomshame is banndend forever.
  9. If Tom goes can he and i sitw with each toher?
  10. yh I do.
  11. So cool? you really are a wussy aren't you. That's right I didn't forget about you pal. I've been thinking about you during my eniter ban./