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  1. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    Because we've done a steller job developing young QB's in the recent past?
  2. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Im not an expert, but to my eyes there are 3-5 starting caliber QB's available if they all come out this year. Lord knows who is a "franchise" QB. Id just like a guy who could manage the huddle and go through progressions with an above avg arm.
  3. How does not starting Petty hurt the Jets?

    Lots of season left...lets see what happens with the fins this week. If we lose they can give Petty 4 games, if he sucks let Hack finish the season. Who knew the AFC East was this tough??
  4. From a Bills fan you guys completely got screwed

    Krafts envelopes were thick after this game.
  5. "Gotta play the hot hand...McCown" Give McCown one more game, if he wins he's in. If they lose make the switch to Petty for the second half of the season.
  6. Dear NFL Fock U!!!!! Dear Kraft Dock U!!!!! What a joke
  7. We need a solid drive like the opening one. Let's go, let's GO!
  8. Official Pre-Game Thread: Patriots at Jets (Week 6)

    GOAT QB, GOAT TE, GOAT coach, GOAT cheaters... Versus quick draw McCown and the Jets pattened Missle Defense System. It's going to be an interesting Sunday!
  9. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    I get it, hes a top gun. But he sure does lose the ball a lot. Wonder if he has small/weak hands.
  10. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    What's with Darnold always losing the ball? How big are his hands?
  11. Jets vs pats

    Who's Wilkerson?
  12. Over 2,000 Posts Today

    Where else can I vent that "Marsha Brady sucks!" Without ppl thinking I am some kind of weird old pervert.
  13. Bowles: Powell to Undergo Tests on Calf

    Hope Bilal is ok, we need our running game to chew up clock and slow down the Pats. Brady versus McCown shootout is unthinkable.