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  1. Amyone with a bad back knows the effect it can have on your life. I hope JJ has some good mentors to remind him he's got another 60 years to live. Always thought his superhuman overtraining regime would catch up to him. regardless, the most impactful defensive player I've seen since Mean Joe Green of the 70's Pittsburgh Roid Ragers.
  2. MIT students will blind opposing WR's with laser pointers, because well, they're just kids....
  3. Geno or Fitz, whatever Macdaddy thinks is best. Signing Mo to a reasonable deal is just another example of how the guy seems to know what he's doing.
  4. "Three yards and a cloud of dust" players got fewer severe concussions. High speed open field (spread) football seems to create violent hits and more head injuries. More head injuries leads to various rules changes making the NFL seem more like flag football Saturday's at Flushing Meadow. At first I loved watching the aggressive attacking spread offense. However the longer term consequence seems like it's ruining the game I love. Maybe we need fewer pencil necked track stars and better roids testing to slow things down.
  5. Can you imagine being married to her? Lol.
  6. when the Brady era ends I hope you've got the balls to still post here about your Pats*. Then again with Brady and his "miracle diet" that might not be for another 10 years. Amazing fountain of youth Brady's diet of special Kale and mustard greens...
  7. Somewhere at this very minute Belli is scheming a new cheat to open the season with a new advantage. He is a mad scientist of bending the rules, lying, deception. He hates to lose, therefore he will find a way to pull one out. Pats* open 1-3. Brady will start to look every bit the part of middle aged guy this season as Big Poppi bought out the Mass supply of PEDS. Poor Tommy, no go juice for you!
  8. Imagine Syndegarrd as a QB....
  9. Millions of Jets fans are praying for this miracle...the arrival of our franchise QB...throughout history many great men have come from similar humble beginnings. Hopefully Hack has the heart of a champion, ready to fight and prove the world wrong. Is he "the one"?....I can only pray.
  10. The comments about "dads shoes" crack me up, fanatical followers of the * do realize Tom is a middle aged gentleman don't they?
  11. All this drama over a journeyman QB...I blame the offensive favoring rule changes. It's made Divas out of all the QB's. In what other period in NFL history would Sanchez, Bradford, Fitz, etc be so coveted? Meantime All Pro caliber talent like Mo gets neglected. Smh...
  12. Letting fans influence the depth chart is so Woody. Next he will install voting pads at the stadium. Push 1 for milliner, 2 for Williams, push 1 for Tampa 2 or .....
  13. What a joke! This is the league trying to look "tough" on the Pats*. Crackdown on some BS like not wairing numbers...meantime God knows what tricks Belli has up his sleeve to gain an advantage this year...magicians divert your attention to create their "magic". if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying hard enough - Patriot Way.
  14. For sure its Hackenberg. It's easy to duck under his punches (they sail high) and attack his mid section.
  15. My dad was a die hard B Dodgers fan. From day 1 we were Mets fans. It was so natural to become a Jets fan in the late 60's. Been a Knicks fan since then except for a period in the 70's when I followed the LI ABA team. Wished the NBA would switch to those red/white/blue balls. Could never get enough of the stadium pretzels and what seemed like liter sized pepsi's. My sons are diehard Mets/Jets/Syracuse fans. My DIL bought my grandson a Tom Brady jersey. He refuses to put it on. I'm soooo proud!