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  1. A+ for Hack, seriously what else could we hope for?

    This glimpse of light, slight as it may be, brings tears to my eyes. The wait for the ONE has been so long. I'll give Hack a solid C+. He already looks more composed than Geno and has 3x the arm of the bearded wonder. Hopefully, next week the progress continues and they let him throw downfield. Its a great day to be green, and the new board looks awesome!
  2. What a shame

    This thread reminded me of my depression era old man. What a tough bastard. Can you imagine trying to explain this thread to a guy like that lol!!
  3. What a shame

    It looks like it's not just the NFLPA that's gone soft, now some of the fans?
  4. Robby Anderson

    How this kid didn't get drafted is beyond me. I would take him before virtually ANY of Idziks picks from prior years.
  5. Geno Smith Trade Speculation Rumors: MERGED

    Macc and his scouts have shown us the value they can create with a 6th or 7th round pick. Gotta admit it's tempting....
  6. Bridgewater

    Horrible news. I remember watching him in college and wishing he were a Jet. Then all that bs came out about small hands and inability to play outdoors in the northeast...seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and is becoming a solid pro QB.
  7. Geno Smith Trade Speculation Rumors: MERGED

    Holy smokes, it's like a civil war broke out on here!! "Keep drafting till we find our guy" ...we can't keep em all as we pan for gold.
  8. Kaepernick......yes or no?

    Maybe it's a ploy. He's knows he could be cut so he's using this stance as "insurance" thinking SF can't cut his a$$ without being labeled retaliatory racists.
  9. NYG Observations

    I thought Fitz looked rusty. Wish he could play another half or two before the season. Milliner was a disappointment, I'm throwing in the towel. Our WR Corp is amazing, has there ever been a Jet WR group that was better??
  10. We have two QBs that pass the eye test

    Geno might have some trade value as a backup to a needy team like Dallas. Petty not so much due to his lack of experience.
  11. Kaepernick's a POS

    Thanks for the update from the earlier reports it was a visor issue. I am still disgusted and outraged but wish I didn't start this convo as I wouldn't normally go within 500 feet of a BLM story. Apologies to JetNation.
  12. ***Jets Giants official Game Thread*** Teh Snoopy Bowl

    Going to hurt seeing Snacks in blue. Quietly became one of my all time fav's. Lets Go Jets!!!!!!
  13. Kaepernick's a POS

    I don't know how to post a link to the story, maybe one of you guys could help, but I just saw the report on ESPN that Kaepernick sat on the bench during the playing of the national anthem in protest for not being allowed to use a tinted visor in a pre-season game. He refused to stand during the playing of the national anthem... What an immature ungrateful POS punk. Many great Americans have given there lives, so he can enjoy the freedom to play the game. I am so outraged. I hope the league suspends him for this action. We make fun of some of our immature QB's but at least none of them are such a disgrace!
  14. Report: Jets Meeting with Karlos Williams

    I get your point, but, man the lack of honor and integrity implied in that sentence turns my stomach.
  15. Why we haven't seen Hack IMO

    Crazy thing is it's not Petty pushing Geno off the roster. IMO it's the amazing array of young talent that Macc picked in late rounds and UDFA.