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  1. Cardale Jones

    IMO Jones has a high ceiling talent wise. Just notsure his hearts in it. If he checked out maybe a 5-7 round pick is ok.
  2. Bryce Petty must really stink

    The other day I reached into the back of the fridge to a older, open gallon of milk. Can't eat my cereal without a splash of milk. As I turned the cap I thought "this must be what Bowles is thinking"..."ain't no way this going to go good"
  3. Bryce Petty must really stink

    So he's got a good 10 years before he starts the QB'snot named Bradyfade at 35
  4. Sounds like Vinnie T! Though I will admit I'd take brains over arm strength in a QB. God help us if we draft another QB who can't tell time.
  5. Jimmy Garapolo

    If they offer him, better do a thorough check for implantable listening devices given to the unsuspecting ex-Patplayer while he slept. Bellicheat is all about innovation.
  6. Hoyer visiting the Jets today

    And Geno is cheap!!
  7. Hoyer Is Now A Free Agent

    Damn right! What's Montreal got to do with Canada anyways!
  8. My mom taughtme never talk about "religion, sex or politics in public". Fist frighten over the Yankees vs Mets was "a Ok!".
  9. Browns willing to deal the #2 pick.

    Heard Geno is in Kansas looking for a girl named Dorothy, rumor is she even helped a scarecrow get a brain. Bye bye Geno....Next!
  10. Patriot fans are more delusional than you think

    Real Pats* fans are ashamed of theirteam and DEFINETLY not posting on a Jets board.
  11. This is great news! so I take it mid pack to crappyQB's are worth 7M a year. Wonderwhere we can find a mid pack QB for 7-8M...
  12. Woody denies link between football and CTE

    Leather helmets and no face masks mightslow down 90% of the human missles. Take your choice false teeth and a crooked nose or severe brain trauma. Long term NFL has a popularityproblem... I recently pushed my youngest grandson towards baseball. He's built like a stump and I told my son "built like Johnny Bench! Let's teach him to be a catcher!"Rather than "built like a LB'er"I said for my oldest grandson15 years ago, who played football in HS, but followedhis real passion,rowing/crewinto college. Take it from an older guy your health is worth more than anything$ can buy.
  13. This year's draft hadlots of interesting top 3 round players. IMO ifyou trade Mo get picks not backup DL. For Glennon, how about Genoand 2017 3rd?
  14. Brian Hoyer to Jets ?

    Tank? whytrade for Hoyerthen, just start Geno.... meantime our best receivers are getting older every day. Would Giants part with Eli (who I hate, but is IMO better than average)?
  15. Maccagnan and Bowles are downgrading this team

    After years of Rex, Idzik drafts.... Even a cold Milwaukees Best looks good on a hot day (ok really hot day). next two years we will find out. But so far so good.