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  1. I agree that whatever a team / person donates is a true gift and blessing. There really shouldn't be a set price on how much one should be donate. While it would drive immediate growth in the money raised by donations, in the long term, people who were donating more than the set price previously would start donating less. Keeping it an open decision is the best way to go, in my opinion.
  2. sounds like he forgot what team he was representing for a second...
  3. Yah, where are those stunts and blitzes at?
  4. Jets \ Dolphins Tickets Needed

    Just checked ScoreBig.com and there are still available tickets there for 10-60% off retail: here
  5. Broncos & Chargers

    I'll cheers to that! I used to live in Cleveland, so by nature, they will always be an eye watching and two hands clapping for the Brownies...near and dear to my heart.
  6. Denver vs. San Diego -who do you like?

    I agree -- my vote is on Denver.
  7. Is it all on Sanchez now?