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  1. I dont know if there is any, but we need to draft a running back first round, powell n McKnight wont do
  2. So we need Cinci to Best the Eagles? Am i reading that right?
  3. bad luck to laugh at the injury. Yeah it will help us Thursday but laughing at injuries is never right
  4. they'll draft a cornerback..
  5. Your exactly right on the stat line lol
  6. Would be a great idea..given the fact sparano surprised NE with the wildcat a few years ago. I don't kno something culd be up there sleeves
  7. I'm still trying to defend him but really starting to beleive he isn'tany good a qb
  8. Good nothing like this ever happens to him n the pats..well deserved n btw replacement refs aren't saving him with penalties anymore
  9. I ain't gona be around this weekend but I got an android phone, anyone know how to stream with one?
  10. Jets RapidReports As expected, the #Jets have re-signed LB Bryan Thomas
  11. Been saying same thing all game