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  1. Louisser added a post in a topic Giants win the world series   

    I love playing baseball and this site has provided me latest information on national and international tournaments. I also love watching my favorite players.
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  2. Louisser added a post in a topic ***SOLD*** Jets Texans | Jets Colts - 2 Lower Level and Green parking   

    Well I have no knowledge about this matter so it is not possible for me to post any suggestion on this particular thing. I would go through some important details then I would be able to answer.
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  3. Louisser added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Start Sit   

    Thank u for providing this list of overachievers and underachievers. I simply got a knowledge about my favorite game football and its associated players and teams at this forum.
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  4. Louisser added a post in a topic 2012 US Men's Basketball Olympic Team   

    I saw 2012 Olympic game. And I watch every match of basketball. I truly loved watching my favorite team US Men. I could say that it showed great performance during the tournament.
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  5. Louisser added a post in a topic I just can't get into college football.   

    Well I am a big fan of football and play most often. And of course college football is awesome. If you have this problem you could urge to association for helping you out from this problem.
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  6. Louisser added a post in a topic Raul is so cool   

    What a game... Just awesome.. And what a cool guy.. Apart from cool he is energetic that make him simply great.
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  7. Louisser added a post in a topic Internet Explorer Issues   

    I have a problem with Internet Explorer. It work very slow and sometime it get hang. And I am unable to do my work for 2-3 days. Anyone could help me?
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  8. Louisser added a post in a topic Miguel Cabrera - Triple Crown Winner   

    Well it is great that Cabrera has won the match. And more amazing thing is he is a triple crown winner. It is the time of celebration guys...
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  9. Louisser added a post in a topic Entertainment sources :-   

    Well.. I love watching horror and romantic movies. I also chat and browse various applications and other stuffs at the social networking websites. And how I forget video games... I love playing online video games like street fighter.
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  10. Louisser added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Hi everyone, I am a new member of this community and lives in the New York City. I love playing football. Basically I am looking information about jets football.
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