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  1. What would be the best jet logo for a tatto?
  2. He Looks like a speciman. So did Vernon Gholston.
  3. I Agree with everything. Sean Payton would be the one.
  4. How many games did the Jets Blow this year? I bet if we had a better coach,same team,same QB, 7-4 at worst. It seems that it is hpoeless. The problem is the jets look LIFELESS. That is coaching. When Rex was hired. He injected life into the Team. Where is it now. No one is responding! Better coaching ,even with this group, we would at least be respectable!
  5. I'm in. Fire him right after the game. SNY is aleady there. At least we won't have to worry about playing on Thanksgiving next year.
  6. Big Ben would have been run out of NY on a rail just like Browning Nagle only faster. Early in career, Ben relied exclusivly on the running game with Jerome Bettis. Ben would have never lasted here. Besides, he is a JERK. Should be in Jail
  7. looked alot like Mark Sanchez last year. 3rd and 1, in shot gun, throw a 30 yard pass attempt to get 1/2 yard. Oh the memories.
  8. He is a pro's pro. SIGN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. What does anyone think about using the 80's logo -the futuristic jets with maybe the new NY logo on the calf or lower leg?
  10. Tannebaum will save his job by talking Woody into hiring Sean Payton. Tannebaum and Payton both have deep connections to Parcells.
  11. Under the current conditions,not the best timing, What would be the Best jets logo for a tattoo?
  12. Rex took the JETS to 2 AFC championships with Mangini's guys!
  13. Sean Payton.