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  1. evolwobet added a post in a topic Tebow the terrible. Jets mates rip QB - Mehta   

    ^ You said it! This is NOT O.k. To publicly ridicule a hard working and righteous players. He's not out there getting drunk, he's not out there with 10 kids and getting DUI's - He's doing the best that he can given the situation!


    I don't care how large or big the verbal assault is, or if it was weeks ago - the point is that this is not the way a team is supposed to be! REX RYAN NEEDS TO PUT HIS FOOT DOWN AND NIP THIS IN THE BUD ASAP!!
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  2. evolwobet added a post in a topic Leave him alone!!   

    Yes I know but it's not like he's handing out pocket bibles in the locker room! He has not been given the chance. Turn him loose and you will see.
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  3. evolwobet added a post in a topic Leave him alone!!   

    And stop allowing random players to TRASH someone who is doing all that he can (and could give more if just given the chance).
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  4. evolwobet added a post in a topic Leave him alone!!   

    Come on! We cannot allow this to continue. Rex Ryan needs to put down his foot now!!
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  5. evolwobet added a post in a topic Tannenbaum defends Tebow Trade   

    Yah, but what sense does it make to get one of the top players TEBOW and put him in the basement? It's like getting a new puppy and locking him in the restroom all day everyday.

    PLAY TEBOW NOW!! :wild:
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  6. evolwobet added a post in a topic Leave him alone!!   

    Ugh! I can't believe you are defending these VERBAL ASSAULTS! Tebow represents everything that is GOOD about football. Everything that is RIGHTEOUS about football, but we can't treat him with a bit of respect!??!

    We refuse to play him?!?! He is a man among boys. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE! WHY!! One more verbal assault on Tebow and I will personally see to it that there is an online movement to bar said players from EVER playing in the football again.
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  7. evolwobet added a post in a topic Tomlinson believes anonymous Jets are Cro and Bart   

    O.,k. I don't care WHO it is talking crap behind his back, but they need to stop!! Tebow has been the perfect player only to be persecuted by thugs who are bullying him in the locker room. Leave him alone and worry about yourself BART SCOTT!! WORRY ABOUT YOUR SELF CROMARTIE!!!
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  8. evolwobet added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Leave him alone!!
    So who are the players anonymously talking trash about Tebow behind his back?

    WHat has Tebow ever done to them? WHY?! He has done nothing but come in here, work hard and gets PERSECUTED!!!


    :blowup: :blowup:
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