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  1. one more trade back and we'll have a Mac's 12 draft!
  2. Sad but true, sad but true. When the f* are we going to have a well run front office?
  3. THIS! Sorry but I've moved into the "I used to think so" camp. Now I'm just hoping to be proved wrong....pretty sad really.
  4. If your correct then I feel better about these two
  5. I keep hearing that neither of these guys is good in coverage. Are you therefore thinking that somehow Todd Bowles will be able to coach up this defense to compensate, or coach up these two players?
  6. You know....the combination of Tanny/Rex was the best we've had since then.
  7. and Pryor? lol this team
  8. Need a QB with an arm so that lets Watson out.
  9. I'm starting to dislike Mac. I think it's fair to say typical for him, much like holding on to Breno beyond what was reasonable, he'll probably hold on to Gilchrist way past his rightful expiration date.
  10. Even after the NFL adjusted the rookie starting salary, these guys still get paid one hell of a lot of money. I think the NFL should make another similar rules change: ALL NFL salaries should have built in incentive clauses, vets and rookies both. Either perform or else it hits you in the bank account. I bet we'd start seeing more a more dedicated group of players/teams out there.
  11. For someone born into his position Arizona State REALLY is an odd choice.
  12. I sorta enjoy these Bowles bashing threads. Does that make me a bad guy?
  13. 6. Running out of room: After signing former CFL cornerback John Ojo, the Jets have 82 players on the roster, only eight shy of the league limit. That doesn't leave them much wiggle room, considering they have seven draft picks. They'll have to start making cuts if they accumulate additional picks and/or sign the usual number of undrafted free agents.