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  1. There have been many many great threads this off season. This isn't one of them.
  2. I had to read this post twice to make sure I got it. Had you left out the bold it would have been much harder to decipher, and more fun. As in: is this an ok with the tank fan, or is this a tongue in cheek "how can anyone ever root for a loss" fan.
  3. Say what you want about him but Shotty got the most outa Sanchez somehow.
  4. I'm sensing a lot of hate and rage and venting. Ah, the joys of being a Jets fan atm and having to root for a crap team/coach.
  5. So far Bowles ran our defense for 2 years and our defense sucked for 2 years. Bowles is running out defense this year so our defense will suck this year. It's nice that Mac drafted some secondaries....they'll get their trial by fire this year and ....well they are rookies so they will not bail us out. I say all this not to dump on Bowles....Bowles is what he is.....I say this by way of making the argument that McCown should get VERY limited OTA/TC/pre-season snaps. Let Hack and Perry up their confidence vs our defense. Let them build and develop chemistry with the rest of the O. Let those 2 QBs and all our WRs just figure it out! Success builds confidence. They have every chance to succeed vs our defense.
  6. I think it's that we fans are just fed up with this franchise's inability to get out of it's own way. It ain't personal, Hack.
  7. I'll never give Bowles a pass. Revis was obviously mailing it in last year and should have been benched. I would have liked to see his ass embarrassed with a benching and to send that message out to the rest of the team. Revis Island, a healthy bench due to lack of interest.
  8. I was agreeing with you up to the bold. We and many other teams have had winning seasons w/o a legit QB under center. This is a team sport and just a marginally adequate QB (Sanchez for example) can lead a well coached team with a well thought out roster pretty darn far. In other words, roster counts for a lot more than you're giving credit. A good roster makes a bad coach better.
  9. So you think it was easier watching these guy play last year, do you? Are you sure you want to own this statement? Look, Bowles sux, that's for sure but that doesn't excuse this roster. Mac began with a ton of FA acquiring cash and traded a few draft picks for FA's as well. At this point in time he's got nothing substantial to show for all of that.
  10. This article makes it all sound nice and good to go-ish. So how come our roster still sux?
  11. Comments like this make this board unreadable....well during the off season anyway
  12. It seems to me that there is one of three things going on here. 1. Bowles can't used his draftees correctly. 2. Mac is a poor judge of talent. 3. Tanny was right and you should move up to get the guy you really want. Pick 'em.
  13. New York Jets Young Defensive Core is Stout and Exciting Up the Middle By Robby Sabo - 05/13/2017 With the additions of Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye, Todd Bowles‘ New York Jets defensive core is stout and exciting up the middle. Left tackle, cornerback, edge rusher, and, of course, quarterback — these are the highest paid positions in the National Football League. Since Lawrence Taylor made the term “blindside” famous in the 1980s, the sentiment that these four positions garner the most dough cannot be argued. This sentiment is also another reason for fans of the New York Jets to hit the bottle. As it stands right now, Mike Maccagnan is dishing out no big money to any of these four positions. Darrelle Revis is gone. There is no franchise quarterback. Jordan Jenkins and Lorenzo Mauldin are hardly pass-rushers extraordinaire and Kelvin Beachum, who was scooped up as a free agent this past offseason, will never be confused with Anthony Munoz. Even after the 2017 NFL Draft has come and gone, Mike Maccagnan has yet to fill any of these four positions. At least he did do something promising. Prior to the draft, Jets fans were in the worst position of all 32 fanbases. Not only were they faced with a tough season ahead, but there was very little to hang a hat on. I mean, what was there to be excited about, Quincy Enunwa? No offense to Enunwa, but there’s gotta be more that just him to look forward to. Now, after the festivities in Philadelphia, things are a bit different. Todd Bowles‘ defense is looking promising up the middle. Defensive core of the New York Jets. No starting CBs at the moment, perhaps no starting DEs, and you can argue D.Lee as well. As it stands, there are no long-term solutions at corner. Morris Claiborne or any of the late round corner selections from the last two drafts could surprise, but barring that magic trick, it’ll be a position of need come 2018. At the EDGE, the same story can be written. One could argue Jordan Jenkins could fill one of the two spots, but that’s a rough argument no matter how it’s attacked. The area the true core is built from is in between the hashes, the middle of the football field. The three heavies are still here, despite the fact that Sheldon Richardson just doesn’t fit in. He, along with Muhammad Wilkerson and Leonard Williams, make up one hell of a threesome at the interior defensive end spot. Most believe Deon Simon is ready for a starting nose tackle gig. The newly-drafted Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye, in theory, should make up one of the nastier safety duos in the NFL. If an NFL safety is a first or second-round pick, this should be the case, and if it’s not, say goodbye to the GM. The key in whether or not Maccagnan can start attacking the corner and edge spot next offseason might come down to Darron Lee‘s ability to develop. According to Pro Football Focus, the site that loves to confuse fans with their analytical insight, Lee graded out as the worst rookie linebacker a season ago. Playing basically in the body-type of a safety, many scratched their heads at the choice considering Bowles’ favoritism for the 3-4 defense. In the NFL, the speedy Lee is a prototypical WILL in a 4-3. This made many believe the Jets were ready to play the 4-3 most of the time, myself included. But while Bowles tried to run the classic four-man front, the four defensive linemen were far too heavy to keep the integrity of a quick enough EDGE. The only way it could work is if one EDGE was heavy and the other remained light with a Lorenzo Mauldin or Jordan Jenkins, and even in that case, it still hurts the structural integrity of the defense. In the end, the 3-4 prevailed in 2016, even showcasing the Big Cat at nose tackle during the final quarter of the season. Regardless of the structure of the front seven, if Lee improves to a level that warrants his first round selection, the middle of this defense is an extraordinary exciting group. Just think about Lee quarterbacking the sub package with Adams and Maye behind or alongside him. Those are three explosive, sideline-to-sideline athletes who can not only get after it in the run game, but ballhawk their way to turnovers. Moreover, the interior rush game should be stout with a hungry Big Mo looking to prove doubters wrong and Richardson playing out his walk year. Oh yeah, there’s also Williams, the Jets best defender who’ll continue his onslaught on offensive guards. In 2017, defensive schemes will be built around protecting the edge. Bowles will have to allow the middle of his defense to flourish while protecting his weak corners and weak edge pass rushing. That’s not an easy task. Instead of watching Adams or Maye flourish as the sixth man on a blitz or join the box on the strong side, they may need to be held back in an over-the-top position in fear one of the corners can’t handle the opposing WR. Still, it’s an exciting middle of the defense that will learn in 2017 and flourish in 2018 once the proper sideline players are in place.
  14. I'm sticking with my theory.