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  1. The point is that our D OUGHT to be inflicting many more 3 and outs on the other team. Regardless of ANYTHING else
  2. Go suck an egg, OP. We all saw the same thing. No need to beat a dead horse
  3. This team developed a loser mentality last year. The vet culling was a constructive move. None the less, the guys on this roster have got to be looking around at their (team) performance and just know that they haven't a snowballs chance. No doubt individuals will step up over the course of the season. However, not one of the three units is any good and the guys know it.
  4. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    What a mess. What a sh!t show. Our HC starts 3 of 5 second string OL with Hack, Hack gets clobbered, run game stalls, and that was Hack's big start opportunity. This time around it's Petty who looked good vs the scrubs. None the less, it ought to be one of these two going forward. McGown need not ought not be the de facto starter. It's just another in a series of omg moments to realize that Sanchez has been the best QB this team has fielded since Farve.
  5. Caption this photo.

    (The bubble above Petty's head) I wish these two losers would get the hell out of my way so that I could play some NFL football.
  6. lol, these guys are all millionaires. I don't care or worry about what they think. I want them to play up to their contracts. Seems to me that Leo and Q are.
  7. Any port in a storm. At least he is doing something.
  8. 8/15 practice tweets

    I'm very tired and fed up with this failure to score points narrative. There was no running game to speak of!!! Make a QB one dimensional and unless his name is Brady or Manning, he's not going to score points.
  9. Maybe it's the Brady photo. I wanna neg rep you every time I see it
  10. Glib comments are counter productive and frankly there are way too many on this board these days. I tire of fans bashing their own team. This thread is about Hack who looked good and not points which are based on the entire offense.
  11. I can't believe that in other threads people are giving him c-f, c, c+ and the like. I thought he looked pretty damn good. Thanks OP for putting the tape together.
  12. Off Day Thoughts

    I thought Hack already had the mental part of it down already. If so, then he simply need reps to see for himself what he's got and to build his confidence.
  13. Off Day Thoughts

    Great, thanks for the update. Good move by Mac!
  14. Off Day Thoughts

    I had the impression that DD's contract was out of line with his ability. Did Mac renegotiate?
  15. Jets add TE Chris Gragg

    Our Jets seem to love the walking wounded.