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  1. Yeah I'm honestly not a huge Teheran fan either.
  2. Just saying. Wade Davis would do unspeakable things to switch lives with Julio Teheran right now.
  3. After crushing it this spring training, Teheran's ERA this moment, at 8:34pm, is 4.17. He's pitching right now against the Twinkies. He's been far from good, but it's unfair to say he's sucked. Delgado has been wretched all year in the minors.
  4. Wrong, Teheran's been okay. And Delgado has been an unmitigated DISASTER. Don't sugarcoat.
  5. Though I do love me some Matt Harvey for sure.
  6. Ummm ... Clayton Kershaw??? He's the best pitcher. Period.
  7. Lol ... so you've been wrong on pretty much everything: - Davis vs Teheran - Teheran vs Delgado - Braves/Diamondbacks trade ... other than that, all your points were great. Belichick wins again.
  8. Boy, I don't think the Jets are going to be very good this year.
  9. Most teams run their mouths. Football players are largely hyper-competitive assholes and aren't gracious.
  10. Agreed. Big picture, Suggs is probably right, but his ranting and raving about the Patriots isn't a good look. You just scored a big playoff win against the Patriots, why mud-sling now? Looks like he's got an inferiority complex, sorta oddly impressive given this comes immediately after winning a Super Bowl. Stay classy Suggs. As a Patriots fan, I can say this helps soften the blow of a painful playoff exit at the hands of the Ravens ... nobody has ever accused them of being gracious sportsmen, and Suggs just looks like a buffoon.
  11. I think the Cubs could be a pleasant surprise this year. Go Cubbies!
  12. poop. poop AND pee.
  13. Haha ... everytime I watch Wade Davis in 2013, rest assured, sir, I shall be thinking of you. May he do horribly!
  14. All they've done since Spygate is be the best franchise in football.