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  1. SBBound added a post in a topic Mehta tweet: Pettine rejects extension   

    Breaking news...unnamed sources familiar with thinking of Jets reporters revealed that Mehta is full of .... with regard to his anonymous sources. It is believe that this information was provided some time within the past 8 months, but it could have been longer or even just happened.
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  2. SBBound added a post in a topic Mcelroy inactive   

    This could explain things...I was also thinking the only other rationale for them to go with Tebow is that they are going heavy with Wlidcat. If they do not go heavy then deactivation McElroy is weird (aside from the above news)
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  3. SBBound added a post in a topic Rex taking bows   

    This is the dumbest thread going...Rex was clearly not taking a bow during the press conference. His response about Lombardi's comments given through Leberfeld was simply defending himself to an attack. He does not have to sit there and take sh*t from the media and feel like he has to be timid. It is like some of you are personally offended that he was satisfied with the defensive effort. The QB of the Cards clearly sucks but he did throw for over 300 yards the week before - we held him to under 75 and forced 0/15 on third down. As a fan I am thrilled with that performance and they have every right to be happy about it.
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