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  1. I would not mind if he came back for backup LB or situational LB $$$ (near minimum salary'ish). He is not awful in all regards
  2. Seems to be a 310 pounder and not 280 based on the link above
  3. Why are you such an agitator? All you do is just post to stir the pot. Just weird man.
  4. Just goes to show that horrible losses happen every year regardless of the team...that is just sports.
  5. Lewis deserves to be fired...13 years and no playoff wins. If the Bengals can find the right coach, they can really do some damage in future years - very talented team.
  6. Seriously, this is great news...cutting Coples, firing assistant coaches after 1 year....I am very high on Bowles and Mac - they know what they want and what they don't...buckle up because I think this offseason will have more twists and surprises than we have had in a while
  7. I get the frustration but you do realize that Bowles took over a 4-12 that had not been in the playoffs in 4 years and in one season he did something that Mangini, Parcells, and Rex could only do a single time during their entire coaching career with the at least 10 games. I think Bowles is doing just fine, although he obviously should and will get better.
  8. Although we statistically had a great D, we were structurally flawed. Our D line was our strength but collectively they are not a pass rushing group and we had zero speed pass rushers.. If a team leaves in 6 or 7 our D-line will not be able to consistently get to the QB. My bet is that Bowles/Mac breaks up the D-Line group to focus on speed OLB's - they will keep Snacks, Williams (obviously) but I think Mo and Sheldon can/will be traded if the right deal is there. A non-pass rushing D-Line with no rush LB's - aside from Mauldin (who was OK) makes for a defense that must play zone in the secondary. We improved in the second half of the year because we stopped blitzing as much and played a lot of zone - unfortunately Buffalo adjusted to that and Bowles did not have the answer for that game. First year of the program gents...I am positive about our prospects.
  9. True...and regardless of how seasoned a coach is, there will always be decisions made that can and will be debated. This is not exact science. But I do think Bowles is very intelligent and will make more correct decisions than not
  10. Rex has not had a winning season since 2010...5 straight years of .500 ball or less
  11. Agree, except I don't think Snack and Will can both go. I think Snacks stays because Leonard Williams is very similar in skill set to Mo and thus they may be redundant - although I do love Mo as a player and team guy
  12. So does that make it 8-5 in those situations? Nice thread...kind of pokes some hole in SOJ thinking and the fact that the Jets always screw us over.
  13. What makes the SOJ label stick is the fans and media's refusal to give it up. For every "SOJ" loss you can cite I can reference examples that counter SOJ - winning in Oakland on last second FG under Herm to make playoffs. Winning in Miami to make playoffs under Mangini. Winning a playoff game in SD under Herm because of a missed FG by San Diego. Beating the Pats in Foxboro to advance to AFC championship. Having a crazy scenario whereby we need NE to beat Miami in the last week of the season -- that happens and then we blow the doors off of the Packers with Favre. It is hilarious how SOJF's simply cite negative instances about when the Jets screw up but do not even acknowledge all of the examples that run counter to SOJ. Bad losses happen to organizations almost every week in every season.
  14. Don't get your point. SOJ was in full flight pre-Parcells so I am not sure what your point about going through GM's etc means.
  15. + 100000000 The Jets have been to championship games in the past decade and have more playoff victories than many franchise during that time. Teams lose in epic fashion every year, perhaps even every week in the NFL. I saw a stat recently about the Jets being the best team in the NFL in terms of NOT blowing a large lead (8 or more points) in 4th quarter - they had some ridiculously long streak of NOT blowing leads. SOJ has been dead a long is only brought up by people who want to bring it up. Like most forms of labeling, it is lazy and often not accurate. Blowing big leads (see Spike game), complete ineptitude, and tanking at the end of the season (losing three or four in a row to miss out on playoffs) was SOJ to me. What happened this year is not SOJ, imo