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  1. 2015 should count in their evaluation...if you want to be fair
  2. Don't think a guy like Wolf has to cover his own ass. He is a legendary mind with a distinguished career. I'll take his word for it.
  3. If that is the case you cannot disregard a 10-6 record from a 4-12 record the prior year. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
  4. This thread is crazy. What was actually said in the article that is earth shattering? That young players might improve if they get more reps. Duhh...I think Bowles feels the same way but he simply does not feel he is ready AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Big deal. He will probably put Petty in after the Indy game or the next game. So 4-5 games is not enough game time experience. What happens if he puts Petty in two games ago, even in his judgment that the QB is not ready, and the Jets get their asses blown out by 30 or more points each game. That Petty is not even functional and sucks it up. You have more than 1/3 of the season to go and you have committed to the QB. It would be hard to go back to Fitz at that point. When teams are non-competitive because the QB is not ready and he is just put in there because fans want to see it, the entire team will suffer -- that is, the development of all the young players will be stunted. My guess is that Bowles wants to see the team play in a competitive environment until 3-4 games left in the season. Say what you want about Fitz but the Jets have been competitive in virtually every game he has played (and Jets would have 5 wins if Folk kicks extra point and field (Cincy), the ST does not give up a TD return (Miami)). We have simply not been able to do anything in the 4th quarter of games. That is a different issue but we have been competitive with Fitz. If we are not competitive the last 3-4 games with Petty then so be it. But you can't subject the entire team to a decision that can make them not even be able to compete.
  5. A list of players (3 yrs or less) that Macc has brought in via draft, UDFA, of FA pickup. I may not be including some players on IR or whatever, but he has done well in my opinion. Williams, Lee, Mauldin, J. Marshall, Jenkins, Edwards, Simon, Anderson, Roberts, Wesley, and Stanford all look like long-term contributors with most of them as potential starters. 11 Anderson, Robby WR 6 190 23 R Temple 32 Burris, Juston CB 6 212 23 R North Carolina State 4 Edwards, Lachlan P 6-4 209 24 R Sam Houston State 5 Hackenberg, Christian QB 6-4 228 21 R Penn St. 48 Jenkins, Jordan LB 6-3 259 22 R Georgia 50 Lee, Darron LB 6-1 232 22 R Ohio St. 89 Marshall, Jalin WR 5-10 200 21 R Ohio State 17 Peake, Charone WR 6-2 209 24 R Clemson 72 Shell, Brandon T 6-5 324 24 R South Carolina 93 Simon, Deon NT 6-4 332 26 2 Northwestern State-Louisiana 83 Tomlinson, Eric TE 6-6 263 24 2 Texas-El Paso 75 Johnson, Anthony DT 6-2 295 23 2 LSU 30 Marshall, Nick CB 6-1 206 24 2 Auburn 55 Mauldin, Lorenzo LB 6-4 259 24 2 Louisville 9 Petty, Bryce QB 6-3 230 25 2 Baylor 79 Qvale, Brent OL 6-7 315 25 2 Nebraska 27 Roberts, Darryl CB 6-0 190 26 2 Marshall 19 Smith, Devin WR 6-1 199 24 2 Ohio State 92 Williams, Leonard DE 6-5 302 22 2 USC 82 Bostick, Brandon TE 6-3 250 27 3 Newberry 76 Johnson, Wesley G 6-5 297 25 3 Vanderbilt 88 Seferian-Jenkins, Austin TE 6-5 262 24 3 Washington 51 Stanford, Julian LB 6-1 230 26 3 Wagner
  6. I think they played for him to a 10-6 season. When your QB has a sh*tty year then it makes everything else look bad.
  7. I think he is...Jenkins, Lee, Roberts, Miles, Simon (on D) and Marshall, Anderson, Peake, Ijalana, Johnson, Tomlinson (on Off).
  8. I think part of the reason why Bowles started Fitz this past week and against Indy is that he wants the Jets to be as competitive as they can so that the other young players on the team can also continue to develop. Although we lost last night, that was a playoff like atmosphere for the rookies and 2nd year players. With Fitz staring, the young WR's and OL have a better chance of succeeding and progressing than if Petty or Hack played. If Petty started we have lost by over 20 to the Pats. Who wants our young guys playing much of the game in garbage time. The job of the HC is to oversee the growth of the entire team. If you put in Petty last week or even this coming week now and he really struggles, Bowles is basically telling the team "I know we have no shot to win, but let's have it because we want to see the young QB" That is BS. Obviously, we ALL want to see Petty and maybe Hack. IMO, Petty gets game action beginning game #13 or #14 at the LATEST. Petty already started 1 game. If he finishes the last 3 or 4 games, are you telling me that 4-5 games is not enough to get a guy experience. Although QB is key, there are young players at other positions who deserve to be placed in as competitive as environments as possible. I know you all don't want to hear this, but because this offseason will be somewhat of a blow-up, there is NO WAY next year is a make or break year for Bowles, particularly if they are starting Petty or some other young QB. Woody needs to make a decision; cut bait with Bowles after this year (which I don't agree with), or openly admit that we are rebuilding and then commit to Bowles and Macc moving forward. If Bowles goes into next year in a must win situation, then we will AGAIN be avoiding the rebuild that the franchise needs.
  9. I agree. I still believe he will be a good HC but the play of the defense this year has been strange. But sometimes incorrect info gets repeated and repeated by media and fans and then all of a sudden it becomes fact. I am not sure that the Jets have had a ton of penalties this year (they are tied for 6th fewest with KC and Cincinnati) Regarding 3rd down conversation, they are ranked 16th - middle of the pack - not good but not bad. Some notables team with WORSE percentages, Buffalo, New England, Dallas, Seattle, Detroit, San Diego.... Although Bowles is not a fiery guy, he strikes me as someone who is very detailed and concerned about discipline. The Mo/Sheldon situation was bizarre, but I think there was more to the situation than what anyone has spoken about. That one is definitely a head scratcher.
  10. Bowles was a very good Pro-Bowl player...he went through the ranks of coaching under Arians, Parcells, Reid among others...he became a hot defensive coordinator...he brought a 4-12 win team to a 10-6 record...the Jets are 3-7 this year and have been disappointing (particularly in terms of defense). My take on Bowles is mixed. But unlike some, I think he is very intelligent, is well regarded as an excellent judge of talent, and has produced in his career. I would like to see the Jets stick with Bowles and Macc for several year to see what they can do. Jason Garrett was 8-8 his first three years as HC and had a winning record one time in first five years Marvin Lewis has mostly losing seasons before he built the Bengals into a 10-12 win team for 5 straight years before this years Bill Walsh was 2-14 and 6-10 his first two seasons. Yes Bowles had some head scratchers this year but I want this to play out over several years.
  11. So you presented a few in face aggressive coaches who were successful and I presented a few more stoic, reflective coaches who were also successful. Perhaps this shows that the variable you identified as the key one in hiring a new coach is not very important. I appreciate your tip about watching golf on Sundays...thanks. But I said nothing about me being against aggressive in your face coaches. Just your point that an emotional in your face coach does not always equate to wins.
  12. I know what you mean...Tom Landry, Tony Dungy, Joe Gibbs were all emotional, in your face coaches...that's the primary reason they were so successful.
  13. I think this is the right decision. He will play the best QB until we are officially eliminated. One might say how can Fitz be the best QB...that is fair. But it is quite telling that Fitz is still considered the best. Petty or Hack or clearly not ready. Petty was a project QB who got hurt for the first six games this year. If he did not lose all of those practice reps, there may have been an answer to the question, "Who is the best QB?" There are still 6 games left. Petty has already played one game and I don't see the harm of giving him the last 3-4 rather than the last 6 games particularly if he is not ready. Not fair to the team or player.
  14. What a crazy topic...So Bowles goes from a very good NFL player, to a coaching working his way through the ranks under the likes of Parcells and Arians, becomes a hot defensive coordinator, goes 10-6 with a team that was 4-12 the previous year, and then stumbles this year. So you all want to fire him for 1 poor year when his starting QB reaches all time lows in throwing picks. Sure the D underachieved but give me a break. Jason Garrett Year 1 - 8-8; Year 2 - 8-8; Year 3 - 8-8; Year 4; 12-4; Year 5 - 4-12; Year 6 - 9-1 -- Do you think he is getting fired? Bill Walsh Year 1 - 2-14; Year 2 - 6-10- then obviously had a stellar Marvin Lewis Year 1 - 8-8; Year 2 - 8-8; Year 3 - 11-5; Year 4; 8-8; Year 5 - 7-9; Year 6 - 4-11-1; Year 7 - 10-6; Year 2 - 4-12; Then had 5 straight winning seasons. Could get fired after this year but it took him 7 years before a sustainable winner was achieved Bill Belicheck Year 1 - 6-10; Year 2 - 7-9; Year 3 - 7-9; Year 4; 11-5; Year 5 - 5-11 - This was the record for the first 5 year of perhaps the greatest coach in our lifetime There are countless other examples of very good to great coaches who did not start their coaching career on fire. Will you all just give this guy some time and stop being typical, whining Jets fans.
  15. Thought the 1st half was fine... Seemed to get confused/overwhelmed in 2nd - the Rsms D is no slouch